this part of the heavens, was a dark day for German astrology: astrological societies lost everything and many astrologers were arrested.)

There are countless scattered documents of all sorts bearing on Lunar Astrology, but they need to be classified, numbered, explained and even adapted before being put to use. What astrologer, for example, has had the curiosity to open "Telescope de Zoroastra ou Clef de la Grande Cabale dimnatoire des Mages," which appeared in 1796 without indication of publishing house,8 and which the Abbe Barruel in his Histoire dufacobinisme claimed was the formulary of the Masonic lodges? It is generally attributed to Baron Andrea de Nerciat (1739-1800), who was librarian to Hesse-Cassel in 1780-1782 and who, aside from some licentious novels, is the author of the "Urn of Zoroaster" (1793). We took from this book the fine engraving of the Zodiac of twenty-eight Mansions which adorns this chapter.

The signs Virgo and Scorpio are reversed, as the anonymous editors of the book have noted elsewhere.

Two particularities of this Lunar Zodiac merit attention. The avthor divides the solar year into twenty-eight parts, giving each Mansion a time period of thirteen days sixty-one minutes and twenty-five seconds. This is certainly incorrect, since this time period should depend on the actual time the Sun takes to traverse each section. This Division shows that the particular influence of the Sun in each Mansion was taken into account (which is no longer done these days except in the Orient).

Furthermore, this Telescope (certainly on the basis of older documents) attributes to the Mansions different rulerships than are usually encountered, namely:

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