Chart Of Madame Y

Our third chart is that of a woman from one of the best colonial families; but with Negro blood in her veins, she must inevitably win the hatred and envy of some blacks who will not forgive her for succeeding in white society. Although Hecate is found in the Fifth Mansion, and not the Fourth which is known to have an association with magic, the practice of magic plays a great role in her life, perhaps because of Neptune at Midheaven and Uranus at the Ascendant. Her grandmother died as a result of a curse: her excessively short illness was not diagnosed by the doctors, who spoke of Negro remedies unknown to science; after her death, the putrescent heart of a calf, pierced with needles and wrapped in linen belonging to the deceased, was found in her garden. Frequently the native herself has been the object of attempted curses, and there is reason to believe that she herself has had recourse to unsavory practices.

The presence of Hecate in the Tenth Solar House of social position and station in life, must inevitably produce a downfall, but we would say that the existence of the native has always been unfortunate, weighed down unceasingly by troubles of all kinds.

She belonged to a very wealthy family since birth and her situation was improved by marriage. There are streets and towns that still bear her husband's name. After his death, she found herself responsible for one of the richest estates in the prosperous colony where she lived. But after she moved to Europe, she watched that fortune melt little by little. It has been said that certain relatives are responsible for this (Venus ruling the Third and Tenth Solar Houses in the Twelfth, shows the truth of these accusations). Remember that the Arabs confirm the unfavorable influence of the Fifth Mansion (which contains the Moon) for all sorts of associations; her fortune began to collapse from the moment she combined her interests with those of a distant relative. At present she leads a miserable life, beset with privations.

On page 78 of his "Astrology of Accidents," Charles Carter published the chart of a person who died as a result of beating, and the chart #208 in "Krankheit und Tod im Horoskopis that of a woman who died from cancer; both these charts have Hecate in Gemini.

In any sign of the Zodiac, Hecate seems to predispose the native to cancer, when it does not cause a violent death.

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