' Reflexions sur Ic Symbolisme des Nomhres'1 in Aslrosophte, of February 1935, p, 67, *'Dcs nombresM (vol. II in the collection "Les Maitres de rOcegltisme/' Nice, 1946, p.68), *The common feature shared by the Lunar systems in different traditions is the existence of reference stars which mark the boundaries of the twenty-eight divisions. In India, these stars are called yogatara. The names of several Mansions are derived from the names of the stars. The fact that most of these stars arc displaced because of the precession of the equinoxes and no longer occupy the Mansions bearing their name, in no way changes the interpretations of these Mansions, since these Mansions, like the Solar Zodiac, are formed by the influence of the Moon spread out over the cross made by the solstices and the equinoxes. We see the same phenomenon here as that of the identity of the names of the constellations and the names of the zodiacal signs which no longer correspond to them.

*See the explanation of the Hindu names of the nakshatras in our essay "Quelques adaptations locales de 1'Astrologie Lunaire" in "Les Cahiers Astrologiques," 1946, # 2.

¿Statistics could prove these attributions. As far as radiesthesia is concerned, for example, the Moon is not in this Mansion in the chart of any radiesthesiologist which I possess, but the cusp of the Fourth Solar House, which governs things hidden in the ground, is here in the chart of M. Brouard as is Jupiter, ruler of his Ascendant; with Emile Christophe this Mansion is in the IV House and contains Mercury, ruler of publications: the Ascendant of M. Lacroix a 1'Henri is in this Mansion; it is in the particularly occult Eighth House in the chart of Vicomte Henri de France and contains Neptune, planet of intuition, etc. Since the publication of this book, several radiesthesiologist* have •written to me saying that they have the Moon in this Mansion. *La Philosophic Occulte, Book II, La Haye, I7Z7, p. 349.

'H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, vol. IV of the French edition, p. 129.

®ln any case, all the medieval names of the Mansions come down from the Arabs —the real originators of Astrology in the West.

9Born October IS, 1878. a P.M. in Barcelonette.

lONote that in India, it is not the seventh, but the Fifth Mansion, since the Hindu Zodiac begins at 26° Aries with Knttikas Even in our day, the nakshatras coincide with the position of the stars whose name they bear.

11See I'Astrosophie, July issue, 1955, p. 9.

i2Thischart was published by Ernest Hentgesin Le Grand Nostradamus, #13, p,33.

"See Les Cahiers Astrologiques, 1946, #3, p. 132.

iSThis chart was cast for the moment of the taking of the Winter Palace, November 7, 1917, 10:40 P.M. in St. Petersburg. The elements of the chart, which have never been published are:

«^Certainly all the names of the Mansions played a part in medieval magic: in any case they belong more to magic than Astrology. But I hope that in the future, when study of the influence of the Mansions will be more widespread, one of these names will be finally chosen to designate each Mansion, as Aries designates the first sign of the Solar Zodiac. Taurus the second, etc.

*7His chart was published in #17, p.4 of Le Grand Nostradamus*

i8ln other words, this Mansion should have something in common with the Second, as regards radiesthesia, although this "hunt for treasures," must be understood in the broadest sense — which explains the presence of the Moon in this part of the heavens in the charts of Le Verrier, Blavatsky and many other seekers of scientific or spiritual treasure.

*°"Le Calendrier Lunaire mensuel" in Votre Destin, April 5 issue, 1935.

Science Orientate avant les Grecs, Paris, 1930, p. 383.

®The Chinese represented the constellation Pegasus as a building whose Western Wall was Che and whose Eastern Wall was Py, the following siu Frequently the two Mansions are counted as

Sun - 14°52' 32" Scorpio Moon - 27°6' Leo Mercury - 17° 22'Scorpio

Venus 0° 44' Capricorn

Mars - 2° 5G1 Virgo Jupiter - 9° 121 Gemini Saturn 14° 14' Leo Uranus — 19° 49'Aquarius Neptune — 7° 7' Leo Pluto - 5° 4' Cancer Part of Fortune - 3° 481 Gemini North Node - 3° 55' Capricorn i n one. which transforms (he twenty-eight siv into twenty seven. Earlier we noted the same distortion made by the Hindus.

Z3Agrippa. La Philosophie Occulte, Book fl, p. 353, 2*Couts de'Astrologie, Lesson 66.

25Wc can cite as example the chart of Victor Emmanuel (whose Moon is in 27° 19' Aquarius) who emerged relatively unharmed, from the chaotic events Italy passed through during his reign. Napoleon III also had the Moon in this Mansion.

*>La Philosophie Occuite, p,354, & Vol. I of the 192& edition, p, 58,

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