Sufferings followed by death.

It is evident that Jean Belot, who on one hand refers constantly to the zodiacal signs and on the other hand speaks of the quarters of the lunation, unintentionally creates confusion, or perhaps systematically and intentionally makes an analogy, between the Mansions and the Lunar Houses —which allows us to understand certain discrepancies discovered between his data and classical data.

It is difficult to comprehend the reasons which induced the author to place the III division in Aries (unless this is to emphasize the traditional rulership with Mars common to the solar sign and the Mansions) and the XXII to Capricorn in spite of the fact that two thirds of these Mansions fall in the following signs.

One might ask, too, if these interpretations do not belong more correctly to the horary or question charts than to birth charts, although sometimes they arc equally appropriate there. However, planetary indications very often are identical in all branches gen cthliacal, mundane, horary and who can say why those of Lunar Astrology should be different.

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