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Houses of Longevity and Maraka Houses Deathcausing Houses

The first is the main house of longevity as it represents our overall vitality. The eighth is also a house of longevity (ayus), in that it indicates our term of life. The third house relates to longevity as well as to vitality. As the eighth house by position from the eighth house, the third house shares in eighth house indications. Longevity is indicated by the first, third and eighth houses. Houses two and seven are special maraka or 'death-causing houses', because as the twelfth from the third and eighth houses of longevity, they represent their negation, which is death. Planets located in these houses as well as their lords have the power to cause death during their planetary periods. However, their negative effects will only occur if the rest of the chart is weak. Otherwise their influence will only show in old age (after the age of 65). Yet their health related influences should not be overlooked.

The Longevity And The Hyleg

The Hyleg (Arabic), Apheta (Greek), Prorogator (Latin), or Giver of Life, was a planet or point that was calculated as part of the process to evaluate both the life expectancy and periods when the native was at mortal risk. When this point was directed (using what are now called primary directions) to an Anareta (or killing point there may be more than one), or vice versa, death occurs. In their book Greek Horoscopes, Otto Neugerbauer and Henry Bartlett Van Hoesen noted that early versions, such as that of the Roman astrologer Babillus, allowed any planet to be hyleg later versions restricted the hyleg, except under relatively rare circumstances, to being one of the hylegical points Sun, Moon, ascendant, or Part of Fortune. To better exemplify the success of this table, the Table on the Longevity Expectations for Czars of Russia follows. One of the reasons this particular set was selected is that, with the exception of Nicholas II, none were really subject to the modern understanding...

Gifts and Capabilities

Oxen are the most dependable, patient, composed, and tireless workers of the Chinese Zodiac. Laziness and idleness are abhorrent to the average Ox. Once set on a goal, Oxen work hard to complete their tasks. Conservative, traditional, and dutiful, Oxen take on projects that others do not have the patience to complete. Physical exhaustion must be guarded against, as Oxen reliably practice the Chinese proverb of sow much, reap much sow little, reap little. The health of those born into Ox years is generally good. Of a sturdy constitution, they are blessed with great longevity, but must guard against settling into a sedentary lifestyle.

History and Characteristics

Vitamin 3-12 is a crystalline red substance referred to as the red vitamin. It is unique in that cobalt, essential for longevity, is found in the vitamin it is the only vitamin that contains essential mineral elements. Vitamin B-12 is water- and alcohol-soluble. It is unstable in hot alkaline or acidic solutions, heat, light and oxidation.

Recent Clinical Developments

Blamed on a person overexposing sensitive skin to the ultraviolet rays of the sun in long-term tests vitamin A and calcium carbonate were found to protect the skin from sun damage, although the role of the calcium carbonate in preventing the effects of sunburn is still largely unexplained at this point. (Vitamin A is directly concerned with the elasticity and longevity of the life of skin cells if skin is constantly exposed to the drying conditions of the sun, more vitamin A may be required to keep the cells supple.)

Houses By Quality And Element

Malefic planets in the sixth may be good for power but still cause disease. Benefics in the sixth can be good for intelligence but can also cause disease. Mars in the eighth can cause violent death or losses. Saturn in the eighth, however, can aid in longevity, though not give prosperity. Benefics in the twelfth can give a spiritual nature or good rebirth. Venus, being exceptional in that it does good in the twelfth house and can give comfort and prosperity. Ketu does well in the twelfth and can give spiritual insight and the ability to ward off negative psychic influences. Rahu similarly is good in the sixth. It can give freedom from enmity and success through foreigners, though it can still contribute to nervous system disorders.

History and Characteristies

Erroneously called the antiaging vitamin, vitamin E, according to the latest research, does not prolong life rather, it improves health by promoting the life of cells. It keeps the free radicals from doing maximum damage to the cells, which without adequate vitamin E produce wrinkles and the aging process. Cell respiration in muscles, bones and the cardiac system all function better with adequate vitamin E available in the body. It will dissolve blood clots, dilate blood vessels to promote better flow of blood to all parts of the body, stimulate secretion of urine

Vedic Astrology Hindu Astrology

The father of Vedic astrology is Parashara Muni. He was reported to have lived around 1500 b.c.e. and was supposedly one of the first astrologers to actually cast natal charts for individuals. The date of his life is speculative and based on oral tradition. It is recorded that he made a specialized study of medical astrology that reflected health, disease, and longevity issues, and copies of his manuscripts still exist in India. His greatest work was The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, which was finally compiled around 600 c.e. Parashara also wrote beautiful esoteric hymns in the Rig Veda (a Vedic text) that were mantras to the planetary deities. The seer Ranavira was another important astrologer who lived during the same era as Parashara. Ranavira specialized in relationship compatibility, female horoscopy, and other psychological aspects of astrology. In modern astrological practice in India, chart comparisons for marriage compatibility are still commonly utilized.

Avoid Turbulent Aspects

The Gable Lombard Marriage Chart has two very exact oppositions. One was formed by Jupiter and Neptune, translating to a lack of (Jupiter with negatization) longevity (Neptune). The other opposition was Mars-Chiron, warning of an accident (Mars) that leads to loss of life (Chiron rules life, but there is negatization so we use the term loss of life). Trines and conjunctions are good aspects, but there was not a single trine or conjunction in the Gable-Lombard Marriage Chart. one planet that is a sign of pain and problems. Gable married Lombard when Saturn was quincunx to Neptune, indicating that there would be a limitation (Saturn) on longevity (Neptune). The marriage did not make it to its third anniversary. The Saturn quincunx aspect in the Lennon wedding chart was Saturn-Pluto, which was indicative of a tragic (Saturn) end (Pluto) to the marriage. When a quincunx is a Saturn aspect, it is a Turbulent Aspect

Hard Aspect Of Venus Venus Mars

Of course, with insufficient vitamin E a person can suffer skin ailments, especially since there may also be a deficiency of folic acid and or selenium, both ruled by Mars, With an attending hard aspect from Saturn, wrinkling may occur, and insufficient selenium may precipitate the aging process. In addition, scars from burns (always a possibility when

Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology

Ayurveda provides an integral mind-body system of both diagnosis and treatment. First it shows us our individual constitution according to the three doshas or biological humors of Vata (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water), as well as how this constitution is affected by everything from genetics to environment and emotions. Then it outlines various treatment measures to enable us to achieve optimal health and vitality. These treatments range from simple dietary measures to complex herbs and special purification procedures. Ayurveda aims not only at the cure and prevention of disease but also at rejuvenation and longevity. Beyond ordinary health care measures it has special methods to allow us to achieve a higher level of vitality and awareness a spiritual Ayurveda that is part of the practice of Yoga.

Symbolisms for the Planets

Where Vanuatu Located The Map

* Neptune rules longevity and anything that has to do with the long term, including true love and long-term relationships (but not marriage, because Chiron rules marriage). It is Neptune that imparts sensuality to women. Neptune also represents creativity, inspirations, and whatever inspires. Neptune has dominion over morals, ethics, and ethical behavior and standards it signifies sensitivity and gentleness. Neptune rules electricity and electrical devices, and whatever involves the sea and water, such as shipping. More important, Neptune governs health, medicines, and anything that increases life expectancy or improved health as well as regeneration, healing, and anything that increases longevity. This leads to Neptune's rulership of serenity, tranquility, and safe passage, as well as stability and peacefulness at home. Neptune is the planet of youthfulness and being young at heart, spirit, and body. It is Neptune that rules the act of procreation and reproduction as opposed to...

History Of The Heavens

Man is not a part of the planet earth alone. He is a part of the universe just as the earth and the other planets are, hence, man is not only subject to the aging process of earth, but to the aging process of the universe. This concept is one of the foundations of astrology, constantly reminding us that the planets all have an important part to play in our lives. Let's then explore our Sun centered solar system and the planets that orbit around it, with their satellites. See Illustration I.

Use Of Different Ascendants

Point ie. the eighth house from the seventh (the second house in the usual order), as representing her longevity. Similarly, the fourth house can be considered an Ascendant for the mother and the ninth house for the father. So too, planets in malefic houses from a particular house, like sixth, eighth or twelfth from it, will tend to adversely effect it. The opposite can be said for planets in benefic houses relative to a particular planet or house, like the fifth or ninth.

Choosing the Best Planetary Geometry for Matters of Love and Money

The general rule is that the 15 Super Aspects are each very helpful to have in any chart, but there are exceptions when it comes to relationship charts. The Uranus aspects are the exceptions. It is not good to have a Sun-Uranus or Venus-Uranus aspect in a Wedding Chart because Uranus imparts a desire for independence and change, which is detrimental to the longevity and stability of a marriage. On the other hand, the Venus-Neptune and Jupiter-Chiron Super Aspects are particularly good for Wedding Charts. Venus-Neptune helps engender and sustain long-term (Neptune) romance (Venus) and attraction (Venus) Jupiter-Chiron increases the chance of a successful (Jupiter) marriage (Chiron) and peaceful (Jupiter) family (Chiron). We will detail all of this in chapter 15 so that you will be proficient in knowing how to choose the planetary aspects that you desire for a relationship or business chart.

Divisional Charts

Along with the usual birth chart, called the rashi chart Vedic astrology employs a number of subtle, harmonic or divisional charts, which are mathematical subdivisions of the birth chart.20 Planetary positions in several divisional charts are considered important for health. Most notable of these are the positions in the drekkana (harmonic third) for Prana and general vitality, navamsha (harmonic ninth) for the connection with the soul and for longevity, in the dvadashamsha (harmonic twelfth) for ancestry and congenital influences, and in the trimshamsha (harmonic thirtieth) for specific diseases and injuries. The

Goats in Love

Stability matters more to Goats than to any other sign, so when it comes to romance, they'll seek comfort over pleasure, and longevity over romance. Goats do well with other earth signs, but it can be with water signs that the best connections may occur a nurturing Cancer, passionate Scorpio, or sympathetic Pisces may help a Goat grow in new ways.

House Correlation

The eighth house is a house of death, destruction and longevity. The eighth from the eighth, the third house, will also indicate these. For longevity, then, we would examine not only the eighth house but also the third. If both are afflicted it would much more likely indicate short life, than if only one were afflicted. The sixth is a house of disease, injury and enmity. The sixth from the sixth, or the eleventh house, will also relate to these factors. Hence if a planet is the ruler of both the sixth and the eleventh houses, it is doubly a significator of violence. The fifth is a house of children, creativity and intelligence. The fifth from the fifth, or the ninth house, can similarly be examined for determination of the state of children, etc.

The Snake and Love

Snake souls are sensual and impassioned lovers. Their method of seduction is an arousing mixture of attractiveness, sensuality, and intuition. Snake souls have a magical quality of well-mannered charm, fascinating insights, and irresistible sexuality. In love, Snakes are both jealous and possessive, craving sleepless nights of passionate caresses and intimate secrets. This is a lover who desires to be totally merged with their partner, knowing the most intimate details of their lover's soul. Immersed and enmeshed on a deep level when in love, a Snake intuitively kindles, feeds, and fans love's fire. Snakes choose their partners cautiously, allowing the relationship to slowly accumulate energy and longevity.

The Bhavas Houses

First House Thanu Bhava Bodily appearance, character, early childhood, health and general vitality, personality, ego, strength, fame, and longevity. Dharma house (right action). Head or face. Karaka Sun. Eighth House Ayu Bhava Death, longevity, inheritance, mysticism and psychic ability, psychology, delays, fears, and misfortune. Moksha house (liberation). Reproductive systems and chronic illness. Karaka Saturn.

Planets By Ascendant

8 death, destruction, longevity, research. The eighth house represents death and chronic diseases. The eighth from the eighth is the third. Planets ruling houses 3 and 8 become strong significators of death and disease. These are Mars for Virgo ascendant and Venus for Pisces. Such planets are also significators of longevity as both these are houses of longevity. INDICATORS OF LIFE AND LONGEVITY Houses of longevity are 1, 3 and 8. Planets which rule two of these houses have special power in this area. Mars for Aries ascendant and Venus for Libra ruling houses 1 and 8 have this status to the highest degree. Mars for Virgo and Venus for Pisces have this to a secondary degree as already mentioned.

Ayurvedic Astrology

Ayurvedic astrology is the medical branch of Vedic astrology, adding to it the Ayurvedic view of health and healing. It uses the language of Ayurveda to understand the effects of the planets on the body and mind relative to health, disease and longevity. Ayurvedic astrology also uses Vedic astrology as an aid to Ayurvedic analysis, diagnosis and treatment, showing how planetary factors cause disease and how balancing planetary factors can be an important aid in any cure. ment of longevity was the first factor to be examined by a good astrologer. This was not a simple matter of determining how long a person was likely to live, but part of a general determination of the vitality of a person, showing the energy available to activate the opportunities afforded them by the chart. In this regard, medical or Ayurvedic astrology is usually the first step of all astrological examination.

Medical Astrology

Astrologers can determine the basic physical constitution of the individual from the chart the physical appearance of the individual, the predomination of elements in their nature. They can calculate basic health, longevity and disease tendencies. They can see which planets have the power to cause disease, what kinds of disease are likely to occur, what parts of the body are likely to be effected, and when. As health and longevity are primary, they are often the first things examined in the chart.

Venus Saturn

Lack of vitamin E is a major possibility when Venus is in hard aspect with Saturn, and a lack of the vitamin can cause a variety of skin disorders. For example, skin may bruise easily. Or the aging process of wrinkles and sagging skin may hasten, especially since a hard aspect between Venus and Saturn also indicates a deficiency of the antiaging nutrient PABA (Saturn). Skin problems such as eczema, dermatitis, lupus, vitiligo, wrinkles, dry skin and dark spots may also occur, requiring the external application of PABA cream.

Venus Types

Venus types usually have good health and longevity and love life. They like to keep their bodies in good shape but may get more caught in outer beauty than in real physical fitness. They try to look young, even if it means resorting to makeup, surgery or other corrective measures. They suffer mainly from diseases of self-indulgence and from problems of the reproductive system.

The Moon

On the level of human relationships, the Moon represents the mother. Through it we can read her nature, her influence and her longevity. It also shows our birth and through it we can read the difficulty or ease of our birth and the factors which brought it about. It indicates the home or where we feel at home. It shows happiness and the state of the emotions. It shows where we place our love, care, general affection and friendship in life. The main name for the Moon in Sanskrit is Soma . This refers to our inner nectar of happiness which alone has the power to calm the mind and refresh the nerves. The Moon gives the inner contentment through which alone longevity and rejuvenation can proceed. She is the general beauty, bliss, communion and communication from which the more specific energies of Mercury and Venus

The Eighth House

It is the house of longevity, indicating our span of life. Showing the nature of our death, it also indicates the factors that tend to keep us alive. The negative and positive implications of this house are major factors for determining the ultimate meaning of our lives.

House Eighth

In a Mundane Figure The public income the income from exports earning power of the nation, chiefly from the standpoint of the man who pays frozen assets in properties, stocks and bonds as distinct from currency the monetary standard, the National debt, and interest rates public sales financial organizations, such as trust and insurance companies. The birth and mortality rate in different class groups, as determined by the planet involved, and its relation to the Fifth House medical discovery, insofar as it tends to promote longevity.

Mantras forRahu

The rope that the Goddess Nirritti has bound around your neck let that be loosened. We release you from that for greater longevity. May your happy The third verse is to the Goddess Nirriti, the supreme ruler of Rahu, who represehts karma, bondage, disease and death. We can better understand her as the Goddess Kali in her grandmother or crone form. Propitiating her we can overcome disease, gain longevity and ultimately gain immortality.

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