■"I place my faith in the Creator of the World that He may deliver mc from the evils which beset humanity, from the influences of the Moon covered with shadows ..." Koran, ch. cxiii,

21 must thank M. Henri Latou for having conveyed to mc these ohservations from across the Rhine.

^Secrets de la vraie Agriculture, Paris, 1572, p. 60.

4G. Contenau, Manuel d'Archeobgie Orientate, Vol. I, Paris, 1927, fig, 85 and pp. 201-202.

^According to Mgr. Devoucoux, "Etude dArcheologie Traditionelle," reproduced by Etudes Tradiiionelles, #312. December 1953.

6The fact that the exemplary lunar number among the Assy ro-Babylonians was 30 rather than 28 does not contradict the Babylonian origin of these concepts — t hese planetary numbers probably belong to another design. Thus for example, Kircher {Edipus Egyptiacus, Vol, II, p, 305) and, following him, Lenain (Le Science Cabalistique, Amiens, 1823, pp. 119-125), count twenty-eight Lunar Mansions/Houses to which they then add the two supplementary days to arrive at thirty.

We must recall that among the AssyTo-Babylonians the sign for month was simply the sign for day bearing the number 30, that of Sin, the Moon god. Each planet-deity had his number. Anu, the father of the gods, had the number 60, the perfect number in the sexagesimal system and number of the 60° of the signs Capricorn and Aquarius, over which Saturn reigns in an uninterrupted manner. Bal is assigned the number 50; 40 was the number of F-a, god of the abyss; 1">. that of lshtar, Is it because Venus shows the same phases as the Moon that she is assigned half of the lunar number?

7Catalogus Codicum Astrologorum Graecorum, Vol. IX, part 1, Edition de 1'Academic, Brussels, 1951

BAccording to certain sources, this French edition was printed in Germany. But the Bibliogra-phie of Caillet cites, on the contrary, a German translation of Teles cope which appeared around


9M. Akor. follower of P.V. Piobb, who brought the Telescope to my attention, assumes with good grounds that there is a precise interpretation for each unusual word found there, Thus, for example, if you replacc each letter of GENHELIA (name of the solar spirit which opens the series of nine planets) with its following letter, you get: HFOIFMJB, i.e., H(Hiram), Foi (allusion to the eighteenth degree), FM (FreeMasonry), JB (name of the two columns of the Temple). The Telescope thus connects Masonic teaching with Astrology, which was always a part of the secret initiatory ceremonies of the Society.

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