Chart Of Madame X

responsibilities. The husband, with a triple conjunction of Neptune, Pluto, and Mars, had many undisguised love affairs; for the purpose of divorce the native was able to assemble evidence of thirteen successive affairs.

At the age of thirty-one she found a true affection that lasted more than twelve years. But a scandal made her suffer much in her thirty-seventh year.

Up to this point, we remain in the realm of more or less banal existence which conforms perfectly with all the known factors of the horoscope, without the necessity of introducing the influence of Hecate. But at the age of forty there began a series of events resembling a gothic novel, or a cinema thriller.

By this time she had long been attracted by occultism and psychism; now she met a Hindu "mage" a hypnotist of rare power, twenty-one years older than herself. Out of curiousity, she lent herself as a medium for his experiments. Very soon he had acquired such power over her that two years later after many attempts at breaking off with him, she left her home without a coat in the dead of winter, in a state of trance, and bought a ticket for an unfamiliar city to meet him; he was waiting at the station when she arrived.

It was this relationship with the Hindu that brought about the break in her relations with her friend and transformed her life into physical and moral slavery.

This chart demonstrates that the malefic action of the dark Moon is not diminished by its exaltation in Taurus; here we have a particularly unfortunate, humiliating, and painful life. Professional discretion forbids me from disclosing more information,

Jn chart #163 of "Krankheit und Tod im Horoskop" an analogous position of the Moon in Taurus did not keep a child from dying at the age of six months; in chart #225, of the same collection, this configuration certainly played a great role in the development of a cancer which led to death. In charts 1 possess, the conjunction of the luminaries in the tenth House in semi-sextile with Venus, ruler of that House, did not preserve the native from complete ruin. These examples could be multiplied indefinitely.

Among prominent personalities, we find Hecate in Taurus in the chart of Prince Starhemberg, former military dictator of Aus tria; and since the Moon rules the Fourth Solar House of the end of life, that end will undoubtedly be tragic as a result of his own stub bornness (the sign Taurus and the dark Moon in the First Solar House). He should have serious fears of death by assassination facilitated by the betrayal of his friends.

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