1 Childhood Diseases

Clients often have severe childhood diseases, such as polio or rheumatic fever, that can have medical ramifications in later years. Rheumatic fever, for example, a disease that manifests through a strain known as A beta hemolytic streptococci (Neptune), a bacteria that causes high fever and aching in the joints, can cause minimal to major damage to the heart and/or kidneys many years afterward. The fact that a client may or may not still have a heart murmur because of the rheumatic fever can be another factor in an analysis. Therefore, information about childhood diseases is very important in the final diagnosis of a client's chart.

1. Allergies?

It is important to know about a person's allergies for several reasons. For one, the adrenal glands may not be triggering enough antihistamines to combat the pollen, pollution or whatever is causing the allergy. An astrologer should also be aware if a person is allergic to such substances as brewer's yeast, whole grains or other natural products that are normally suggested in a diet to get a person well: if allergies exist, of course, these products must be eliminated from the diet. Furthermore, any allergic symptoms to certain types of drugs should be noted and compared with drugs that are being taken. In rare instances a drug may contain an ingredient that a person is having a mild allergic reaction to, and the doctor must be so informed.

Allergies usually mean that a person needs dosages of pantothenic acid (Neptune) and vitamin C (Saturn), since both are antihistaminic in action: the chart should be examined to see if there are two or more hard aspects to Neptune or Saturn. If there are, then proper dosages of these vitamins should be considered to alleviate the allergic condition.

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