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Masculine Signs Positive Signs

The 12 signs of the zodiac are classified in several different ways, including a division into positive, masculine signs and negative, feminine signs (using negative and positive in the neutral sense of opposite poles rather than as value judgments). The masculine signs are all of the fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) and all of the air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius). The gender of the signs was originally determined by the Pythagorean notion that odd numbers were male and even numbers female. This caused the signs that came first (Aries), third (Gemini), fifth (Leo), etc., in the zodiac to be classified as masculine. By comparison with the feminine signs, the masculine signs tend to be more active and extroverted.

The Planets Can Be Feminine Masculine or Neutral

Astrologers have long believed that each of the 12 zodiac signs is either feminine or masculine. In much the same way, Magi Astrology believes that each planet is masculine or feminine, except that some can be neutral. This has a bearing when interpreting characteristics and personality, because when the Sun matches degrees with a planet, the masculine or feminine nature of the matched planet will influence the character of the person. Mars and Pluto are the most masculine planets, and Neptune and Venus are the most feminine planets. This means that people who are born with an aspect of the Sun and Mars, or Sun and Pluto are the most masculine people in the zodiac. Those born with an aspect of the Sun and Neptune, or the Sun and Venus are the most feminine people in the zodiac. Here are all the planets listed by masculine or feminine tendencies Mercury masculine Venus very feminine Mars very masculine the most masculine planet Saturn masculine Neptune very feminine the most feminine...

If One Shall Find the Party at Home He Would Speak Withall

If you find the Lord of the Ascendant applying to the Lord of the 7th house by any perfect aspect, the same day that you intend to goe visit him, you may assured either to meet him going to his house, or heare of him by the way where he is, for he cannot be farre absent or if any Planet, or the Moon, separate from the Lord of the 7th house, and transfere his light unto the Lord of the Ascendant, he shall know where and in what place the Party is, by such a one as is signified by that Planet who transfers his light describe the Planet, and it personates the Man or Woman accordingly but whether it will be Man or Woman, you must know by the nature of the Planet, Signe and quarter of Heaven he is in, wherein plurality of masculine Testimonies argue a man, the contrary a woman. If the Signe be Masculine, and the Planet Masculine, the Mole or Scarre is on the right side of the body.

How Taurus Men Can Feel Manly

Positive and masculine sign. March 21st to April 21st. Keyword I AM. The uprushing fountain of Life. Fire of the head. The untamed fire of Impulse. In the physical body Aries rules the head. Aries is symbolized by the Bam. Ruled by Mercury. Mutable, air sign. Neutral in expression, for it is a combination of male and female in a subtle way. It is a positive sign so it Is listed as a masculine sign. May 21st to June 21st. Keyword I THINK. The light, changeable breeze of early summer. Here today and gone tomorrow but you are better to the contact In the physical body it rules the nervous system, the hands, the shoulders, the arms and the lungs. Gemini is symbolized by the Twins. The Chinese call it the 'monkey' sign. Ruled by the Sum Fixed, fire sign. Positive and masculine sign. July 21st to August 21st. Keyword I WILL. Fire of the heart the steady controlled fire of affeo tion. In the physical body it governs the heart and the spine. Leo is...

Aries Medical Astrology

They are very self-confident on the surface bat this conceals a feeling of inadequacy on the subconscious level The negative aspects of Arians axe arrogance, egotism and a tendency to dominate. The woman born in this sign has difficulties because she functions from the head instead of her heart However, she makes a good career woman. In her emotional life she is likely to be far too positive, opinionated and masculine. 8he has to learn to build in her feminine side and be willing to be quiet and receptive. There are three qualities that every Arian should learn coordination, conservation of energy and completion.

2 The Nine Planetary Types

Mars types have moderate builds with good muscles. Often their features are angular or sharp (Martian, masculine or even militant). Their circulation is good and their complexion tends to be red with oily skin and they bruise or bleed easily. Their eyes are piercing but light sensitive and easily get inflamed. Their appetite and thirst are strong but they tend towards loose stool or diarrhea.

Aquarius On The Ascendant

Very positive and masculine in personality temperament Uncertain and sudden impulses. Very intuitive. Good mind. Good in organizational ability. Capable and practical. Intelligent but often cold and calculating where feelings are concerned. If Saturn is strong by place, sign and aspects, then the Saturnian caution, coldness and selfishness will be accentuated. If Uranus is stronger, there will be more freedom and free flowingness. The things of the spirit will be stronger than the materialistic worldliness. Circulation of physical energy will be impeded if Saturn Is afflicted. Too much rigidity in the psychological makeup, and too much self-will will eventually manifest in the physical body as arthritis, especially in the spine. Rebellious tendencies need quelling.

Mars in the Signs and Houses

When it is too strong in a feminine chart (especially when afflicted to the Moon) it gives difficulties with too much masculinity and a dominating element which is very unattractive. When Mars is afflicted it gives temper, destructiveness tond aggressive action. When wisely used, it is courage, initiative and outgoing energy of a positive nature.

Planets In The Sixth House

When Mars is posited in the Sixth House it exercises an exciting influence that may not be too good for health. It can show a liability to fevers, accidents, and danger associated with the work that is done. Although the position affords the native the capacity to work hard and is good for mechanical and kindred activities, it brings discord and friction. He will derive some degree of benefit through the masculine influence and the cooperation of men. Some financial loss is indicated by ill health or accident. It is not a good position for servants or employees, as it brings arguments and disputes with them, and at times, a degree of rebellion actually occurs.

The Signs on the House Cusps [continued

With Mars-ruled Aries on the seventh house, Libra represents high windstorms and hurricanes, followed by calm. The Libra tendency to stir up a storm where other people are concerned is related to the Mars rulership. The stirring up of the energies of the partner usually starts with the Libra, but bo sweet is the Libra personality that the partner is at a loss to account for actions into which he is goaded by Libra. When Libra's sense of justice is outraged, he will fight to the death. Many of the war leaders are Librans. It is the angular Mars rulership that is responsible. Hitler and Mussolini had Libra ascendants, and former President Eisenhower is a Libra. In relationships, he has to learn to adjust but if the other fellow doesn't want to, there is war. Aries on this cusp brings strife and difficulties in relationships. Early marriages contracted impulsively in which there are many lessons to learn (Saturn, the celestial schoolmaster, is exalted in Libra) can be part of Libra's...

Astrological Symbology

Blavatsky has stated that the union of Spirit and Matter symbolised as an emblem of Life Eternal in Spirit on its ascending arc and in Matter as the ever resurrecting element by procreation and reproduction as in a cross, in which the spiritual male line is vertical whilst the differentiated matter-line is horizontal. What the Sankhya philosophy denoted by Prakriti, the female counterpart of the cosmic creative energy, and Purusha, the masculine positive cosmic creative energy, are represented by the horizontal and the vertical lines of the cross thus expressing the fundamental cosmic ideational process in essence. The horizotal line thus standing for Hiranyagarbha, the Golden Egg, Mother Nature, Psyche in man, and so one, contains within itself all the elements and attributes, Tanmatras, Indriyas, Bhutas and Trigunas (namely Rajas, Sattwa and Tamas) which form the cosmic bricks for the creation and evolution of the cosmos and the man. It is the combination and permutation of...

Homosexuality and Astrology

The treatment of homosexuality in astrology has tended to reflect the social conditions and the attitude toward homosexuals at the time. Ptolemy, the father of Western astrology, very matter-of-factly mentions patterns that distinguish homosexuals from heterosexuals in his classic work Tetrabiblos. If Venus (the ruler of romantic relationships) and Jupiter precede the Sun in a man's chart, and if the former two planets also aspect Mars (the ruler of passion), then he will be sexually interested only in other males. If, on the other hand, Mars and Venus are in masculine signs in a woman's chart, she will be inclined to lesbianism. In another place, Ptolemy notes that links between Mercury (corresponding to the Greek Hermes) and Venus (Greek Aphrodite) indicates an attraction to young men. This interpretation may have been suggested by the joining of the Greek names of these two planets, which results in Hermaphroditos.

The Real And The Apparent

What is that, knowing which, everything else is to be known This is the one theme that the Yogi dwells upon, and as thought can by persistent concentration solve the deepest problems, we eventually arrive at the truth of what the real man is, and his purpose here. We find that man's goal is knowledge, wisdom and freedom from all bondage that he is an Eternal Soul with all possibilities that he can control all the powers and forces in the universe for his own good for health, for Countless angels, or spirits, are ever ready to help the real man the brave, bold, true and courageous man and do help him, in a way that it would be hard to explain in a book of this scope and to the ordinary mind. All humanity is being helped all the time by these Great Souls, who do not live in a gross body like ours. To get their best help one must be kind, gentle, calm and free from anger or hatred. That is the reason you will

Aspects to Venus and Mars

Is representative of the animal soul and Venus of the spiritual soul. Mars stimulates the senses and the passions while Venus lifts the consciousness to love, harmony and beauty. Sex is the dominant keynote of Mars in the younger soul in the more evolved it gives strength, courage and the energy necessary to tame the animal Venus gives the faculty of loving someone outside oneself. Mars rules the early stages of individualism. It can be crude and combative. Venus represents love. Mars represents lust, whether it be a lust for power or lust in a sensual sense. Note the sign this conjunction is in theft note which planet is the stronger. 6

Matrix Astrological Software

In addition to its initial calculations, hi-resolution chart wheels, and report-writing programs, Matrix Software has pioneered a number of astrological techniques, including the first programs that performed simple astrological database research and audio programs that actually spoke astrology, with interpretations available in both masculine and feminine voices. In addition, Erlewine created special programming that offered full-motion video astro-reports, with unique spoken text, recorded over the video for exact birth data. Matrix helped to produce the award-winning Time-Life Astrology CD-ROM. Michael Erlewine, an early pioneer in online and Internet content, created (at the request of Microsoft) the New-Age Forum on MSN, as well as its own site, and helped to launch Astro*Net on America Online.

Feminine Signs Negative Signs

The 12 signs of the zodiac are classified in a number of different ways, including a division into positive, masculine signs and negative, feminine signs (using negative and positive in the neutral sense of opposite polarities rather than as value judgments about good and bad ). The feminine signs include all the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and all the water signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). The gender of the signs was originally determined by the Pythagorean notion that odd numbers are male and even numbers female. This caused the signs that came second (Taurus), fourth (Cancer), sixth (Virgo), etc., in the zodiac to be classified as feminine. By comparison with the masculine signs, the feminine signs tend to be more receptive and introverted. Vedic astrology uses the same classification of signs into feminine and masculine with essentially the same characterization.

Sex Polymorphous Perversity

There are fascinating clues to the understanding of gender stereotypes in the astrologers. The figure of the cinaidos, or cinaedus, the effeminate man or passive homosexual, receives quite a lot of attention from the astrologers. Firmicus makes a distinction between the public cinaedus, whose status is made clear, and the man who is secretly a cinaedus, about whom nothing more is said. However, it seems that it was better to be a secret cinaedus, since positive astral influences hid the vice. Most configurations of public cinaedi refer to male prostitutes, who are described as suffering public disgrace. Similar sets of conditions apply to female prostitutes, suggesting that they were regarded as equivalent.27 But they are most associated with castrates and eunuchs. Cinaedi are equated with masculine, sterile women by mirror-image configurations (Mars and Venus in conjunction in a morning rising and a masculine sign for women, and in an evening rising in a feminine sign for men),...

Planet Ruler Exaltation

As explained by Ptolemy in the Tetrabiblos, the Moon and the Sun were assigned to the Rulership of Cancer and Leo because these are the most Northerly of all the Signs, and approach nearer than any others to the Zenith of this part of the Earth the Moon to Cancer because both are feminine, and the Sun to Leo, because both are masculine. This resulted in the division of the zodiac into a Solar semi-circle from Leo forward to Capricorn, and a Lunar Semi-circle from Cancer backward to Aquarius. In order that each planet might rule a Sign in each semi-circle, whereby it could be configurated with both Sun and Moon, Mercury, which is never more than one Sign distant from the Sun, was assigned to the rulership of Gemini and Virgo Venus, which is never more than two Signs distant, to Taurus and Libra Mars, because it is dry in nature, was assigned to two Signs of a similar nature, Aries and Scorpio, whose square relation to the respective Signs of the luminaries was appropriately discordant...

Meaning And Usage Of Harmonic Charts

Masculine planets like the Sun, Mars and Jupiter are stronger in the Hora of the Sun. Those of feminine nature like the Moon, Venus and Saturn are stronger in the Hora of the Moon. Mutable Mercury is does well either way but which is better depends upon the planets whose influence it is under. Planets in the solar division tend to make the individual independent, active, energetic, assertive, willful, confident, self-reliant but in excess egoistic, selfish, harsh, unfeeling, manipulative or controlling. Planets in the lunar division tend to make the person sensitive, caring, nurturing, receptive, gentle but in excess can render them dependent, passive, unmotivated, overly emotional, sentimental or hypersensitive.

Chorography Mundane Astrology

Ptolemy too subdivides the peoples of the central region those further south are shrewd, inventive and more versed in religious and astrological matters, because their zenith is closer to the planets, while those further east are more masculine, vigorous and open, because of the Sun's influence. The region is diurnal, masculine and right-handed. The west is associated with the Moon, and so the people are softer, more secretive and more feminine.10 Of course there are further distinctions according to the particular situation, and there are individual exceptions. Polemo too admits that you can find sober Asiatics and quiet Scythians.11 the Britons as fierce, headstrong and bestial, while the Greeks are noble, independent leaders, democratic freedom-lovers, highly cultured, articulate and learned. Ptolemy is creative in finding astrological justifications the Amazons are explained by the influence of the Moon's oriental and masculine aspect.

[This where the querent is suspected a Knave

Masculine, if the Lord of the hour, Lord of the 7th and his Dispositor be Masculine, or if the Dispositor of the Moon and the Planet to whom she applies be masculine or if the Significator be in the part of Heaven, viz. in the 1st, 12th, 11th or 7th, 6th, 5th, and Orientiall. Feminine, if the contrary to this happen.

L Which Gemstones to Wear Basic Rules

Another factor to bear in mind, though a secondary consideration, is that masculine gems - those for the Sun, Mars and Jupiter - are generally better for men and feminine gems - those for Venus and the Moon - are better for women. Here Mercury is considered to be androgynous.

[This rule is vulgar and not of any credit

Behold the Signe ascending and the Lord of the houre if both be Masculine, the Thiefe is Masculine and if the Lord of the houre and Ascendant be both Feminine, the Thiefe is Feminine if the Signe Ascending be Masculine , and the Lord of the houre Feminine, it is both Masculine and Feminine, viz. there were two Theeves, both a Man and a Woman. Also the Significator Masculine and Moon in a Masculine Sign, signifieth a Man-kinde, & e contra. If the Lord of the Ascendant and the Lord of the houre be both in the Ascendant in Masculine Signes, it is a Man in Feminine Signes, a Woman. If the Lord of the Ascendant and the Lord of the houre be the one in a Masculine, and the other in a Feminine Sign, both a Man and a Woman had a hand in the Theft. The Angles of the Figure Masculine, a Man Feminine a Woman. The Lord of the 7th in the 2nd, noteth one of the household, or an acquaintance (if is be in a Masculine Signe,) but if it be in a Feminine Signe, it is his Wife, perhaps a Sweetheart or...

Odd And Even Numbered Signs

The odd numbered of the constellations are the positive, masculine or active signs, the even numbered are negative, feminine, passive. For example, Aries, sign 1, is the positive or masculine sign of Mars, wherein its energy is outgoing, expressive, manifest. Scorpio, sign 8, is the negative or feminine sign, wherein its energy is internalized, hidden, acting behind the scenes. Generally planets are stronger in positive signs that is, they can accomplish more. Odd signs have a more yang or solar nature and even signs have a more yin or lunar nature. Odd signs are more energetic or rajasic even signs are more resistant or tamasic. Both positive and negative signs are necessary no distinction of high or low, good or bad is implied. The negative side of a planet is that portion of its orbit when it is gathering in cosmic energy the positive side, when it is releasing it.

Libra Glyph Information

Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac, is a cardinal air sign. It is a positive, masculine sign, ruled by the planet Venus (some contemporary astrologers want to transfer ruler-ship to several of the asteroids others assert that an as-yet-undiscovered planet beyond Pluto will rule Libra). Its symbol is the scales, which its glyph is said to represent. It takes its name from the Latin word for pound weight, or scales. Libra is associated with the lower back, buttocks, and kidneys, and individuals with a Libra sun sign are susceptible to lower back and kidney problems. The key phrase for Libra is I balance.

How To Give A Sagittarius Woman An Orgasim

Sagittarius is capable of keeping love and sex quite separate, and she is very comfortable with the one-night affair. At breakfast, she will be happy and relaxed, full of humor but clearly ready to walk out the door after a wink and a sincere kiss. Even in her longer affairs, she prizes friendship more highly than love. Sagittarius is a masculine sign, and no matter how womanly the Sagittarian may be, there is a comradely quality to her affairs with men. One thinks of Garbo as Ninotchka, and of the poor Polish lancer who underestimated her. When she remains with a man, it is out of admiration and respect for him as an equal. Love is often the last thing to flower in her as the relationship continues. This masculine quality of thought and action can result in great misunderstanding and confusion for the Sagittarius Woman. She may be pursued by cold or weak-willed men who wish to dominate or be dominated by her. Unlike her Scorpio sister, she is not titillated by power games to any...

Judgment upon the Figure beforegoing

You may see in the judgments appertaining to this house how to judge of this question however, I did follow the Method succeeding, and considered onely the plurality of testimonies, Masculine or Feminine, of the proper Significators, and thereby gave resolution. Masculine Masculine Masculine Masculine Masculine Masculine Masculine Masculine

The Children Of The Twelve Signs

The Sun being masculine is significator of the marriage partner in a woman's As a general significator of health the Sun rules principally in masculine figures (and the Moon in feminine horoscopes), but both lights are important. It may be said however, that the health of a man is not so much endangered by afflictions of the Moon as by a weak Sun, and vice versa, a woman suffers more if her Moon is afflicted than if her Sun is evilly aspected.

The Philosophy And Use Of The I Ching

That there are two basic forces in the world that interact to create everything else. They call these forces yin, the feminine, and yang, the masculine. Yin and yang also relate to other pairs of opposites, like dark and light, night and day, rest and action, and most other pairs, except for good and evil. There is no negative value judgement here because both are good. The Chinese believe that evil arises from an imbalance of yin and yang and good from the proper balance.

Where to Place Gemstones on the Body

The right hand has a more solar and spiritual force and is generally preferred for all astrological rings, but the left hand can also be used. On the left hand,, gems increase the cool, watery, lunar, receptive and feminine properties and work on the left nadi (Ida nadi). On the right hand, they increase the warm, fiery, solar, active and masculine properties and work on the right nadi (Pingala nadi).

Mars In The Twelve Houses

Mars in the Seventh House when well-aspected gives a capable, industrious and aggressive marriage partner, untiring in the promotion of the welfare of the family, a strong personality who is bound to rule but will do so in a kindly manner. This applies to both sexes, for when in a man's horoscope the marriage partner is indicated by Mars in the Seventh House she also will be masculine and will want to take the reins of government in her own hands. However, as Mars in the Seventh House gives a tendency to an early union when the parties are both plastic they accommodate themselves to these conditions more easily than if the marriage were consummated at a more mature age. But if Mars is afflicted in the Seventh House it indicates an accident or sudden death to the marriage partner who will be of a domineering, quarrelsome nature and if one of the watery signs, Cancer, Scorpio not Pisces is on the cusp he will also be a drunkard and sex addict. This latter applies particularly if Mars is...

1The Ascendant or Rising Sign

Ascendant types generally reflect the nature of the planet ruling the Ascendant sign. In the case of planets ruling two signs of the zodiac, the odd sign will reflect more the active or masculine side of the planet, while the even sign will reflect more the receptive or feminine side of the planet.

Sagittarius Relationships

Companionship is a key word for all Sagittarius relationships. In love, she is far less romantic than Leo or Pisces. In fact, many men may feel confused when they discover that their own response to her is far more feminine in emotional tone than hers is to them. Remember, Sagittarius is a masculine, positive sign. Her nature is some This basic difference in her perception will probably not come home to her until she marries or until she enters a long-term relationship with a man. As their energies begin to polarize, she will see the ways her own feminine side has remained in the shadows. Just as each of us are both yin and yang, we are each responsible for balancing the masculine and feminine energies within us. In this age of women's liberation, the Sagittarius Woman may seem ahead of the game when in fact the challenge for her is merely different, but equal.

General Traits and Background

The Bible likens the moon to the tree of life. The Cancer Woman is the tree of life and nourisher of others on the physical plane. She is invested in the basics food, shelter, reproduction. Her emotional life tends to be stronger than either her physical or her mental and logical impulses. If eros and logos are interpreted as respectively feminine and masculine, the Cancer Woman is definitely richly supplied with the first and undervalues the latter.

What She Needs to Learn

As she meets more men who have grown comfortable with their own feminine, receptive sides, the Sagittarius Woman must take care not to increase her masculine dynamic in relating to them. She dislikes weak men so intensely that she may try to force the issue with a man who is just learning to recognize his vulnerability. A man may be drawn to her openness, independence, and kind heart in his effort to strike a new balance in love. The insecure Sagittarius Woman who drives and tests the virility of her man may trample on his fledgling efforts at real emotional communion and send him packing in a fury. The Sagittarius Woman must remember that her animus her masculine nature may well be stronger than her anima, or feminine side. An interesting facet of her new relationships with men is the challenge of growing more feminine with them. Of course no one wants a clinging vine, male or female, but exploring tenderness and empathy, and sharing the deepest kind of intimacy, is often as big a...

Determining the Papme

Find the Natal Mewa iKyeme) and determine whethei the natal year is masculine or feminine. To .simplify, let us retail that even years are masculine, while odd years are feminine. 2. U the year of birth is masculine, the Papme is determined using the Nasi Mewa according the rule quoted begin at the center and move toward the East, then tut n left

Venus The Planet Of Love

Being feminine, Venus never reaches out toward others, but exerts a magnetic energy which draws them to her. Therefore she represents in a man's horoscope those of the opposite sex to whom the person is drawn, but in a woman's horoscope Venus describes the person's own attraction for the opposite sex and Mars the masculine planet shows who will be attracted by her charms.

Aries On Tub Ascendant

Argumentative, quick-tempered, outgoing and headstrong. Hard for a female, for it is positive, masculine and aggressive. Apt to rush in where angels fear to tread. Get out into combat with life early. Need to learn tact and diplomacy. Good in mechanical endeavors and physical activity. Keen, alert and quick reflexes. Make good salesmen and promoters. Need to learn to follow through in activities. Easily bored. Self-

Lovers and Husbands

She needs a man who is powerful in his own right. He need not be on a crusade to change the world, though she may be. He should be like Harrison Ford, possessing a quietly masculine sense of self that neither threatens nor gives an inch. The Scorpio Woman needs a man who will stand up to her but will also cater to her femininity. If they go out to dinner, for example, she wants him to have a game plan. If he did not phone ahead for a reservation, he should at least insist on the restaurant and the time, and advise her about the menu. Or if there is a question of a move, she expects him to put himself ahead of her (to her, proof of masculine strength), but she will bitterly contest his doing so. They may fight the issue past the breaking point, but if he tells her he will forgo a promotion because of her, she will think him stupid for passing up a good chance. After all, she herself would not have.

The Signification Of The Twelve Celestial Signs Of The Zodiac

Aries, the house of Mars and exaltation of the Sun, or the hrst sign of the zodiac, is a vernal, dry, Aery, masculine, cardinal, equinoctial, diurnal, moveable, commanding, eastern, choleric, violent, and quadrupedian sign. Persons born solely under this constellation, (if unmixed with the rays of either of the planets) are in stature rather tall, of a strong and spare bodily conformation dry constitution, long face and neck, thick shoulders, piercing eyes, black eye-brows, sandy or red hair, and sallow or swarthy complexion. Indisposition resembling Mars, by. the ancients termed the lord of this sign, viz. hasty, passionate, violent, and intemperate. These are the natural qualities of this sign but a good aspect of Mercury, or the moon, to benevolent planets, will materially alter the judgment for the better, and to ill planets for the worse. This must invariably be remembered by the student for in Astrology, the majority of astral causes, and not general or universal principles,...

The Moon As The Feminine Side Of The

The interrelationship of the Sun and the Moon is necessary to maintain the balance of positive and negative, masculine and feminine, yin and yang energies on Earth. Without the Moon being the same apparent size and balancing that of the Sun, life on Earth would not be possible. The homeostasis necessary for life could not be maintained. The Moon allows the Earth to hold water and is responsible for the maintenance of the oceans. Through the oceans it allows for life, for the rains that nourish plants and for maintaining fertility in creatures. Its energy allows for the building up of our bodies and minds.

If a Report or common Rumour were True or False

Moon applies to Venus who is placed in a fruitfull Signe, as you may see page 89, where all these Signes are noted Prolifical, or Signes arguing fruitfulnesse from hence you might have assured the Querent, he might have expected both Brothers and Sisters, or a plentifull numerous kindred but more Sisters than Brothers, because all the Signes are Feminine, as you may see page 88, and Mars, Lord of the 3rd, is in a Feminine Signe yet in regard the Moon who is Dispositor of Mars, is in Gemini, a Masculine Signe, and in Sextile platick with Jupiter, a Masculine Planet, Angular, and in a Masculine Signe and House, it's an argument of the Demandant's having a Brother or Brethern

Viz A Woman being at my House in the country demanded if her Sonne were with his Master or at her owne House

I find the 25. of Libra Ascending, and Jupiter in the Ascendant which as I aquainted you, signified the Face this Querent had a Wart or Mole on the right side of her Face, neer her Mouth, for Jupiter is masculine, so is the Signe Libra and as the later degrees of Libra ascend, so the Querent confessed a Mole on the lower part of her Reines, towards the Haunches Aries being the Signe of the 6th, shewed she had one on the Fore-head, neer the Haire, for you see the Cusp of the house is but 4 degrees Mars Lord or Aries, being in a Masculine Signe, viz. in Sagittarius but under the earth, shewed a Mole on the right Thigh, towards the middle of it, on the back part, or that part which is not

Impulsive Intuitive Good Judgment

Sagittarius intuition serves as a counterbalance to her more masculine intellectual capacities. She must learn to trust both modes of operation before they can function harmoniously in her life. She must also trust her intuition while screening it through her intellect to see if it is indeed sound.

The Houses

All functions and energies in nature follow the positive negative principle. Astrology is no exception. The signs of the zodiac are divided into positive and negative, or in astrological terms, active and passive signs, also called masculine and feminine. All odd-numbered signs (the fire and air signs) are considered active. All even-numbered signs (the earth and water signs) are considered passive. Please write the words active and passive in the appropriate houses on the flat wheel.

Aries Personality

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, Cardinal Fire its planetary ruler is Mars. The Aries Woman, born in springtime, seems to possess the tough will of a seed that must push through the frozen ground, survive, and bloom. Like the other two fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, Aries tends to be optimistic, buoyant, fiery, dominant, gutsy, flamboyant, demanding, easily bored, inconsistent, foolish and irrational at times, usually charming, and inexhaustibly enthusiastic. Mars being the mythological god of war, the Aries Woman is also at home as a combatant, competitor, debater, or pioneer she is frequently what society considers masculine in her manner, appearance, or way of thinking. 4. A highly motivated and stubborn search for independence utilizing avenues which ar more likely to be masculine than traditionally feminine (for example, a woman who goes back to school in middle age to study law, or who switches careers though it is highly inconvenient to others). Masculine or Just...

Aries Relationships

Aries often dominates her early sexual relationships. In the first part of her life, she tends to be assertive, even masculine, and may be out of touch with her receptivity, vulnerability, and tender side. Her dependencies are usually deeply buried and may be projected onto men. While she needs proof of love from others, she can seldom ask for it or give it. She probably has not yet learned to nurture herself and others on the deepest feeling levels. The Aries Woman is capable of stripping a male of his ego trappings and the protective symbols of his masculinity. The fact that she has a female body and a more or less male way of thinking gives her the edge in getting inside a man. At her worst, she may use what she knows to control and dominate him. At her best, she can build a rare camaraderie with him. A man who isn't completely sure of his masculinity and strength should probably not tangle with the Aries Woman. A man who is not willing or ready to confront issues and emotions...

Alexander The Great

Ptolemy's book covers an enormous and diverse range, as his chapter headings show Of Masculine and Feminine Planets , Of Places and Degrees , Of the Power of the Aspects to the Sun , Of the Time of Predicted Events , Of the Investigation of the Weather , Of Parents , Of Length of Life , Of Marriage , Of Foreign Travel .

Summing Up Aries

The Aries Woman may resent the fact that life and worldly success in a male-dominated society are in many ways more difficult for a woman. She may find it hard to appreciate some traditional feminine shelters. On the one hand she may feel trapped by her own masculinity, while on the other she may appreciate its potential to contribute to her happiness. She constantly wonders how to deal with her ambition and need for adventure and how to find love.


Gemini is the house of Mercury, and by the ancients termed-the exaltation of the Dragon's Head (this latter the Author rejects as superfluous ) it is a hot, moist, sanguine, masculine northern, diurnal, western, commanding, bicorporeal sign influencing the ambient so as to produce a tall and straight sta tore, of a dark sanguine complexion, dark hazle eyes, quick sighted and piercing, dark brown hair, smart active look, always in motion and from the number of fixed stars of the first magnitude in this sign, it produces persons of greater intellect, and more powerful invention and genius, than any other sign of the zodiac. It governs the arms and shoulders. Its diseases are head aches, brain fevers, corrupt blood, bilious complaints, fits or mental delirium and if afflicted by evil planets, insanity. It also denotes falls, fractures, and bruises, especially falls from high places. It is barren in nature. Leo is a hot, dry, burning, fiery, choleric, feral, furious, bru* tish, barren,...

Sun In Aries Braver

Aries Glyph

Aries (from the Latin word for ram), the first sign of the zodiac, is a cardinal sign and a fire sign. It is a positive, masculine sign ruled by the planet Mars. Its symbol is the Ram, and its glyph is said to represent a ram's horns. It takes its name from the Greek god of war, making it one of the few signs with a well-developed mythology. Aries is associated with the head, and people with an Aries sun sign are prone to headaches and injuries to the head and face. The association of the head with Aries is the source of the word headstrong, which characterizes people with a strong Aries nature. As the first sign, the key phrase for Aries is I am, representing the birth of awareness.

Mercury In Libra

This is a masculine positive type of mind so it ip better in a man's chart than in a female chart. In a female chart it shows an over-masculinity that needs the building in of a more feminine attitude. It can be a very positive type of mind and yet at the same time inwardly fade-cisive and vacillating. It gives judgment and there is sensitivity and pliancy on the surface. Tendency to fussiness because esthetic sense is highly developed. A strong perfectionism which isn't too comfortable to live with. This position does help to stabilize Mercury for Saturn is exalted in this sign. Do not be surprised to see a strong satumian trend in those who have planets in Libra. Remember Saturn is exalted in Libra.


If the Sun and Moon are in masculine signs, but Saturn is on the descendant or on the IMC, women will not bear children, especially if the ascendant is in Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, or Taurus. But if a benefic planet is on one of the first angles, one or two children will be raised. 2. If the Moon is in a masculine sign, certainly if in Leo, Virgo, or Capricorn, and the Sun is also in a masculine sign, but Saturn is on the angles or in the twelfth house, children are indicated neither for a young girl nor a woman. But if Jupiter is on the first angles and in favorable aspect, one child is allotted. 5. If Venus and the Moon are in conjunction, and Saturn from his own terms aspects them in square or opposition if the influence of the Sun is added to this, Saturn in a morning rising in a diurnal chart and Venus on the angles in masculine signs, or in a nocturnal chart in an evening rising, the natives never marry.

Harmony And Discord

The masculine Sun is the particular significator of the marriage partner in a woman's horoscope, and the feminine Moon signifies the spouse in a man's chart. Hence when the Sun and Moon are in good aspect to each other, or to Venus, the planet of love, or Jupiter, the planet of benevolence, happiness and joy are assured in the married relationship, particularly if these planets are placed in the Seventh House.

Planetary Octaves

Have no need to marry for each is now a complete creative unit on both the spiritual and physical planes, having turned the bi-polar creative force, masculine and feminine, upward through the double spinal cord, illuminated and raised in potential energy by the spinal spirit fires of Neptune (Will) and Uranus (Love and Imagination). This creative energy conceives in the twin hemispheres of the cerebrum, ruled by Mars and Mercury, a vehicle fit for the expression of the spirit, which is then sent out and objectified in the world by the spoken creative word.


Aquarius (from the Latin word Aquarii, meaning water carrier ), the eleventh sign of the zodiac, is a fixed air sign. It is a positive, masculine sign, ruled by the planet Uranus (before the outer planets were discovered, it was said to be ruled by Saturn). Its symbol is the water bearer, and its glyph is a pair of wavy lines representing water (resulting in a frequent confusion about Aquarius's element, which is air rather than water). Aquarius is associated with the shins, ankles, and the circulatory system, and individuals with an Aquarius sun sign are susceptible to sprained ankles, hardening of the arteries, and varicose veins. The key phrase for Aquarius is I know.


Mercury is a neutral planet in the sense that it is neither feminine nor masculine, neither malefic nor benefic, etc. As a planet that tends to take on the traits of its sign and house placement more readily than other planets, the astrological tradition has characterized Mercury as a common (meaning, in this case, neutral) planet. Common signs is another designation for mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces), which represent a kind of halfway point between the two extremes of cardinal and fixed signs and are thus common (again in the sense of neutral).


Diurnal means of or belonging to the day. In classical astrology, particular planets were classified as diurnal and others as nocturnal, no matter where they were in a horoscope. In contemporary astrology, planets are diurnal if they are located above the horizon (i.e., in houses seven through 12). Often astrologers will say that planets above the horizon line show their influence more in the public sphere, whereas planets below the horizon are more private, but this distinction clearly breaks down when considering planets in such locations as the twelfth house (a largely private house situated above the horizon). The term diurnal arc refers to the distance, expressed in degrees and minutes of a circle, that a planet traverses between its rising in the east and its setting in the west. Classical astrology also classified signs as diurnal (the masculine signs) and nocturnal (the feminine signs).


Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac, is a mutable air sign. It is a positive, masculine sign ruled by the planet Mercury. Its symbol is the twins, its glyph is said to represent twins, and it takes its name from the Latin word for twins. Gemini is associated with the shoulders, arms, hands, and lungs. Individuals with a Gemini sun sign are prone to lung problems and to accidents involving the arms. The key phrase for Gemini is I think. Your expression of your masculine sensibilities through your Gemini Sun is filtered through your intellect. Your admiration for others who are knowledgeable and communicative is a direct result of your own desire to know as much as possible. If your early impulse was to think that a man had more knowledgeable authority than a woman, that has probably changed radically as you have matured. In fact, you may even challenge that assumption through your choices in career. However, you may not think in terms of man versus woman you're more into dealing with...

The Symbol for Mars

Desire, and Mars represents the desires that drive us on. However, Mars is neither masculine nor feminine, but part of the nature of each individual, for it is human to get angry, to compete, to have strong sexual needs and to show other characteristics of Mars. Despite decades of change in the roles of men and women, however, a woman with a strong Mars is still likely to be considered too aggressive and masculine, just as men with a strong Venus may still be considered too feminine.

Lesson V

Libra is of the Air element with a cardinal quality and reproductive trinity. Some keywords are intuition, justice and equilibrium. Please review all the characteristics of Libra on your chart in Lesson III before proceeding. In nature, this sign is masculine or positive, it is active and expressionable with a definite trait of dominance. Some of the favorable attributes of a Libra are intuitive, refined, modest and affectionate. Some of the negative attributes are worrisome and too demonstrative. A Libran is very social and enjoys civic and religious affairs. Libra has wonderful manners, they are well groomed and tactful. Librans hate unpleasantness so that even when strangers are the target of unjust complaints Librans are quick to say something placating to restore peace. You might say that they balance the scales. Ruled by Venus, Librans want harmony at any price. Libra personalities will provoke a quarrel, but are dismayed when rage is aroused. They rarely realize that they may...

Lesson Iv

Cardinal quality and intellectual trinity. It's keywords are dauntless and ardor. (Before reading further review all characteristics of Aries in Lesson III.) In nature, this sign is masculine or positive, active, expressionable and dominant. Some unfavorable qualities are restless, impulsive and hot-tempered. Some favorable qualities are ambitious, energetic, witty and strong in military matters. They make good police officers. If thwarted, Aries can demonstrate fierce anger but it possesses sufficient spirituality not to harbour resentment too long. Strong planetary tenancy of this sign gives power to the natives of any other sign. It's fearlessness can be a detriment as it may lead to a reckless abandon. Gemini is of the air element, mutable and intellectual in trinity. The key words are vivification, intellect and diversity. (Before reading further review all characteristics of Gemini in Lesson 3.) In nature this sign is masculine or positive, active,...


In Mesopotamian astrology, Jupiter was linked to Marduk, ruler of the gods. Marduk was associated with wisdom, justice, water, and vegetation. Jupiter, known as the Greater Benefic, is the planet of hope, possibilities, expansion, and plenty. It is the most diurnal planet, next to the Sun. Jupiter has beneficial qualities in a nocturnal chart, as well. Jupiter rules the fire triplicity at night. It rules the masculine fire sign, Sagittarius. It is adventurous and robust in a diurnal chart. Jupiter is also the traditional ruler of the feminine water sign, Pisces. It is exalted in Cancer. Jupiter's affinity with water signs makes it more compassionate and generous. In a nocturnal chart, Jupiter is more subdued and moderate. Jupiter is in its fall in Capricorn and its detriment in Virgo, both earth signs. This shows how unhappy Jupiter is when forced to conform and fit into rigid forms.


Sagittarians are as direct as arrows and sometimes as harmful. They have an unerring ability to hit the other fellow's weak point. Tact is a needed virtue, and the lovingness of Venus can help them build it in. Females in this sign have difficulties in relationships with men because of their lack of femininity. They want to run the Bhow and need to learn to be feminine. The masculine type that they so much admire will run when they feel their aggressiveness. The only type the opinionated females can attract is the Caspar Milquetoast types and how they dislike them. Yet the electric law is at work. Positive poles attract the negative polarity.

Of Marriage

If the Lord of the 3rd be that Planet who doth afflict or impedite, and he in the Ascendant or 7th house, it shall be by Brethern or Kindred an Infortune in the 10th, notes brawling, and continuall chiding and wrangling In the 4th, either a Divorcement or a willingnesse to it, or hinderance in Dowry the Moon infortunate beholding the Ascendant, note brawling, separation and dishonest living ill Planets in the 10th and 4th, ill persons make contention, or their Parents no application between the Planet the Moon separates from, and the Planet unto whom she doth apply, notes contention alwayes if the Moon doth aspect, or be in conjunction with Saturn or Mars, one of them shall dye quickly, or have some misfortune if this conjunction be in the 10th or 4th, in a masculine Signe, the man shall suffer if in a feminine Signe, the woman The Moon in Trine or Sextile good Planets, declares gifts from Friends Moon in Square of good Planets, by dead men Moon in conjunction of good Planets,...

The Elements

Signs were also ascribed masculine and feminine qualities traditionally, the signs in alternate order, starting with Aries and ending with Aquarius, are masculine, the others feminine. Ancient texts take these divisions of the signs much further - in the writings of the Greek astronomer and astrologer Ptolemy (c100-c178), for instance, we find Aries, Taurus, Leo, and Sagittarius described as bestial Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces as fruitful and Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces as common .

Moon In Libra

Elusive sweetness masking, a masculine strength. Ambitious, but dependent too. Home ties very important. Unconscious motivation to be undisturbed by any friction, but peace at any price is hard to achieve because of the masculinity of Libra. Not apt to stand up for a principle if Mars isn't strong, for they want to be liked by everyone so are apt to be all things to all people. If Mars is afflicted to the Moon, they will fight blindly rather than intelligently. Need for purification where motives are concerned. Need to be honest with themselves as well as with others. In a male chart attracts a positive type of feminine that will want to run the ship.

The Twelve Signs

The twelve signs themselves are called by these names Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. These signs are of different gender, some masculine, some feminine. The masculine are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius. The feminine Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces.


Line show their influence more in the public sphere whereas planets below the horizon are more private, but this distinction clearly breaks down when considering planets in such locations as the twelfth house (a largely private house situated above the horizon). The expression nocturnal arc refers to the distance, expressed in degrees and minutes of a circle, that a planet traverses between its setting in the west and its rising in the east. Classical astrology also classified signs as diurnal (the masculine signs) and nocturnal (the feminine signs). Contemporary astrologers no longer use the expression nocturnal sign.

The Scale Of Unity

THE first number is two, because it is the first multitude it can be measured by no number besides unity alone, the common measure of all numbers it is not compounded of numbers, but of one unity only neither is it called a number uncompounded, but more properly not compounded. The number three, is called the first number uncompounded. But the number two is the first branch of unity, and the first procreation and it is called the number of science, and memory, and of light, and the number of man, who is called another, and the lesser world it is also called the number of charity, and of mutual love of marriage, and society as it is said by the Lord-- Two shall be one flesh. --And Solomon saith, It is better that two be together than one, for they have a benefit by their mutual society if one shall fall, he shall be supported by the other. Woe to him that is alone because, when he falls, he hath not another to help him. And if two sleep together, they shall warm one another how shall...

Aspects To Mercury

Pulsive, argumentative and aggressive, especially in a masculine sign. Gives vitality to the mental processes. Sharp tongue and keen wit Aspects from other planets will emphasize or tone down these tendencies. Not a good conjunction in a feminine chart. Makes her too blunt, sarcastic and forceful. Can be courageous and has the determination and energy to succeed in life. The sign and the house in which this aspect is found will be important. Martian force has to be controlled by reason.


Lord of Death is justly ascribed exaltation-power in Libra, the cardinal masculine sign of Venus. Mercury is a planet of a variable nature it takes on the color and characteristics of any sign or planet with which it is configurated therefore it has no particular affinity with any of the other planets or signs ruled by the other planets, and hence must seek exaltation in its own signs. And as Gemini is masculine it is not so well in accord with Mercury as is the listless negative sign Virgo, hence that is the sign of Mercury's exaltation.


See 'Good and Bad.' Masculine Signs Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius are called Masculine. These include the fiery triplicity, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, and the airy triplicity, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The feminine signs include the earthy and watery triplicities. Earth and water are negative and inert, but are acted upon by the positive elements. The winds stir the waters of the ocean and volcanic fires shake the earth. Therefore the fiery and airy signs are called masculine. The 'Feminine Signs.'

The Moon

As the Sun represents the cosmic masculine force, the Moon indicates the cosmic feminine force. The Sun is the God and the Moon is the Goddess the Sun is the Deva and the Moon is the Devi. The Sun is the spirit and the Moon is its creative force, which becomes matter the Sun is Shiva and the Moon is Shakti. Together, they represent the great primal duality as masculine and


Libra is the sign of the autumnal equinox a hot, moist, airy, sanguine, western, diurnal, cardinal, equinoctial, moveable, masculine, humane, obeying sign, of long ascension in European climates. It is the house of Venus, and exaltation of Saturn. Under this sign, generally, the native is tall and well made, rather elegant in person, a round beautiful face, ruddy in youth, but very plain featured and inclined to eruptions, that disfigure the face when old, and consequently, in years, the reverse of being handsome generally, the Libra person has blue eyes, and yellow or auburn hair. Authors state the disposition to be sweet, and the dealings and character just and upright but this depends almost wholly on the good aspects of the moon and mercury for instance, if the moon or mercury is in square aspect to Jupiter, Saturn, or Mars although born under Libra, the native is usually dishonest, untrue, and far from virtuous, whether male or female. It is rather a fruitful sign. It governs the...


Aquaries i* a sanguine, atrial, hot, moist, masculine, diurnal, western, humane, rational, southern, obeying sign the house of Saturn. It is rather fruitful, producing a robust, sturdy, strong healthy, middle statured person delicate or fair complexion, clear, but not pale sandy, or dark flaxen hair, hazle . eyes, and generally an honest disposition.


The Sun is the center of our solar system, the giver of life and heat, and the Moon is (so far as our earth is concerned), the collector and reflector of its vitalizing rays. The solar ray attains its greatest intensity in midsummer* when the Sun is in Cancer and Leo, during June and July, and so Leo, the lion, being a masculine sign of a fiery nature is in essential agreement with the nature of the Sun and therefore helps to dignify and strengthen it.

Chap Xl

See to the Ascendant, the Lord that Signe, the Signe of the 5th and Lord of the 5th, and whether the Signes be Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius or Aquarius these Signes import a Male, the other 6 Signes a Female If the Lord of the Ascendant be in a Masculine Signe, and the Lord of the 5th in a Feminine, then have recourse to the Moon, and see what Signe she is in, and if she apply to the Planet in a Masculine Signe, then she gives her testimony to that Significator who is in a Masculine Signe, and you may judge the party is with Child of a Boy or Man-Child. Masculine Planets. Masculine Planets are always Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Sun Venus and the Moon are Feminine, and Mercury as he is in aspect or Conjunction with a Masculine or Feminine Planet, so is he of either sex accordingly but when he is Orientall of the Sun, he is reputed Masculine when Occidentall, then Feminine. In this manner of judgment, behold the Ascendant and his Lord, the Moon, Planet in the Ascendant, Lord of...

Of The Fifth House

Or opposite to the eleventh house and the death of kings or monarchs as being the eighth house from the tenth, or medium coeli and long journeys of religious persons, as being the ninth house to the ninth and the magistery or dignity of the absent, as being the tenth to the eighth house also the friends of the askers or enquirers enemies, as being the eleventh to the seventh house and lastly, the private enemies of servants, as being the twelfth house to the sixth ' It is a masculine house, and like * rules the stomach, liver, heart, sides, and back.*


Whoever has the ascendant in the first degree of Libra will be handsome, charming, and lovable. If Saturn is in that degree he will be unblemished in every part of the body. There are many stars in the second degree of Libra, some masculine, some feminine. Whoever has the ascendant in masculine stars will be noble and a writer of hymns to whom the secrets of the gods are entrusted. But if the ascendant is in feminine stars, he will be a male prostitute always conspicuous for charm and sophistication.

Ygi c stro ogy

The Sun and Moon are well known in yogic thought as the right and left eyes of the Cosmic Person (Purusha) and relate to the two petals of the third eye center (Ajna chakra). They show our consciousness in its masculine and feminine, or will and feeling sides as activated through the right and left, the solar and lunar, pingala and ida nadis that traverse the entire chakra system from the base of the spine to the nostrils.

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