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That The Knowledge Of The True God Is Necessary For A Magician

SEEING that the being and operation of all tilings depend on the Most High God, Creator of all things, and from thence on the other div ine powers, to whom also is granted a power of fashioning and creating, not principally indeed, but instrumentally, by virtue of the First Great Creator, (for the beginning of every thing is the first cause but what is produced by the second cause, is much more ' produced by the first, which is the producer of the second cause, which therefore we call s econdaries.) It is necessary, therefore, that every magician should know that very God, which is the first cause and creator of all things, and likewise the other divine powers, (which we call the second causes,) and not to be ignorant of them, and likewise what holy rites, ceremonies, &c. are conformable to them but, above all, we are to worship in spirit and truth, and place our firm dependance upon that one only God who is the author and promoter of all good things, the Father of all, most bountiful...

Essential Temperament

Rats have an unusually fruitful imagination and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. With a desire for diverse experiences, the Rat is a true magician of words and imagination. The season of the year when born, summer or winter, strongly influences the life of the Rat. Those born in the summer, when food is plentiful and grain lofts full, are less prone to worry. It is said that a Rat born in the winter must endlessly scavenge for food and will always fear poverty.

That The Passions Of The Mind Are Assisted By Celestialsand That Constancy Of Mind Is In Every Work Necessary

THE doctrines of mathematics are so necessary to and have such an affinity with magic, that they who profess it without them are quite out of the way, and labour in vain, and shall in no wise obtain their desired effect. For whatsoever things are, and are done in these inferior natural virtues, are all done and governed by number, weight, measure, harmony, motion, and light and all things which we see in these inferiors have root and foundation in them yet, nevertheless, without natural virtues of mathematical doctrines, only works like to naturals can be produced as Plato saith-- a thing not partaking of truth or divinity, but certain images akin to them (as bodies going, or speaking, which yet want the animal faculty), such as were those which, amongst the ancients, were called Dedalus's images, and a t iata, of which Aristotle makes mention, viz. the three-footed images of Vulcan and Dedalus moving themselves which, Homer saith, came out of their own accord to the exercise and...

Cancer The Sign Of Dizzy Heights And Profound Depths

The lord of Cancer always expands while receiving the reflection of Sun and wanes in the absence of it. The Sun is closely connected with Cancer and that is why it has selected its house, Leo, next to it. This gives a unique quality to Cancer, the house owned by the Moon. Cancer is capable of reflecting the highest glory of God, of achieving and assuming the noblest form of divine manifestation, and of sacrificing every form of personal egotism at the altar of the higher triad yet it is a fully individualisd sign with full awareness of what it does. As a spiritualist Cancer-bom becomes an occultist as distinguished from a psychic as a politician he becomes a king maker rather than the king as a sportsman he is coach rather than a player as a teacher he is more of a guide rather than the bully. The scope of expansion and growth is immense for the Cancer ascendent he can be grossly materialistic and even dull but he can also reach out to the center of everything. In every case however...

Virtue From The Celestial Bodies

SO great is the extent, power, and efficacy of the celestial bodies, that not only natural things, but also artificial, when they are rightly exposed to those above, do presently suffer by that most potent agent, and obtain a wonderful life. The magicians affirm, that not only by the mixture and application of natural things, but also in images, seals, rings, glasses, and some other instruments, being opportunely framed under a certain constellation) some celestial illustrations may be taken, and some wonderful thing may be received for the beams of the celestial bodies being animated, living, sensual, and bringing along with them admirable gifts, and a most violent power, do, even in a moment, and at the first touch, imprint wonderful powers in the images, though their matter be less capable. Yet they bestow more powerful virtues on the images if they be framed not of any, but of a certain matter, namely, whose natural, but also specifical virtue is agreeable with the work, and the...

Jupiter V in the Eighth House

Jupiter in the Eighth House indicates an optimistic and healthy attitude toward life and death and sex, and this placement can inspire others as well. Eighth-house Jupiter indicates financial gain through inheritance or marriage and an ability to handle money well. Like magicians, these people also are talented in creating and regenerating their deepest realities. The conditions at death will likely be easy and peaceful after a long and healthy life. This placement also can show a strong sex drive or even an overemphasis on sex, and if challenged by aspect, these people may overspend their shared resources.

Of The Images Of The Mansions Of The Moon

THE celestial souls send forth their virtues to the celestial bodies, which transmit them to this sensible world for the virtues of the terrene orb proceed from no other cause than celestial. Hence the magician, that will work by them, uses a cunning invocation of the superiors, with mysterious words and a certain kind of ingenious speech, drawing the one to the other yet by a natural force, through a certain mutual agreement between them, whereby things follow of their own accord, or sometimes are drawn unwillingly. Hence says Aristotle, in his sixth book of his Mystical Philosophy, that when any one, by binding or bewitching, calls upon the Sun or other stars, praying them to assist the work desired, the Sun and other stars do not hear his words but are moved, after a certain manner, by a certain conjunction and mutual series, whereby the parts of the world are mutually subordinate the one to the other, and have a mutual consent, by reason of their great union as in a man's body,...

Of The Exciting Or Stirring Up The Magical Virtue

There is a magical virtue, being as it were abstracted from the body, which is wrought by the stirring up of the power of the soul, from whence there are made most potent procreations, and most famous impressions, and strong effects, so that nature is on every side a magicianness, and acts by her own phantasy and by how much the more spiritual her phantasy is, so much the more powerful it is, therefore the denomination of magic is truly proportionable or concordant. But the magical virtue of the exhaled spirituous vapour, or subtil spirits sent from the body, which before lay inpotentia, or by way of possibility only, is either excited by a more strong imagination, the magician making use of the blood as a medium, and establishing his kindled entity thereon, or by the ascending phantasy of the weapon salve, the exciteress of the property lying in the blood else by a foregoing appointment or disposition of the blood unto corruption, viz. whereby the elements are disposed unto a...

Aquarius The Father Of The New

Chakra could lead the individual to have waking visions of places and people. The faculty of clairvoyance-one of the siddhis highly coveted by the occultists comes from this chakras. In an ordinary individual, these may not be so common, but these chakra being in the 3rd house of Kumbha ascendants where the Kala Purusha lays his head, for them these would undoubtedly provide great opportunities. If untutored, they might develop unconscious psychism. Such persons just know the things without any effort. Intuition is often mixed up with such psychic faculties, but the fact remains that they are able to get in touch with such powers. If undeveloped and blocked up due to planetary disposition, Aquarius ascendants might become crude and anti-religious to a great extent. When it is said that the Aquarius has its heart in the throat of the Kala Purusha, it implies that Visuddhi chakra of Kala Purusha, which is the sixteen-petalled force-centre located near the throat, would be in the 4th...

History of Western Astrology

Ptolemy, one of the most influential intellectuals in the history of Western astrology, also lived in Alexandria in the second century. His main works were the Almagest (Greek, meaning greatest ) and the Tetrabiblos (Quadripartitum in Latin). The Almagest was an astronomy work that taught how to predict celestial phenomena, mostly through the use of mathematics. The Tetrabiblos became a major text for astrologers and occultists in the western world for several centuries. Ptolemy gathered the knowledge of Egyptian and Chaldean astrology and interpreted it in the light of Greek philosophy, Stoicism in particular. The Stoic idea that all matter is bound together in a cosmic sympathy became a rational explanation for the relationship between the changes in the universe (macrocosm) and in man (microcosm). Magic and such traditions as number symbolism, chiromancy, and geomancy became attached to astrological divination, although these did not change the basic principles of astrology. There...

History of Astrology in America

Astrologers, the Rosicrucians, under the leadership of Johannes Kelpius (1673-1708), established an astrological library and conservatory on Wissahickon Creek in what is now the Germantown section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Among other activities, they helped upgrade the almanac already being published by Daniel Leeds, and, in 1698, one of their better astrologers, Johann Seelig, was commissioned to cast the horoscope for the Swedish Lutheran church in Wisaco, Pennsylvania, in order to determine the best date to commence the new building. After the demise of the Chapter of Perfection, as Kelpius's group was known, surviving members became the first hexmeisters, the well-known folk magicians of eastern Pennsylvania.

Early Sex Experiences

She is an actress from the cradle, a baby magician whose talents are often so brilliant that she is envied. On the other hand, she may be the scapegoat, the butt of her peers' jokes, the girl teased for being too nice and too good to be true. She really is nice, and she truly has a need to do good and offer her assistance to the poor, lame, lonely, mute, and blind. When the boys ask for her services, she is secretly flattered though fearful. All her life, she has trouble saying no. Her first sexual experience is as likely as not to be the result of her inability to deny a horny teenager's request.

Of The Wonderful Virtues Of S Ome Kind Of Precious Stones

IT is a common opinion of magicians, that stones inherit great virtues, which they receive through the spheres and activity of the celestial influences, by the medium of the soul or spirit of the world. Authors very much disagree in respect of the probability of their actually having such virtues in potentia, some debating warmly against any occult or secret virtue lying hid in them others, as warmly, shewing the causes and effects of these sympathetic properties. However, to leave the se trifling arguments to those who love cavil and contentions better than I do, and, as I have neither leisure nor inclination to enter the lists with sophists, and tongue-philosophers I say, that these occult virtues are disposed throughout the animal, vegetable, an d mineral kingdoms, by seeds, or ideas originally emanating from the Divine mind, and through supercelestial spirits and intelligence always operating, according to th eir proper offices and governments allotted them which virtues are...

The Consecration of Places Ground Circle c

NOW, if thou art desirous of binding any spirit to a ready obedience to thee, we will shew you how a certain book may be made by which they may be invoked and this book is to be consecrated a book of Evil Spirits, ceremoniously to be composed in their name and order, whereunto they bind with a certain holy oath, the ready and present obedience of the spirit. This book is therefore to be made of the most pure and clean paper, which is generally called virgin paper and this book must be inscribed after this manner, viz. let there be drawn on the left side of the book the image of the spirit, and on the right side thereof his character, with the oath above it, containing the name of the spirit, his dignity and place, with his office and power. Yet many magicians do compose this book otherwise, omitting the characters and images but I think that it is much more efficacious not to neglect any thing above mentioned in the forms.

Aspects Of Uranus To The Other Planets

Neptune was not discovered until 1846, but we should err greatly if we supposed the influence ascribed to it fictitious on that account, for as the person born blind lacks the organs to see the sunlight and colors, so most of humanity is still lacking the sensibility which makes them amenable to the vibrations of Neptune. (See Chapter on that subject, also on Planetary Octaves). But we are gradually developing finer feelings and becoming more able to respond to his influence. At first this influence is mostly felt by sensitives who become occultists when of a positive nature and mediums when negative, others gain from it the cunning common alike to the criminal and the detective, or it impels the weakling to take drugs which in another manner produce dreams and visions similar to those obtained by the mediumistic process.

Astrology Under Threat

As the attitude to heresy hardened, so moves were made against astrology in Church law. The first record of a Council forbidding clergy to be astrologers or magicians is from the Council of Laodicea, in 365. It is possible that it was interpolated later.55 In the Constitutions of the Apostles, a fourth-century set of regulations attributed to the apostles, astrologers, along with debauchers, magicians and philosophers, are to be refused baptism or damned. It is also most severely forbidden for Christians to pray to the Sun, Moon and stars, or to swear by them.56

White And Black Astrology

Ulavatsky, a famous Russian occultist of the I9lh century, in The Secret Doctrine has indicated that astrology has been esoteric as well as exoteric, white as well as black. She said Astrolatry. or the adoration of'the heavenly host, is the natural result of only half-revealed astrology, whose adepts carefully concealed from the non-initiated masses its occult principles and the wisdom imparted to them by die Regents of the Planets the Angels . Hence. Divine Astrology for the Initiates Superstitious Astrology for the profane. It has been mentioned that thehierophant in Egypt took in his last degree certain mystic teachings on astrology the highest hierophant was given the title of Astronomus. H.P. Blavatsky has further stated that the Occultists and Theosophists are the first to confess that there is white and black Astrology. Nevertheless. Astrology has to be studied in both aspects by those who wish to become

Ancient Astrology Summary

The endless arguments about the opposition between free will and determinism were essentially about the opposition between God and the stars. If the stars controlled the fates of humans, humans appeared to be out of God's hands. Fuelled by this concern, the Church offered its own harsh punishments for those who practised astrology, especially those in authority, and waged ideological warfare to convince the rest. Its stance influenced the severity of state law. Punishments for astrologers, who were now assimilated to magicians, were far more severe. In theory any kind of astrological enquiry could carry the death penalty.

Midheaven signs for pisces

Mid Haven Signs Zodiac

With Midheaven signs Aries Forthright and energetic. Very creative, involvement in the fine arts, dance, or sport. Taurus Needs financial and emotional security. Attraction to wine and cosmetics industries. If creative, jewellery is an option. Pisces. Successful if grounded. Actor, dancer, magician, investigative work, modelling.

Cosmic Music

EVER SINCE the Russian Sputnik went into the orbit, interest in the stellar world has greatly increased. This hits not, however, given mankind either the insight into the working of the Divine Plan, or the necessary moral courage to face the trials and tribulations of everyday life. But it is vital tiiat we come to an understanding of the rules regulating the universe around us. and this cannot happen so long as occult sciences are not properly acknow ledged and assigned proper importance among the other modem sciences. This fact was foreseen by the Russian occultist Madame H.P. Blavatsky. who in the last quarter of the 19th century staled that astrology must be recognized as the soul of astronomy unless the latter is to produce nothing beyond materiality,

Exaltation And Debility

The Sun in Libra with its debility cancelled can give a strong, self-confident and expressive character. The Moon in Scorpio with its debility cancelled can give a very deep understanding of the psyche and is common in spiritual teachers, occultists and psychologists. Mars in Cancer with its debility cancelled can give mastery over the feeling nature and the capacity for profound relationships. Mercury in Pisces with its debility cancelled can give a very profound intuitive mind and much insight. Jupiter in Capricorn with its debility cancelled can give great wealth, political power or the capacity to influence others. Venus in Virgo with its debility cancelled can give good artistic powers and charm. Saturn in Aries with its debility cancelled can give strong powers of leadership and strength of will.

Astrological Meaning Of Death

ASTROLOGY solves one of the greatest mysteries of life. Death has always remained a hidden chapter in the book of human evolution. This subject has been so dreadful that people have even called death the King of Terrors. On the other hand, there are many occultists who have lime and again emphasized that death is just like sleep and each individual dies several times even during the course of one incantation.

General Fumes Of The Planets

To Saturn are appropriated for fumes, odoriferous roots as pepper-wort root, &c., and the frankincense tree. To Jupiter, all odoriferous fruits as nutmegs, cloves, &c. To Mars, all odoriferous woods as sanders, Cyprus, lignum balsam, and lignum aloes. To the Sun, all gums as frankincense, mastich benjamin, storax, laudanum, ambergris, and musk. To Venus, flowers as roses, violets, saffron, and the like. To Mercury, all the parings of wood or fruit as cinnamon, lignum cassia, mface, citron peel, and bayberries, and whatever seeds are odoriferous. To the Moon, the leaves of all vegetables as the leaf indum, the leaf of the myrtle, and bay tree. Know, also, that according to the opinion of all magicians, in every good matter (as love, good-will, &c.), there must be a good perfume, odoriferous and precious --and in evil matters (as hatred, anger, misery, and the like), there must be a stinking fume that is of no worth.

Of The Power And Virtue Of The Divine Names

NOW, consequently, we must discourse of intelligences, spirits, and angels. An intelligence is an intelligible substance, free from all gross and putrifying mass of a body, immortal, insensible, assisting all, having influence over all and the nature of all intelligences, spirits, and angels is the same. IB ut I call angels here, not those whom we usually call devils, but spirits so called from the propriety of the word, as it were, knowing, understanding, and wise. But of these, according to the tradition of magicians, there are three kinds the first of which we call super-celestial, and minds altogether separated from a body, and, as it were, intellectual spheres worshipping one only God, as it were, their most firm and stable unity or centre. Wherefore they even call them Gods, by reason of a certain participation of the Divinity, for they are always full of God. These are only about God, and rule not the bodies of the world, neither are they fitted for the government of inferior...

The Virgo Ascendant

Because her creative stimulus is not a reaction to the positive male principle. She is motherly towards all men without actually becoming a mother. She is rather the sensitivity of motherhood which enables her to identify herself with her children. Without active co-operation of World Mother clairvoyant occultists have often stated that the expansion of mankind might have been difficult.

Hcy Saturn Conjunct Neptune

You are a good planner, have excellent business sense and mathematical and political ability. With your aptitude for giving creative form to your ideas, you can be very artistic, particularly if Neptune is the stronger. This conjunction can provide inspiration and make you a practical idealist, especially if you learn to channel your intuition and imagination. This often is the aspect of the magician. Distrustful of others, no one can deceive you for long. You question everything and you always operate with your own logic and reason. Negatively used, you may develop a divided nature, mental distress or involvements with impractical projects. Artist Pablo Picasso, inventor Thomas Edison.


Gemini children are usually very bright and quick to learn. They are like magicians now you see them, now you don't. They are also known explorers. I once had a Gemini woman tell me how frustrated her mother had been with her as a child. She would throw tantrums and scream at the top of her lungs until her mother released her from the prison of the playpen. When the child could wander and roam about the house, she was in her true domain. It was boredom, even at such an early age, that motivated this Gemini woman to experience life as it came at her.


Saturn in the ninth house will make famous magicians, renowned philosophers, or temple priests noted for their reputation for magic. According to the nature of the signs he also makes seers, diviners, and astrologers. These are always outstanding in their responses. Some carry on the rites of temples or are in charge of rituals. Sometimes they become long-haired philosophers or interpreters of dreams.


As mercury is the light-bearer for the physical Sun, so is Neptune the light-bearer of the spiritual Sun, called Vulcan among occultists, which is seen back of the visible Sun. Naturally, therefore, still fewer among humanity are capable at all of being affected by it, save that it produces a chaotic state of mind when placed in evil aspect. When placed in angles, and particularly in elevations near the Midheaven, it produces Occultists and Mystics of the highest stamp but when placed in cadent houses, it may bring mediumship, cunning, emotionalism. It is the highest string in the lyre of the soul of God, and is therefore the least used, and the one to get most easily out of tune. Astrologers are the most affected by it, and those musicians who use stringed instruments.

In this part

Our horoscope with its mysterious symbols, concentric circles, and tiny numbers may look like a magician's amulet. In fact, it's simply a map of the heavens at the moment of your birth. That celestial pattern, formed by the planets and not to be repeated for roughly 26,000 years, encapsulates the cosmic forces operating at the time of your birth. Every object in your horoscope reflects or symbolizes an aspect of who you are.

Mercury And Jupiter

Those who have Mercury and Jupiter together in the third house will be successful and renowned magicians hymnwriters, or carriers for the gods or guardians of temples, or those who initiate men into cults or managers of sacred contests diviners who predict the future by messages from the gods. These same predictions are made by Jupiter and Mercury together in the eleventh house.

Mercury And Venus

Those who have Mercury with Venus in the fourth house will be experienced magicians philosophers who study the heavens, or cure suffering mankind, or who are of service to mankind in some way. If Mercury is in a morning rising with Venus in this house, this will bring the native out of slavery to freedom, and from a low station to splendor and high rank. But they will undertake the defense of wretched women, or old or slave women, or maidens under their guardianship, and will get into trouble in various ways for these actions. Their occupations and activities are governed by the nature and quality of the signs. 16. Those who have Mercury with Venus in the ninth house will marry, will have advancement to positions of power they will seek a livelihood from some kind of temple duties. They will be priests or diviners or haruspices, astrologers, augurs, magicians, or those who explain omens.

Chap I

Therefore, all we solicit is, that those who perceive those secrets should keep them together as secrets, and not expose or babble them to the unworthy but reveal them only to faithful, discreet, and chosen friends. And we would caution you in this beginning, that every magical experiment flies from the public, seeking to be hid, is strengthened and confirmed by silence, but is destroyed by publication never does any complete effect follow after likewise all the virtue of thy works will suffer detriment when poured into weak, prating, and incredulous minds therefore, if thou would be a magician, and gain fruit from this art, to be secret, and to manifest to none, either thy work, or place, or time, nor thy desire, or will, except it be to a master or partner, or companion, who should likewise be faithful, discreet, silent, and dignified by nature and education seeing that even the prating of a companion, his unbelief, doubting, questioning, and, lastly, unworthiness, hinders and...

Celestial Bodies

THE ancient magicians taught an art of finding out the name of a spirit to any desired effect, drawing it from the disposition of the h eavens as, for example, any celestial harmony being proposed to thee, to make an image or a ring, or any other work to be done under any constellation, if thou wilt find out the spirit that is the ruler of that work, the figure of the heaven being erected, cast forth letters in their number and order, from the degree of the ascendant, according to the succession of signs through each degree, by filling the whole circle of the heavens then th ose letters which fall into the places of the stars, the aid of which you would use, being according to the number and power of those stars marked without into number and order, make the name of a good spirit. But if thou wilt do so from the beginning of a degree falling against the progress of the signs, the resulting spirit shall be evil. By this art some of the Hebrews and Chaldean masters teach that the,...

Cycles Of Life

EFFECT The magician shows a prediction he had written in the early hours of the morning. The spectator selects several cards from a shuffled Tarot deck and eliminates them all except for one. Amazingly, the one card left matches the prediction. ROUTINR We all lead our lives in cycles, the magician begins. I am sure you all remember times when everything just flowed, and you achieved your goals almost effortlessly. You can probably also recall the times when nothing seemed to work, and you seemed to take two steps back for every step forward. There is no mystery to this. We are simply being influenced by the planetary cycles. How do I know this You could call it intuition, a hunch, a gut feeling. I sometimes call it intuitive astrology. It can be so strong sometimes that it wakes me up in the middle of the night and I'm compelled to write the feeling down. (The magician produces a folded sheet of paper from his pocket.) Here's something I wrote down last night. It concerns you, yet I...

Of Things Lost

Kabalist will prove ineffectual, since they can only interpret what lies before them. It is better that they should conduct the divination from first to last. The faculty does not necessarily lie with the Kabalist. His work begins and ends with the interpretation of the numbers submitted to him. Consequently, we frequently find that a person who is in no way a sensitive , nor even possessed of ordinary intuitive powers, but who is nevertheless a good Kabalist, knowing how to interpret the symbolism of numbers, gets credits for being a most remarkable medium , as if nothing in the world that is to be talked about can be accomplished without the aid of disembodied spirits. Let me say at once that one who is an occultist is the very last to be regarded as a medium. Save in the ultimate sense that we are all, from archangel to microbe, fulfilling the Word in some capacity or other, it cannot be said that we are played upon by the larvae of a morbid and earth-bound humanity. The occultist...

Book Ii Part Ii

But many magicians, men of no small authoriity, will have the tables of this kind to be extended with Latin letters so that by the same tables also, out of the name of any office or effect, might be found out the name of any spirit, as well good as evil, by the same manner which is above delivered, by taking thi e name of the office or of the effect in the column of letters, in their own line, under their own star. And of this practice Trismegistus is a great author, who deliveredithis kind of calculation in Egyptian letters not improperly also may they be referred to thi e letters of other tongues, for the reason assigned to the signs for truly he only is extaiint of all men who have treated concerning the attaining to the names of spirits. i

Crowley Aleister

Fortena Times And Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley, a famous English occultist and writer, was born on October 12, 8715, in Leamington, Warwick, England. He was a wealthy eccentric who inherited a fortune and was educated at Cambridge. He joined the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, founded the Magical group, and wrote numerous books. He was married many times, outraged polite British society, and died of a drug overdose. Aleister Crowley, author of Magick and a leader of the occultist movement of the late nineteenth century. Reproduced by permission of Fortean Picture Library. Aleister Crowley The Complete Astrological Writings. Edited by John Symonds and Kenneth Grant. London Gerald Duckworth & Co., 1974.

Planetary Octaves

The ray of Neptune carries what occultist know as the Father fire, the light and life of the Divine Spirit, which expresses itself as will. This it focuses in the voluntary nervous system of the physical body governed by its lower octave Mercury which acting through the right brain galvanizes the body into speech and action, expressing the will of the indwelling spirit.

Adams Evangeline

Adams continued to practice and promote the science of the stars to the general public. She marketed monthly forecasts featuring her predictions about political and economic events (including a 1931 prediction that the United States would be at war in 1942). During the last decade of her life, she wrote some of the most popular astrology books ever published The Bowl of Heaven (1926), Astrology Your Place in the Sun (1928), Astrology Your Place Among the Stars (1930), and Astrology for Everyone (1931). Much of her published work on astrology was originally done in collaboration with the English magician and occultist Aleister Crowley. On April 23, 1930, Adams began to broadcast on radio three times a week. As a result of this show, she received 150,000 requests for astrological charts over the course of the next three months. As much as a year later, requests and letters were still being received at the rate of 4,000 a day. Adams was a major contributor to the popularization of...

Unusual Destiny

The Scorpio Woman makes life bend to her wishes. She has the concentration, personal power, talent, intuition, capacity for judgment and action and for leading or following, that make her a stunning winner or a desperate loser. She is a magician who never chooses a gray path she is either magnificent or she is horrid.

The Veil Of Saturn

IN an ancient book of instructions, a neophyte is warned that his feet will be washed in the blood of his heart before his soul can stand before the Holy Masters. It is for this reason that the path of occultism is strewn with many wrecks. If the candidate hopes to succeed, the hierophant instructs him to kill ambition, as well as desire of life and comfort. But it is difficult to do so. In doing so, his entire personality would dissolve. He will have to confront humiliation at every step and all attachments and possessions will have to be abandoned. Before the self attains liberation, all garments must be cast away. The basemetal must be transformed into pure gold. The occultist tries to reach this goal swiftly whereas a householder will slowly and gradually reach it. But everyone will ultimately come Home, and so will have to pass the test. In this uphill task, the significance of Saturn is immense. This is the most dreaded planet. So is the path of occultism. This planet whether...

With Us

MANY and different are the names of good and bad spirits but their proper and true names, as those of the stars, are known to God alone, who only numbers the multitude of stars, and calls them by their names, whereof none can be known by us but by divine revelation very few are expressed to us in sacred writ. But the masters of the Hebrews think, that the names of angels are imposed on them by Adam, according to that which is written, the Lord brought all things which he had made unto Adam, that he should name them, and as he called any thing, so the name of it was. Hence the Hebrew Mecubals think, together with Magicians and Cabalists, that it is in the power of man, to impose names upon spirits, but of such a man only who is dignified and elevated to this virtue by some divine gift or sacred authority but because a name that may express the nature of divinity, or the whole virtue of angelical essences, cannot be made by any human voice, therefore names for the most part are put upon...


Leo's are highly intelligent people. They are enthusiastic and quick to respond. Leo's have a good time and frequently give magicians' standing ovations I love to work with Leos. To start, would you make your mind go completely blank - that was quick Now, as quickly as you can make a pile of any six of those photos and put them to one side. We won't need them any more. That leaves us with. . .


EFFECT The magician psychic talks about astro twins and then suggests an experiment with six pairs of twins. The spectator eliminates cards two at a time until just two remain. When these are turned over they are seen to be a pair of astro twins . As an extra climax the magician turns over the discarded pairs to show that they are all sets of twins also. Let's try an experiment to see if you could recognize your astro twin if he or she turned up. I have here six sets of astro twins. For convenience I have named them in pairs. Here we have Bill 1 and Bill 2. They make up one set of twins. Here is King George 1 and King George 2. (The magician displays the cards with the pairs side by side, making two columns. My selection is Bill 1, Jenny 1, King George 1, Cleopatra 1, Basil 1 and Vikki 1. This selection is repeated with Bill 2, Jenny 2, etc. The magician picks up the cards in one column first, followed by the second. This means that he ends up with twelve facedown cards in the...


Somebody living in the modern developed world now that he could have twenty children, but that many would die, that he would become a slave, or consort with magicians. These are minor points in themselves, but they are part of a scenario in which life is played out quite differently. The focus of interest in the predictions is completely at odds with modern expectations. Character is merely an aspect of the question of social status, or a reflection of positive or negative moral judgement, rather than the equivalent of the modern personality, so important to contemporary natal astrology.

Moore Marcia M

Moore, astrologer and occultist, was born May 22, 1928, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her father was Robert L. Moore, the founder of Sheraton Hotels, and her sister was Robin Moore, a novelist who used the pen name Robert L. Moore, Jr. Marcia Moore was a graduate of Radcliffe College, where she wrote a B.A. thesis on the subject of astrology. The thesis was later published in book form by the Lucis Trust. Moore became an active astrologer and a well-known figure in the American astrological community. Moore's second husband, Mark Douglas, collaborated with her on several of her books. Her third husband was Howard Alltounian, Jr. In her final years, Moore was experimenting with mind-altering drugs, which contributed to her death on January 15, 1979, in Bothwell, Washington.


Mercury in the third house will make priests, magicians, healers, astrologers, men who through their own efforts discover things not handed down by tradition. They are intelligent, fortunate, easily taking part in any kind of activities. If Jupiter is in trine or sextile aspect, or together with Mercury, this indicates high intelligence and great and divine counsel. Mars in any aspect to Mercury and Jupiter in this position will make agents of kings, famous leaders, powerful administrators, to whom the royal income is entrusted. They will overcome all obstacles with their courage and good fortune. 20. Mercury in this house in an evening rising will make priests, magicians, physicians, craftsmen of such talent that they gain their livelihood from these skills and learn through their own efforts whatever is not handed down to them by tradition.

Dorotheus Of Sidon

Dorotheus gives Charles a chequered character. Because Saturn is following a cardine, he will be reflective and anxious, ugly, malicious and haughty, though Jupiter's conjunction with Mars improves matters.51 The Mercury-Moon opposition makes him timid about public speaking.52 With Mercury in the terms and house of Mars he will be an insignificant fool, a shameless liar, neither believing in religion nor good works, and fond of adultery. He may act treacherously and consort with magicians. He will receive hostility from the people on the grounds that he is an untrustworthy reprobate.53 Mercury under the Earth in aspect to Saturn makes him a vicious liar.54 But the fact that Mars is in the terms of Mercury (in the system we have in Firmicus) means that he will be reasonable, keen to marry, clear-thinking and intelligent.55 He will be reserved and fond of a quiet life, bookish, with an indistinct manner of speaking, with Saturn in the house of Mercury.56 degrees after the preceding...

Compatability Tester

You (the magician) then move the third pile to join the discards. Have them turn over their selected piles and see if they are compatible. After commenting on how fortunate they are, show the top cards of the discard piles to reveal that they actually chose the only pair that denoted extreme compatibility.


Merlin, asteroid 2,598 (the 2,598th asteroid to be discovered, on September 7, 1980), is approximately 16 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 4.6 years. It is named after Merlin the magician. If prominent in a natal chart, Merlin may signify a person for whom things seem to come together magically or, in rare instances, someone who is actually interested in magic. The sign and house position of Merlin in a natal chart indicates how and where this magic manifests.

The Scale Of Unity

THE number Three, is an uncompounded num ber, a holy number, a number of perfection, a most powerful number --for there are three persons in God there are three theological virtues in religion. Hence it is that this number conduceth to the ceremonies of God and religion, that by the solemnity of which, prayers and sacrifices are thrice repeated for corporeal and spiritual things consist of three things, viz. beginning, middle, and end. By three, as Trismegistus saith, the world is perfected--harmony, necessity, and order, i. e. concurrence of causes (which many call fate), and the execution of them to the fruit, or increase, or a due distribution of the increase. The whole measure of time is concluded in three, viz. past, present, and to come --all magnitude is contained in three-line, superfices, and body --every body consists of three intervals,--length, breadth, and thickness. Harmony contains three consents in time--diapason, hemiolion, diatesseron. There are also three kinds of...


Health to the body, virtue to the soul, and security what is mortal in us they take away, cherish heat, and make it more efficacious to life and, by an harmony, do always infuse light into an intelligible mind. But whether there be many keepers of a man, or one alone, theologians differ among themselves we think there are more, the prophet saying, he hath given his angels a charge concerning thee, that they should keep thee in all thy ways, which, as Hierome says, is to be understood of any man, as well as of Christ. All men, therefore, are governed by the ministry of different angels, and are brought to any degree of virtue, deserts, and dignity, who behave themselves worthy of them but they who carry themselves unworthy of them, are deposed and thrust down, as well by evil spirits as good spirits, unto the lowest degree of misery, as their evil merits shall require but they that are attributed to the sublimer angels are preferred before other men for angels having the care of them,...

Cycle Of The Squares

METHOD This charming routine works itself. The squares are laid out in a line leading away from the spectator. The square nearest her contains the circled number 'one1. The next square contains the circled number 'two1. The next 'four', followed by 'eight' and 'sixteen'. Once the spectator has turned over the squares that do not contain her day jof birth, the magician looks first at the bottom square (the one nearest the spectator). Ignoring this first square, he looks at the other squares and' notes if an odd or even number of them are face-up. If the number is odd, the first square is turned over. If the number is even, he leaves the square whichever way up it happens to be. It is not turned over. The magician next looks at the second square and notes if there are an odd or even number of squares face-up above it. Again, this square is turned over if there is an odd number face-up, and left alone if an even number are face-up. This is repeated with all of the squares. In practice, I...


Whoever has the ascendant in the 30th degree of Pisces will have a life at sea and will always be involved in toilsome occupations. If Mars is in aspect, he will be a snake-charmer and magician, and die a violent death. Whoever has the ascendant in the tail, that is, in the line which divides Pisces from Aries, if Mars is on the line, will be a castrate who has lost his virility.


Whoever has the ascendant in the first degree of Scorpio will be a magician who lessens hidden pains by the power of words. Whoever has it in the second degree will be debased and often a reputed prostitute. Those who have it in the third degree will be dwarves, hunchbacks, or clowns. In the fourth degree they will be hunchbacks assigned to the pleasure of kings or emperors.

Hitting The Streets

As I have always worked on my own, this was a brand new experience for me. I mentioned the idea to a few people and a professional magician friend said that he was keen to give it a try. We spent thirty minutes practising an extremely simple code before hitting the streets. An hour and a half later we had our second customer. By this time my friend was hoarse, and enthusiasm was flagging. Just about every magician in Auckland had walked past to see how we were doing. They all offered suggestions, not all of them repeatable.


Cancer, the first of the watery signs was pictured among the ancient Egyptians as a scarab (beetle), which was their emblem of the soul, and occultists know that the seed-atom of the body is planted when the Sun of Life, (the Ego,) is in Cancer, the sphere of the Moon, the planet of fecundation.

Of Sorceries

We next come to speak of the blood of a basilisk, which magicians call the blood of Saturn.--This procures (by its virtue) for him that carries it about him, good success of petitions from great men likewise makes him amazingly successful in the cure of diseases, and the grant of any privilege. They say, also, that a tike, if it be taken out of the

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