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Pure Reiki Healing MasterBy Owen Coleman

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Eight years ago, I began an interior journey into another form of healing that I'd like to lightly touch upon here, within the purview of the medical astrology book. As an astrologer, I'm always open to new techniques in healing, usually alternative types, such as polarity therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, laying on of hands, gem therapy or others. Little did I know that I'd be embarking upon an adventure of a lifetime.eight years ago.

I have written a book entitled SOVL RECOVERY AND EXTRACTION, which will be found in the front of this book. Since I have Eastern Cherokee blood in me (a drop from my great-great grandmother on my father's side of the family), I chose to use my Native American name, Ai Cvhdi Waya.

As a lay homeopath for the last twenty-three years, I noticed that in about 1/3 of my cases, they never got cured. In Homeopathy, cure is the bottom line. I wrestled with WHY on this for many, many years, until I began to undergo a personal, inner transformation, which culminated with becoming a shamanic facilitator.

I was taught by my inner spirit teachers a shamanic technique for healing that finally answered my question as to why 1/3 of the people I worked with homeopathic ally, could never achieve cure.

Briefly, I want to say that what I was taught falls under the heading of shamanism. I believe this "ability" or skill was genetically in place via not only my Eastern Cherokee gene, but via my Irish genes. I've discovered that certain genetic background imbues people with this gift. It's my understanding that shamanism is practiced all over the world by different cultures and has many varied offshoots. Shamanism, for me, is the ability to achieve an altered state with the beat of a drum (no drugs involved), and visually see into the other dimensions. There are certainly many more definitions of shamanism, but I want to be clear what it is for me.

With this ability, I'm able to retrieve lost or split off pieces of a person's soul and bring them back to them. This ability took five years in the making to learn. Everyone loses parts or pieces or energy of themselves due to trauma—be it mental, physical, emotional or spiritual. We also give away pieces of ourselves to others—particularly family members.

In a small percentage of cases, pieces of ourselves are deliberately and knowingly taken from us, and this falls under the realm of sorcery.

When I began recovering "pieces" for a client, which usually took a nine-month to a year long process (I journeyed in my altered state for them once every three months because I found it took that long to re-integrate the soul pieces). After that, I would then take their homeopathic case, and I could achieve cure for that person. Another interesting phenomena ocurred during the integration process for my client: when s/he integrated pieces back, fifty-percent of the time their illness went away or became markedly better.

This makes sense to me now because if parts of ourselves, or energy, are gone, we aren't whole. And if all of us isn't there to receive whatever form of healing we choose, be it allopathic or alternative, it won't create cure, only partial healing, or the symptoms of the disease will come back over time. However, once Soul Recovery is done for the person, and the homeopathic case is taken, cure is very possible. I might add that regardless of what kind of healing therapy a person chooses and believes will get them well, it will work much better after Soul Recovery.

The other portion of shamanism that was taught to me is what I call "extraction," The easiest way to try and explain it, is to say that it closely parallels what the Philippine healers perform. All the healing takes place in the person's aura. Because of my Native American background, I don't use surgical tools, per se, but items such as a feather, crystal, my hands or whatever is appropriate for that person.

When Soul Recovery and Extraction (I refer to it as SR/E) is performed on a person, the illness can no longer remain the same, and the person does get better on all levels of themselves.

The best thing I was taught was that I could perform SR/E long distances—that is to say, I didn't have to see my client in person or bodily. I could go anywhere in the universe in my altered state, visit a client half-way around the world, and perform SR/E for them. That saves a person a lot of air fare, to say the least! So, over the years, I've seen fewer than 5% of my clients in person, but have communicated with them via phone, letter and fax.

After being given this particular tool for healing, I set about choosing some very wonderful people who came from the heart, to teach them SR/E. Happily, my brother, Gary Gent, who is 3 years younger than me, and from the same genetic pool bloodline, also has developed this same ability—so there are now two of us in the family who perform SR/E.

I'd like to put down the names and addresses of my associates whom I've trained over the years to perform SR/E. They are professionals at this, and if you're interested in this healing technique, we have some simple guidelines for you to follow.

I. If you want SR/E done, you must first purchase the book, Soul Recovery and Extraction from Blue Turtle Publishing. The address is in the front of the book. Why? Because we believe a person should be fully informed on the healing technique they have chosen to utilize to heal themselves. The book is basic, informative, straight-forward and should answer 95% of any questions you might have regarding this technique. If you have questions that remain unanswered, write them down and your next order of business is to select a shamanic facilitator.

II. You should choose a facilitator (all trained by me) that resonates with you. Healing happens when you have TRUST and CONFIDENCE in your healer. Actually, all healing comes from YOU, and the healer is only a physical reflection of that tool you've chosen to get well by! That aside, I normally suggest men go to men, and women go to women. This isn't a prejudicial comment at all, but rather, honors each gender for their particular uniqueness. Women know women much better than they know a male, and vice-versa. However, if you want the opposite gender, this doesn't pose a problem. Pick a name that resonates positively with you and mail off your letter to them. Be sure you tell them you've already read Soul Recovery and Extraction. Here are my associates names:

1. Roni Lee Bell, PO Box 23283, Santa Fe, NM 87052, is a metaphysician who has always been close to the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Performing medicine wheel ceremonies, a personal pipe carrier, she also utilizes SR/E among her healing talents on behalf of others.

2. Mary Buckner, PO Box 670, Kingston, OK 73439. She is a registered nurse for over thirty years, is a professional astrologer and has performed SR/E for her worldwide cliental.

3. Karen J. David, PO Box 39216, Cleveland, OH 44139, is a metaphysician, world lecturer and professional numerologist. She is close to getting her degree in Psychology. Also trained as a spiritualist medium, Karen's wide reaching abilities to continue to help people around the world, and include SR/E.

4. Gary Gent, PO Box 2575, Winston, OR 97496, is the brother of Ai Gvhdi Waya, comes by his Native American blood honestly, and lives in close touch with Mother Earth. He utilizes SR/E for his worldwide cliental, and gives workshops on the topic.

5. Ardella Hecht, PO Box 31263, Phoenix, AZ 85046-1263, is a licensed massage therapist who has added SR/E to her broad metaphysical base. She is a lay homeopath for thirteen years, a Bach Flower remedy specialist and gives workshops on all the above topics.

6. Eileen Lunderman, PATHWAYS, PO Box 501, Mission, South Dakota 57555, is a Lakota shamanness who lives on the Rosebud (Sioux) Reservation. Highly spiritual, "Tunney," as she likes to be called, walks the Red Road in service of others and practices SR/E for her worldwide cliental.

7. Glen Malec, PO Box 186, Wildwood, NJ 08260, is a professional astrologer and does a great deal of teaching and speaking on a broad base of metaphysical topics. He walks the Red Road and utilizes SR/E for those who come to him. Glen has an avid interest in UFO's and aliens.

8. Coletta Swalley, PATHWAYS, PO Box 501, Mission, South Dakota, 57555, is a Lakota shamanness who lives near Tunney on the Rosebud (Sioux) Reservation. Coletta works from her large, generous heart to help her people and those who come to her for SR/E healings.

III. Once the shamanic facilitator has contacted you, usually by phone (be sure and put your phone number in your letter to them!), then s/he can answer your questions about SR/E. If you're comfortable with your facilitator, a date will then be set and agreed upon by both of you, and an SR/E journey will be taken in your behalf. However, if you are uncomfortable with your facilitator, choose another one!

Many times, only soul retrieval will be done on the first journey, and extraction may occur at a later date. This varies from client to client, and there is no set way to go about it. A facilitator cannot perform SR/E for you unless s/he gets permission from their chief guide (or yours) to do so. They won't know if they have permission until they go into the shamanic state. If we aren't given permission, we don't perform SR/E. Why? Because it's karma that you have chosen to work through without outside help. Our facilitators honor this directive and will NEVER perform SR/E on anyone without direct permission of their chief guide.

Also, our facilitators will never perform SR/E

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