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Astro Elements

The Art Of Astrology

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Preface to the fourth edition 19

Preface to the second edition 25

Introduction 27

The intrepretations of the Mansions in the different traditions 33

Mansion 1 34

Mansion U 37

Mansion III 38

Mansion IV 39

Mansion V 40

Mansion VI 41

Mansion VII 42

Mansion VIII 43

Mansion IX 43

Mansion X 44

Mansion XI 45

Mansion XII 45

Mansion XIII 46

Mansion XIV 48

Mansion XV 49

Mansion XVI 50

Mansion XVII 51

Mansion XVIII 51

Mansion XIX 52

Mansion XX 53

Mansion XXI 54

Mansion XXII 54

Mansion XIII 56

Mansion XXIV 57

Mansion XXV 58

Mansion XXVI 58

Mansion XXVII 59

Mansion XXVII] 60

Rulerships of the Mansions in Hindu Astrology 65

Some notes on the Chinese system 70

The twenty-eight Lunar Houses 76

Houses XIII, XIV 84

Houses XV, XVI, XVII 85


Houses XVI, XVII, XVIII 87

Chart of the proclamation of the Empire of Italy 88

The Houses of the invisible Moon 91

Chart of Landru 97

Chart of Madame X 99

Chart of Madame Y 101

Chart of Madame Z 103

Chart of Fronval 105

Chart of the launching of the Europa 107

The meanings of the Mansions according to Belot 112

The Horizons of Lunar Astrology 114

Traces of Lunar Astrology in Shivaism 117

More fragments of Lunar Astrology 121

Conclusion 129

Bibliography 130

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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