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On the subject of this chart, the late lamented, Sylv. Trebucq8 has said, "A very rapid analysis will reveal the particularly brilliant qualities of the native, disclosed by the magnificent grouping of six planets in Aries.

"The Sun, exalted in this sign, is royally flanked by benefic planets, in very favorable aspect with Saturn on one side and with Mars on the other . . ,

Like Sylv. Trebucq, all the astrologers who have analysed this chart were perplexed when confronted by the number of good configurations it contains. But Hecate covers them all with her sinister shadow.

Let us interpret, for curiosity's sake, the indications given by the position of the Moon in the Zodiac. Landru has the Moon at 24° 15* Aries —in the Second Mansion, one of courage and the will power to direct the native's life by reflection. The Twelfth Solar House, that of crime, clearly shows in which direction the will power will be exercised.

The Hindu interpretation of this Mansion especially emphasizes luck in life; Landru managed to commit his crimes over a long series of years (from 1902 approximately, to 1921), without being disturbed or suspected.

In the Chinese system this Mansion is the sign of "danger of imprudent actions which, like the snare of the trap, paralyze the actions of the native."9 The Twelfth Solar House is the House of crimes and prisons, the Moon is conjoined with the Sun ruler of the Fifth House of love affairs, and to Jupiter which rules the Eighth House of Death; these indications define the native's actions as being linked with love affairs and death, and indicate his liberty will be paralysed by arrest or imprisonment.

This application of the interpretations of the Second Mansion to the horoscope of Landru may serve as an example for the practical use of this division of the Zodiac.

Before proceeding to the next chart, we should note that the Moon in the First Lunar House and in the sign of Aries is encountered in the chart of Isadora Duncan, strangled to death by her scarf, in the chart of a person burned to death10, and that of a miner killed in a inine disaster, etc.11

Our second chart is that of a wife of a high magistrate, married at the age of nineteen in 1910. The next year, her husband left to go to war and her conjugal life was abruptly ended by this event, because when her husband returned, he did not resume his marital

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