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The Relationship Rewrite Method Summary

Contents: Ebook
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Price: $47.00

Cancer The Sign Of Dizzy Heights And Profound Depths

Troubles of such persons often come from their marriage. Ordinarily, they do not derive common marital felicity. Not sexual incompetence but psychological complexities come in the way. Mentally the Cancer ascendants are dynamic despite their seeming tranquillity on the surface. But they are unable to stick to 3 point. For this reason they often feel miserable in monogamous marital relations. Fidelity is not necessarily al stake but deep rooted dissatisfaction with common routine of life drives Cancer away from the marriage bondage. Once they acquiesced in it, either they would seek divorce, try to run away from it or create intolerable psychological complexities which are not conducive to married love. Cancer ascendants are unhappy married partners, not because they deliberately choose to create unhappiness for the partners but because they themselves feel miserable and thereby transfer their unhappiness to their partners. Under certain circumstances these persons would often postpone...

Venus In The Ninth House

Person often moves far from his place of birth after he reaches maturity. Far away fields are greener and more fruitful with Venus in the ninth house. Hay marry someone born in a far off country. A happy relationship with in-laws shown. The ninth house is the third from the marriage house so it rules the relatives of the marriage partner. Gives a refined and artistic type of consciousness and a keen appreciation of the higher, cultural aspects of life,

Aspects Of Uranus To The Other Planets

Venus sextile or trine to Uranus makes the person mentally alert, or quick intuitive perception and exceedingly magnetic, especially to the opposite sex and it also attracts hosts of friends who will be of benefit and assistance to him. These aspects give love of art, music and poetry and are a favorable indication of a happy marriage, often at a very early age or suddenly consummated. The good aspects between Venus and Uranus also sometimes bring to the subject love of a platonic nature which then acts as an inspiration in the life.

Pluto Transits Endings and Beginnings

Under a Pluto transit, you may become aware of these dynamics and seek new ways of relating. Sometimes this means forming ties with a different set of people. The transition from old to new relationships l is often accompanied by a tricky and often acrimonious disengagement from old ties, for Plutonians don't easily give up their hold on you. Over the long haul, however, you can wind up with healthier relationships in that area of life. The house Pluto is transiting is another zone where game-playing may be going on.

The Twelve House Reading

There is an extremely slight possibility that you may think the spectator is asking one question, when she is asking another. In the above example, Frances could have been thinking about enemies, rather than a happy relationship. It would make no difference ultimately. The information about relationships that I gave in the earlier houses would be either forgotten or interpreted in such a way that it fitted. If I had received no response to marriage or partnerships I would have moved on to other people and enemies. I can not recall ever having to do this.

The Magi Society Has Done Massive Research

The research project was given the name Magi Astrology Compatibility Study, or MACS. The most important discovery to come out of MACS is that the position of Chiron in your birth chart is the single most important astrological influence on long-term relationships of all kinds, including those involving love and marriage.

Exactly What Is Planetary Geometry

Planetary Geometry

Your marriage and relationships as fulfilling and happy as possible. Most important, Magi Astrology gives you the knowledge needed to harness the power of the planets in order to help you fulfill your dreams And Magi Astrology does it all without any connection to the occult. In fact, Magi Astrology is completely compatible with Judeo-Christian traditions and beliefs.

Avoid Turbulent Aspects

Marriage Charts are so important that we will come back to them later on in this book. In the meantime, if you have just checked the Planetary Geometry of your relationship charts, such as a Wedding or Love Chart, and have found Turbulent Aspects in them, please do not jump to any conclusions yet. Enhancement aspects in a chart can overpower Turbulent Aspects if there are enough of them. In addition, remember when we explained that we all have a second birth chart A marriage also has a second chart that co-exists with the Babylonian-style-alignment chart and could be much more favorable. We will begin to discuss this second chart in chapter 7, so please do not get depressed if your existing Relationship Chart is not the best. You only need one of the two charts to be very favorable.

Venus In Aspect With Other Planets

The Moon conjunction, parallel, sextile or trine to Venus. The Moon is significator of marriage for a man and therefore the good aspects between Venus, the planet of love, and the Moon are good indications of a happy marriage when they occur in a man's horoscope. But in a woman's horoscope these aspects operate upon the health, for the Moon is the planet of fecundity and has rule over the female functions in particular which are so large a factor in the health of a woman this latter is much strengthened by the good aspects of the Moon and Venus. These aspects make the person an orator with a fruitful imagination give love of pleasure, music and art, and an engaging personality, very attractive to the opposite sex, because kindly, affectionate and sympathetic. They tend to general success in life and the person usually has sufficient for the day and the way. Jupiter parallel, conjunction, sextile or trine to Venus is one of the nest signs of success and general good fortune. It favors...

Using Pluto WellA Rebirth is Possible

Many astrology books and magazines define the houses according to external circumstances. For instance, they might say that the second house shows how you will fare in money matters, the fifth your children, the seventh your marriage partner, and so on. These descriptions sound as though everything in your life is determined by something outside your control Fate, people in authority, the economy, or heredity. If you have Jupiter in the second, they might assure you that luck will just keep coming your way in money matters, leaving the impression that you need only sit back and wait for it.

Aspects Of The Moon To Other Planets

Venus parallel, conjunction, sextile or trine to the Moon. The Moon is significator of marriage for a man and therefore the good aspects between Venus, the planet of love, and the Moon are good indications of a happy marriage when they occur in a man's horoscope. But in a woman's horoscope these aspects operate upon the health, for the Moon is the plant of fecundity and has rule over the female functions in particular, which are so large a factor in the woman's health, and this is much strengthened by them. These aspects give oratorical ability with a fruitful imagination, a love of pleasure, music and art. They give an engaging personality, very attractive to the opposite sex because kindly, affectionate and sympathetic, and they tend to general success in life though the finances may be fluctuating the person usually has sufficient for the day and the way.

The Planets through the Houses

SUN Here is a strong need to relate to others, not only on a one-to-one basis, but also more generally good relationships with business partners and colleagues is important too. The Venus sign house placing will be very significant in this case. MOON The Moon increases the ability of these individuals to respond sensitively and well to their partners' needs. A tendency to attempt to be wholly at one with the partner results in suppression of individuality. MERCURY In this case, a lively intellectual rapport will be necessary within all permanent relationships, as too a strong level of pure friendship. Shared interests, along with empathy, will make for great understanding and successful relationships. VENUS There is a tendency to fall in love with love, which can lead to above average heartbreak. But here is potential for a superb relationship, provided that friendship and good communication are not ignored. MARS A vibrant and long-lasting sex life is important here. There is also a...

Magi Astrology Solves the Mysteries of Magical

The Magi Society wrote this book to teach you the astrology of emotional and sexual relationships. After you master the material contained in this book, you will understand the real astrological reasons for attraction, mind-altering sex, love, and why two persons get married. And you will be able to make use of these new insights to help enrich your life, maximize your chances of having truly fulfilling relationships and help you find, identify, and marry your soul mate.

3 Moon Square Pluto D cP f Moon Opposition Pluto

You are intensely emotional, but your emotional flow is blocked in some way, and you would benefit from a positive use of your creative potential. These aspects indicate jealousy, impulsiveness and sensuality. Perhaps due to your relationship with your parents, you may feel rejected at times, and you may seek drastic solutions to your problems. You must learn to handle your intolerance and fanaticism. Murder cult leader Charles Manson ( ), writer Jack London

Symbolisms for the Planets

Where Vanuatu Located The Map

* Neptune rules longevity and anything that has to do with the long term, including true love and long-term relationships (but not marriage, because Chiron rules marriage). It is Neptune that imparts sensuality to women. Neptune also represents creativity, inspirations, and whatever inspires. Neptune has dominion over morals, ethics, and ethical behavior and standards it signifies sensitivity and gentleness. Neptune rules electricity and electrical devices, and whatever involves the sea and water, such as shipping. More important, Neptune governs health, medicines, and anything that increases life expectancy or improved health as well as regeneration, healing, and anything that increases longevity. This leads to Neptune's rulership of serenity, tranquility, and safe passage, as well as stability and peacefulness at home. Neptune is the planet of youthfulness and being young at heart, spirit, and body. It is Neptune that rules the act of procreation and reproduction as opposed to...

Uranus In The Twelve Houses

People with Uranus in the Seventh house are usually unfortunate in their marriage relations, because the marriage partner has the spasmodic, inconstant, independent Uranian nature, chafes under the limitation and cannot remain true to any one person, but becomes inveigled into clandestine relations with the result that the marriage is often dissolved in the divorce court and separation and estrangement follow there is quite often a public scandal in connection with these affairs, or it may indicate the death of the marriage partner, all according to aspects.

The Aspects Of Jupiter

Venus conjunction, parallel, sextile or trine to Jupiter is one of the best signs of success and general good fortune in life. It favors the accumulation of wealth and the enjoyment of all the luxuries of life. It is a good indication of a successful and happy marriage, social prestige and the respect of all with whom the person comes in contact. It endows him with a jovial, optimistic, generous and large-hearted disposition, makes him honorable to a degree, interested and active in philanthropic measures, liberal in mind, tolerant of the views of others even where he differs radically, fond of pleasure, traveling, parties, and capable of enjoying life to the fullest extend he loves expensive and ultra-comfortable things, a fine house, valuable books, pictures and other rich appointments.

Vends In The Seventh House

Harmonious relationships due to the friendliness of Venus in this house. Partnerships favored if Venus is well-placed by sign and well as-pected. Person draws happy conditions due to a loving nature. Gives a happy marriage if unafflicted. If Venus in this house does not many it will be from choice for there will be many opportunities. This peroral at-tracts love because of having been a loving person in other lives. What we have given to others comes back to us through others. The seventh house shows what is coming back.

Mercury In The Seventh House keyword peopleconscious

Unless there are many difficult aspects to Mercury, your relationship with your partner will be honest and refined. Your marriage could be more mental than emotional, and you may have more than one marriage. You may marry someone younger than you or get married while you are very young. You are apt to choose a mate who is quick, witty and talented. People are important to you, and you have good rapport with the public at large. This is a good position for public relations, counseling, psychology and law. Challenging aspects could give you a tendency to bicker. It would be better to settle legal problems out of court, and it is wise to study contracts and documents carefully before you sign anything.

What She Needs to Learn

Call attention to the low (read boring) spots in your relationship with your lover. See if he's bored at the same places and times. Work them but, and share your boredom with him. 7. Make a list of six things you both find boring in your relationship. Make it a priority to work these out in order. 4. Tell your lover husband mate what parts of your relationship evoke a feeling of vulnerability in you. Ask him where he feels vulnerable too. Work on overcoming these vulnerabilities together.

The Babylonians Discover Some Crucial Symbolisms

The Babylonian astrologers were meticulous in their record keeping and took great pains to detail what happened to each child. Did a female child become beautiful and have a happy marriage Did a male child become a good farmer or soldier Or perhaps a musician or poet Did a child have a long and successful life Or did the person die young in battle or for another tragic reason, such as a disease

Hail Chiron The Long Awaited Astrological Key to Love and Marriage

Chiron has astrological influences even though it is not a planet. That is neither new or unusual the Moon and the Sun are not planets either, and they have very powerful astrological influences. What is new and exciting about Chiron is that it has the most important influence on long-term relationships and on marriage. Chiron is also the ruler of spouses and children. If you have been disappointed in traditional astrology in the past because it has been unable to help you resolve questions about your relationships, you will just love learning about Chiron. Chiron is the long-awaited missing link to the astrology of relationships of all kinds

The Most Important Planets in Combined Geometry

As we stressed earlier, Chiron is the most important planet in creating long-term relationships. The impact of the planets is listed below in their order of importance to a relationship There is a symmetrical pattern that is powerful but actually is not helpful. It is the T-square. When two persons form a T-square, it is a sign of attraction and disharmony. The T-square is the only combined symmetrical pattern that we have found to not be helpful to a long-term relationship. We call it TURBULENT COMBINED GEOMETRY. It creates a great deal of attraction, so we have to be careful about it since we are all very attracted to someone with whom we form it. The T-square creates a roller-coaster relationship and flip-flops back and forth between extreme attraction and extreme antagonism. Unless you want to have an up-and-down relationship, you should get off, or better still, not get on at all. We will see an example of this later when we discuss Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller.

Venus In The Seventh House

Able to create harmonious surroundings, you will be happy in your marriage. Popular with the public at large, your business partnerships run smoothly. With your legal mind you can expect success in matters dealing with the law. You have a loving nature if you do not get married it will be by your choice, not because of lack of opportunity. You have many social graces and find it easy to get along with all kinds of people. With difficult aspects, you may tend to build up resentments. This could even lead to a persecution complex. Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, actress Jean Harlow, Poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, writer Jack Kerouac.

Aries Lifestyles

GAY BISEXUAL LIFESTYLE 1 have met an unusually large number of openly gay Aries women. Many have come out of traditional marriage and gone into gay partnerships. This lifestyle provides Aries with a forum for her progressive beliefs, her androgynous sexuality, and her anger at sexist socialization. Because she tends to live in extremes, she may swing back to heterosexual behavior again with equally strong convictions.


There is scarcely any limit to your powers if you only will exercise your wonderful will intelligently. A happy marriage is essential to the success and happiness of Capricorn people of both sexes. In India the Yogic astrologers say to you people, get married and follow the Divine command by raising a family of children. We also are very strict in our advice to Capricorn people, that they must love their fellowmen and do unto all as they would be done by. The Golden Rule has been practised in India for thousands of years before the Christian Era. Your sign is governed by Saturn, and you are continually surrounded by planetary forces and solar fluids which can help you. Now, dear friend, be guided by what I say, as I love you dearly and wish to see you make your life a grand success. You can read every word in this book many times to great advantage. A Capricorn person is very foolish to ever doubt his or her ability to succeed.

D nf Moon In Scorpio

Since you are so jealous, proud and possessive, this position of the Moon doesn't promise a harmonious marriage. The wish to dominate is often reflected in your relationship with your children it can be the result of a parent's domination or of your over-idealization of a parent, usually the mother. With this lunar placement, a mother can be overly possessive, and she may have trouble freeing a child, especially if male.

Love and Friendship

However, those who share a long term relationship with an Aquarian will certainly experience great joy and happiness because of their consistent kindness and consideration. They will help their partners achieve much in life by showing them different approaches to, for instance, career problems. They will encourage and challenge their partners, and with understanding on both sides the couple will move forward in life together.

Perry Glenn

Perry graduated from Lone Mountain College with a master's degree in marriage and family therapy in 1978. His thesis was titled Inside Astrology A Psychological Perspective, a substantial portion of which was devoted to correlating Jungian human-istic ideas and astrology. After some years as a teacher and therapist, he went back to school in 1981 at Saybrook Institute in San Francisco and graduated with a Ph.D. in psychology in 1991.

House Seventh

The public as an organized social unit, the social consciousness of the people, the relative status of the nation among the nations of the world, and conditions, circumstances and events affecting its social evolution those who cooperate with or oppose the people in a national sense, such as anti-social organizations or activities, crime, organized crime and criminals, particularly those who assume the status of a public enemy anything that contributes to or interferes with public harmony, or tends to build or disintegrate social identities public support of the nation's foreign policy, friendly or hostile, political or commercial, and the reactions of foreign nations thereto. It is therefore the domain of international disputes, of war and peace public relations, public gatherings, and meetings between and dealings with strangers. It also indicates the status of women in the nation, particularly the public attitude toward marriage and divorce, and the...

Lesson No I

A young couple have decided that they are serious enough to entertain the plans for matrimony. They realize that the time and date will be the most important time of their lives. They consult a well known reliable Astrologer and after erecting and comparing their charts he advises them on the most favorable time to commence their marriage.

Grant Ernest A

Grant's future wife, Catherine, taught him astrology, and soon after their marriage he became an astrologer, lecturer, and teacher. In 1938, he was one of the three incorporators of the American Federation of Astrologers (AFA), one of the oldest astrology organizations in America. He was the AFA's first president (1938-1941) as well as its first executive secretary (1941-1959). Federation work was centered in his home from 1938 to 1951, when the federation moved to a small building in Library Court, adjacent to the Library of Congress. This building served as its headquarters until the early 1970s, when the AFA moved to Arizona.

The French Court

The royal courts of France and England were no less enthusiastic about astrology than the Vatican. The widow of the French King Henry II, Catherine de'Medici, made sure that an astrologer was present at the birth of their son, the future Louis XIII (1601-43) who in turn ordered Jean-Baptiste Morin to attend at the birth of his son, the future Louis XIV (1638-1715). Later, Morin hid behind the curtains of the royal bedroom to observe the precise moment at which the young Louis XIV and his wife consummated their marriage, so that he could work out the conception chart of any future Dauphin who might be born as the result of the coupling.

Anafora Astrology

Venus and Jupiter in conjunction in the fifth or eleventh house with no benefic planet in aspect indicate marital difficulties and serious accidents from marriage the couples are always involved in fierce quarrels and malevolent fights. 45. Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars together on the MC indicate every kind of grief from wives so that a happy marriage is never possible with this combination.

Letters Charts

Medical Astrology Chart

In this chart that was sent to us the following information was shared. When Pluto was conjunct my Ascendant my mother had a serious operation and was at home for several months of recuperation. (Scorpio was on the 4th house cusp of the Mother at birth.) She was a teacher in a nearby school. A teacher in her school came to visit her. This man proved to be my future husband. Pluto remained on my Ascendant until February, 1969. We were married May 2,1959. It is not a particularly happy marriage.


The problems have gotten much worse in recent times. The divorce rate has risen to around 50 percent. Now, more than ever before, there is a greater chance that we will devote ourselves to a significant other who ends up with someone else. It seems very unfair. The emotional pain can be unbearable, and the years wasted are irreplaceable, especially for women who want a fam ily. When a dream is shattered and cannot be put back together, it immobilizes us, affects us negatively in every segment of our lives, and can leave wounds or scars that never fully heal. We've already started teaching you the basics of Electional Astrology, and we will bring you more information later on. In this chapter, we will focus on learning the Magi Astrology techniques that will help you be realistic about a relationship. You will learn to identify which of your relationships have the potential for marriage, and which do not. You will also learn about a key astrological factor that makes relationships long...

Middle Finger

This finger can also represent the father energy in your life, and if it's been injured, it may indicate that your relationship with your father concept needs to be adjusted. If you realize your limitations in life and have constructed a beneficial structure to your lifestyle, this finger will be injury-free and well-placed in the hand.

Great Expectations

A happy marriage, observed French author Andr Maurois, is an edifice that must be rebuilt daily. The Leo Woman is willing to rebuild the parts of the edifice that show, but she is not so willing to rebuild his foundation as well as repairing her own. She may feel that if he loves her, he will be brilliant enough to read her mind and know how to deal with her needs and the needs of the relationship. Leo, my advice to you is this you must be fully aware of what you want out of your relationships. Write it down. Writing things down is a good way to become sharply aware and a fine way to keep up with the inevitable changes in you. Try to trace your expectations to their source. If you find them unrealistic or too high, they probably come from fairy tales, from the media, or from your parents' hopes for their little girl, which often carried unfulfilled wishes for their own lives.

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