For the twenty-eight Mansions, there are only eight common rul-erships. Is it possible that the Mansion rulerships are supplanted by the nature of the fixed stars, whose Arab names are transparent in spite of deformation? The double planetary nature of several Houses suggests it? even though the traditional nature of these stars is in no way evident there. Is this the echo of an era wh ere the nature of the Mansion was confused with that of the fixed star marking it?!

I have no fear of being lost in useless detail when I add that this curious and rare book —a veritable cryptogram9 is an indisputable proof of the existence in our occidental astrology of navamsa, i.e., the division of each sign into nine parts, each governed by a planet. It gives precise useful interpretations for them, other than those of the Hindus. The first verifications clearly demonstrate accuracy.

Returning to the Lunar Astrology of this Télescope, we should add that this book counts nine planets by doubling the Sun and Moon, and not by the Hindu method of elevating the lunar nodes to the level of the planets. The so-called "material" or "physical" Moon follows the Sun and can thus be identified with the phase of increase, while the so-called "spiritual" or "moral" Moon precedes the Star of the Day, and is consequently the waning Moon. Furthermore the former is neighbor to Venus and the latter to Mars, which leads us to believe that the Taurus Moon best characterizes the phase of increasef and the

Scorpio Moon the phase of decrease.

Lastly, the waxing Moon should be regarded as a diurnal planet, and the waning one as its nocturnal expression. This question of diurnal and nocturnal planets, so important theoretically and practically, has needed clarification for three centuries now.

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