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Robert Ambelain Circle

The significations inscribed in the circle summarize the data from Pic-atrix, Arab astrologer and doctor, who lived in Spain in the XIII Century, and whose works were translated into Spanish around 1256, by order of Alphonse X, king of Castille.

(This plate is taken from Secrets, #26.)

It is even possible that this peculiarity of the thirteenth Mansion extends a little beyond its limits. A, Stavisky17, for example, had the Moon in Virgo 19° 427 which is 2° 5* outside of this Mansion. In any case, whenever the Moon is found at the boundary of two Mansions, I advise astrologers to take the interpretations of both Mansions (just as you do for a planet in the twenty-ninth degree of a sign).

Known to the Arabs by the name of Al Aivwa, the Barking Dog, this Mansion is considered a sign of discernment, benevolence, even of a certain methodical kindness which may, however, be hidden under a gruff exterior. It is considered a good influence on travel, but they state that the profit derived therefrom generally passes into other hands.

Chinese Kang} the Other Horn of the Dragon Ch'en: This Mansion is, conversely, regarded in an unfavorable light, according to the statements of the astrologers of the Far-East. This siu always provokes several unfavorable events in the course of the life of the native completely independent of his will, but influencing his life strikingly. Very often these events are of a collective nature —floods, wars, revolutions, etc. In the horoscopes of sensual persons, this siu indicates that they are slaves to their own desires. From the standpoint of health, the Moon in this Mansion demands particular care with food and avoidance of all excessive eating.

In India it is Hasta, the Hand, nakshatra of the industrious man, inventive and subtle, who frequently possesses an'elastic conscience. It is the image of daily work and achievement in performing an undertaking (e.g. as an artisan), rather than leadership. When the Moon occupies this Mansion in a horoscope the question of morality must be given careful attention.

The Kabbalists call it Miah9 Secret Things; they attribute to it a good influence in good charts, and an unfavorable influence in afflicted charts (which reconciles the Chinese and the Arab points of view). In an afflicted horoscope it denotes secrets in the life of the native.

MANSION XIV, from 17° 8s 37" Virgo to 0° Libra. -It is Achmech, Azimel or Azimech in the "Clef des Clavicules," which advises that the transit of the Moon through this part of the heavens be used to make pentacles for love and for healing of the sick. This Lunar transit, according to Picatrix, also exerts a propitious influence on spells intended to destroy harvests and plants; to harm travelers or bless navigation, as well as for spells to bring happiness to heads of state and their friends.

In horoscopes, it increases prudence and the ability to analyze, and at the same time seems to promote divinatory studies and experiments (clairvoyance, tarot, etc.).

Al Simac, the Unarmed Man for the Arab astrologers. This Mansion does not seem to favor journeys. It also exerts an unfavorable influence on the first years of marriage, but the causes of dissension seem to disappear later; or if the marriage was made without love, sincere and deep affection comes with age.

Chinese Tif the Roof. This siu seems to favor responsibility, serious thought, and the rise to a responsible station nevertheless dependent on others. The emperor of Japan with the Moon at 22° 30' Virgo and Pope Pius XI whose Moon is in 18° 24* of the same sign — are they really autocrats? It is more than doubtful. Even around Colonel de la Rocque whose Moon is at 17° 44' Virgo, influences can be imagined which noticeably diminish his personal power. This last example belongs to the XXIII and not to the XIV Mansion.

In India this Mansion is known by the name of Chitra, the Light. We should mention that it has given its name to the month Ca itra, which embraces this Mansion and the next, just as Magha and Phal-guni gave their names to the preceding months; and that Hindu astrologers attribute more importance to the nakshatra that give their names to months than to any others. They attribute to Chitra elegance and personal charm, an intuitive but often indecisive mind (since the native likes to weigh the pros and the cons), and lack of courage.

Niaht the Gates of the Light of the Hebrews. This Mansion is believed to favor wisdom in old age, and makes persons born under its influence very respected and listened to in their last years.

This Mansion ends the second septenary of the Lunar Zodiac.

MANSION XV, from 0° to 12° 51' 26" Libra.-It is called Atrophia and Algalia by Picatrix who recommends that the transit of the Moon through this Mansion be used to make pentacles intended to increase success in hunts for springs and treasures18, and to work spells for this purpose, and also to injure enemies and protect friends.

Under the name AI Cha ir, the Lid} it is considered unfavorable in every way by the Arabs, especially for familial and other relationships; except for discovery of hostile schemes and for hunts for treasures. Its influence on conjugal happiness is clearly negative in feminine charts. An astrologer can easily verify this with horoscopes in his own collection. Among famous people with the Moon in this Mansion we find Catherine de Medier (especially unhappy in her married life), and Blavatsky (who ran away immediately after her marriage).

Fang, the Chamber frequently symbolized by the silkworm room. The Chinese believe this Mansion encourages achievement of high position or great wealth, especially in old-age, which confers a certain authority to people having the Moon in this Mansion.

Szuati, the Sword in the Hindu Zodiac. This nakshatra designates a person who gives to others more than he receives, modest but often irascible, fair, sociable, and having a developed business sense.

The Kabbalists who call this Mansion, Sta, He Who Sustains, consider it clearly unfavorable, but claim that it protects those who are in misfortune and distress; it "sustains" so to speak in those moments.

MANSION XVI, from 12° 51' 27" to 25° 42' 52" of Libra. -Ab cibene or Aiabene in the Grimoires of Magic which state that the Lunar transit through this Mansion is propitious for charms of enmity. In charts, this position of the Moon signals danger for the reputation and station in life coming from vindictive and jealous persons. The aspects received by the Moon and the whole of the astrological chart always make it possible for this danger to be specified.

Known to the Arabs as AlJubana and Al Zuban Al-Janubiyyah, the Claws of the Scorpio, it confers the power of protecting one's self by power of observation and clear judgment. It is considered favorable for stock-breeding, buying and selling of cattle, and speculation, but it is more or less unfavorable for business, marriage, and journeys: impulses in these things are dangerous.

Agrippa, whose interpretations are generally analogous to those of Picatrix and the Arabs, says that this Mansion hinders, i.e., causes delays in marriage and journeys.

Chinese Hsin, the Heart3 this siu is believed to exert a contradictory influence: it gives sociability and amiability but causes disagreements and quarrels in the family.

Hindu Visakha, the Northern Crown. This nakshatra promotes intelligence and good judgment in the handling of money (which can occasionally take the form of avarice), but inclines to thoughtless commitments. It is the Mansion of pleasant appearance.

Kabbalist Atahf Rescuef it is not believed to promise a happy life, but it is always possible for people born under its influence to evade the blows of fate. So it would seem that this Mansion increases free will.

We should mention that it is the position of the Moon of Georges Bidault19.

MANSION XVIIT from 25° 42' 53" Libra to 8° 34' 18" Scorpio, —called Archil by Picatrix, who judges it favorable for preparing pentacles to make people who have been deceived happy again, to ob tain luck, to make buildings lasting, and for travel as well as for charms for friendship.

Arab Iktil Aljabbah, the Dome of the Headf this Mansion is considered favorable for marriage. It enables the native to achieve a re-s ponsi b 1 e posi ti on.

Wei\ the Dragon's Tail in the system of the Far East. This siu warns the native to be on guard throughout life, since slander is always threatened. Very often this siu warns that a greater part of the native's actions will be severely criticized by certain persons in his circle. The chart of Auguste Bebel, leader of the German socialist party, whose Moon is at 4° 44T Scorpio and who frequently suffered condemnation, seems to confirm this attribution; also the nativity of President Truman whose politics aroused violent reactions.

Known in India as Anuradha, this Mansion is considered the sign of numerous opportunities in life. It encourages travel and a life far from the place of birth, and warns that the native will rarely be satisfied with his place of residence. It also indicates vanity.

Called Piah, the Eulogies by the Hebrews, this Mansion is looked upon favorably. They interpret it as a sign of success in occupations and acquisition of a good position.

MANSION XVIII, from 80 34'19" to 21°25'44" Scorpio.-In Picatrix it is called Alchalb or Arcalo which is just a distortion of the Arabic Al Calb. "La Clef des Clavicules" recommends using the lunar transit through this Mansion for making pentacles intended to aid conspiracies and for protection from enemies, as well as to work spells to sow discord.

Agrippa says that this Mansion which he calls Alchas or AUhob, causes discord, sedition and conspiracy against princes and potentates; and it is interesting to note that at the moment of the rebellion of February 6, 1934 the Moon was in this Mansion.

The Arabs believe this Mansion, which they call the Heart of the Constellation Scorpio, exerts an especially favorable influence for exposing enemies and in times of war; and unfavorable from all other aspects, especially for the family; it is a sign threatening premature death for the mother (often in labor).

Chi, the Basket of the Chinese astrologers, is one of the worst siu, since enterprises undertaken by the native never give him the rewards they should. Its symbolism can be compared to the Tower Struck by Lightning of the Tarot, since it creates the danger of reversal of situation, most often in shameful circumstances (for example: trial, bankruptcy or scandal). The charts I possess seem to confirm this attribution, since we Find the Moon in this Mansion in the horoscope of Marie Antoinette and Alphonse XIII, as well as Kreuger, and even F. de Lesseps whose last days were darkened by the scandal of Panama.

Known in the Hindu Lunar Zodiac as Jyeshta, the Eldest. This Mansion indicates an overly self-satisfied man without the talent for making friends. In feminine charts this nakshatra seems to incline toward marriage with an older man.

In the Kabbalist system, this Mansion called Tsiah, Justice symbolizes above all the idea of reward and punishment- which must be applied specifically to each chart.

We should observe that very often the character of the Mansion seems to be expressed in terms which approximate reality, which are imprecise (a result of the difficulties of translating the cosmic forces represented by the Mansions into words). Thus, I have observed that the Moon in this Mansion seems to provoke unfair trials, which corroborates the sense of judgment of the Kabbalists, of discord and sedition in Agrippa and of conspiracy in Picatrix.

MANSION XIX, from 21° 25' 45" Scorpio to 4° 17' 10" Sagittarius. — Called Azarala and Exaula in the Middle Ages. Picatrix advises using the transit of the Moon through this Mansion to make pen-tacles for armies, for luck in general, and for charms intended to destroy vessels, to help captives escape, and to damage the property of others.

In an article Robert Ambelain adds that fluids must be guarded against and that it is preferable to undertake nothing at this time, since 'experience shows the disastrous effect of the Moon in this section of the zodiac."

In the charts of very prominent persons, especially in political charts, it does not indicate a tranquil career; it seems, in this aspect, to share, or reflect, the nature of the preceding Mansion. Among persons with the Moon in this Mansion, we recall Jean Juares, assassinated; William II, who abdicated; A. Tardieu who renounced his seat in parliament; and Marthe Hanau, who died in prison.

Known to the Arabs as Al Shaulah, the Scorpion's Sting, this manazil is considered favorable for hunting and personal ideas, but unfavorable for commerce and Fixity of residence.

Chinese Ton, the Ladle, this Mansion favors those who work for others rather than employers and self-employed persons; it is also a good omen for earnings towards the end of life.

In the Hindu system it is Mula the Rootf sign of a proud man, moderately happy and in fear of the future, but attached to his comfort and ease.

It is also Quiah, Severity of the Hebrews, who interpret this Mansion as unfavorable for friendships and children and provoking separation of the native from his children or from his parents.

MANSION XX, from 4°17'll"to 17°8'36" Sagittarius. - In Medieval Europe it had the name of Naha im. It promotes eloquence and writings, and the charts of Balzac (whose Moon is at 14° 47' Sagittarius), Gabriele D. Annunzio (Moon in Sagittarius 16° ), Francois de Curel (12° ) for the writers, and of Ramsay Macdonald (6° 23') and Van Zeeland (16° 52') for politicians confirm the characteristics of this Mansion.

Picatrix advises using the Lunar transit through this part of the heavens to work charms of enmity and to make pentacles against illnesses.

Agrippa says that this Mansion is good for taming wild animals and for protecting prisons, but that it destroys community wealth. He calls it A bnahaya or the Beam,

Al-Ras-Al-Thuban, the Dragon's Head of the Arab astrologers. This manazil promotes love and success in life as much through individual merit as through a woman or women. The fact that this Mansion encourages love, does not mean a happy marriage in most cases; on the contrary, frequently the woman, while useful for business or from the financial point of view, will seek authority in the household. Persons having the Moon in this manazil, are better off with a free liason than in married life. It is also an indication of involuntary changes of residence.

Furthermore, according to the Arabs, the passage of the Moon through this Mansion favors constructions and could be chosen for placing the first stone of a building,

Niu, the Cow of the Chinese astrologers. This sin promotes trade, although with some risk of loss, and promises improvement in fortune by inheritance or gift. Very often, it is an indication of weakness of the eyes.

In the Hindu system, it is Purva ashadha, the Front of the Victory which marks in the ancient Indian Zodiac the beginning of the series of the twelve constellations of symbolic animals. It makes the native faithful in love, proud, ambitious, often vain, fond of pageantry, but capable at the same time of maintaining a good degree of simplicity.

The Kabbalists consider this Mansion, called Aiah, the Leader, the cause of many changes in life, one of which will be around the age of thirty five years. It also promises a responsible position and often permits the acquisition of a prominent one.

In short, all the traditions agree on the good influence of the Moon in this part of the heavens, even though it is considered peregrine in Sagittarius.

MANSION XXI, from 17° 8' 37" Sagittarius to 0° Capricorn. -Called Albelda by Picatrix, who recommends the lunar passage through this Mansion for making pentacles intended to protect buildings, crops and wealth, and for working charms to break the bonds of love.

Agrippa translates its name, which he spells A beda, as the Desert, and recommends using the Moon in this part of the heavens to begin a divorce.

Known to the Arabs by the name of Caidat, this Mansion makes the native imprudent, susceptible and flighty, but is believed to promote travel and earnings, and to exert an influence that hastens and stimulates healing and recovery after illness.

Mo, the Woman, in the Chinese tradition. It is the symbol of vacillating luck, love of children, and loyalty in business,

Uttara Shadha, the Back of the Victor, in the Hindu zodiac. In India, this Mansion is considered the image of a gracious, elegant, well-mannered man, impulsive but obedient to his superiors. It especially seems to favor military men. Hunting instincts and a certain indication to sexual excess are attributed to this nakshatra, as to the preceding one.

For the Hebrews, it is Schiah, the Deliverer to which they attribute philanthropy and a favorable influence from a financial point of view.

Among historical charts, that of Franz Liszt is particularly representative of this section of the heavens.

This Mansion ends the third septenary of the Lunar Zodiac.

MANSION XXII, from 0Dto 12° 51'26" Capricorn.-Called Caaidalbala or Caalbeba by "la Clef des Clavicules," which recommends it for making pentacles intended to stimulate healing and to to work charms to sow discord and bring friendship.

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