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from the father. More than once I have watched what had been a flourishing business under the direction of the father begin to topple as soon as the native took over, and finally, after a series of futile struggles, collapse in bankruptcy. This remark applies to any sign of the Zodiac and not just to Leo.

To return to Leo: M. Edouard Renard, the former governor of French Equatorial Africa, born August 3, 1883 at 2 A.M. in Oran, and killed in an air accident in 1935, also had Hecate in Leo.

It seems likely that this configuration has this cffect not only in birth charts, but also in charts of inanimate objects. Further on the reader will see the chart of the largest German steamship Euro pa, taken from a German magazine15. This chart was cast for August 15, 1928, 5:15 P.M.

As will be remembered, this ship, which was said to weigh 46,000 tons and to be the most luxurious and fastest ship in the world, was totally destroyed the night of the twenty-fifth of March, 1929 at Hamburg, by a fire which lasted twenty-four hours, and which the inquest attributed to a criminal act.

Hecate confirms this accusation: it is in the Eighth Solar House of death, and the Moon governs the Seventh House of enemies. Fur-thermore, the Sun is exalted in the sign of the Third House of neighbors and competitors. It could be imagined from these indications, that the arsonists acted on behalf of a competing company.

Of course, we could not say that Hecate always brings death by fire; but the Sun in its own sign by no means diminishes the malevolence of these Lunar Houses. Emperor Franz-Josef of Austria, with the Moon in 22° 29* Leo, and the Sun in 24° 47* Leo did not die a violent death, but his reign was the most tragic of the whole Hapsburg dynasty, because he saw all those near to him die in dramatic circumstances, and watched the collapse of all his hopes.

If the signs ruled by the Moon and the Sun do not diminish the fatality brought by the dark goddess of the infernal phase of the Moon, it is appropriate that other signs of the Zodiac do not change the malefic nature of the Twenty-eighth and First Houses of the Moon.

Louise Barthou, murdered in Marseille, on October 9, 1934, had Hecate divided between Leo and Virgo.

In Charles Carter's collection Astrology of Accidents, chart #6, with the Moon in the First Lunar House in Virgo, is that of a woman who was burned; "Krankheit und Tod im Horoskop" contains two charts of insanity with Hecate in Virgo (charts #237 and #325).

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