Chart Of Madame Z

Furthermore, certain writers claim that the conjunction of the luminaries in Gemini makes the native crafty, sarcastic, and not too scrupulous which can only be explained by the nature of Hecate.

Our fourth example brings us to the sign of Cancer.

It is difficult for me to offer a great many details about the life of this person, born in 1878, because I know only one episode in her life, which was certainly influenced by the presence of Hecate in the Twelfth House, the most unfortunate of all the Solar Houses.

In the beginning of March 1929, after a long illness, death was confirmed by doctors, who gave permission for burial. On March 4, after the funeral service, as the procession entered the cemetery, feeble knocking and cries were heard coming from inside the coffin. It was one of the rare cases of recovery at the last minute (science admits that people buried alive are relatively numerous).

In 1935, i.e., six years after her interment» this person was still alive . , ,

Published charts with Hecate in Cancer are quite numerous. Among those charts are those of Mrs. Lindbergh12 (the kidnapping of her child is too well-known to need recalling); and two cases of insanity cited by Dr. Breteche. My personal collection contains around a dozen unpublished charts. The most interesting of these regarding the fatality of Hecate, is surely that of a marine officer born in Varna (Bulgaria) July 4 (French calendar) 1883 at 1:07 P.M. (local time). In its Ninth Solar House of voyages, this chart has the conjunction of the Moon (10° 3' Cancer), Sun (12° 5'11"), and Jupiter (12° 57* Cancer), a configuration that nine out of ten astrologers will accept as especially fortunate, since Jupiter is exalted and this configuration receives a sextile from Uranus in the Eleventh House. On January 27 190714, around 7 P.M. during a crossing from Bulgaria to Odessa, the native accidentally killed his best friend in front of several witnesses.

There are many charts with Hecate in Leo, which demonstrates that the fatality of this Lunar phase is in no way diminished by the presence of the Sun in its own sign. On the contrary, the fiery nature of Leo seems almost to be part of the most outstanding events caused by the dark Moon. The page opposite presents the chart of the aviator Fronval, who was burned to death; the presence of Hecate m the Fourth Solar House which rules the end of the life is characteristic in this regard.

While on this subject we should note that this position of Hecate in the Fourth Solar House is a great danger for succession proceeding

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