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I met Jessica when I was on the road giving lectures. She told me that in two days she had to go in for another laparotomy, medical terminology for exploratory surgery in the abdomen. Jessica had gone through a laparoscopy in early 1976 as part of diagnostic procedures to find out why she could not have children: her ovaries were checked to see if they were capable of producing eggs. Then in September 1976 she went through a laparotomy. The surgeon found tumorlike tissue on the left ovary and extensive adhesion, which he felt contributed to her inability to conceive.

In August 1977 Jessica told her specialist she was experiencing a feeling like a pulled abdominal muscle. Without examining her the infertility specialist said he assumed she was finally pregnant and feeling that way because of the cyst on her left ovary. Then a few weeks later Jessica felt extremely uncomfortable: the pain was barely tolerable. She went to the ermegency ward. Her specialist assumed either that the cyst had ruptured and was bleeding internally or that the suspected pregnancy had ruptured in the Fallopian tube. The emergency room nurse, the only person to diagnose the symptoms accurately, said Jessica had a ruptured appendix. Jessica could have died from peritonitis if the nurse hadn't insisted on her diagnosis and finally persuaded the doctor to perform an appendectomy.

In February 1978 Jesica had another diagnostic laparoscopy. Because of the ruptured appendix, her pelvic and abdominal cavity was a mass of adhesions. Her left ovary was still not in good shape, and her specialist said that he might want to yet remove it. At this point he gave Jessica only a 10 per cent potential of becoming pregnant.

That is when I met her—two days before she was to go in for that laparotomy. She described her symptoms to me: she had horrible pain and cramping during her period, and she still experienced pain in the region of the ovaries when not on her period.

Jessica had several other problems as well. She was overweight, weighing 160 pounds at 5'7": at age 18 she had weighed 200 pounds. She continually battled borderline anemia and was treated with iron supplements off and on throughout her life. She had had an ear infection at age two, which had resulted in a weakness of both ears for the rest of her life. Since her family had a history of diabetes, she annually took glucose tolerance tests to make sure her sugar levels were remaining normal: at the time I saw her she did not seem predisposed to diabetes. Another irritating problem Jessica had was chronic vaginal yeast infections that never totally cleared up. She was also susceptible to severe headaches, eyestrain and tension. And she had worn glasses since 1959.

In May 1973 she had had a tonsilectomy because her tonsils were enlarged, not infected. In 1976 she had had impacted wisdom teeth extracted. And in 1975 she had had a D & C to get rid of cervical polyps.

At the time I first saw her Jessica was on several drugs to try to get pregnant. She was on a three to four month's suppression therapy with Enovid following the laparotomy. Then she took Clomid and Premarin for four months: the Clomid induced cysts twice. Moreover, both she and her husband took Minocin to try to reduce any possible microorganisms that might have been present in the vaginal secretions, thereby inhibiting conception. And she had taken Ovral regularly before 1975 for contraceptive purposes. Such drug treatment had obviously been unsuccessful. And many estrogentype drugs will do more than simply produce cysts: they can create gallbladder disease, blood clots, liver problems, high blood pressure and hypoglycemia—just to mention a few of their side effects.

Hie Natal Chart (Figure 17)

None of Jessica's planets has more than one or two hard aspects. So few aspects to the planets does not necessarily mean there is no vitamin or mineral deficiency; instead, a medical astrologer needs to examine which planets are in aspect. For instance, in Jessica's chart Jupiter opposite Saturn is far more likely to indicate a nutritional problem than Uranus square Neptune because Jupiter and Saturn help control assimilation of nutrients into the body. The fact that she had suffered from anemia further enhances the probability that she assimilates nutrients poorly. Jessica's chart also has the Sun inconjunct Jupiter.

Jupiter in hard aspect usually indicates a severe deficiency, as does an inconjunct, and with the Sun ruling vitamins A and D, vital to good eysight, and Jessica's past history of eye trouble, this hard aspect strongly indicates deficiencies of vitamins A and D.

Because of Jessica's problems with childbearing, I also looked at the hard aspects of her natal Moon, which is square both Venus and Mars, poor configurations for someone who wants to become pregnant. Next I noticed that Uranus is in Cancer retrograde in her Fifth House: from other cases I've noted that such a placement can indicate tubal pregnancies or other abnormal pregnancies.

After looking at Jessica's chart I felt she might get hypoglycemia at some time in her life if she didn't continue to deal positively with her emotions. Both Venus and Mars are in the sign Virgo, which rules the pancreas. And the Moon square Venus and Mars suggests the potential for disease to occur: hypoglycemia is often brought on by severe stress. Fortunately, Jessica is extremely intelligent and knows the value of venting her feelings.

I next examined the outer planets, especially anxious to find out the reasons for the pain that crisscrossed Jessica's abdomen before and after her period. Two of these planets are in Libra, a hint that metabolic problems may have been partly responsible for her reproductive ailments.

Saturn in Libra: This placement can indicate thickening of the tubule walls of the kidneys, creating poor filtering conditions to remove urea from the blood, renal or urine retention or toxemia. I felt that this configuration represented the root cause of Jessica's problems: her blood, improperly filtered, moved back into her circulatory system, poisoning everything in general. Furthermore, her weight problem probably stemmed from water retention, which also pointed to sluggish kidneys.

Uranus in Cancer (retrograde): This configuration can mean spasms in the stomach, stomach cramps brought on by emotional duress, spasmodic release of gastric juices and a "nervous" stomach. Since Jessica did not seem to have any of these problems, I checked the opposite polarity, Uranus in Capricorn, which suggests spasms or calculi stones in the gallbladder. I wondered if it was possible to have


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