Homeopathy And Astrology

Homeopathy is a therapeutic system of medicine developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann over 170 years ago in Germany. Since that time it has spread to every country of the world. It is based upon the Law of Similars: "Similia Similibus Curenter"—like cures like. This means that a substance given in large crude dosages in a person will produce specific symptoms. But, when this same material has been reduced in size and administered in minute doses, it will stimulate the body's reactive processes to remove these symptoms.

For example, Ipecac, if taken in a large quantity, will produce vomiting. Yet, when it's taken in minute doses, it cures vomiting.

There are over 2200 homeopathic remedies—all from nature in some form. The homeopathic physician is a graduate of a recognized medical school. Any substance might be used homeopathi-cally but most are from the vegetable, animal and mineral sources which are broken down into minute quantities to stimulate the patient's own defense and immune mechanisms. This is the only type of medicine in the world that activates the immune system into lightning response and without the use of crude drugs which have proven damaging side affects. Homeopathic remedies do not cause allopathic drug reactions and will be passed off as minute amounts of a natural substance by the body, instead. For this reason, homeopathic remedies are perfectly safe to take. There is no drug-like reaction, no covering up of symptoms or allergic reactions as can be experienced by modern drug pharmaceuticals dispensed to the allopathic doctors in the U.S.

With few exceptions, substances prepared according to the specifications or the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the U.S. properly maintained and protected from contamination, retain their therapeutic effectiveness INDEFINITELY. The amount of the original substance in homeopathic medicine is reduced by the decimal scale and is indicated by a number and the letter "X", "C" or "M". A 3X potency means there is one part of the remedy with nine parts milk lactose or sucrose. A "C" would mean there is one part of the remedy substance mixed with ninety-nine parts of lactose or sucrose. An "M" means one part remedy to nine hundred ninety-nine parts of sucrose or lactose. In a process that is known as "trituration", the ingredients are mixed and prepared in FDA approved homeopathic pharmacies in the U.S. It is then sold to anyone, including lay homeopaths and homeopathic doctors, without a prescription. The "C" range and the "M" range are considered high dosages and should be used only by a homeopathic doctor or lay practitioner.

A homeopathic medicate is always referred to as a "remedy" to distinguish it from the crude drugs sold at drug stores as either prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs. A remedy may be taken without interference or chemical inter-reaction with any crude drug that is being taken simultaneously; although the ideal situation is to be in the hands of a homeopathic doctor.

Homeopathy, with its single purpose of attention to the WHOLE human being and the prescribing of the remedy to trigger the person's immune system to begin its own curative process, is a medical philosophy which is recognized and extensively used by physicians throughout the world.

One of the many Aquarium Age concepts regarding homeopathic medicine is that homeopathic doctors strive to teach the lay people how to recognize and use homeopathic remedies on themselves, their family and friends who ask for help. Quite often a lay homeopath will teach interested people in his or her area. And then, the lay people will gather weekly to discuss different case histories they are currently treating (on themselves or their family and/or friends) and they enlarge upon their wealth of knowledge, becoming even better lay practitioners. This is certainly one of the finest Aquarian concepts of groups getting together to help one another.

The National Center for Homeopathy ("NCH") offers courses to interested lay individuals (you need no previous medical experience or education—just a desire to learn homeopathy) once a year. This one week intensive course is highly recommended to anyone who stumbles onto the miraculous healing abilities of this 21st century medicine. Books on the topic can be ordered through NCH or Hahnemann Pharmacy (addresses in Appendix). Household kits are also sold by both of these organizations and are available for purchase by anyone.

The astrology of homeopathy is very complex and not easily applied. The entire philosophy of homeopathy embraces and honors the individual and his/her symptoms—spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Astrology does the same thing. Both methodologies are holistic. To try and combine them is something that will take a lot of study and time. Probably the ONLY way a sure-fire method will be found will be based upon the vibrational frequency of each individual remedy and compare it to the frequency of the individual planets, signs and aspects. Radionics offers us this possibility, but has yet to come about.

Until someone is able to do this, I have, over the years, seen certain signatures of either signs, planets or houses that typify certain homeopathic remedies. There is no formula in applying what I've found, so please don't try to make a certain remedy conform to your natal chart. The information I present below on the astrological basis is theory only. When I "take a case" homeopathically speaking, I do look at a person's natal chart. I don't prescribe a remedy based upon the chart, however. To do so is a slap in the face to the homeopathic way of honoring the individual, I offer the astrological information in hopes that some like-minded researcher will take the observations and work with them further. I'm sure that someday, someone will write a book that compares the 2200 known homeopathic remedies to astrological nomenclature.


There is no reliable astrological formula to figure out which remedy goes to which zodiacal sign-so far. It is not reliable, except in general terms. The best way to approach this is to find the planet in the chart with the most hard aspects (usually, three or more hard aspects). Go through the remedies below and look at the ones that have that planet and/or sign and read it. If most of your symptoms fit the remedy "picture", then there is a possibility that you may need it. However, consult with your homeopath FIRST. Do not take any homeopathic remedy without a practitioner's direction.

ACONITUM NAPELLUS (Uranus, Mars, 12th House)

The "personality" of Aconite is one of suddenness, surprise, shock and trauma. This remedy, made from the herb bearing the same name, is of immense help for people who have suffered a heart attack or stroke. It is also used as a "shock" remedy—if someone has an accident and is in shock. Or, it can be used for those who experience any kind of shock, including bad news, a divorce, separation, firing from a job, move to another city or state, etc. Mentally, the person is restless and nervous. There may be an overriding fear of death or of dying present. It is one of the great remedies for panic attacks or anxiety attacks. Aconite works especially well on any illness that comes on suddenly, without warning, or from a change in the weather. Eye inflammation or pain Sudden onset of first stage of cold or fever Croup (if it does not work within 2 hours, try Hepar Sulph. or Spongia—all 3 are Croup remedies) Earache (if pain persists after an hour, give Hypericum )

Burning sensation in throat Sneezing

For fear of surgery or of going to the dentist (give 1 hour before)

In shock from fear of any sort (or any kind of trauma that produces fear)

Convulsions or epileptic seizures (if brought on by fright)

Fainting from fear Panic caused by bleeding After a stroke (to calm patient) Diarrhea due to hot weather or change in weather

Slipped disc in back (if sudden with onset of severe pains)

Headache (comes on suddenly and is violent, throbbing in temples with a burning or bursting pain) Insomnia (caused by fear or panic or after a shock/trau ma; restless) Anxiety attacks Panic attacks Anxiety, in general

Vomiting (from shock/trauma/fear of some sort)


This remedy is made from double tartrate of antimony and potassium. It is for anyone who experiences great exhaustion, drowsiness or debility when ill. Like Neptune, which can be translated into "weak," Ant. Tart, is a premier lung and respiratory disease remedy—especially if there is a lot of rattling sounds in the chest, but with little expectoration (mucus) being coughed up. The greater the prostration of the person, especially from viral or bacterial complaints—Neptune's realm—the more this remedy should be thought about in those situations—providing the symptom picture fits. Bronchitis Pneumonia Emphysema Asthma, "dry" type

Person is usually pale and tired looking Lung congestion (rattling of mucus but won't dislodge) ■,

Shortness of breath


One of the great allergy reaction remedies, Apis is made from the venom of the honeybee. Where there is sudden, violent swelling of body tissue, Apis should be considered. Anti-phalactic reaction to any kind of allergy, Apis can be used to save a life, if necessary.

Bee sting allergic reaction Insect bite allergic reaction

Homeopathy And Astrology 241

Drug or food allergy reaction 1 1


Stinging or burning pain Swelling around head or neck Difficult to breathe Swelling around incision after surgery Herpes zoster (with large blebs and stinging/burning; cool cloth helps) Throat (raw and swollen)


Made from a plant bearing the same name, there is probably no broader based remedy than this one. Arnica's sphere is usually muscle injuries, but also works well on injured tendons, ligaments and inflammation around joints/bones in particular. It is a premier remedy to halt hemorrhages, from acute nose bleeds to people who are known as "bleeders" or hemophiliacs.

Eases pain, swelling or soreness associated with sprains, bruises, muscles, falls, fractures (Symphytum to mend the break itself) or any kind of blow resulting from an accident Concussion

Black eye (use Hypericum if there is pain) Stroke (Belladonna may prove useful in tandem with Arnica)

Improves and speeds healing to any injury Tennis elbow type of injury Fractures (Ledum followed by Symphytum will also aid in quick recovery and knitting of bone) Wasp stings (if this does not work, try Apis) Dental operation (after root canals, or any sort of surgery or extraction of a tooth; use Hypericum if pain persists afterward)

Spinal injuries (use Hypericum if pain persists) Shock (when there has been blood loss) Abscess (bluish color to it, deep inflammation and pain)

Bloodshot eyes NOTE: Arnica ointment can be spread on the skin. If an open wound, place around the outer edges and it will instantly reduce swelling/bruising. Never put Arnica tincture or any Arnica product into an open wound or laceration!! Wonderful for fingers crushed in car door, finger smashed by hammer or any other similar type of blow to any part of the body (I would also use some Hypericum to stop the pain.) For black eye, smear ointment around affected 3r63t but never in the eye itself»

ARSENICUM (Mercury, Pluto, Virgo, 12th House)

Arsenicum is made from arsenic poison. In the small doses utilized in homeopathy, it poses no threat to the individual taking it. People who need this remedy are often very restless in nature, a Type A personality, hurried workaholics who get very short tempered and impatient with others who don't move at the speed of light like they do.

Asthma, wet or dry (worsens after midnight) Skin rash which is sudden and improves with heat application

Acute diarrhea from food poisoning Colds (later stages of) Exhaustion

Herpes zoster (eruptions and cannot sleep after midnight, restless and with anxiety)

Hiccough (brought on by swallowing cold drinks or rise in temperature. If this doesn't work, go to Mag. Phos.)

Flu (watering eyes/nose, chilled and extremely weak)

Insomnia (after midnight)

Skin eruptions (scaly eruptions that burn and/or itch)

Hay fever (violent sneezing; not relieved by sneezing—if it doesn't arrest within an hour, try Allium Cepa or Sabadilla)

BELLADONNA (Mercury, Mars, Uranus)

Belladonna is made from the herb by the same name. It is for people who have a highly sensitized nervous system, who start if jarred, who are like barometers reacting instantly to any kind of change. Anyone who experiences a sudden onset of symptoms, no matter what they are, should think of Belladonna and/or Aconite. These people are like highly strung thoroughbreds and just as mettlesome at times.

Earaches (usually right ear) but can help stop possible shunt surgery

Sore throat (head congested with high temperature and sweating)

Sensitive to noise and light

Teething in infants (see Chamomilla, too) ''


Fever (high and sudden—especially in a child; use Ferrum Phos. if it does not cure))

Insomnia (sleepy, yet unable to sleep) Lactation (milk flows too freely, breast red, swollen, hot and may be stone-like in hardness)

Pre-Menstrual Tension (spasm and pain of a sudden, violent nature in uterus, flushed face or burning/heat sensation). Acuteness of ALL senses and an emotional roller coaster at this time of month.


Follows Arnica well, especially if Arnica does not take care of swelling or bruising a week after the surgery or injury.

BRYONIA ALBA (Saturn, Cancer)

Known as the "grump" remedy, this fits Cancer very well by nature. When ill, these people want to be left alone—untouched, in a dark, quiet room. They will lay beneath a pile of covers, unmoving. Bryonia is one of the great migraine remedies of all time, along with Gelsemium.

Flu (fever, thirst, exhaustion and aches all over, made worse by movement).

Migraines, with dizziness, nausea and/or vomiting


Colic (from ingesting rich or fatty foods, possible vomiting)

Indigestion (with headache which intensifies if one tries to sit up)

Colds (if onset is slow to develop) Constipation (stool is dry, hard and black) Cough (hard and dry, shakes whole body) Headache (crushing, splitting, may feel faint or sick if attempting to rise)

CANTHARIS (Mars, Moon, Scorpio)

Made from Spanish Fly, this remedy is utilized for bladder problems. It also works in the reproductive and sexual area. If there is violent inflammation in any of these regions, then Cantharis should be remembered.

Bladder infections (cystitis, frequent urge to urinate with burning sensation)

Burns (minor or first degree that are relieved by cool cloth being applied) Feet (burning in soles)

Nerves frayed or becoming tense (caused by drinking coffee)

Diarrhea (bloody stools with straining and burning sensation)

CARBO VEGETABILIS (Gemini, Neptune, Jupiter)

This remedy is made from animal charcoal. Indigestion (burping, swollen abdomen, gas; especially after eating fatty foods or drinking wine) Heartburn (sour belching or vomiting of food) Hoarseness (worse in evening) Cough (rattle and itching sensation in throat; possible gagging or choking up of mucous)

Asphyxia (face blue mottle and cold sweat, puffy) (use this after airway has been unobstructed) Gasping for air/breath

Bleeding (steady seep of dark colored blood) Desire for sweets Desire for salty foods ,

CHAMOMILLA (Moon, Mars, Cancer)

Made from German Chamomile, a daisy, this remedy is a boon to all mothers who have children going through the "teething" stage. Colic is another area of expertise and has helped many a parent with a cranky, inconsolable child through this stage. Pain sensitive

Teething (painful, irritability and/or feverish; convulsive fit in anger due to)

Colic (draws legs up and in great pain, stomach badly swollen)

Earache (severe pain made worse with application of heat)

Infant diarrhea (associated with teething, with slimy, green stools)

Insomnia (sleepless or restless first part of night)

Nerves (in turmoil; nothing is tolerable)


Also known as CHINCHONA. This remedy is made from the bark of the Peruvian tree in South America and used extensively in the 1800's for malaria in Europe.

Nosebleed (if it doesn't stop within ten minutes, switch to Ferrum Phos.)

Diarrhea (acute, frequent, painless bowel movements which tire individual; can result from eating too much fruit)

Ears (ringing noise in them) Menses (dark clots with abdominal swelling, profuse and with pain)

Fainting (from loss of blood) Post-partum hemorrhage Fever (a three-phase type with chills, severe shaking, fever, then followed by sweating, thirst and exhaustion)

COCCULUS INDICUS (Mercury, Uranus)

Made from the Indian Cockle shell found in the Caribbean, this remedy is well known for helping anyone who suffers from car, air or boat sickness.

Travel sickness in any kind of vehicle or airplane, nausea or dizziness Insomnia (due to stress) Sea sickness

Indigestion (brought on by anger, grief, stress; intensified by sight or smell of food)

COFFEA (Mercury, Uranus)

Made from the coffee bean, this remedy is well known for helping people who have a very low tolerance to ANY kind of pain. This remedy works primarily on the nervous system.

Insomnia (due to exhaustion or too much excite ment)

Fainting (from excitement) Toothache (aggravated by heat/hot fluids— could be an abscessed tooth—go to the dentist and find out)

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