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Mythology, that wonderful bible of all the traditional sciences, which conceals all the laws of Astrology under the transparent veil of symbols, offers a whole series of lunar goddesses, each one with her own features, which connects each to different parts of the lunar orbit. Earlier, we located Ceres in the Ninth and Tenth Houses, and Diana, in the Eleventh, Twelfth, and Thirteenth. Each of these goddesses symbolizes a particular phase of the lunar influence, and tradition links Houses Twenty-eight and One, those of the invisible phase of the Moon, with Hecate, goddess of the infernal Moon. Of all these associations, this one is most certain, indisputable and unobjectionable. It is also the only one that Greek tradition has transmitted to us, and perhaps the only one it was aware of during the Graeco-Roman period. The attributions of Semele, Rhea, Opis, Cybele, Eileithyia and all the other cosmic goddesses seem to have been already partly forgotten in the classic era; Plato himself admitted that he had no idea what to think of the earlier scriptures concerning the nature of the gods!

What, for example, was the celestial prototype of the lunar Artemis against whom the Ancients beat on cauldrons and made cymbals and brass instruments resound in order to neutralize her magic power formidable in evil; or else to attract the benefic magic contained in her light? . . J

The first and last Lunar Houses are those of Hecate, the dark Moont She who strikes from afar, who was called Triple Hecate and represented by three animal heads. Everything we know of this blood-colored goddess may by analogy be applied to persons born with the Moon in these Houses. Above all it is a sign of much uncertainty throughout life, of feelings which are incomprehensible to the native himself, and of a need for affection which is rarely satisfied.

This plate represents Hecate engraved on a talismanic or magic medallion of the Fourth or Fifth Century, in other words, dating from the Late Roman Empire. The goddess of enchantments and dark rites is flanked by serpents, and the action of the Lunar Houses of Hecate in Astrology is comparable to the treachery of the serpent's bite-

Remember that the poisoner, Hecate, grand-daughter of the Sun, was versed in the inventions of evil: she used wolfsbane to get rid of rivals; she would invite them to delicious feasts and for dessert would pour them a spicy liqueur that quickly brought them from life to death. She did not stop at administering death; according to the myth, she also knew the secret of curious mixtures of herbs that gave hallucinations to those who imbibed them. In perfect accord with this image, this phase of the Moon indicates astrologically a powerful fate in the life which produces strange events, much out of the ordinary and sometimes actually hallucinatory. Later on in this book the reader will find some charts that confirm this statement in an indisputable manner.

But before turning to the inspection of these charts, (which could easily be extended to many others), we should throw some light on the reasons why the especially malefic nature of the dark Moon was not made apparent by all the astrologers who make use almost daily of the conjunction of the luminaries. How could they miss the fatality of this conjunction?

There are probably many reasons for this, the principal one being that the conjunction is larger than the Houses of Hecate: for the con-junction of the luminaries an orb of 12° and sometimes more is al

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lowed; whereas the First and Twenty-eighth Lunar Houses end at 8° 30' from the exact point of the conjunction. In other words, the Moon at a distance of more than 8° from the Sun will fall in the Second or Twenty-seventh Houses whose malefic nature is incomparably weaker than that of the Houses of Hecate, If an orb of 16° or 17° is allowed, the Moon may fall even in the Twenty-sixth or Third Lunar Houses, whose interpretations are different.

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