Bonnie represents a typical case that I may receive at any given time: she had several ailments and a history of progressive deterioration of health. Besides the ailments listed above, she suffered from headaches, low blood pressure, low white blood cell count, nerve-related problems, constipation and thyroid complications. When I met her she was extremely pale, overweight and lethargic.

I had encountered many different types of anemia but never leukopenia. At the time Bonnie was having severe reactions to this disease: it had not gone into a state of remission for quite some time, and she was showing the ravaged effects of it. At this point her doctors (who were many and some of the best in the United States) were totally stymied as to what to do to bring the leukopenia into a state of remission. She had been a guinea pig for new drug therapy and different experiments, but her body was not responding. In the medical world her case was being monitored; later on it would be written up.

Leukopenia is characterized by an abnormal decrease of white blood corpuscles—not to be confused with anemia, caused by a decrease in red blood cells, or leukemia, distinguished by an increase in white blood cells. White blood cells are formed in the bone marrow or in the lymphatic tissue. They may form in the lymph glands, spleen or lymph nodes. With leukopenia the spleen, which manufactures several types of white blood cells, is sometimes surgically removed to try to rebalance the white count. Fortunately, Bonnie still had her spleen.

Bonnie's heart murmur was a result of rheumatic fever as a child. The hole in her heart had repaired itself as she grew into adulthood, and she had had no further trouble with it. She had had all the other normal childhood diseases. In 1948 her tonsils and adenoids were removed. In 1971 she had had a complete hysterectomy because cancer was found: she has had no more cancer since that date. She had three children, born in 1959, 1962 and 1963. In 1961 she suffered a miscarriage at three months of pregnancy.

I noted on the questionnaire she filled out for me that she was drinking five to six glasses of milk a week. She ate meat, fruit and vegetables. She was on drug medication for her thyroid (two grains), Premarin (an estrogen drug), iron pills and a multivitamin tablet.

Health And Fitness 101

Health And Fitness 101

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