Apollo was the Greek god who rode his chariot through the skies daily to give earth sunlight. He was the golden, fair-haired boy of Zeus, a devotee of the arts and sciences. The Uranian planet Apollon rules science, commerce and industry in general.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this planet is that it usually means two or more of something. Its glyph is a combination of the symbols of Gemini and Jupiter. Thus there is a large amount of knowledge contained in this planet. A person with a strongly placed Apollon will manifest at least two distinct fields of knowledge. Moreover, surprises always seem to come in twos with this planet—either a multitude of trouble or a double dose of good news, depending upon which planets it aspects in the natal chart.

In addition, Apollon has distinct dominion over astrology. When looking for good astrology students, I invariably check out where Apollon is placed, and it's almost always prominent in the chart. It stands for a cosmopolitan knowledge of the world in general—knowledge harnessed with the practical tools of application.

Apollon also represents thinking on a grand scale. If a person with a great deal of Leo thinks big, one with a well-placed Apollon thinks even bigger—sometimes too grandly. One of Apollon's flaws is that an individual under its influence may not pay enough attention to immediate details. Such a person probably has no business working in a career that requires minute attention to details: he or she will probably hate such a job.

In medical terms Apollon always means complications. I very freqently find an active progressed Apollon in the chart of a patient who has already been diagnosed but is getting sicker. The planet often means misdiagnosis or secondary complications.


The symbol for Admetos is the glyph for Taurus plus the cross of matter: both Taurus and Admetos suggest earth. Admetos's nature is that of a seed that is planted and watered until it bursts forth into the light of day.

In medical terms the influence of Admetos is too often like that of a seed that sows illness. A badly placed Admetos may be like a seed growing underground until bodily conditions are right for a disease to manifest itself. For example, Admetos is a frequent influence in unwanted pregnancies: a woman may become pregnant, not to discover the fact until two or three months later. In fact, there seems to be a strong connection between this planet and mothers in general: when a family member falls ill, Admetos is frequently an excellent indicator that it will be the mother.

Other medical conditions influenced by Admetos are suffocation, choking, traction (in a cast or bed), conditions simmering beneath the surface that may or may not be known to the person, suspension (in an unconscious state or coma) and many phobias.

A positive medical expression of Admetos, though not a frequent manifestation, is a person's ability to pull back from the depths to ward off or fight off a disease. A strongly placed Admetos in a chart may give an individual the fortitude and discipline needed to overcome some serious debility. A person under Admetos's influence is usually a very good fighter.

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