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The simultaneous evolution of Astrology in different countries has given rise to very evident differences in viewpoint which frequently mislead researchers. But this phenomenon is encountered in the field of every science. In medicine, for example, we find not only very different systems —almost opposed, such as the occidental and the Chinese system, but even very noticeable differences between modern French medicine and German medicine, and the simultaneous existence in each country of two systems: allopathy and homeopathy.

So it will not be surprising that the boundaries of the Lunar Mansions are not always the same in every tradition. The Arabic and Occidental tradition (which we follow here) differ noticeably from certain documents (probably altered), which not only give other boundaries, but even change the number of the Mansions, which they put at twenty-seven or twenty-nine instead of twenty-eight.

It is very likely that considerations of an extra-astrological order played a great role in the determination of the number of Mansions. Such is the opinion of Pierre Orletz, for example, who writes:

"My friend, the astrologer, A. Volguine tells me that the revolution of the Moon was calculated differently by different peoples, and that besides the generally accepted number of twenty-eight days, in c ertain parts of India and sometimes in ancient Egypt the Lunar i louses numbered twenty-seven, while among certain Arab and Touareg tribes they numbered twenty-nine.

"The sidereal revolution of the Moon in relation to the Zodiac takes twenty-seven days, seven hours, forty-three minutes; and the synodic revolution in relation to the Sun takes twenty nine days, twelve hours, forty-four minutes.

"I assumed that perhaps it was a matter of symbolism: some being inclined to the idea of 3x3x3, others to 7x4, and those who chose twenty-nine had all my sympathies. I attach particular importance to this last number: circumference divided by diameter gives 3.1415 ... or approximately 22/7 where 22 represents the circumference and 7, the diameter. The sum 22H-7 =29 suggests a concept of totality, of the unity of the containing and the contained, of the exterior and interior, of the principle and the manifestation . .

This opinion of Pierre Orletz enlarges upon that of L,C. de Saint-Martin who devotes #XXII of ''Numbers ' to this question, under the heading "Phases of the Moon." This paragraph says:

"3x9 =27, terrestrial factors and products. This is the Moon's limit on the surface of our planet.

"4x7 =28, celestial factors and products. Actually the four phases depend on the aspect from the Sun. But from here we cannot see the twenty-eighth day of the Moon, because the quaternary and the decenary do not belong to the material Earth, They are manifested to us spiritually, and they are imperceptible on the material plane. The Sun has its noontide, the Moon must have hers; but what comparison of these two noontides . .

Whatever the bases for the different systems of the Lunar Zodiac, we cannot ignore them, especially the Chinese system with its very unequal Mansions; the diagram for this system is on the following page and the following chapter is devoted to it. But we prefer to recommend the regular divisions whose traces are found in all traditions, even in the Chinese tradition.

These divisions should "color" each horoscopic factor located therein, but here we will study only the indications offered by the Moon in its movement around the Zodiac, lest we further complicate the description of this method, which is complementary to the solar method — the only one used by the Western astrologers today.

The interpretations of the position of the Moon in each of these twenty-eight Mansions may be summarized in the following manner:

MANSION I, from 0° 0' to 12° 51' 26" Aries.-called Almach in the Occidental tradition, a name borrowed from the star in the left foot of the constellation Andromeda3. It signifies an ardent imagination, taste for occult sciences, and many changes in employment throughout life. Picatrix advises that the transit of the Moon through this Mansion be used to make pentacles for journeys and for working of spells for love and hatred.


Steampunk Compass Vector

This diagram represents the division of the equator into twenty-eight uu twenty-four hundred years B.C., the result of the reconstruction of the ancient Lunar "Zodiac" of the Chinese by L. de Saussure.

This representation should be considered approximate and not as exact in all details, for Biot thinks that before the XII century B.C. t'hina recognized only twenty-four sieou, and that the V1I,XIV,XXI, «md XXVIII divisions were introduced by the duke of Chiu the great i dormer of Chinese Astrology.

Mm plate was taken from: The Origins of Chinese Astronomy.

The Hindus called the Mansion Asvinithe Horsemen, because it appeared to confer a great need for movement. They considered this nakshatra (Indian word for Mansion) an indication of personal charm, elegance, love of jewelry, and popularity. It also facilitates comprehension.

Known among the Arabs by the name AI Sharatain, (which is derived from the name of the star on the north horn of the constellation Aries — Sharatan, just as the West named this Mansion after one of the principle stars in the constellation Andromeda). It symbolizes forces in conflict, whirlwinds, which are expressed in day-to-day life by quarrels. The Arabs state that this Mansion exerts a very favorable influence on business.

The Chinese gave it the name of Mao (Pleiades), and interpret it as the mark of a career filled with many salient events, and in no way a flat level existence. Statistics could easily show the validity of this statement, but the charts I have seem to confirm it in a striking manner. I found the Moon occupying this Mansion in several far from ordinary destinies, beginning with those of General de Gaulle and the last Czar, Nicholas II, and ending with that of a victim of the desert whose horoscope was published in #11 of "Grand Nostradamus."

We should observe that the importance of this siu is underscored by the fact that Chinese astrologers called the Root of the Heavens and the Commander of the Asterisms.

The Kabbalists know the First Mansion asAiah* which means the train of a sacerdotal robe. They regarded this Mansion as a mark of authority.

Obviously, the solar House where this Mansion falls in each particular case, offers the possibility of greater precision and development of these interpretations. If it is found in the Second solar House, the native will obtain authority by his work; in the Third solar House, he will have authority over his brothers, sisters, and cousins; in the Fourth, his parents will be more or less subject to his influence, or this authority will be manifested in his home, or, again, he will obtain his authority toward the end of his days; in the Fifth, the native will be authoritative in love, and if his partner were not sufficiently docile to his whims, he would seek another partner and could become inconstant and flighty, passing from one mistress to another, driven by the unconscious need to demonstrate his authority; in the Sixth, the native will obtain this authority by active and energetic occupations; in designation» arr not translations of ihr Hebrew The Hebrew i* an alphabetical acm&tir of thr combination* uf rat h »urt rrdm^ Idler of the Hebrew alphabet (2'2 Irticr* + fi final forms) with ihr v if fin of (¿otiS iiamr "isih" j(1«4< bed Ki)

the Seventh, the authority will be exercised in marriage —which doesn't promise much happiness, etc.

In any case, the statements of different traditions which we have summarized, already allow us to add many indications to ordinary interpretation each time that the Moon in a nativity is between 0° and \2° 51' 26" Aries.

Lastly, we should emphasize that all traditions are in perfect agreement on the principle of this Mansion, although they express it differently. Behind the fiery imagination of the occidental tradition, the need for movement of the Hindus, the whirlwinds of the Arabs, the eventful destiny of the Chinese, etc., we clearly feel the same dynamic force which each one expresses differently, but which possesses its individual characteristics not found in any other Mansion.

MANSION II, from 12° 51' 27" to 25° 42' 52" Aries.-called Albothaim by Picatrix who advises that the transit of the Moon through this Mansion be used to work spells of enmity and to make pentacles for the discovery of springs and treasures. (In other words, this Mansion seems to give aptitude for radiesthesia)5. It gives courage, hut also recklessness and indicates the will and energy to direct one's own life by ambition or by thought and not by feelings. Lastly, according to Cardan, the position of the Moon in this Mansion gives only inconstant and variable wealth.

We should mention that Agrippa6 uses names for the Mansions other than those we give in the course of this summary; but these names seem to be distortions of those of Picatrix. Thus for example, Agrippa called the First Mansion Alnath instead of Almach, the second Allothaim or Albochan instead of Albothaim, etc.

To this mansion, called Bharani, the Bearer, the Hindus attributed luck in life, maternal love, triumph over illness7 and determination in work.

Among the Hebrews, it was called Biah which designates the Path of Wisdom. It promises the achievement of wisdom after much effort .ind frequently varied tasks, moments of recklessness caused by lack of reflection and of life experience. The charts of H.C. Agrippa, author of La Philosophie Occultey of Booker John and of many others seem to cinifirm this promise of wisdom.

Called Al Butanif the Belly of the Celestial Ram by the Arabs, this Mansion is considered unfavorable for sea journeys. (My own observations seem to show that sea voyages of people having the Moon in this part of the heavens, are always tied to painful events such as death, exile, or bad business dealings; or when it is a case of cruises or travel for pleasure, they take place under unfavorable conditions, for example, a tempest during the crossing.) The Arabs attribute to this Mansion favorable influence on trade and the discovery of treasures.

In the Chinese system, this Mansion Pi or the Snare creates the danger of rash actions which like the net or the trap paralyze the freedom of the subject. The reckless love affairs of Henry IV who had the Moon in 21° Aries or the political involvements undertaken thoughtlessly by the assassinated dictator of Louisiana Huey P. Long, whose Moon was in 15° 29' Aries, allow us to grasp the idea that Chinese astrologers wanted to embody in the Snare. Leon Degrellc, the leader of the Belgian rexists also had the Moon in this section of the heavens (17° 3' Aries), which could have given warning of frequent recklessness in his political actions.

We must remember that when the Moon in this second Mansion falls in the Second, Fifth, Seventh, or Eighth solar House in masculine charts, it seems to indicate an extravagant and flirtatious woman; in the Fifth solar House, it also is the sign of inconstancy in love; in the Eleventh House, a sign of the protection of a married woman or widow, etc,

MANSION III, from 25° 42* 53" Aries to 8° 34* 18" Taurus,-called Ascorija by Picatrix, the doctor and astrologer of Arab origin who initiated Alphonse X, king of Castille, and consequently one of the founders of the Astrology of Occidental Europe. He advises that the transit of the Moon through this Mansion be used for alchemical experiments, for working spells of love and making pentacles for sea journeys. Its influence seems to accentuate the power of feelings and determination, and to confer a great capacity for work. The charts of George Sand whose Moon was in 26° 40* Aries, Adrien Marquet (Moon in Taurus 6° 13'), Dr. Hjalmar Schacht (Moon in Taurus 6° 25') and many others confirm this attribution.

Arabic Al Thuraya, the Swarm: this Mansion is considered favorable for the sciences and for all who live outdoors, but unfavorable for marriage or travel by water. It increases the practical instinct and seems to be especially related to sciences demanding the use of this ability, for example economics, accounting, etc. It is not accidental that M. Wemyss attributes geography to 26° Aries; teaching to 28° ; la différenciation to 29° ; mathematics to 2° Taurus; strategy to 3C ; diplomacy to 5° , etc. Behind all these specific attributions, the concept of the practical sciences emerges.

In India this Mansion is known as Krittika, the Celestial Commander, which is the Hindu name for the Pleiades. It makes one very susceptible to women (which almost always leads to adultery and complicated affairs of the heart), but indicates at the same time a good reputation and a good personality.

In the Hindu system, Krittikas, the Pleiades are the spouses of the Seven Rishis (Great Bear) and the nurses to Kartikeya, God of War who can be identified with Mars or Saint Michael7. Since Krittikas presides over the dark age Kali-Yuga, the age of sin and sorrows, the nakshatra which bears this name always causes some ups and downs in the private life (generally corresponding to the solar House where this Mansion is located).

We should mention that in India Krittikas begins the Lunar Zodiac just as Mao begins it in China. In the stellar symbolism of most peoples the Pleiades occupy a central place; the reasons for this escape us today, but perhaps they would be in agreement with the opinion put Forth by certain astronomers, that the Pleiades, particularly A Icyone, are the center of our universe. The Babylonians called Alcyone Tem-ennu, the Foundation Stone; the Arabs, Kimah, which means the Immortal Seal, and Al Wasat, the Center or the Middle. The Hindus called Alcyone Amba, the Mother which could be interpreted in the sense of Mother of the Lunar Zodiac.

It is also the siu T$e (Head of Orion) in the Far East. The Chinese astrologers attribute to it independence of thought which may provoke some debates and even quarrels with significant results during the life of the native.

The Hebrews call this Mansion Giah, He Who Repays, and say that Fate, good or evil, is always powerful with persons having the Moon in this Mansion. In spite of their abilities and their capacity for work, free will seems to play a small part in their life.

I should add that very often the Hindu or Chinese attributions repeat some Arab signification or other. To avoid useless repetition, I mention a signification only once if it is common to all traditions, putting it ahead of the significations peculiar to each civilization. For example. I placed at the head of the list devoted to this Mansion: powerful v motions, determination, and great capacity for work.

MANSION IV, from 8° 34' 19" to 21 0 25' 44" Taurus. - In the Middle Ages, it had the name of Aldebaran, the star of the eye of the < nnstcllation Taurus and one of the royal stars of antiquity. Picatrix ireornmends that the transit of the Moon through this Mansion be used for working spells of enmity of all kinds. Although charts of people connected with spells are very difficult to find, my collection of horoscopes confirms the "magic" nature of this Mansion. The reader will Find one of these charts later in the chapter devoted to Lunar Houses.

In the natal chart, this Mansion signifies a great deal of diplomacy and predicts violent feelings and irresistible passions under the appearance of good nature, especially if the native is sensual.

The Arab astrologers called this Mansion by the same name as the Christian writers of the Middle Ages did: Al-Debaran, the Eye of Gods. They interpreted this manazil as a favorable sign for work, manufacture and small trade; but unfavorable for real estate, building, and everything having to do with mines. It is also the sign of marriage, but at the same time one of discord in the conjugal or natal home.

Known in India as Rohini, the Red Stag, this Mansion is considered the sign of mental stability and of kindness. According to the Hindu astrologers, a man having the Moon in this section of the heavens often imperceptibly but surely achieves the power of eluding obstacles, but is capable of showing some vulgarity or chicanery.

Symbolized in the Kabbalistic system as Diaih, the Gate of the Light, it indicates that obstacles in life must be surmounted by the energy of the native.

Among the Chinese it is the stu Tsan or the lieart of the Warrior Tsctn, (Orion) bearing the name of the same constellation as the preceding Mansion —which encouraged certain writers to combine these two siu. Its interpretation is about the same as that of the preceding siu, al*-thoughTsanis considered more favorable than Tse. This Mansion, according to Chinese astrologers creates the danger of some hardships at the beginning of life and exposes the native to being himself the direct cause of quarrels or regrettable vexations.

MANSION V, from 21° 251 45" Taurus to 4° 17'10" Gemini.-In the Grimoires of Magic of the Middle Ages it bears several names whose etymological origin is difficult to establish: Aluxer, Abnicoiz, and Alingez. The transit of the Moon through this Mansion was considered favorable to the development of talents and aptitudes, since it signifies a well endowed and artistic nature. "La Clef des Clavicules"

advises that the Moon's residence in this section of the heavens be used for working spells for and against friendship and to prepare pentacles for travel, since its influence is clearly favorable for travel and change of residence.

Agrippa, who named this Mansion Alshataia or Albashaia, says that it gives health and benevolence.

Called El Hakah, the White Spot by the Arabs, this Mansion is considered favorable to studies and the second half of journeys. According to Arabs, the Moon in this manazil nevertheless exerts an unfavorable influence on associations, collective enterprises, and on charitable and humanitarian works, being more propitious for private life than for social activity.

The Hindus state that this nakshatra which they call Mrigasiras causes shyness in the beginning of life and denotes a clever and persuasive man, but at the same time sensual and fickle.

Called Tsing, the Well by the astrologers of the Far East, this Mansion favors slow and laborious accumulation of wealth and exerts a favorable influence on poets. We should mention that the charts of F, Mistral, Alexandre Dumas senior, of Paul Valéry, of C. Mendes and many others have the Moon in that Mansion.

Lastly, the Hebrews called it Eiah, the Supreme, and attributed to it a good influence on education.

MANSION VI, from 4° 171 1 V to 17° 8' 36" Gemini.-called Athaia or Alkaia by Picatrix. It is the sign of a providential protection throughout life, and Picatrix's advice to use the transit of the Moon in this Mansion for working spells destined to give victory in war, reflects t he idea of a providence connected with this part of the heavens.

Manazil AI Hanach, the Scar of the Arab astrologers. This Mansion is believed to exert an unfavorable influence on farm work, which explains the statement of the Clef des Clavicules that it favors working of spells to curse crops. This Manazil further signifies some financial losses in the course of life and slows convalescences.

Kewf the Ghost of the Chinese. This siu, contrariwise, is considered very favorable for business in the Far-Eastern system. It also seems to have a conncetion with social and political life. (Mussolini's « hart, who has the Moon at 9° 46' Gemini, or Paul Reynaud's9 with ilie Moon at 8° 37' Gemini —is it a coincidence?). But it is interesting m observe that the Chinese tradition agrees with the Arab tradition in n-rognizing the devitalizing character of this Mansion. Where the Arabs believe it slows recovery after illnesses, the Chinese say that it is i me of the indicators of a short life.

Known to the Hindus as Ardra, Moisture> it indicates pride deriving from consciousness of worth, a certain malice, little gratitude, and h seems to give a tendency to treachery, and deceptions concerning business or finance.

Viah for the Kabbalists, this Mansion indicates proselytising and < an be used for all kinds of foundations.

MANSION VII, from 17° 8' 37" Gemini to 0° Cancer.-In Picatrix it is referred to by three names Addyvat, Aldyaras andAldry-abe which are simple derivations of the Arabic Aldhira. It is the Mansion of scholars; its influence is exercised especially on the mental and intuitive plane. The charts of Regiomontanus, Pasteur, C.A. Cal-mette, P. Choisnard and many others seem to confirm this aspect of Addyvat.

Picatrix recommends using the transit of the Moon through this Mansion to prepare pentacles intended to promote trade, sea voyages and luck in general, as well as to work spells to obtain the favor of great ones and to sow discord.

The Arabs call it AI Dhira, the Seed or the Branch; they consider it favorable for lovers, friendships, earnings, and for healing; but unfavorable for Law and justice.

The Hindus knew this Seventh Mansion10 as Punarvasu, Brothers returned. They attribute to it an amiable, understanding and reasonable character, capable of being happy with little. Its influence is opposed to worldly life and inclines the native to a life more or less retired from the world, living in the intimacy of family or with some friends. Love of travel and great attachment to the home naake the person with this position of the Moon one who adores traveling and hates to move.

My personal observations permit me to add that very often it is the work and the occupation of the native that force him to lead such a retired life.

In China it is the siu Liu, a Willow Branch. There this Mansion is associated with the ancestor cult and is considered favorable to family life although it causes considerable changes in life style in youth.

Ziah for the Kabbalists, this Mansion develops trust and promotes friendship.

In concluding the First quarter of the Lunar Zodiac, we should say that, like the signs, the decans, the terms, and the degrees, each of these Mansions is linked to a planet, in the occidental tradition as well as in Hindu astrology. We will devote a separate chapter to the latter since its attributions do not agree with ours. In the Western tradition the First Mansion Mansion is governed by the Sun; the Second by the Moon; the Third by Mars; the Fourth by Mercury; the Fifth by Jupiter; the Sixth by Venus; and the Seventh by Saturn; the order of rulership is the same as that of the week.

The three remaining quarters of the Lunar Zodiac repeat this or der of planetary rulerships.

MANSION VIII, from 0° to 12° 51' 26" Cancer.-Amatkura or Alamiathra. Its influence is especially favorable as regards the family since it gives a profound attachment to the family and love of children (even those of a stranger)- Picatrix advises that the transit of the Moon through this Mansion be used to prepare the pentacles for love and friendship and for land travel as well as to work spells of friendship and enmity "against captives or to bind someone in captivity."

Al Nathrah, the Nursery of the Arabs, makes the native somewhat credulous, but promises that love or friendship will begin in the course of travel.

Hsing to the Chinese, this Mansion is interpreted in the Celestial Empire as the sign of charity and of the need to dedicate and even sacrifice oneself for dear ones or for ideas. The chart of Miss Lind-af-Hageby11, who dedicated her life to works of charity and to the protection of children and animals, has the Moon at 4° 22' Cancer; we should ask if it is possible to explain this chart completely without taking this Mansion into consideration. Especially since these philanthropic tendencies are found in all persons having the Moon in this Mansion, even Hugo Stimnesl2 and F.D. Roosevelt, while the dedica tion to a noble cause marks charts as varied as that of Dr. Benes13, Theophile Dclcasse and Emile Loubet.

Called Pushya, the Flower by the Hindus, it is believed to promote renown and popularity and to indicate a thrifty virtuous and peaceful person. It is also the sign of tenacity in action, of will power set on a chosen goal, and of the difficulty of stopping the native when he chooses a false path or takes a wrong direction, (like Dr. Petiot whose Moon is in Cancer 6° 43')14.

MANSION IX, from 12° 51' 27" to 25° 42'52" Cancer.-In Picatrix it bears the name A tars or Atarls; he advises it be used to make magic pentacles intended to curse journeys and sow discord, as well as for spells for hatred. At the moment of birth, it imparts a sort of romanticism that has a marked effect on actions, which we find in (iambetta, Ed. Herriot, A. Besant and many others whose Moon is in titis Mansion.

Al Tarj\ the Gaze of the Arabs; it marks one affable and benevo-Irni, but acts in various ways depending on sex: in a masculine chart it f.ivors marriage and increases the force of personality; in a feminine horoscope, it exercises a bad influence on marriage and makes the native easily discouraged, sullen and unhappy.

Obviously, if the Moon is afflicted, it cannot excrcise a good influence on the marriage of the man, especially since it is the principal significator of the wife in a masculine chart.

Called Chang, the Bended Bow by the Chinese, it signifies prudence, tenacity, and stability. According to the astrologers of the Far-East, a journey should not be begun when the Moon is in this sin, because it exerts a bad influence on travel.

Known to the Hindus by the name of Aslesha, the Web, this nak-shatra predisposes the native to lack of sincerity, avarice and to numerous deceptions and disappointments. This division of the Lunar Zodiac encourages elevation of the mind to a synthetical vision of things but at the same time provokes painful separations in life or serious troubles due to familial, emotional, commercial, social or political disunity.

Tiah, the Serise of Beauty, to the Kabbalists. This Mansion imparts a great need of faith (which does not seem to always mean religious faith), and desire for authority, but doesn't indicate a sense of responsibility.

MANSION X, from 25° 42'53" Cancer to 8° 34'18" of Leo.-Known in Europe as Alzezal, Algelhab or Algelba. It indicates a mixture of kindness and calculation 11La Clef des Clavicules" recommends that the transit of the Moon through this Mansion be used to make pentacles for love and to work spells intended to dispose of enemies, strengthen buildings and procure benevolence and aid,

AI Jabbahy Forehead of the Lion, to the Arabs. This Mansion is considered very favorable from all aspects, for studies as well as for earnings, for professional success as well as for love; but often makes the native very sensitive to the feelings of others and inclines him to abuse of drugs and medications.

/ (Wing) to the Chinese, this Mansion is also considered a favorable factor in social elevation, particularly where due to the native's own efforts.

Magha, the Mighty of the Hindus, indicates in India an industrious, religious man, possessing a great deal of tact and having many opportunities to achieve wealth, but experiencing restlessness in life, often as a result of personal ambitions.

liah, the Absolute Principle of the Kabbalists, indicates a broad field of activity and is believed to exert a favorable influence from a spiritual aspect (which must have something to do with the fact that this Mansion is considered by the Hebrews the center of the Lunar Zodiac).

MANSION XI, from 8° 34' 19" to 21° 25*44" Leo.-Called Az-obre, according to Picatrix who associates it with pentacles intended to favor trade and with spells to enable prisoners to escape and for laying siege to fortresses. It gives persons under its influence idealism or very refined tastes, but indicates vacillating fortune. We Find the Moon in this Mansion with Mahatma Gandhi, Leopold III, king of Belgium, G. Madel, General Weygand, etc.

AlZubrahf the Mane of the Celestial Lion of the Arabs. This Mansion exerts a favorable influence on trade, on wealth (which often comes as a result of the efforts of others, especially in charts of women), on marriage and travel, but it is considered an unfavorable influence for the health of women.

Chin, Servitude of the Chinese, this siu symbolizes patient courage and susceptibility but cautions the native to choose his words carefully and beware outbursts of anger.

Called Purva Phalgunif the Front of the Culprit by the Hindus. This Mansion indicates eloquence or facility with words, love of travel, and pride or vanity; but threatens accidents by fire (this seems particularly true when the Moon is Hyleg or occupies the VI or VII solar House).

Kiah, the Unchangeable of the Kabbalists. This section of the heavens is considered favorable to all premeditated action with a clearly determined goal; but unfavorable for risk.

MANSIONXII, from 21° 25'45" Leo to4° 17'10" Virgo.-Called Atorsiana or Discorda by the astrologers of Medieval Europe. Incertain lists of significations for the Lunar Zodiac it is associated with the invisible world on the one hand, and social (even socialist) ideas on the other; the charts of Marconi, who dedicated his life to the study of waves and whose Moon is in Leo 25° 47'; and Sepharial (Moon in Leo 22° 45') seem to confirm the connection this Mansion has with the invisible world, while the horoscopes of Upton Sinclair (Moon in Leo 27° 56'), Josef Stalin (whose Moon is 3° 22' Virgo) and even that of Soviet Russia15 corroborate the second signification of this Mansion.

Picatrix advises that the transit of the Moon through this Mansion be used to make pentacles favorable to crops, and to work spells intended to improve the lot of prisoners, slaves and friends, as well as to destroy ships.

The Arabs call this manazil Al Sarfah, the Changer of Weather, and consider it favorable to agriculture, the sending of messages, and for those who work for others as employees or salaried personnel. It seems that this Mansion should be placed among the factors favoring elevation in life in the service of another.

Chinese: Chio, the Horns of the Dragon. This Mansion plays a very large part in the astrology of the Far-East. Schlegel calls it the Patriarch of the Constellations, while Lide Saussure, designates it as the Foremost of the Signs. It is less favorable for women than for men; to the latter it gives wisdom and promises success in life as well as a happy and advantageous marriage; in feminine charts, according to the Chinese, it inclines the native to virginity or celibacy, or perhaps to diseases of the uterus and to emotional deceptions.

In the Hindu Zodiac it is Uttara Phalguni\ the Back of the Culprit. A joyous and happy influence is attributed to itT but it is very possible that this attribution derives more from the location of this nakshatra than from astrological observations: according to the Gin zel, the oldest texts show the festival of spring associated with the Full Moon in Phalguni. In China as well, the Full Moon which appeared to the left of the signal star of the Kio was the First in the year; the appa rition of the Horns of the Dragon at twilight was the sign of the new year. Be that as it may, the Hindus state that this Mansion denotes love and sensuality, happiness and knowledge as well as wealth acquired through personal merit. Statistics and observations will allow us to determine how much truth there is in these assertions.

We should add that the Hindus frequently combine the Eleventh and Twelfth House, since the Moon in this section of the heavens emphasizes sensuality and makes of this trait a strong influence on the career (as also of the sexual life in general and amorous adventures in particular), making a union (or unions) the decisive factor of social success or, contrarily, the direct cause of the loss of position, and occasionally even a real catastrophe destroying with a single stroke a whole existence. (This depends on aspects received and the whole of the chart).

Liah, the Paths of Wisdom to the Hebrews. This Mansion is believed to encourage study but to bring at the same time too much versatility.

MANSION XIII, from 4° 17' IT to 17° 8* 36" Virgo.-Called Alalma, Asalame and Alhahuhe by Picatrix16. He recommends that the Lunar transit through this House be used to make the pentacles intended to promote trade and crops, and to work spells for the escape of prisoners and to gain the good will of the mighty. In natal charts it indicates cleverness in the handling of money or in other words increases financial skill. The charts of John Pierpont Morgan, (who has the Moon ino Virgo 14° ), Camille Chautemps (whose Moon is at 10° 24s of the same sign), and others confirm this indication.

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