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^Speaking of this material and of the dating of puberty (easier to determine in women than in men; and occurring —depending on the country and the era between 11 and 15 years with the arrival of the Moon at the exit to ihe VII Lunar House), we could construct a mathematically valid sysiem of progressions in which the peak of individual development could be located equally well at thirty or at fifty years, and the decline of virility or end of female life between forty five and seventy-eight years, since the earlier puberty arrives, the more the rhythm of progressions appears to be swift. 1 admit that I have made only four attempts to apply this method, which naturally belongs to the "individual measures in the horoscope.11 At the end of 1942. Raoul Fructus completed a book devoted to this subject, on which he had worked several years and which he hoped to publish after the war; but this work disappeared with the arrest of the author by the Gestapo. Deported to a concentration camp, he never returned. His astrological labors died with him. hut the lume of Raoul Fructus was given to one of the first Martinet groups after the war in Marvillr

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