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I will conclude this general description of Lunar Astrology in the hope that this branch of the Planetary Science will attract the attention it deserves.

Astrology cannot be satisfied indefinitely with the present modes of study, and its progress should not consist only of new discoveries, but also of the reconstruction of Ancient Astrology. The dodecatom-ories and parts, abandoned by modern practitioners, can bring much more clarity and definition ; the seven regions of the Ancients could be valuable for the determination of the areas of activity of configurations in mundane Astrology. But among all the forgotten branches of the Planetary Science of Antiquity, Lunar Astrology is certainly the most important. No chart can be correctly interpreted without the Lunar Houses and Mansions.

I hope that every astrologer will take them into consideration, because even the material assembled in this book will help bring definition to any natal or horary chart.

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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