CBC Test

The complete blood count test (CBC) helps to discern anemia and polycythemia. In addition, the CBC may suggest inflammation, leukemia, bone marrow failure and platlet problems. The smears also show malaria parasites and other abnormalities.

Sodium/Potassium Test

This test is used to indicate the balance between sodium and potassium in the body. If sodium is high, a person is usually water-retentive or has edema in some part of the body. Although it's rare that a person has elevated levels of potassium, high levels are a signal that further testing should be undertaken.

Serum Calcium Test

This is a simple blood test that measures the amounts of calcium being circulated within the body. It is helpful in ascertaining whether or not the parathyroid gland is hyper- or hypofunctioning. Anyone who suspects such a condition should see an endocrinologist.


After physician's tests have confirmed which vitamins and minerals are indeed deficient, a medical astrologer in cooperation with the doctor must work out a program of suggested nutritional supplements that will be best for the person involved. And the medical astrologer must decide in what form the individual should take the nutrients.

As I've already indicated, not all people can absorb synthetic nutrients well. To see if a person can absorb nutrients properly, a medical astrologer should check the Jupiter-Saturn relationship in a natal chart. If these two planets are sextile or trine, a person can probably absorb synthetic nutrients with ease.

But if the planets are conjunct, inconjunct, square or opposite, a person probably has poor assimilation: a square or inconjunct, especially, may mean that anything synthetic will not be rapidly recovered by the body's mechanisms and will most likely be sloughed off in the urine or feces.

When such adverse aspects are present, a medical astrologer should determine if a person's stomach is functioning properly. If it is, then the person probably will absorb nutrients adequately, although the diet should be as natural as possible. If the stomach is showing signs of low levels of hydrochloric acid, enzyme deficiencies or problems with bile, an individual should have strictly natural supplementation and diet: absorption will probably be nill until the diet is straightened out over a six-month period. Moreover, whenever there is poor digestion, enzyme, bile or lecithin tablets should be considered, if the attending physician agrees. In this way vitamins and minerals can be broken down and utilized by the body instead of creating discomfort from gas.

In the example chart in Figure 2, Jupiter is square Saturn; so, this woman probably has difficulty assimilating any synthetic nutrients. Her chart matched against her history also indicates that she is deficient in several of the B vitamins as well as vitamins A and D. Therefore, it is necessary to find a natural way for her to get the needed vitamins instead of taking tablets.

Many people have problems taking a vitamin B

complex, multiple vitamin and mineral pills because they are poorly assimilated by the body. A good test to find out if someone is able to assimilate a synthetic vitamin B complex or multiple vitamin or mineral tablet is for the person to take the suggested dosage and wait four hours. At that time, if the urine is a bright, clear yellow (much more yellow than normal urine), the indication is that either the person doesn't need any of the vitamins or minerals or that the body did not assimilate them. Since with our food situation the way it is today we probably all need such vitamins and minerals, especially the vitamin B complex, the body probably did not absorb the nutrients—or very few of them. Then the individual should take one tablespoon of powdered brewer's yeast in a health drink and check the color of the urine four to six hours later. If it hasn't changed color, 100 per cent of the nutrients were absorbed by the body. If the urine is only slightly brighter, the body has used part of the nutrients and filtered off the rest because they were not needed.

One of the best ways to take the vitamin B complex in its natural state is brewer's yeast, which has all the B vitamins with the exception of pangamic acid and laetrile (B-17), neither of which this woman needs. Thus, providing she does not have an allergy to yeast, a medical astrologer should suggest that she take this form of the B vitamins, perhaps by placing one to two tablespoons of powdered brewer's yeast in a drink consisting of Vi cup natural apple juice, Vz cup natural grape juice and one banana. In this way, instead of having a handful of pills to take three times daily, the woman only needs to drink a health drink with brewer's yeast and take a vitamin A/D capsule of the fish liver oil perle type. Chances are she will more readily accept and assimilate this type of supplementation instead of numerous pills.

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