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The system of Lunar Astrology which is the subject of this book met with such success that within three months the first edition was practically sold out. This was especially surprising to me since Astrology publications appeal to an elite which is always a small minority.

I will not take credit for this success. It can easily be explained by the fact that everyone involved in Astrology intuitively felt the inadequacy of an exclusively solar approach. Duality is the fundamental law of the Cosmos: the temple was always supported by two pillars —Jakim and Boas, The manifestations of polarity embodied by these two pillars —one black and one white—are universal and are encountered everywhere. Sooner or later, Astrology will have to restore the Moon to its rightful place. Testing of the principles contained in this book offered results comparable to those from indications found in any modern textbook of traditional astrology. Before publishing this book, I used these principles in interpreting a large number of horoscopes so that I might judge for myself their reliability, complete them, and reject certain erroneous attributions (for example, the Hindu attribution of happiness to the Second Mansion). The letters I received after the publication of this book prove the value of this system:

"The delineations given for the Houses of the Moon are accurate" writes H.P., one of my correspondents. "On the basis of about two hundred charts that 1 possess, 1 was able to confirm the validity of rhese indications ..." I take the liberty of quoting this letter, since all of the others deal with evidence from a far more limited number of cases.

Lunar Astrology should be used in every Astrological undertaking. Obviously, everything can not be applied inflexibly (this is, of course, true of any indication anywhere), but these delineations are a very important horoscopic factor; they must not be neglected in the synthesis of a horoscope.

For example, if several indications, such as Aries Ascendant plus Mars square Sun and Uranus, indicate impulsiveness and violence, whereas the Lunar Mansion indicates a gentle person —the native will of course still be impulsive, but this impulsiveness will be somewhat attenuated by the Moon. But that is the first principle of everyday Astrological synthesis.

Certain readers and even some critics of Lunar Astrology seem to confuse the invisible phase of the Moon, or Hecate, to which the last chapter of this book is devoted, with the hypothetical second moon called Lilith which appears to draw more attention from researchers every day (if one can judge by the number of articles devoted to it throughout the world). Any attentive reader will easily see that there is no relation between this hypothetical satellite and the houses of Hecate. I even think that in Hecate is localized the dark sphere of the occultists, the sinister cone of the shadow, which the earth drags after itself, and where there is an abominable reservoir whence dark forces are unleashed on our planet.

This new edition includes several improvements which make the exposition clearer and more complete. We hope that it will be received with as much interest as the first.

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