According To Belot

"Mr. Jean Belot, pastor at Milmonts, professor of divine and celestial sciences/' published, at the beginning of the XVII ccntury, a curious attempt at a synthesis of the "Divinatory" sciences, in which he relied on Raymond Lully and C. Agrippa equally as much as on Gerard of Cremona, thus demonstrating the extent and eclecticism of his scholarship at the same time that he proves the daring and modernism of his ideas. (After all, in one of his chapters he discusses, apropos of physiognomy, "natural markings, their correspondence to signs of the Zodiac and how we can make the horoscope by recognizing them")

He describes, in his work, the meaning of the Lunar Mansions (in the section devoted to chiromancy) and since these attributions are not always in agreement with customary ones, and could have been borrowed from sources of tradition now lost to us, it seemed interesting to reproduce them here:


Ruin of one's enemies Reconciliation, short illness. Prosperity, good fortune. Enmity, vengeance, deceit. Favor of great ones. Loves and fortunate marriage. Good for acquiring wealth.

VIII (In reality, according to the author, 1st House of the 2nd quadrangle or quarter- Cancer):

Victory for him who under takes combat.

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