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What Astrology Can Reveal in Your Everyday Life

There are astrologers who specialize in the stock market, in business, or in sports. And there are those who specialize in psychological astrology, which gets to the root of why you behave a certain way and explores your mental makeup. So, move over brokers, bankers, personal trainers, and therapists make room for astrologers

Early Sex Experiences

By adolescence, the Taurus girl is usually well-adjusted and able to handle her own life quite well. There is an element of self-love and self-preservation in her makeup that keeps her self-esteem high. As the woman emerges, she comes to cherish her body and the pleasures it can bring to her. Although it may take her awhile to develop a self-image she finds acceptable, she constantly tries to improve on what nature gave. She will exercise and diet to keep her body in shape.

Capricorn On The Ascendant

In early life has delicate health but improves as life advances. Sensitive, timid, inarticulate in early life and suffers from a feeling of inadequacy. Overcomes it through sheer necessity for there is determination to achieve their goals and purposes in life. Great ambition and have no peace until they have reached the heights they have set for themselves. Money and position are important. Reserve that often appears to be coldness in makeup. Because they are ethical, righteous and do their duty they do not feel that they are critical or cold. All too often they are. As children, always falling and scraping their knees. This is due to poor physical coordination. Later in life the bumps and scrapes come to the pride. Knees represent true humility, the power to bend. Any trouble with the knees is the outer manifestation of an inner inability to be flexible and flowing.

History and Characteristics

The toxicity of vitamin D-3, the natural form found in fish liver oils, however, has not been proven. According to Dr. Jennings of Cambridge University, vitamin D-2 (calciferol) has an unsaturated side chain in its chemical makeup that makes it more toxic than the natural animal vitamin. For this reason it is best to take the natural form. And anyone who is receiving megadoses of vitamin D under a doctor's guidance should have frequent serum calcium blood tests to keep a check on the levels of calcium in the blood. At the first suggestion of hypercalcemia the dosage should be reduced.

Lesson 5 Delineating a Chart

Brujulas Antiguas

First, let us look at the general makeup of his chart. It is important to see the chart as a whole before we begin to take it apart. Note that Roosevelt has seven planets above and three planets below the horizon. (See the numbers in the circles in the center of the chart.) Thus, we may conclude that this man has many extroverted and objective qualities. He also has three planets east and seven planets west of the meridian.

General Traits and Background

She is capable of feeling all the emotions of her twelve sisters. She can empathize with them and has learned to flow with the cycles that constitute her own makeup. Indeed, this flowing quality also sets her apart. Being so in tune with nature and her own nature, she has an assurance that most women envy but never achieve not that it is impossible for them to do so, but few have evolved to the point where they so totally trust their feelings and intuitions.

History and Characteristies

There are nine known types of tocopherols, and each type is slightly different in chemical makeup. The various types of natural tocopherols can be gotten from wheat, bran, palm, rice, cotton and soy oils. The one most often used in therapeutic administrations, especially for heart and circulatory problems, is d-alpha tocopherol.

Steps to Refine Delineation

Since we will be using the charts of Farrah Fawcett (see page 32), Joan Sutherland (see page 250) and Hermann Hesse (see page 43) for delineation purposes, it will be helpful if you copy their charts on horoscope blanks. This little exercise has a dual purpose. It is easier to follow some of our explanations with the chart in your hand, rather than flipping back and forth in the book. Even more importantly, as you copy a chart in your own writing, you will get a feeling of the makeup and character of the person involved. For some reason, it helps to put the cusps onto the blank wheel, to insert the planets, to aspect the chart by yourself, rather than seeing what we (or the computer) have already done. We are not trying to give you additional work - we are just passing on to you some of the things we have learned in our years of teaching beginning astrology.

Midheaven signs for pisces

With Midheaven signs Aries Forthright and energetic. Very creative, involvement in the fine arts, dance, or sport. Taurus Needs financial and emotional security. Attraction to wine and cosmetics industries. If creative, jewellery is an option. Pisces. Successful if grounded. Actor, dancer, magician, investigative work, modelling.

Torrid or Asexual Possessive

Sexual lust is always part of her makeup, for she is a very physical person. But she also has the capacity to turn it off. There are times when she is engaged in a spiritual quest for the celebration of life through universal love. She may go overboard and forget that universal love may very well include physical passion.

Procedural Steps For Delineation Of A Progression

Without much concern, he is now becoming increasingly sensitive to the intensity of the world around him. His emotional makeup is undergoing a drastic alteration and he must condition himself to accept this and mold into it. His impressions of people and life in general are becoming more acute. The Gemini precepts are still very much a part of him, however he is now, in a sense, employing his Gemini powers to tackle the emotional and psychic world of Cancer. (Note Because the impact of the Radix Sun is so powerful our client will experience the effects of the Gemini influence throughout his life. Nevertheless, the Gemini impact will be covered over by the influence of, in this case, Cancer.) His versatility, natural charm, and wit are still within him yet, now, he feels them more intensely. Because our emotional balance is so vital to us, it is always hard for Cancer (being a highly emotional sign) people to accept the world for what it is. Now more than ever before he must strive to...

What Kind of Lover She Needs

The Virgo Woman has a kinky, rarely seen, but extremely powerful dominatrix side. When she allows this character to emerge, she becomes an entirely different sexual being. She will participate in group sex and enjoy organizing and dominating the scene as well as the men. She is often turned on by women and is frequently the seducer. She adores spike heels, heavy makeup, and parties. Bondage and trios may appeal to her kinky sex, unusual dress-ups, outre aids, and weird scenarios are to her taste and she may enjoy big-city activities such as gay bars and S&M haunts. When Virgo throws off her restraints, steamy sex is often the result. Her man should be ready for it.

Libran intuition comes into its own with investments

That interest them, such as their favourite group of department stores or a large cosmetics company, they can get really involved. Libran intuition (a quality often ignored by astrologers) comes into its own when investing, and they should listen to what it is telling them - in most cases it is unlikely to let them down.

Major Elements of Tibetan Astrology

It has been the view of Western observers that the East has a tendency toward fatalism and resignation to what fate has delivered to them. For instance, many Tibetan lamas and teachers are not particularly interested in astrology, outside of using the lunar cycle to plan and time events. To the Buddhist mind, personality makeup is not of great importance. For, no matter what that makeup, good or bad, the remedy remains the same mind practice of one form or another. In fact, throughout the East, there is little interest in personality psychology as there is in the West. Those in the East have no need to flirt with the deeper areas of the mind, but have long ago been introduced to them, and take them as a matter of course. Keep in mind that reincarnation is the accepted belief system in both India and Tibet and, for that matter, the greater part of the world. A key belief of theirs is continuity of consciousness.


She buys gallons of bath oil, the latest in makeup, vintage wines. Nothing is too good for her. She enjoys gourmet food and is apt to be plump. She often dresses exquisitely and trendily and is sometimes overperfumed. She shops passionately for the latest in chic and buys everything from rare pearls to pleasure cruises.

Moody Depressive

After all, nobody can constantly live up to high ideals. Living too much in the past may be another problem. But mostly she must accept her sudden mood changes as a factor in her makeup and work with them rather than resisting. Crying on the full moon or slamming doors every once in awhile may be tolerable, but she must find ways to combat longer depressions.

Applied Astrology

The natal horoscope is a chart cast for the moment of birth to describe and understand the nature and makeup of the soul of the newborn as it takes residence in a physical vehicle or body. The human soul is a focal point of cosmic energy derived from the sun-planet system, and the horoscope is the means a soul comes to know itself and its destiny in each life.


They will always be well-groomed and well dressed. They twist their hair in ringlets and often present a fictitious appearance by using another's hair. They soften their whole body with various cosmetics pull out their body hair and wear clothes in the likeness of women they walk softly on their tip-toes.

Jung Carl

Carl Gustav Jung Psychological Types

Among other achievements, Jung took the ancient approach to symbolic interpretation and recast it in a form acceptable to the modern world. While astrology has utilized symbolic methods since ancient times, the appeal of the Jungian system has been such that many contemporary astrologers have adopted the language as well as some of the methodology of this school of psychology. The study and integration of Jung's approach by such influential figures of modern astrology as Dane Rudhyar has also had the effect of psychologizing contemporary astrology, meaning that the planets and signs are now viewed as representing primarily aspects of one's psychological makeup, as well as psychological types. By way of contrast, traditional astrology was more focused on the prediction of events and on helping clients choose the most auspicious moments to carry out certain actions.

Homeopathic Remedies

The theory of drugless dosage and therapy, of course, is in complete contradiction to the practices in allopathic medicine. In allopathy the remedy must first be high enough to overcome the natural defenses of the body and then still have enough strength left in it to fight the disease. Such a method of prescribing large doses of drugs can produce adverse side effects as well as bring on damage incurred to various parts of the body. But with a homeopathic prescription there can be no bodily resistance because the remedy being given is similar in makeup to the diseased environment that exists. The natural defenses are down since the disease has already begun work in the body. So, once the minute amount of the remedy enters the body, it can immediately begin to fight the disease and eventually get rid of it. Furthermore, the substances used by homeopaths are made of natural materials from the vegetable, animal and mineral kingdoms, rather than the synthetic materials employed by...

Venus Types

Venus types usually have good health and longevity and love life. They like to keep their bodies in good shape but may get more caught in outer beauty than in real physical fitness. They try to look young, even if it means resorting to makeup, surgery or other corrective measures. They suffer mainly from diseases of self-indulgence and from problems of the reproductive system.

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