1 According to G. l-anoc-Vilk ne (Lf l.ivrr, des Symboles, Vol. Í. Paris, 1955. p. 18.). this lu n<u magic srenis to come from countries north of Thessaly, common homeland of Greek sorcerers. where this goddess was revered as the ruler of lanar purgatory.

2P Choisnaid and some other astrologers ie<onmu tid an orh of [Io for the Sun ;md IV for the Moon

Robert Ambelain, iri the third volume of his "Traite dAstrologie Esoterique" (Paris, 1942, pp 74-7fi) increases this orb to 22° 30' and gives eight different interpretations of the soli-lunar conjunction:

The Moon 220 S0T from the Sun: Changeable destiny. Alternating between good and bad. Irresolute character, Mental disturbance in difficult times. Weak vision. Tendency to rebellion, affrontery, Much travel or at leasl strong inclination for it.

The Afoorc at ]$° 45 ' from the Sun: Success in work as subordinate. Rude employees. Bad health. If the Moon is on the increase: accumulation of wealth, If not: bad influence from women; trouble from the mother of spouse. Danger from water.

The Moon at 16° 52 ' from the Sun: tendency to lying and deceit. Indiscretions committed or suffered which cause much trouble. Engagements and associations broken. Little joy in marriage. Separation or at least misunderstanding. Fluctuation of fortune, succession of good and bad limes. Deceit by women or employees. Avoid crowds.

The Moon from the Sun: Good will, benevolent and affable. Good relations with women if the moon is on the increase Good luck in life. But if the Moon is on the wane, the second half of the life will be less fortunate than the first. Good luck in gambling. Altruism, Will become recognized in ihc course of his life.

Moon at } Io from the Sun: Changeable destiny. Unstable situation. Alternating gain and loss. Nervousness, feverish quality. Numerous obstacles in one's plans. Incessant setbacks. Envious and jealous piro pie try to work harm. Possible fame or infamy.

Moon 8° from Sun (called Combust): Adversity in life. Diminishes good luck promised by other elements of the horoscope. Increases the danger of bad portents. Strengthens the role of the malefics in the chart. Discord in marriage. Difficulties in carrying out projects. Conjugal misfortune, divorce or death of spouse. Foundering health. Weakness of the eyes. Danger from water (drowning or chill). Tottering situation. If the Moon is increasing: the inauspicious portents are weakened. In an angular House they are aggravated.

The Moon at from the Sun (catted Caztmi): words or writings stir up controversy. Protection of important people. Advancement delayed Obstacles to success, which will nonetheless be surmounted. Possibility of beautiful and fortunate marriage, especially if the Moon is increasing. Hopes for wealth which are realized. Familial happiness. Early marriage. Possibility of infants outside of marriage or adultery for a woman.

The Moon conjunct at 0° from the Sun (called Heart of the Sun): Mysteries and secrets regarding matters of the House in the chart where the conjunction takes place, Secretive, somber turn of thought, eccentricity. Tendency to bear grudges, contained violence. Mind inclined to patient vengeance. Danger brought by the hatred of a woman- Enemies of the opposite sex. In a feminine chart, threat of seduction and abandonment. Danger of traps and calumnies. lllu-sionary hopes. Very late success at the end of life- If afflicted by malefics, the two luminaries promise: weakening of the faculties, unconsciousness, or amorality. In an angular House: danger from poison or occult practices (hypnosis, potions, spells, etc.). *Dzctionnazre de iOccultisme Experimental, Vol. I, p. 240, 4Dictionnairv Astrologique, Paris, 1935, p. 47. 5Editionsof the Cahiers Astrologiquesf Nice, 1946, p.36 and ff.

Centiloquio p. 13, 7These observations come to us from Regiomontanus. '"Landru et les Astros" in Le Voile dl\isf 1922, p. 26». «See p. 38 of this book.

Astrology of Accidents, by Charles Carter, p. 57. chart #5. I must thank M. Ch. de Herbáis dr Thun who brought this chart, among others, to my attention, i Wemain, Issue of October 21, 1951 p. 132. ^A\trologiet vol. VII, p. 60

13/fstrologie Psythologtque et Medícale, Vienna, 1935, case #8 and #53. A*l do not know if it is Gregorian or Julian calendar. ]bDie Astrologie, September issue, 1928

h>Note that the chart of ihc launching of the Normandte t given hv H-J. Gouchon in "Pictinnnaire Astrologique,1' (p. II0). has Hecate ¡ti the Eighth Iinas<\ but in Scorpio and not

Leo. Scorpio, a water sign, threatens sinking above all in this chart.

Already. June 22, 1936, the crash of the English seaplane on the bridge of the Normandie. had shown that the stars are not at all favorable to it. This was only the first warning of its fate, foretelling the unfortunate end of this super steamship, pride of the French fleet.

We should mention that the conjunction of the luminaries seems to have some relationship with air accidents and in the list of eight accidents given in Demam (April 21, 1936 issue, pp. 491 92), three occurred at the moment of conjunction which is a very high percentage. iH his chart was published in Le Grand Nostradamus, #7. i*Astrologiet Vol, III. p. 40.

^Krankheit und Tod im Horoskop, Charts #60 and #103. '^Methode dinte rpretation du Be her et de iWars, Mougins, 1929.

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