3 Do you smoke

If a client answers yes to this question, a medical astrologer should examine the natal chart to help determine why the person smokes. People usually smoke for two reasons—habit and/or nervousness. Nerves are ruled by Mercury and Uranus respectively. A habit, on the other hand, indicates the influence of a fixed sign and/or a strongly placed Saturn. In fact, Saturn may be said to rule smoking: many doctors feel that the most important vitamin for smokers to take, in megavitamin doses, is vitamin C, because smokers lose up to 30 per cent more vitamin C from their bodies than nonsmokers. But since smoking is considered a pleasurable habit, Venus may also be somewhat of an influence.

Smoking is obviously not good for the human body. One cigarette can paralyze the hairlike processes projecting from the cells that line the nose and lungs (cilia). This hairlike motion propels mucus, pus and dust particles as well as bacterial and viral material, out of sensitive passages and breathing areas, washing them from the body so they cannot produce harm or begin infection.

Smoking also influences the constriction of the blood vessels, cheating the body of its needed circula-


Medical Scan for

Vocation _

Address _

I. Childhood diseases?

2. Allergies?

fb) on medication presently?

5. How much milk do you drink?


6. Do you take a bath or shower? (circle one)

7. Are you a Meat Fruit Vegetable eater? (circle one)

8. Do you eat sweets and sugar products? □ YES □ NO (a) how much? _

(b) specify foods:

(c) frequency:

9. What drug medication are you on presently? Specify what, how much and frequency of dose for symptom:

10. What drug medications do you take that are over-the-counter (aspirin, sleeping pills, digestive aids, cold formulas, etc.)? _

(a) how often do you take them?

(b) any noticeable side effects from taking them? what? _________._.

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