8 Do you eat sweets and sugar products

The average American now consumes 102 pounds of sugar a year. Nowadays even our newborn children are fed sugar in their formulas, which contain high amounts of dextromaltose or glucose.

Refined sugar overstimulates the production of insulin, disrupts the absorption of proteins, calcium and other minerals and retards the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria. Although brown or Turbo sugar contains a few nutrients, it is just as damaging. And sucrose (cane sugar), a combination of one molecule of glucose and one of fructose is also not good. Although sucrose takes very little digestion to break down, it produces high energy associated with overstimulation and sensitizing of the isles of Langerhans, located above the pancreas: this cluster of cells manufactures insulin, and destruction or impairment of the isles through excess sugar intake will cause diabetes or hypoglycemia.

Sugar of any kind, ruled by Venus, also stimulates the production of alkaline digestive juices so that calcium becomes insoluble before it can reach the blood. In addition, excess sugar can lead to an imbalance in the calcium-phosphorus relationship: faulty bone formation may result. Sugar is also a factor in obesity, tooth decay, nervous disorders, pyorrhea and mental illness. And someone who craves sweet products is usually deficient in thiamine (Mercury),

A medical astrologer who finds a person with a high intake of sugar should advise the client to use some other source of sweetener. For instance, honey, a carbohydrate, is easily digested and does not cause a deficiency of calcium as does white sugar. Honey is also high in potassium, the brain food, and contains small amounts of minerals plus a trace of the vitamin B complex and vitamins C, D and E (Venus). It can be used in baked goods, coffee or anything that usually calls for sugar. A good replacement for chocolate is carob, a natural sweetener rich in B vitamins and minerals: it can be bought at any health food store. And molasses, for those who can tolerate the sulfur smell, is a good source of vitamins and minerals, especially rich in iron, copper (Venus) and magnesium. ., > ., ,.

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