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chart, with five hard aspects to it. The strongest configuration is a stellium in the Third House—the Moon, Pluto and Jupiter alt conjunct, with a wide conjunction to Uranus. The Moon is also square Mars and inconjunct Saturn. The vulnerability to hurt implied by this Third House stellium is intensified by the fact that the Moon rules Bobby's Ascendant, Cancer. And although the Moon/Pluto conjunction indicates that Bobby has a strong heart with which to undergo his worst trials, it also suggests a great intensity of emotion; since the boy's emotional pyche had been badly damaged, it was fortunate that his mother had found a sensitive and patient psychiatrist to deal with Bobby's emotional problems.

Because the stellium is in Virgo, I also decided it was at least partially responsible for Bobby's supposed hyperactive behavior: after observing Bobby 1 became convinced that he was not hyperactive but probably hypoglycemic. The involvement of Piuto, ruling over the endocrine system, further convinced me that some of his behavorial problems were organic in nature.

Saturn also plays a very important part in Bobby's chart. It has hard aspects to the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Neptune. The Sun-Saturn conjunction indicates that the father image could greatly influence and/or damage Bobby, as it had. This same conjunction also indicates a potential slowing down of the thyroid, a possibility strengthened by the fact that both Saturn and Mercury are in Taurus, with Mercury opposite Neptune, indicating a general weakness of the thyroid. Saturn inconjunct Jupiter, of course, is one of the worst signals that assimilation of nutrients will be difficult. Moreover, all of the four hard aspects to Saturn suggest that the boy was deficient in calcium: and a later bone test showed that he was two years behind in growth from malnutrition, mostly caused by his malocclusion.

With Pluto heavily aspected in Bobby's chart I felt his thymus might be malfunctioing, causing his immunity system to perform poorly and inducing his frequent bouts of pneumonia.

Next I looked at the outer planets.

Saturn in Aries: This placement can mean constriction or lack of blood to the head, perhaps causing strokes. It also suggests mucous build-up in the ears, causing earaches or deafness. And there may be apparent apathy, listlessness or dullness from lack of blood supply to the brain. Although I felt that this configuration might explain part of Bobby's problems, I also checked the opposite polarity, Saturn in Libra. This placement can indicate thickening of the tubule walls of the kidneys, renal or urine retention and toxic waste being unfiltered by the organs.

Uranus in Libra: This placement can mean that the kidneys are working intermittently, perhaps undergoing spasms. The opposite polarity, Uranus in Aries, suggests sharp, shooting pains in the head, sudden headaches and pain in the eyes. I was getting a recurrence of symptoms: renal problems and headaches.

Neptune in Scorpio (retrograde): This placement can indicate a weakened colon, poor peristalsis and a hypothyroid condition—all of which seemed to fit Bobby's case.

The Cross: I felt Bobby's root problem stemmed from the Cardinal Cross. I believed the kidneys should be cleaned out. Clogged kidneys will often create toxic conditions in the body; in Bobby's case those conditions affected his head, giving him migraines; they also affected the acidity of his digestive tract. Venus and Saturn in Aries opposite Uranus in Libra triggered migraines, bladder infections, dizziness and loss of balance—all from toxemia because the kidneys poorly filtered toxins from the blood. I had seen similar situations many times before.

The best diet for a Cardinal Cross individual is what is generally considered a balanced diet. Bobby needed some meat, although I suggested he eat the white meat of turkey, chicken and Cornish game hen, as well as sea food, instead of heavy meats that would be less assimilatable with his digestive problems. He also needed some dairy products, and I suggested that some cheese on a weekly basis would help him get part of his protein and calcium needs. Since Bobby's malocclusion problem complicated matters, I suggested blending his fruits and vegetables into palatable drinks to get the nutritive ingredients into his body at that point and worry about roughage and fiber at a later date.

Other Information: Although there are no fixed stars concerned with medical astrology or critical degrees in Bobby's chart, the Ascendant, North Node and Saturn are all at 29 degrees. According to traditional astrology, people with planets at 29 degrees in their charts will have tough, demanding lives. Bobby certainly fit that pattern.

The Progressed Chart (Figures 24 and 25)

When Bobby's supposed hyperactivity began at 2Vi, two powerful progressions took place.

Progressed Uranus conjunct natal Vuicanus: Bobbly's natal Vuicanus is opposite Hades, a configuration that suggests Bobby must learn to channel his vast reservoir of energy, or his body will suffer the consequences. When the progression activated this opposition, Bobby's energy was unleashed, and he was barely able to control his own body or ac tions. With Hades involved I believed an environmental situation triggered this kind of reaction.

Progressed Ascendant conjunct natal Admetos: This configuration can indicate the sudden coming to light of an environmental situation that has remained hidden, such as an alcoholic father who abuses his son.

Two other progressions occurred when Bobby suffered his bouts of pneumonia between the ages of three and four.

Progressed Pluto conjunct natal Jupiter. Since the Jupiter tree is bracketed by Pluto and Apollon, I believed this was the time when Bobby's problems with the thymus gland began. Apollon always seems to mean two or more of something—in Bobby's case multiple trips to the hospital.

Progressed Jupiter conjunct natal Uranus/ Apollon: With both Jupiter and Apollon involved this progression indicates a multiple expansion on some level—such as the lungs. Uranus suggests the sudden appearance of this ailment.

When Bobby suffered migraines, loss of balance and vomiting at the age of six, three progressions took place.

Progressed Jupiter conjunct natal Vulcanus: The expansiveness of Jupiter appears to contribute to the problems by setting off tremendous energy.

Progressed Admetos conjunct the natal Sum This configuration can indicate the culmination of hidden emotional problems—in Bobby's case manifested as migraine headaches.

Progressed Mars conjunct the natal Moon/ Pluto This progression reinforces the idea that the migraines were emotional, not organic, in origin.

As Bobby underwent successful psychotherapy between the ages of six and eight, three progressions occurred.

Progressed Mars conjunct the natal Moon/ Pluto: The occurrrence of this progression suggests that Bobby's emotional turmoil had to surface at that time.

Progressed Jupiter conjunct natal Vulcanus: The occurrence of this configuration probably helped the therapist to make Bobby understand the reasons for his raging, unchecked emotions and to learn how to channel those emotions effectively in the future.

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