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The following is a list of the Bach Flower Remedies in alphabetical order by nickname for a quick, handy reference: ..:

1. Agrimony - "tough-it-out" remedy

2. Aspen - "unknown" fear" remedy

3. Beech - "nit-picker" remedy

4. Centaury - "co-dependant" remedy

5. Cerato - "puppet" remedy

6. Cherry Plum - "suicide" remedy

7. Chestnut Bud - "rut" remedy

8. Chicory - "gimme" remedy

9. Clematis - "daydreamer" remedy

10. Crab Apple - "Mr. Clean" remedy

12. Gentian - "black cloud" remedy

13. Gorse - "I surrender" remedy

14. Heather - "hypochondriac" remedy

15. Holly - "apocalypse" remedy

16. Honeysuckle - ". . .memories. . ." remedy

17. Hornbeam - "Monday morning blahs" remedy

18. Impatiens - "nervous Nelly" remedy

19. Larch - "wimp" remedy

20. Mimulus - "known fear" remedy

21. Mustard - "Dr. Doom and Gloom" remedy ,. 22. Oak - "atlas, holding world on shoulders"


23. Olive - "exhaustion" remedy

24. Pine - "guilt" remedy

25. Red Chestnut - "smothering" remedy

26. Rock Rose - "rescue" remedy

27. Rock Water - "zealot" remedy

28. Sclsranthus - "Libra" remedy

29. Star of Bethlehem - "shock" remedy

30. Sweet Chestnut - "bottom of the barrel" remedy

31. Vervain - "Type A" remedy

32. Vine - "field marshal" remedy

33. Walnut - "butterfly" remedy

34. Water Violet - "loner" remedy

35. White Chestnut - "squirrel's cage" remedy

36. Wild Oat - "chasing rainbows" remedy

37. Wild Rose - "milquetoast" remedy

38. Willow - "wet blanket" remedy

39. Rescue Remedy - "shock cocktail" remedy [see (a) and (b) below]

(a) Rescue Remedy contains Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose and Clematis. It can be used for any kind of shock, bad news, family upset, sorrow, funeral, exam fears, insomnia, dental visit, hospital surgery, hospital tests, driving test, job interview, fear of flying, panic, asthma attacks, heart attacks, gallbladder attacks, anxiety attacks, public speaking, "up tight" feeling, watching disturbing movie/TV show, etc., or anything that is a stress upon you. Animals and plants respond well to it, also. If a person is unconscious, smear Rescue Remedy on wrists or behind ears. If an animal is unconscious, smear on animal's nose/muzzle area or inside of ears.

(b) Rescue Remedy Cream is applied externally, on skin only. Put on bruises, arthritic areas, bursitis, pain, burns, around a laceration or cut (not into the cut, please!), temples of head (if you have a headache), on brow (if headache is there), frostbitten areas, or swollen areas (edema, water retention, as in ankle or feet area).

The following is a descriptive listing of the Bach Flower Remedies according to what they can be used for:


Primarily, I use either transits or progressed planets in use of Bach Flower Remedies (bfr) to a person's natal chart and planets. Simply choose a specific transit or progression and note the natal planet that it is aspecting. Hard aspects such as a conjunction, square, inconjunct (quincunx) or opposition may herald a need for a specific remedy.

For example: Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Sun would ask the reader to look at all the Bach Flower Remedies that have Saturn as a ruler. After noting those remedies, read each one and see which remedy most closely approximates your symptoms.

Another example would be transiting Neptune square natal Moon. Look up the Bach Flower Remedies that have Neptune as a part of their ruler-ship.

For Those Who Have Fear:

Rock Rose (Helianthemum Nummularinum) (Uranus, Neptune, 12th house): Also known as Frostwort, Frostweed, Frostplant. Found in eastern U.S. Yellow flower. The "rescue" remedy. For anyone who has survived any kind of situation that was trauma and they experienced panic and/or great fright. Trauma is defined by the person, not by the prescriber. Example: a child losing a kitten might not seem to affect the parent as much as it will the child; to the child, it is a terrible loss and a shock/trauma. People who live in a constant state of fright, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, for example. If a child has a nightmare, wakes up traumatized by it, this is the right remedy to utilize. Excellent for use after viewing or being in any kind of accident; a fall from a horse, a fall from a tricycle, an auto accident, etc.

Positively: The ability to feel courage to work through the situation. A new kind of strength to walk with their fear or trauma.

Herb: Used for cancer, ulcerations, tumors (inner or outer, on skin).

Homeopathtcally: Canadensis, Rock Rose, is known as European Rock Rose. Some other symptoms that might help you decide Rock Rose is the correct remedy are: extremely sensitive to cold; sensation of coldness in various parts of the body; malignant disease of the glands of the neck (lymphatic ailments, including cancer); pyorrhea of mouth; hurts to extend or stick out tongue; throat is very dry; cold air passing over it causes pain; sore throat from inhaling cold air; cold feeling in stomach; cold feeling in abdomen; diarrhea from coffee or fruit; coldness in chest; bleeding in lung(s); coldness of hands or feet; cannot sleep because of coldness in throat; swelling or inflammation of breast(s); asthmatic after laying down; itching all over; painful pimples; lupus; skin on hands hard, thick, dry, fissured or deep cracks; itching of swollen hands and arms.

Mimulus (Mimulus Guttanus) (Neptune, Pisces, 12th house): "Known fear" remedy; fear of known things that may be part of everyday life. For instance, fear of leaving the house, agorophobia. Fear of being raped, robbed, of getting Cancer or AIDS, losing one's family or dearest, closest friend(s). It can extend to loss of a house or pet. The fears may involve being afraid to give a speech, or even talk to a small group of people. Mimulus blushes very easily and often. Sometimes, they may have a stammering problem, plus overwhelming shyness. This is an introvert remedy, for people who are afraid to assert themselves. There can be great fears regarding loss of a job, one's money, having an accident of some kind that might incapacitate them. Secret fears are especially a part of this remedy's sphere of action, and can include any kind of obsessive or compulsive behaviors limited only by the individual's mind and emotions.

Positively: The alleviation of whatever KNOWN fears plague the person.

Cherry Plum (Prunus Cerasifera) (Mercury, Neptune, Virgo, Pisces): "Suicide" remedy; This is for anyone who is prone to suicidal thoughts or feelings. There is also a fear of committing suicide, and because this is a deep, dark secret, the person will never speak about it to anyone because they are ashamed of the urge. There may be aggravating, persistent thoughts of a negative kind such as fear of losing one's mind, or that some invisible impulsiveness or obsessiveness will take over and make them do something they know is wrong or could hurt another. Fear of losing control over one's self in any way, and this includes a fear of uncontrolled temper, uncontrolled violence toward another, impulses such as gambling, shopoholics, and negative mental fixations toward another person or situation. Tension in this person is generated from a basis of fear and they can have tortured, terrible thoughts they wrestle with inwardly—great mental anguish and pain. For people who are hysterical, who fear doing harm to others—even to their own family and children. Children who have violent tendencies of any kind, even bang their heads against a wall.

Positively: Will restore calmness and courage;

able to retain sanity, despite mental or emotional torture.

Aspen (Populus Tremula) (Neptune, Pisces, 12th house): "Unknown fear" remedy; Used for any kind of vague, disturbing, uncomfortable, nagging feeling that cannot be identified as WHAT or WHERE it is coming from. Frequently, children and women who have been sexually molested, abused or raped, will have these kinds of vague, unknown fears. Further, they may have completely repressed memories of these terrible atrocities. The only red flag is terrible, tortured emotions bubbling up in the form of reactions such as: fear of going to sleep, or of waking up, apprehension in general, sudden perspiring for no reason, a terrible sense of apprehension that something will happen to their loved ones. Aspen people NEVER speak about these vague fears out of shame, and even those who love them may never know about their own personal hell and torment they live with daily.

Positively: Fearlessness, faith.

Homeopathically: Aconitum Napellus is an excellent remedy for Aspen people.

Red Chestnut (Aesculus Carnea) (Leo, Moon, Cancer, Virgo): "Smothering" remedy; An overemphasis for fear for others in their lives; usually their immediate family or close friends. Hypochondriac tendency in that even a small, acute illness may turn into something chronic and devastating.

Positively: Allows other people to live their lives fully without fearful influence of the Red Chestnut individual.

For Those Who Suffer Uncertainty:

Cerato (Ceratostigma Willmottiana) (Moon, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, Saturn): Astro blue flower, "Puppet" remedy; This person has such low self-esteem and loss of confidence in themselves that they constantly reach out for help, advice and direction from those around them. Unable to listen to their own "gut" intuition, they will not trust their own rational or logical judgment of a situation. Instead, they will defer to another person. They may be loquacious and constantly asking questions in order to validate or double check their own knowing, which they don't trust. If they get a consensus of opinion from others, then they will act on it. Won't trust self or their own experiences in any way.

Positively: They will begin to defer to their own internal "knowing" and trust their own life experiences in order to make decisions for themselves and stop asking others for direction.

Scleranthus (Scleranthus Annthus) (Libra, Mer cury, Gemini, Pisces): The "Libra" remedy; can be talked into and out of just about anything by an individual—and lose their own knowing and judgment. Too easily swayed by others. Constantly moving from one pole to another of extremes. For example: having high energy and then, later on, collapsing into a state of complete exhaustion. These people don't know the meaning of moderation—they are extremists in many ways. Indecision slows them down through life.

Positively: Bestows calmness and determination; able to make quick decisions and take prompt action; keeps poise and balance on all occasions.

Gentian (Gentiana Amarella) (Saturn, Capricorn, 10th house): "Black cloud" remedy; When the least little thing goes wrong, Gentian is the first to say: "I told you so." And then, they disengage because of some small setback—whether it is personal or in their career. Easily discouraged and then they become depressed or lack assertiveness because of the failure. They don't understand their own gloomy outlook "taints" life around them completely—hence, nothing does go right for them, there's always a fly in the ointment to whatever they try to undertake. Their own lack of faith in themselves puts forth huge stumbling blocks to any success they might accomplish—and this goes for their personal, and emotional life as well as their career.

Positively: They get rid of the negative outlook about life in general and get on with it, able to make considerable accomplishments and they aren't stopped by setbacks or failures.

Gorse (Ulex Europaeus) (Moon, Saturn): "I surrender" remedy; for those who have been told to give up, that nothing more can be done in some sphere of their life—not necessarily in the process of losing someone. They give up, if ill, and don't want to fight back any longer or look at any other treatments that might help them. May be unduly influenced in decisions by others because they've given up. Depression brought on by loss of hope and lack of ability to marshal their own emotional desire to live, to survive or push one, regardless.

Positively: This remedy of great value when given early in any chronic illness; gives patient hope of recovery—that is the first step towards a cure. Insures a new jolt of hope combined with faith, giving Gorse the strength to fight back and carry on.

Hornbeam (Carpinus Betulus) (Mercury, Moon): "Monday morning blahs" remedy; For people who are unhappy with their job and/or career, who hate going back to work on Monday mornings and face the same grind. Also helps those who have a long-term illness who doubt their chances of recovering.

Positively: Imbues Hornbeam with a brighter, more optimistic outlook, and gets rid of the Monday Morning Blues.

Wild Oat (Bromus Ramosus) (Libra, Pisces, Uranus, Aquarius): "Chasing rainbows" remedy; This is for people who just can't figure what they want to do with their lives, what career to pursue, getting married now or later, having children now or later, etc. Nothing is crystal clear to them and consequently, they try many different things in life— both personally and careerwise, and they still aren't happy! The old Irish saying: "An Irishman never knows what he wants, and won't be happy until be gets it," applies to Wild Oat people. When they are uncertain, they wobble, unsure which way to go next, Scleranthus is another remedy with this kind of uncertainty.

Positively: Remedy can be of assistance in selecting a career; will help you to find your special place in life (something that gives you satisfaction); desire to experience life to the fullest; definite character, talents and ambitions; lives life filled with usefulness and happiness.

Not Sufficient Interest In Present Circumstances: (Those who "check out".)

Clematis (Clematis Vitalba) (Neptune, Taurus, Pisces, Mercury): "Daydreamer" remedy; the "couch potato" of the remedies; Physically, they may have a very "spacy" look or expression to their face. They may seem completely out of their body, ungrounded and "not here," in any sense of the word. Others will accuse them of not paying attention to what they say or show them. Often, children in school will be seen looking out dreamily at the sky or anything else—but certainly not involved in the teacher or what is being taught! Clematis does not possess a lot of 'horse sense,' and fails to understand or want to use practicality in their daily lives. They are deep sleepers who may also spend too much time sleeping, too. They enjoy their own company, often seen as loners, and don't need the company of others. When forced to deal with a situation, Clematis will try to withdraw, like an introvert, and go away. They avoid confrontations with others in every way possible. They have exhaustion, complain of being drowsy and have no fears whatsoever on any level—mental or emotional. Tbey bury themselves into books, movies or any other resource that helps them 'check out of the real world,' for awhile. They are seen as absent-minded. This is THE remedy for anyone in a coma, who is unconscious or who has fainted. Lacks desires, assertive-ness and has no goals in life.

Positively: They become grounded back into their body, become focused in their daily life and engage once again.

Honeysuckle (Lonicera Caprifolium) (Pisces, Virgo, Neptune, 8th house, 12th house): "Memories" remedy; of great help to those who lose a loved one, lose a pet, or who have moved from a wonderful place and are now transplanted at another city, state or country. Honeysuckle lives in the past, not wanting to connect with or join the present in any way—perhaps because it's too painful for them. Fear of the future, so they drag their heels and stay in the past. May sap others of vitality (psychic vampire). Honeysuckle is chained to the past by both their good and bad experiences, but they don't realize this. A gradual decline of a person's energy over a long period of time; as if they are slowly grinding to a halt. Or, perhaps 'thinning out' of the present because the bulk of their spirit, heart and mind are still caught and trapped in the past.

Positively: Living in the present and taking full part in it.

Olive (Olea Europaea) (Saturn, Capricorn, Pluto): "Exhaustion" remedy; for a person who has suffered a LONG TIME under some very negative condition. It could be a long-term illness that has sapped their energy, and they have become mentally and emotionally exhausted by the trial. Loss of endurance of some long-running situation in life, not necessarily an illness. It's difficult for them to make it through a day. Loss of interest in anything that gave them pleasure. Hornbeam people get better as day progresses, but Olive people get WORSE. They will tell you they just 'ran out of gas.' Usually, Olive has some very heavy burden they must shoulder the entire responsibility on, and over time, it has eroded them not only emotionally, but mentally as well as physically. Consequently, they will tire very easily, or the least exertion, however simple, seems to completely sap them of their energy.

Positively: Helps those who are trying to overcome a major illness. It gives the person hope and gives them a sense of peace they didn't have before. A harmony or balance that was lacking before in their lives.

White Chestnut (Aesculus Hippocastanum) (Mercury): "Squirrel's cage" remedy; for people who just can't shut their minds off—especially at night when they're trying to get to sleep. The insomniac remedy. Lacks the ability to stay concentrated on a task, or to finish it. Constantly arguing with self mentally until it affects job performance or quality of life with spouse and family. May condemn self for, "I should have said this instead..." A Type A remedy for the hurried business person who is doing too much and lays awake at night creating lists for tomorrow's activities. May be so much in their head, that they don't pay attention to driving, which could lead to an accident. Preoccupied.

Positively: Stops the persistent, "squirrel's cage" thoughts and allows the person to sleep well at night. Stops the preoccupation so they can focus completely on the task in front of them.

Mustard (Sinapis Arvensis) (Saturn, Pluto, 4th, 8th, and 12th houses): "Dr. Gloom" remedy; for people who feel this irrepressible weight surrounding them like a dark, gray blanket that colors how they see the world, and how they seem themselves. For severe depression, melancholia and despair. This remedy differs from Gentian which has discouragement, and Gorse, who's keynote is hopelessness. Mustard does not know where their depression, their darkness, comes from—cannot point to a specific, traumatic incident in their lives that might have caused it. The gloom is so deep that they have no outside interest in the world around them; they are fixated helplessly to this emotion.

Positively: The gloom is lifted, they see daylight, along with hope and renewed vitality for life.

Chestnut Bud (Aesculus Hippocastanum) (See Note below) (Moon, Saturn, Pluto): "Rut" remedy; for people who don't learn from their experiences from the past, both positive or negative. For example, a woman who keeps marrying the same kind of man over and over again. Or worse, a woman who marries an abusive man, divorces him, but then, remarries a man with the same abusiveness in him. Not learning from one's mistakes, but repeating them miserably time after time. They try to forget the past, the unhappiness of it all, and yet, they fail to learn from what they did wrong then, so they can 'right' it in the future. They may catch a cold every month—month after month. Any acute illness that reoccurs on a cyclic basis can be helped with Chestnut Bud. For example, repeated sinus infections, ulcers, allergies that occur at a certain season each year. Chestnut Bud learns slowly in school, too, having to repetitively do something over and over again to get it. For example, a child having problems learning multiplication tables has to go over it again and again—almost tortuously, to retain it and the method used. They are not very organized

NOTE: This is from the White Chestnut tree, only in bud form. The mature form is utilized differently. There is something to say about the time that something is collected as to what chemistry is present and how it will affect an individual. A bud would have the highest energy—the baby forming, a

"quickening"—providing the stimulus to get out of the repetitive "rut".

Positively: Learns from their past, repetitive mistakes and changes their lives as a result. No more cyclic appearance of acute ailments. Can learn not only from their experiences, but others, as well.

Water Violet (Hottonia Palustris) (Saturn, Pluto); "Loner" remedy; for people who have a specialized talent or skill in place, they appear to others, as perhaps egotistical. In reality, many people confuse ego with self-confidence, and Water Violet has self-confidence in their gifts. However, there can be a stubborn or rigid outlook to their existence, and they carry this tension in their body/muscles. They are self-reliant people who go their own way. Their quietness may hide a multitude of griefs or unhappiness, but they never speak about them to anyone. Bearing loads alone. Very understanding of other people, and has great objectivity with them and does not interfere ;n their lives as a result.

Positively: They continue to walk alone, but with more inner peace and harmony than before.

Impatiens (Impatiens Glandulifera) (Mercury, Aries, Gemini, Mars): "Nervous Nelly" remedy; for people who lack the patience to allow others to go at their own pace—certainly nowhere near the pace Impatiens sets for himself, Becomes highly irritated by slower co-workers or with family members. May be accident prone just because they're in too much of a hurry. Wants to work alone because others are too slow for them. Good for cramps, spasms or sudden pain. They can become exhausted through abuse of their nervous system and placing too much constant strain on it.

Positively: Tolerance for those who are less fast than themselves. The ability to slow down a little and be patient with co-workers or family who still won't be as fast as they are!

Heather (Calluna Vulgaris) (Neptune, Pisces, Leo, Sun): "Hypochondriac" remedy; for people who focus entirely on their problem—whether mental, physical or emotional. Heather uses their illness or problem as a way of manipulating others to pay attention to them. Centaury types are the victims of Heather. And Mimulus types can also be drained by Heather. Saps energy and is a psychic vampire to those around them. Concerned with too much trivia, and stirs up a 'hornets nest' over nothing.

Positively: Stops sapping the energy of others and allows people to go their own way without constantly manipulating them with illness or trifles.

Oversensitivity To Influences And Ideas:

Agrimony (Agrimonia Eupatoria) (Pluto, Leo, Saturn, Capricorn, 12th house): "Tough it out"

remedy; alcoholic's remedy; for people who put on a cheerful facade, but inwardly, they are tortured, unhappy individuals. They love company and hate being alone. Will try exciting and dangerous things that could iiyure them. A turbulent state of mind and can be restless, especially at night (see White Chestnut). The addict's remedy—any drug or alcohol.

Positively: Can bring renewed faith and hope into their lives, a more positive attitude and become a good friend to others.

Centaury (Centarium Umbellatum) (Moon, Neptune, Virgo, Pisces, 6th house): "Co-dependent" remedy; for people who lack a strong, courageous backbone, who are seen as the wimps of the world. They are "doormats" for people who see this type and abuse the privilege of them. Centaury cannot say NO to anyone. They are easily drained by psychic vampires, and by the demands of others upon them and their time. They are languid and pale appearing, but they have a good mind and are alert. They may be like Cinderella: chained to their family as more of a servant than as a member with the same equality. Knows how to gives, but doesn't know how to receive. Agrimony is for the alcoholic or drug user and Centaury is for the family of the drug user or alcoholic. Codependent personality. Possibility of childhood abuse has helped create this state.

Positively: The ability to choose to serve whoever they want, and in what capacity—but not allowing themselves to be taken advantage of or drained psychically again. Holds own opinions and is able to enforce them for themselves. They learn how to give AND receive.

Chicory (Chicorium Intybus) (Pluto, Virgo, Pisces) "Gimme" remedy; can be very possessive toward others in any fashion. Often can interfere in the lives of those close to her/him. In order to keep loved ones or friends close, will hint that this is owed to Chicory. They can become overwhelmed with their own emotions and discolor the situation with others, as a result. They hate being alone and always want company around them—partly out of loneliness and partly out of desire to be the center of attention. Highly manipulative in an emotional way. A good dysfunctional family remedy for those who had to manipulate to survive. Loquacious, likes to argue with others, may cry as a way to manipulate others to their will—crocodile tears. Wants close family members to march to Chicory's version of the tune. Reacts powerfully to the slightest hurt. Shows offense at small things. The "stalker" remedy in that Chicory has possessive love and doesn't want to let go of that person for any reason. ;

Positively: Being unselfish toward others and allowing them to live their lives the way they want, not the way Chicory wants. Giving generously without thought of some kind of return; not keeping a list of who owes Chicory what.

Walnut (Juglans Regia) (Pluto, Uranus): "Butterfly" remedy; from cocoon to butterfly; transition in stages of life; such as marriage, divorce, death of a loved one, menopause, beginning of menstruation, teething remedy, puberty, breaking ties with a person or thing from the past, birth of a baby, change of career, change of location/move, moving out of house of parents for first time, going to college, going into the military service—any major change in a person's life should be accompanied by Walnut because it makes the transition smoother and less emotionally devastating or traumatizing to them. This is the remedy for those who have great ideas or want to change their life dramatically, but may be afraid to do so. Walnut gives the person the courage to overcome their fear and take that giant step forward and into the future. Walnut may be dominated by a very powerful person or situation in their lives that makes them scared to try or take that step. Emotionally, it means wanting to break away from old, family conditioning, the past or anything that is seen as restricting the person's freedom to make choices without fear.

Positively: The ability to step forward into the future to make that life-change without fear, but with hope and strength.

Holly (Ilex Aquiforlium) (Saturn, Pluto, Leo, Aries, Mars): "Apocalypse" remedy; for people who are envious, have a hatred of another individual or thing (such as religious hatred toward others who aren't the same religion as they are), jealous of others, overly aggressive toward other, and in general, hates Mankind—although this can be gender-specific i.e., a hatred of women, as an example. For people who have bad/violent tempers, highly irritable, has no understanding of others, and in general, there is a lack of ability to love self, so they can't love others. Holly and Wild Oak are indicated if none of the other remedies work for them. These are considered the 'catalyst* remedies and will break an inner wall to 'reach' the person.

Positively: The loss of envy, greed, jealousy, aggressive behavior and they become more tolerant of others.

Despondency And Despair:

Larch (Larix Decidua) (Saturn; Moon): "Wimp" remedy; for people who lack even a crumb of self-confidence. They never see themselves as successful, therefore do not attempt to become anything else but a 'loser' in mentality and action. There is an intense inferiority complex within them. They are not jealous or envious, however. They won't attempt to try anything for fear of failure, which is shaming to them. They feel they can't do as well as the next person. A good remedy to use before taking school or college tests.

Positively: Becoming success oriented in their daily life, with determination and hard work. They will take risks now and give it their best try—regardless whether they are successful or fail at it.

Pine (Pinus Sylvestris) (Virgo, 6th house): "Guilt" remedy; for people who are inordinately burdened by guilt. They blame themselves for other people's mistakes and for anything else that might go wrong in another person's life—they take on the guilt about it. Frequently, they will set almost impossibly high standards for themselves and others— and of course, Pine and the people around her fail to meet these standards, They become depressed or give up, as a result. Pine is over-conscientious toward others and are overachievers who are never happy with what they did in the past, and only strive to better it in the future. If someone isn't happy, Pine thinks its their fault and takes on the guilt or feeling bad about it.

Positively: They take responsibility for themselves only and understand that it isn't their problem or fault if someone isn't happy.

Elm (Ulmus Procera) (Mars, Pluto, Saturn): "Oh my God" remedy; this is for people who are simply overwhelmed by Life in general, by too much responsibility and feeling wholly unable to deal with the cards life has dealt to them. This remedy is particularly needed by the following occupations: super mothers, doctors, healers, corporate leaders, business owners, teachers, clergy who all shoulder a great deal of responsibility—and that one wrong decision can influence others either positively or negatively. There is exhaustion that comes along with the thought they they aren't up to the rigors of the position after awhile. Depression may occur when they realize just how much responsibility they are shouldering.

Positively: Able to continue shouldering their massive responsibilities without becoming depressed about it. Confidence to handle their chosen field or area of expertise with vigor and resourcefulness.

Sweet Chestnut (Castanea Sativa) (Saturn, 4th house, Mercury): "Bottom-of-the-barrel" remedy; this is for people who experience tortured mental anguish. It can be in response to loss of a loved one, or some other situation that has completely traumatized the person. They feel completely destroyed, with loss of hope and serenity. They have reached the end of line figuratively and literally. They are not suicidal like Cherry Plum, and in worse shape than Agrimony types. Even worse than Gorse. They feel there is no hope for a future, and are exhausted and lonely.

Positively; Given the strength to see it through. Endurance and in full control of their emotions.

Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum Umbellatum) (Uranus): "Shock" remedy; for any person, animal or plant that has suffered from any kind of trauma, accident or injury. Plants that are repotted. Animals that undergo surgery or are hit by a car. Suffering from terrible news or bad news. Delayed shock or repressed shock (even from birth onwards, no matter how old you are). If person does not respond to ANY other remedy, including Wild Oat or Holly, use Star of Bethlehem to remove the block of repressed shock.

Positively: Able to go about one's life without the stress of trauma in their lives. It enables a person to regain their balance and harmony.

Wild Rose (Rosa Canina) (Neptune, Moon, Pisces, 12th house) "Milquetoast" remedy. The inability to see that however Wild Rose is living their lives, the conditions of it, are of their own making, their own decision-making process—conscious or unconscious. They surrender to whatever the circumstance and live with it. Fails to realize they have other choices because they have given up. Drifts from one life event to another without joy, much less hope. Expecting to have to suffer without hope of ever changing the situation. Exhausted and lacks energy. Their voice may be monotonous sounding and their features nearly without expression. If ill, may believe she is incurable and has no strength to "fight back," and try. Lack of backbone or will change whatever their sorry living state.

Positively: They take great interest in Life, in living and become focused and hard working toward whatever goals they choose. They "plug back in," to Life and get involved instead of being a shadow skulking silently through it.

Willow (Salix Vitellina) (Saturn, Leo, Aquarius): "Wet blanket" remedy; for people who have 'sour grapes* about their life—that they didn't deserve what they got. This builds up resentment, and bitterness. There can be a sorriness for the self, and gripe a great deal about what life has handed them. They accept others generosity because they feel they deserve it. Takers, not givers. When ill, very grumpy and ungrateful. Is jealous of other people's successes, money, fame or glory. They will gossip to others with never anything good to say about another person. There is a perverse joy in spreading gloom and gossip. May use their illness as a tool to get attention. Will never sacrifice for the good of another person or situation. Is dearth to admit they might be getting better if they've been sick for awhile because they enjoy the extra pampering and attention—which they richly feel they deserved anyway.

Positively: Is a giver AND taker, with more balance in their lives. They don't begrudge others their successes and take on a more positive frame of mind.

Oak (Quercus Robur) (Saturn, Capricorn, Aquarius): "Atlas holding the world on shoulders" remedy; for people, who, like this mighty tree, shoulders a lot of responsibility for too long and they will break, not bend. People who are Type A's in personality, the true workaholic's of the world, who never stop to rest, never stop to smell the flowers or take a vacation. These are driven people, and can result in a nervous breakdown. People who are working constantly in order to avoid stopping to feel pain or get in touch with themselves. Courageous fighters who keep on plugging despite the travails of life—they never give up, but at some point, they are going to hit their own personal 'wall' where they must stop or destroy themselves. They are the mainstays of the family, company or project and don't know when to say "no." Physical exhaustion or abnormal tiredness of the Oak person is a sign that they need this remedy.

Positively: Able to bear up under loads.

Crab Apple (Malus Pumilia) (Virgo, Moon, Mercury, 6th house): "Mr. Clean" remedy; this is for anyone who has shame issues, loss of self-esteem and confidence. Crab Apple is for any child or adult who was sexually, mentally, spiritually or emotionally abused—either in the past or presently. These people feel dirty, ashamed and disgusted with themselves. Great for obese people. Wonderful remedy for pollution—whether it be the air we breathe, the water we drink, or contamination on the food we eat. Their physical appearance may be disheveled looking, skin unclean looking, hair unkempt—good for street people and those who have lost their homes and jobs. Crab Apple helps to antidote the effects of any poison, especially allopathic drugs of any kind (too much penicillin or antibiotics, as an example). Any type of unclean skin condition such as eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis. Put drops of Crab Apple in a bath and soak in it to feel clean. For people who are perfection! stic and obsessive about every detail.

Positively: Feeling of cleanliness about self, with shame issues dissolving, and getting back into balance with self on all levels.

Vervain (Verbena Officialis) (Mars, Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, Leo, Mercury): "iype A" remedy; for people who are always tense, hyper and push too hard mentally to get a project completed. Mental burnout. Generally, they are like thoroughbreds, high strung, nervous and restless. Fanaticism, being a perfectionist and the inclination to tackle too many jobs at once are red flags. They may have high blood pressure, and can't relax. Injustices infuriate them, and they are sensitive on issues of fairness. Will often work to the point of physical exhaustion.

Positively: The ability to be a good role model, without always doing it for others. They can still be opinionated, yet be able to change. More tolerant with others and will defend a cause.

Vine (Vitis Vinefera) (Saturn, Pluto, Capricorn, Leo, Aquarius): "Field marshal" remedy; for people who must have control over other people—more than likely because their control was taken away from them as young children. Dominating and doesn't use their power or skills wisely. They tend to rub people the wrong way, demand unquestioning obedience from their family/friends. Often, they are ruthless in their objectives, uncaring of who it might harm or hurt. Dictators in a family or business. They can be cruel, without compassion and rule with an iron hand.

Positively: They become leaders who are role models and have learned to delegate to their people. Does not dominate others and doesn't demand unerring worship from others. A leader with a heart, with his people first on his/her agenda.

Beech (Fagus Sylvatica) (Virgo, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Scorpio): "Nit picker" remedy; for people who are unforgiving of others religion, ethnicity, beliefs or way of living. The "red neck" remedy. Prejudice. They lack compassion or understanding of others, finding fault and being critical at every turn with people. They gossip and complain about other people and cannot tolerate individual idiosyncrasies, unique qualities or special abilities. They usually are loners and disdain crowds or groups of people.

Positively: "Live and let live" attitude prevails, to allow other people thier individual uniqueness. Opinionated without intolerance.

Rock Water (water from well or spring known to have healing powers) (Pluto, Sagittarius, Jupiter, Satum): "Zealot" remedy; and uptight person by nature whose main concern and focus is always on them self, never others. A martyr complex is possible, with a rigid outlook, philosophy and this can translate to a rigid body—arthritis. Very strongly opinionated about religion, philosophy and politics.

Self-motivated and driven by internal demons, they rule themselves with an iron fist. Their mental outlook is so rigid and inflexible. They apply this to themselves, not to others, fortunately.

Positively; Loosening up the restraints on themselves and becoming more flexible mentally, emotionally and physically. Striving for the finer ideals of Mankind, without the zealot temperament.

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