Rulership Of The Mansions In Hindu Astrology

In our Occidental tradition, each quarter of the Lunar Zodiac is governed by the same sequence of the seven planets known to the Ancients; this is to a certain extent analogous to the planetary week. The Hindu astrologers, however, who now work with a distorted Lunar Zodiac of twenty-seven nakshatras, have invented three series of nine rulers for them.

It is impossible to adapt this system to our Occidental methods, because it is really not a Zodiacal system (in the usual meaning of that word), but a sidereal one: in actuality, the circle of twenty-seven nakshatras follows the movement of the precession of the equinoxes and the figures given below should correct the deviation between our gamma point and 0° Aries of the Hindu Zodiac*, (22° 26' 18" for January 1, 1900; and 23° 5* 39" for January 1, 1947). Whatever the case may be, these are the rulershipsof the nakshatras:

The South Node of the Moon or Cauda (which the Hindus call Kethu and which they elevate to the level of a planet) governs the First, Tenth, and Nineteenth nakshatras (i.e., the space between 0° and 13° 20" in Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius).

Venus rules the Second, Eleventh, and Twentieth nakshatras located from 130 20' to 26° 40' Aries, Leo, Sagittarius;

The Sun is the ruler of the three following divisions, i.e., the Third, Twelfth, and Twenty-First ;

The Moon assumes rulership of the Fourth, Thirteenth, and Twenty-second nakshatras (occupying the space from 10° to 23° 20' Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) ;

Mars governs the Fifth, Fifteenth, and Twenty-third of these constellations (constellations because they are really asterisms designated in the heavens by the fixed stars) ;

The North Node or Caput (which the Hindus call Ftahu, and which they treat like a planet) rules the three following divisions, i.e., the Sixth, Fifteenth, and Twenty-fourth (from 6° 40' to 20° Gemini,

Libra and Aquarius) ;

Jupiter follows as ruler of Seventh, Sixteenth and Twenty-fifth nakshatras (which occupy the space in the heavens from 3° 20' to 16° 40' Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces);

Lastly, Mercury closes each series of nine nakshatras.

Although, to my mind, this is a distorted Lunar Zodiac, these rulerships are by no means abstractions without practical import. On the contrary, Hindu astrologers draw from this system many practical applications some of which appear to be verifiable daily.

Furthermore, a curious method of progression, completely unknown in France, called Basas, derives directly from this system.

This technique is based on the age or the time attributed to each nakshatra and to its ruler, attributions which may be summarized in the following table of relationships :

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