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This Master Karma ebook gives you a way to understand your life in terms of Eastern Philosophy and change your life in small be impactful ways. You will learn how seemingly tiny actions you can take throughout the day can actually make your life much better, and you will learn what you have to avoid in order to prevent bad karma from completely messing up your life. Dr. Steve G. Jones is a clinical hypnotherapist, and this book combines the science of hypnotherapy with the philosophy of karma to create an unstoppable healing force that helps you get out of the dumps and change your life. Karma is a natural force; it is as unchangeable as gravity. But that does not mean that you can't harness the power of karma to change your life; this book teaches you how to do just that. Read more...

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Using Pluto WellA Rebirth is Possible

In this chapter, we have considered Pluto in many forms, both constructive and destructive. We have examined a few ideas on how to change the level of expression from negative to positive. As we are progressively more able to let go rather than hold on during periods of change and transformation, our experience of Pluto will seem more and more positive. In many ways, this process is the death of our old egotistical selves. Evangelical Christians say, 'Ye must be born again. This injunction contains a profound truth that goes beyond the church. We must be willing to let the old die so that something new can be born into our lives. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth for all of us.

Reincarnation Karma and Astrology

Astrological Glyphs

Tion is the notion of karma, which is the moral law of cause and effect formulated by Hindu and Buddhist thinkers. For example, if one steals money from another person, the thief will eventually have money stolen from her or him, either later in this life or in a future lifetime. The notions of reincarnation and karma together explain why some people are born into lucky circumstances while other people are born into unfortunate conditions. For astrologers concerned with the issue of why some people come into this life with hardship written large across their natal charts and other people seem to be born under a lucky star, reincarnation and karma provide an important explanatory tool. Reincarnation also provides a framework for explaining why a person should have certain personality traits they are carryovers from past lifetimes. There are different approaches for determining which factors in a chart indicate information about the native's karma and past lifetimes. Planets in...

The Science of Karma

Our soul is a 'karmic being', a doer or actor in a universe shaped by its own actions. Astrology as a science of time is also a science of karma. Time is not merely a blank continuum, but reflects a karmic flow, a giving of the fruit of action to all beings. In this regard astrology is the most important of all sciences because through comprehending time and karma, it can unlock the energy and motivation behind everything that occurs in the universe. There is nothing in our birth chart that does not have karmic implications on one level of our life or nature or another. All true healing must occur first of all at a karmic level. It must be capable of removing the negative effect of our actions and promoting those which are positive. As karma and time are interrelated not only with each other but with the entire universe, all true healing should consider astrology as well. Both Ayurveda and Vedic astrology are important means of karmic rectification. Ayurveda helps us rectify our karma...

The Orientation Of The Sidereal Zodiac

Western astrology orients the zodiac to the point of the vernal equinox. This it marks as the beginning of the sign Aries, as we have indicated. Vedic astrology, on the other hand, according to my interpretation, orients the zodiac to the galactic center, to the central galactic Sun, whose influence comes to us through the fixed stars of the constellation Sagittarius. The galactic center is called Brahma , the creative force, or Vishnunabhi , the navel of Vishnu. From the galactic Sun emanates the light which determines life and intelligence on Earth and which directs the play of the seven rays of creation and the distribution of karma. It is the central point for determining the meaning of the signs of the zodiac, which reflect the twelvefold division of its light relative to our solar system.

Intellectual Paternities

It is in this way that Western Europe chose its intellectual ancestry. Part and parcel of this is that far from natural philosophy and science being an effect of a classical cause, or a growth or a rebirth from a classical seed, or some more general self-executive bequest of the Greeks, it was the other way round. Just as Aristotle had chosen his opponents and thus made them into his ancestors, the men of the Middle Ages and then the Renaissance sought out and so reconstituted ancient philosophy. They did so for their own purposes and so were selective. The early church chose Plato when it needed intellectualism to defend itself and attack opponents. It chose Aristotle in the early thirteenth century for similar reasons.

The Lunar Nodes In Western Astrology

They relate the nodes karmically The north node is seen as a point of good karma from an unselfish past life, in which the individual used their energies (usually represented by the planet aspected by the node) for the general good. The south node is regarded as a point of difficult karma from a past life, in which the individual furthered their own selfish interest at the expense of others. However, they regard that the influence of the north node in excess can result in a dissipation of energies. It may cause us to become carried away by mass trends and collective influences (something like a badly placed Jupiter). The south node, on the positive side, they regard can develop strong concentration and mastery of abstruse or arcane subjects (something like a well placed Saturn). The north node is regarded as showing the opening up of a new and positive karmic sphere the south node shows completion of or limitation to an old karmic pattern.

The Four Elements An Energy Approach to Interpreting Birth Charts

It is true that one is born with a certain birth-chart, with a certain pattern of karma or emotional-mental-physical tendencies. However, the circumstances that one will confront are to a large extent programmed by what one expresses. In other words, you get back what you put out everything returns to its source. If one expresses impatience and self-righteousness, for example, he or she will automatically elicit such responses from others. It is useless to blame one's birth-chart for one's self-created misery. The emphasis in a modern, constructive use of astrology should be working with, modifying, or transmuting the natal energy at-tunement in order that the most positive expression of the ener

Essential Temperament

The Snake senses and feels its way through life. The Snake universally represents spiritual rebirth, elusiveness, and the exploration of life's mysteries. Sophisticated and reserved, the Snake is elegant in speech, dress, and manners. The Snake soul does not indulge in useless small talk or frivolities and are careful about what they say. Some Snakes have a slow or easygoing way of speaking, and they like to ponder concepts, as well as assess and formulate their views and personal theories before speaking.

Personal Pluto Retrograde

When Pluto is retrograde in a person's chart, this indicates that he or she will be much more intensely focused on personal transformation and rebirth, in order to help transform the world. First these people must be reborn to new ways though, so they can begin to impact the world in positive ways. It's also important for them to connect their own actions, behaviors, and changes to those of humanity and see what role they're playing in it. With today's environmental concerns, these people are aware of how they impact the Earth with their actions and attitudes.

Usage of Planetary Mantras

Planetary name mantras are used to gain the powers of the planets for either spiritual or worldly goals. They aid in the fulfillment of the intention with which they are done. For example, if we repeat a mantra for the planet Jupiter to facilitate its wealth-giving properties, it will promote that for us. If we do one to it to facilitate its wisdom-giving power, it will aid in that direction. However, we must be careful what we seek through the mantra because we will energize our minds on that level of karma. Generally, we should primarily seek spiritual goals through mantras for the universal good.

Aquarius The Father Of The New

But whatever the difference, the common feature of all is that Aquarius is connected with water though it is said to be an airy sign. Indian scriptures have described Aquarius as a man holding a water pot, yellow in colour with fat body, tall stature but normal in other respects. Human sign, strong during day, resides in the middle of water, windy and lazy in nature . Such characteristics are more blinding than revealing. Satyacharya considered the Aquarius-born as sorrowful and miserable while Bhattotpala has opined that the individuals born in the Dwadasamsa of Kumbha will be unhappy and poor. Such prognostications should be adopted very carefully, and Yavanacharya has even suggested that the fact of Aquarius is the birth sign of a person does not by itself suggest misfortune. As a matter of fact, for an astrologer nothing is unfortunate or fortunate everything is an event in one's life indicating the disposition of certain drivine forces moulding and shaping...

Synastry Chart Comparison

Among astrologers who accept the notion of reincarnation, Saturn is viewed as the planetary ruler of karma (one's ledger of debts and dues from previous lifetimes). Where the Saturn of a person with whom one is in a close relationship falls in one's natal chart indicates something about the nature of one's karmic tie. For example, if a close relative's Saturn is located in one's second house (the house of money and possessions) when the charts are superimposed, there is some sort of financial karma from past lifetimes. If neither person's Saturn is strongly aspected in a comparison, there is no significant karmic tie, and the relationship will usually be transitory.

Neptune In The Fifth House

Secret love affairs or lack of freedom of emotional expression lierause of former ties. Often in love with someone who isn't free. Great sacrifices made for children but receive little in return. This is a karmic condition from past lives and, if understood, can be accepted without bitterness or resentment. The fifth house is the house of esoteric karma. It is the house that shows the use of your will, good or ill, in past lives. Desire is the tie-that binds us from lifetime to lifetime. Desire and will are twins. Ties with children apt to dissolve as they become adults. Neptune in this house, if afflicted, demands too much and gives little. Makes a good actor for they dramatize life and can play many roles. Imagination powerful and often it can run off with common sense.

The Zodiacal Signs as Energy Patterns

Are also known for great powers of concentration and perseverance when the energy is used for creative activity or spiritual development. Of the three quadruplicities, the fixed signs are most centered in the here and now. The connection of the fixed signs with esoteric doctrines of rebirth and spiritual development arises from the great concentration of energy in these signs, which energy is radiating constantly within the person and is at least to some extent under his control. Hence, people born with the Sun in a fixed sign intuitively sense the depth and power of the life-giving spirit within them and so these signs have been known as the gates of the avatar and as the key symbols of the major initiations of the soul because the concentrated energy also brings these people the potential for concentrated consciousness. The mutable signs are correlated with the principle of harmony and may be conceived as spiralic patterns of energy. Pisces and Virgo symbolize spirals of energy...

Houses By Quality And Element

Malefic planets in the sixth may be good for power but still cause disease. Benefics in the sixth can be good for intelligence but can also cause disease. Mars in the eighth can cause violent death or losses. Saturn in the eighth, however, can aid in longevity, though not give prosperity. Benefics in the twelfth can give a spiritual nature or good rebirth. Venus, being exceptional in that it does good in the twelfth house and can give comfort and prosperity. Ketu does well in the twelfth and can give spiritual insight and the ability to ward off negative psychic influences. Rahu similarly is good in the sixth. It can give freedom from enmity and success through foreigners, though it can still contribute to nervous system disorders.

The Sun On The Meridian

THERE is much erroeous impression currently in vogue about the tenth house. Whenever any one desires to know about one's promotion, worldly success, name and fame, exoteric astrology directs its attention to this house. Following the ancient astrological tradition, astrologers in modern times have also time and again emphasized the 10th to be the significator of Karma. The problem actually arises as to how this house primarily concerned with Karma becomes important for the consideration of one's livelihood. Besides examing this question, here we would also endeavour to see the relationship between this house and the Soul the Sun, or the very core of the Inner Man. his destiny in the world is known. From the many attributes, we shall consider only four to illustrate our approach. We wish to consider the attributes of vasana (clothing), vyapara (activities), krishi (agriculture), and nidra (sleep) in the present context. The real jewel contained in this Bhava revealing the divine...

Nakshatras The Twentyseven Wives Of The Moon

This aspect of the subject has however remained very much veiled, probably because its knowledge could reveal certain aspects of the creative phenomena which are susceptible to much abuse. A study of the subject in its cosmogenetic perspective by unravelling the primary characteristics of these Nakshatras with the help of Indian mythology, methaphysics, religion and ethics could probably disclose a more intimate relationship existing between human individuals and cosmic forces. The various propitiatory-practices as well as astrological guidance to diurnal and other mundane activities included under the Karma Kanda of the Hindu ethics are established on the basis of this relationship.

Vedic Astrology and our Karmic Code

The soul can be defined as our 'karmic being' as opposed to our merely human personality, which is its mask. It carries our karmic propensities called samskaras from one body to another. Our karma, we could say, is the DNA of our soul. Just as the body has its particular genetic code, the soul has its particular 'karmic code'. Through the astrological remedial measures of planetary gems, mantras, yantras and meditation on planetary deities, Vedic astrology also provides us with methods to optimize our karma and take us beyond the limitations of our karmic code. This is an equally important component, the therapeutic aspect of the Vedic astrology or what we can call Ayurvedic astrology'. To change ourselves it is not enough to alter our genetic code we must alter our karmic code as well. However, to change our karmic code is no easier a matter than altering our genetics It requires a great deal of motivation, concentration and expertise and the efforts must be done completely within...

Meaning And Usage Of Harmonic Charts

This is the chart of fate or destiny, of past karma. It is said traditionally to indicate the parents but it stands for past karma and conditioning generally, including hereditary factors, and shows past life influences. It is often used as an index of the last life and seen something like the birth chart of the last incarnation. It indicates what the soul brings with it into this life and what can be discovered by a deeper probing into our psyche. It often shows us the karmic reason for our particular character and destiny in life. We can use the birth chart for the present life, the ninth for future life and the twelfth for the past life. In this way we can read the evolution of the soul. The meanings of the twelfth harmonic are much like the twelfth house, showing the past, karma, the subconscious and the more hidden layers of the mind, secret motivations, compulsions, obsessions etc. The positions of the Moon, Saturn and the lord of the twelfth are important here. This helps fine...

General Traits and Background

Humanitarian commitment to a group philosophy (perhaps combined with living in a communal setting) in order to bring about a new order. What distinguishes Aquarius from Scorpio in this respect is that Scorpio is concerned with dissolution prior to rebirth, while Aquarius is more concerned with building or rebuilding a better, more idealistic world.

Uranus in the Signs and Houses

Always there is a going to extreme when there is a breaking up of the crystallized and old patterns. Later there will come a leveling off. The Fiscean age of limitation and restriction is dying and a new age is being born. Birth is always painful, but out of pain and suffering will come a rebirth for the planet

Pluto In The Eighth House

This is the true house of education for it is concerned with progress of every kind, moral, mental, and spiritual. The house is always important in charts of those strongly interested in movements of progress and reform. Its gloomy title as the house of death is appropriate only because death is the greatest step forward known to us at our present Btage of evolution. If Pluto is badly aspected here it makes it easy to choose the path of degeneration, if that is the way an individual can learn the most. It need not be. With Pluto in this house there will be no standing still. One has to die to the old self and undergo rebirth while still in the body. There are no misty flats or drifting to and fro. It can mean a long life if the life force is not wasted. Heavy afflictions could mean the degeneration of the energies through dissipation and sensuality. With rebirth through regeneration conies the wisdom of Minerva. The death of the personality and the birth of the soul power is the...

Pisces An Auspicious Beginning

IF problems of astrology which is one of the most sacred sciences of the world are approached not for selfish considerations but for enlightenment in Divine Wisdom, one would not be unduly agitated about banning astrological predictions but would rather endeavour to improve one's own personal character one would not get very much perturbed about the unhappy turn of events but would rather cultivate fortitude to co-operate with the Law of Karma. God's plan is evolution, and the knowledge of this evolutionary path, either for the individual or for the world as a whole, cannot be considered superstition. In fact, superstition is an act of not considering all the various facets of causation, in which case it is prejudice. The modern world is prejudiced to a great extent. The advent of communistic philosophy deprecating occultism and theism has really been retarding the progress of the reign of dharma religion. Efforts of the Aquarians are intended to pave the path for the advent of future...

The Lunar Nodes In Vedic Astrology

That the two nodes are malefic is quite logical, as they indicate the factors which cause eclipses, which block out the light of the great luminaries, the Sun and the Moon. For this reason they are more indicators of bad karma than good. They may show when collective karma shadows the individual life and in this regard can represent collective catastrophes. Moreover, the south node as completing this karmic cycle is more generally fortunate than the north node that begins it because its energy is being internalized and withdrawn.

The Uses of Astrology in the Counseling Arts

Astrological study or familiarity with astrological practice through a counseling experience enables one to understand more deeply the Universal Laws that pervade all of life and help the individual to rely upon these universal truths in one's own inner life. Among these laws are order, compensation (or balance), cause and effect (karma), vibration, cycles, polarity, what ye think ye become, and like begets like.

Deities for the Planets a Universal View

Each planet represents an inner archetype that we must integrate within ourselves for wholeness and transformation. Each represents a particular part of our psyche that we must understand and honor with its appropriate place within us. Each represents a certain stage in spiritual growth and a particular approach along the path of Yoga. Until we have mastered the forces and qualities of all the planets, we npust be bound to the cycle of time, death and rebirth (samsara).

Period Of Destruction

Beings' karma matures during this period. Destruction begins with the hells and then proceeds from the lower to the highei realms. Certain beings are reborn in the divine realms, but this does not delay their destruction. Of the three spheres of existence, the sphere of desire is the first to be destroved seven suns rise and dry out the world before reducing it to an immense brazier and reducing it to ashes. It is thus the Fire element that destroys the kamaloka or world of desire. All bm the highest of the gods of the rupaloka or sphere of pure form are then destroyed by the elements of Water and Air. The highest gods, those of the fourth dhysna, as well as the gods of the ar up dick a or formless realm, are never destroyed, due to their great purity. Vuga or age of iron. In the course of these periods, which ot decreasing length, there is a progressive degeneration'),, v Conditions of life, brought about by negative karma, Ve ' present in the Kali Yuga, the dark age which the...

Brunos Symbolism

The symbols were repeated in the seven lamps and the branches of the golden candlestick. The septenary idea is indigenous to the Hebraic system, and is found in evidence at all stages of its development, from the Chaldean conception of the Creation to the establishing of the Covenant and the building of the Temple. There can be little doubt that the ceremonial of the Jews was based upon astronomical ideas then current, and St Paul bears testimony to this in speaking of the ordinances of Moses and the construction of the Tabernacle, which he says was ordained after the pattern of things in the heavens . The leper was told by Elijah to wash himself seven times in the river Jordan - a cryptic symbol of the Gilgaluth or cyclic law of rebirth, the name Jordan signifying River of Knowledge. David the King prays that his soul may be tried as silver is tried and seven times purified in the furnace of earth . For it appears that the Hebrews believed that incarnations were necessary until the...

Upaya Remedial Measures

The notion that a natal chart is a blueprint for this life that can be improved upon through remedial measures necessitates an understanding of the concept of karma. Jyotisha is not exclusively oriented either to fate or to free will and the resolution of this often hotly debated dichotomy lies in a proper understanding of the different categories of karma and how they integrate into the reality of an indivisible whole. The Sanskrit word karma means action or activity and by implication refers to the effects that are inherent in any activity or action. Most Westerners have a narrower notion of karma as accrued past actions rather than seeing it as an ongoing process. The total of karma garnered over many incarnations is known as Sanchita (amassed) karma. This is not knowable or readable in the birth chart of any specific incarnation. The portion of karma that is to be dealt with in a particular lifetime is known as Prarabdha (fructifying) karma. Prarabdha karma is linked to the...

The Complex Capricorn

WHERE the Eternal Heavenly Man has been crucified at the altar of materiality, where the Spiritual Essence of Manifestation has been cribbed and confined to the limitations of Matter, where Divine Consciousness is aroused in the Prodigal Son, that level of cosmogenesis is represented by Capricorn. Human beings born under this sign are stormed by the highly activised forces of past karma as well as attracted by the irresistible future destiny waiting for them. The Capricorn personality is complex. It is often burdened with the inertia of Kama-Manas, that is, mind involved in material desires. But the voice of intuition is not stifled. As a result of these two contradictory forces, such individuals have to confront sudden emotional upsurges. They are often thrown among unknown partners the main purpose of these events is to lead them to maturity Divine Serenity which ultimately awaits every ego. A unique feature of Capricorn ascendants is to have many unexpected opportunities which turn...

Astrology A Language of Energy

Although astrology has been described in terms of symbolism, karma, synchronicity, psychological functions, planetary rays, and so on, most astrologers have overlooked the basic foundation upon which astrology is based energy. Indeed, all physical and mental life is a manifestation of energy. When the great astrologer Dane Rudhyar wrote Planets in a chart represent modes of functional activities within an organized whole, he was referring to specific energies that operate in each of us. Probably, the reason we have overlooked the energy foundation of all astrological phenomena is the fact that it is too obvious. It sometimes seems easier to develop elaborate schemes and theories rather than to open our eyes to what's right in front of us.

Ptuto The Power of Transformation

Thus, to astrologers, Pluto represents death, regeneration, and rebirth. It destroys, purifies, purges, and renews, bestowing consciousness on that which has been hidden and ultimately bringing transformation. The process can be tedious because Pluto moves at a glacial speed and its path is strewn with obstacles. But the rewards are life-changing.

Vedic Astrology and Ayurvedic Medicine

Vedic astrology is an extraordinary predictive and counseling tool. There are many wonderful stories of how Vedic astrologers can pinpoint specific events in a person's life with uncanny accuracy. Yet Vedic astrologers are not only good at prediction, they can relate deep wisdom about a person's life purpose, karma and spiritual path. I myself have visited several Vedic astrologers in India who could relate the main events of my life, my future development, and past and future life implications with extraordinary precision and with notable wisdom. Some Vedic astrologers are thought to be psychics for this reason, though they may be only describing what the Vedic birth chart can reveal to one trained and experienced in astrological insight. These two Vedic systems and their magic come together in the 'Vedic astrology of healing' or 'Ayurvedic astrology'. Ayurvedic astrology shows us how to optimize both factors of our health and our destiny, our vitality and our karma, so that we can...

Vedic Hymn to the Nine Planets Meditation on Ganesha

The invocation of the planetary deities, like that of any Hindu Gods and Goddesses, begins with the worship of Ganesha, the Elephant-headed God who grants skill and wisdom and removes any obstacles to the worship. As Ganesha is the lord of time, karma and calculation, he is also invoked as the main deity for Vedic astrology. Vedic astrologers should seek his blessings before beginning their work.

How To Deal With Plutolet Go And Let Live1

One of my astrology teachers, Charles Jayne, called Pluto the planet of female sexuality. At first, I felt this was rather sexist, but upon deeper study, I agree. While both men and women give birth to things other than children, Pluto represents a feminine type of reproductive process in which you allow something new to grow within yourself, out of the substance of yourself. Like the female sexual organs, this process is internal and hidden and, like the growth of a baby within the womb, Plutonian processes develop gradually. One common keyword for Pluto is transformation. The effect of Pluto by transit is rebirth and transformation and whether the results are positive or negative depends on how well we are able to embrace the deep changes it brings.

Elements in Chart Comparison

On the level of normal experience, any relationship may be viewed as an interaction of two energy fields. Although many refinements may be brought into play, the art of comparing charts is essentially an analysis of how the energies of two people exchange with one another. This is not to say that there is no deeper meaning behind this apparent play of energies, such as past life karma. But, as far as most astrologers are reliably able to perceive, this relative compatibility of energies is the fact at hand with which they have to deal. An analysis of the harmony of elements in a chart comparison reveals how and where the two people are able to feed each other's energy field, as well as how the two block each other's energy flow and therefore frustrate each other. When a blockage exists, there is an experience of either great frustration or severe depletion of energy, or sometimes both. When there is a mutual harmonious interchange of energy, there is an experience of satisfaction,...

Application of Astrological Mantras

The planets project powerful cosmic forces, both positive and negative, which influence us on all levels. They are not just material or chemical sources of light, but the source of subtle mental and emotional energies. They are lords of fate, karma and destiny that we must approach with reverence and respect. Their mantras are their names through which we can connect to their inner being. Their mantras are not simply sounds to repeat or formulas that work of their own accord. They require deep regard for, if not devotion to, the Divine forces working through the planets, the Planetary Gods and Goddesses. So please bear in mind our discussion of these planetary beings when you A well trained Vedic astrologer should know both the mantras for the planets and how to adapt them to their clients. Yet he should also know his limitations, particularly if he is just learning these mantras himself. He should not use them beyond their scope, claiming that the mantras will give magical results or...

The Period Of The Formation Of The Universe

The cause of the creation of the universe is none other than the karma of the beings whose consciousness survives the destruction of the previous Mahakalpa. By the strength of this karma, there appears little by little in the voice a calm w nc, whose power gradually increases to form the mandaU of air. Clouds form and develop, giving rise to the element Hquid, the mandala of water. The great mass of water supported by the wind becomes the primordial ocean. This ocean, which resembles milk, is then whipped by the wind this is compared with the churning of milk to make cream. The golden base o the universe then separates out, and a thick yellow foam forms on its surface, which then solidifies and gives birth to Kartn, tn civ same way as butter separates from cream. The earth becomes a mountain around which the clouds condense, and the resulting rainfall gives rise to the saltwater oceans.

Edgar Cayce On The Soul

Cayce, Plotinus, and many religious doctrines, have long taught the immortality of the soul. It is embodied in the principles of transmigration, or reincarnation, and its sister doctrine Karma, also known as the law of cause and effect. It seems logical that the soul should require more than one life-experience in the earth-plane to evolve and develop its spiritual life. Edgar was surprised to hear upon waking that he had answered questions about these states of existence between physical lives. There was no

Sagittarius Relationships

The Sagittarius Woman may have to rechannel her explorer's energy as she builds her family. But when she has established her marriage and borne her children, she will be off again, reaching out with both hands into the great world of possibilities beyond her threshold. She may get household help early, and by the time her children reach school age she will have flown the nest herself. Though always available (at least by phone), she will take up her own life at full swing. Sagittarius is not the self-sacrificing mother. Each family member will have her or his contribution to make toward the happiness and security of the home. Though she may seem to foist maternal responsibility off on an older daughter, this is as much the child's karma as it is her own expectation. Deep down, the Sagittarius Woman does not believe she is like other women, and in many ways she is right. Though conventional in some respects, her notion of family challenges the stereotype, and her family will either...

Communing with the C osmic owers

THE planets are among the foremost of the great Gods (Devas) or cosmic powers behind this vast universe. As the planets represent the forces of time that govern all things, all the Gods can be said to work through the planets in one way or another. The planets are an integral part of the cosmic Lord's self-expression and creative power through which the eternal order of karma and dharma is maintained. As the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, the main classic work on Vedic astrology clearly states There are many incarnations of the unborn Supreme Self. To grant the results of karma for the souls of creatures, he takes the form of the planets. To reduce the strength of evil forces and to increase the strength of the Devas, to uphold dharma, He is born in many auspicious incarnations (avatars) from the planets. Planetary Devas can help their devotees like any other forms of God, granting them well-being, grace and wisdom. In addition God can take birth on Earth with the power of different...

The Ten Avataras of Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu, by the power of compassion, voluntarily takes birth through the planets in order to guide the souls of creatures, who themselves are compelled by karma to take birth through the planets. All births, Divine and ignorant, occur through the planetary rays. When the solar system comes to an end, the souls of creatures merge into the planetary deities, which in turn merge back into Vishnu, who in his highest nature as the Supreme Person, Purushottama, transcends all time and space, birth and death.

Neptune In Sagittarius 19711985

This position combines the forces of Neptune and Jupiter. This will bring into incarnation very different types of souls than have been born with Neptune in Scorpio. There will be more recognition of the higher realms. It will give the psychic sensitivity that will give the ability to pierce the veils of matter and know Truth. Educational concepts will undergo revolutionary changes. Orthodox creeds and dogmas will have to change because of the incoming Light There will be far distant travel at rates of speed unknown to us previously. Difficulties for the United States are shown as Neptune in Sagittarius opposes the Gemini planets in the U.S. chart The karma of unleashing atomic energy to destroy has to be faced and cleared. Space is curved. There is no such thing as a straight line in the universe. Everything, by cosmic law, must return it its source. In affliction Neptune in Sagittarius will lack judgment and give a strongly emotional nature that will be indecisive and unsure. The...

First the HARD aspects

Soft aspects are VERY significant in an individual persons horoscope because they indicate where natural talent is located. For instance a soft aspect between the Sun and Jupiter in a natal chart indicates a person who has an honest and generous attitude which tends to bring them good luck. Astrologers who believe in past lives say that soft aspects indicate good karma or talents developed before this life. In the case of a Sun Jupiter soft aspect a person's past life deeds warrants good luck in this present life.

North Node N in the Eighth House South Node n in the Second House

With an eighth-house North Node and a second-house South Node, you're learning to overcome possessiveness and learn about self-control in terms of money and possessions. It's time to move beyond self-values and what you have to a point where you integrate with the values of others. You may have a symbolic rebirth after pushing yourself beyond your limits from excessive behaviors. This is a particularly difficult lesson, because you may seem to be starting over again, but the main lesson here is about faith and about not looking back at your old ways.


Ayurvedic Literature Review Example

Vamadeva Shastri in his latest book, Ayurvedic Astrology, unlocks ancient astrological understandings of the human body's inherent weaknesses based on positions of the planets and stars at birth. In so doing, he guides us to avert sickness by applying detailed traditional Vedic remedial measures and then helps us understand the karma behind illnesses when they do manifest.


The first man, the father of the human race, was often seen as the son of the Sun (like the Hindu Manu). He was not always a fallen Adam but an incarnate Christ or enlightened master. The Sun is our spiritual father, our origin and our final resting place. At death the ancients prayed to merge into the Sun, to follow the path of light to the Gods and to the supreme light. That was thought to be the only way beyond sorrow and rebirth.


In life, often encounter many obstacles along the way, but thereby create the energy for long term success. They are ambitious but often narrow in their goals and rigid or cutting in their opinions. They can be shrewd at business and are often good in science and technology, with a strong mathematical sense. They tend to be traditional and may have much past life karma in traditional and oriental cultures.


The Vedic name for Venus is Shukra and means shining, luminous and bright. It also refers to a seed and to the reproductive fluid, showing its connection with love and sexuality. Shukra is also the name of one of the great primal rishis and gurus of the world. He is the main seer of the Bhrigu family, well known for their knowledge of astrology, Ayurveda, Vastu, martial arts and Tantra. Specifically, Shukra is the guru or guide of the Asuras or anti-Gods, and can bring the undivine forces over to the Divine. As the morning and evening star, Venus has the powers of reproduction, regeneration, rebirth and transformation.

The Fifth House

It is the house of creativity in general. On a higher level, it shows creative intelligence, our capacity for original thinking. Along similar lines it indicates our capacity to give good advice and to counsel others. In this regard it is important for lawyers and politicians. Generally, it is the most important house for judging our level of intelligence (as opposed to mere intellect), a factor which is not considered relative to this house in Western astrology. On the spiritual level, it is the house of the Ishta Devata, the chosen deity we worship in life, and indicates our aspirations. It shows our devotion, the truth which our guiding star. Like the ninth it is a house of grace and, even more so than the ninth, a house of good karma and shows the resources or merits (or lack of them) we bring into life, our blessing and curses. It is the house of mantra and shows our proficiency in using our words and thoughts with spiritual power. It is a house of love, higher or lower. In this...

Mantras for Ketu

The second verse is to Brahma, the Creator, in the form of Soma, the delight or Ananda from which all creation springs. Ketu, which also means a 'symbol', grants us the knowledge of the essence of all things, their sign or symbol, which is ultimately Ananda. Those with a strong Ketu have a good sense of symbols, mantras and secret codes. The third verse is to Chitragupta, the lord of karma, as the supreme Lord of Ketu. Our karmic code is the ultimate secret code that we must learn to decipher. Ketu is the main planetary force which helps us do that. Chitragupta is sometimes regarded as a form of Ganesha who is the lord of time and karma on a cosmic level. Ketu's ability to grant higher perception and meditational powers is clear from these verses.

Aries as ascendant

Fact a reflection of everything else, but the beginning of a cycle has a special importance. There is some unknown power which makes each beginning very significant. There have been many seers who have acquired siddhis to have the panoramic view of the soul's growth through reincarnations, These seers testify that in some lives the ego is concerned with the working out of the karma of a few births only whereas in some important incarnations the ego assumes special responsibilities. Aries is one of such ascendant. Aries is a mysterious sign. It is always a crucial incarnation when the perspective of the future growth as well as the karma of the past impinge on the present to determine its course of evolution. Each Aries birth is in fact a reflection of the total life a reflection of the Real Ego.

Lesson No I

In our day there has been a tremendous rebirth of interest in - and corresponding respect for - astrology. Our space program verified many of the cosmobiological claims of astrology. The discovery of electro-magnetic forces within the human body and the same forces in the atmosphere have revived respectable scientific theories that there may be a connection between the forces in our bodies and the influences of the heavenly bodies. After all, our bodies are 80 water. If the moon can influence the water in the ocean, why not in our bodies Sunspots cause changes in the weather, why not in us The sun warms vast bodies of water and, as we all know, the human body is mostly water.

The Bhavas Houses

Third House Sahaja Bhava Brothers, younger siblings, fine arts (music, dance, and drama), courage and adventure, skill with hands, short journeys, inquisitive mind, ambition, and will. Karma house (desire). Hands, arms, throat. Karaka Mars. Tenth House Karma Bhava Career or vocation (also first house), status, power, house of action, achievement, and good deeds. Artha house (wealth). Knees. Karakas Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn.


Atlantis, asteroid 1,198 (the 1198th asteroid to be discovered, on September 7, 1931), is approximately 2.8 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 3.4 years. Atlantis was named after a mythological continent, said by Plato to have existed in the Atlantic Ocean, that was destroyed by cataclysmic earthquakes. According to Martha Lang-Wescott, the location of Atlantis indicates where one experiences a sense of imminent doom, as well as a willingness to pay for real or imagined errors or unworthiness from the past. This asteroid's key words are expiation and ethics. Jacob Schwartz adds the use of karma to rationalize events to the astrological significance of Atlantis.

Erlewine Michael

Erlewine is also very active in Tibetan Buddhism (serving on a number of boards) and directing the Heart Center Karma Thegsum Choling, a main center in North America for the translation, transcription, and publication of texts and teachings of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

Esoteric Astrology

Sample speculations characteristic of the esoteric approach are the notion that the individual soul incarnates in each of the 12 signs of the zodiac in succession (Manly Palmer Hall) and that each of the zodiacal signs has an esoteric ruler, different from an exoteric ruler (Alice A. Bailey). Other significant features are utilization of the notions of reincarnation and karma to explain hard aspects and soft aspects, the correlation of the planets with the charkas (the energy centers of the Hindu yoga tradition), and a spiritual interpretation of the elements. Beyond the aforementioned thinkers, other key shapers of modern esoteric astrology are Alan Leo, Max Heindal, and Rudolf Steiner.

The Veil Of Saturn

In predictive astrology, Saturn signifies sorrow, misery and misfortune despite having been taught and trained by Jupiter, the teacher of the gods and the most benefic planet. One cannot hypothesize that the karma of Surya (the Sun) was so bad as to beget such a worthless progeny who is dreaded by all, or that Jupiter was such an incompetent teacher that he could not bestow goodness to this planet. The anomaly can be cleared by examining the special characteristics of this mighty planet. An adept once stated that the best way to test a disciple was to give Dwellers at the Threshold carte blanche with the object of drawing out his whole inner nature, the nooks and corners which would remain in the dark but for the opportunity afforded by the test. Astrologers are fully aware of the tribulations caused by the influence of Saturn and how it draws out the inner strength of the man to work out his past Karma. It is well known that the individual under the impact of this planet is raised to...

Ayurvedic Astrology

Ayurvedic astrology combines these two great disciplines, using Vedic astrology to plot the influences of time and karma and Ayurveda to show how these relate to our state of Prana or vital energy. Combining these two great disciplines together, there is nothing that we cannot treat or cannot understand.

Letters Charts

Medical Astrology Chart

In regards to Pluto transits HI Bpeak of my own experiences, the only ones I know well and have meditated on. So far in my life Pluto has made two major aspects by transit. It went back and forth over my Sun-Venus conjunction. In those few months I graduated from college, met the girl I married and served in the Coast Guard. This was a time of great and concentrated effort in completing my thesis. At the same time I had a transcending love affair which brought with it vast strength and stamina, happiness, sweet dreams and the whole gamut of life's gifts. We were married when Pluto reached exact conjunction for the last time. Six months earlier marriage was the farthest thing from my mind. So it was sudden and compelling. That was the high side of those months. The low side was being enlisted in the service. Here man becomes part of the mass consciousness and loses all trace of individuality. I'd never felt at a lower point in my lifetime. It slowed to a point where I was counting...

Lesson V

All of these, once translated into English, refer to the heart of the Scorpion. The formation of the sign indicates the form of the Scorpion sent from the heavens to sting Orion, a mighty hunter convinced of his invulnerability. The sting was fatal but, in spite of his boastfulness, Orion was given consideration after his death. Because he was the son of Neptune and Queen Euryale, Orion had great influence. Therefore, he was placed in that part of the Zodiac which is in direct opposition to the sign Scorpio. As a result, when one constellation rises in the east, the other sinks in the west. In ancient civilization, both the Phoenix and the snake symbolized the Scorpion because both implied the notion of regeneration or rebirth. The phoenix was the mythical bird which was consumated by a fire of its own nest only to be reincarnated from its own ashes. The snake was also associated with regeneration because of its habit of shedding skin after moulting. This is why, in modern astrology,...

Medical Astrology

Diseases, like all disharmonies in life, are associated with negative planetary influences. There are several methods whereby planetary influences can be balanced and harmonized. The foremost of these is gem-therapy, to which is often allied color therapy on which it is based. The gems corresponding to the planets are used to redirect planetary influences in a positive way. Mantras (words of power), yantras (power diagrams), special rituals (pujas and homas) and other yogic methods for modifying planetary forces are also used. These work more directly on the level of the mind. They are particularly effective for mental disorders, including psychic disorders (on which most mental disorders are really based). They strengthen the aura and the autoimmune system, and clear out negative occult influences, which include a variety of things from our own bad karma from past lives, to the negative thoughts of others to subtle environmental pollutants, like low level radiation.

The Tenth House

The tenth is the house of karma, which means action. It is the main house for showing our effect upon the world generally. As such, it is often related to career or vocation. The tenth house does not in itself determine the career for this the first house and other factors are very important. What it does show is the success in career and the affect of our actions upon the world, the status we are able to achieve in life. In this manner, the tenth house is a house of skill, achievement, honor, recognition and prestige. It shows the position we are able to attain in life and the power that goes with it. It is an important house for determining political, social or worldly power. The tenth house measures our mark upon the world. It shows whether we bring good or bad karma to it. It can indicate pilgrimages and religious charities through its good karma side.


Jupiter represents joy in life, joy in living, the positive spirit. He is the great optimist who always sees the good. In him all sorrow, depression and melancholy is overcome or turned into a learning experience. Jupiter is the planet of luck, grace, favor, fortune. He gives wealth, abundance, prosperity and success. In the lower sense he gives fortune on the material plane, for it is the daring optimist who succeeds in the end. He also is indicative of good karma, unexpected rewards. Those who win at races or lotteries or have great inheritances usually have a well placed Jupiter. On the negative side, however, through the expansive Jupiter nature, when it is afflicted, we can become overly optimistic. We will imagine the best and not guard ourselves properly. We will be vulnerable to the deceptive schemes of others. We can over extend ourselves, go beyond our resources, be overly generous or spend too much. Our speculations will prove faulty. We will try to do too much and succeed...


To know the worth of a man, whether he is evolved in soul and has good karma in store for him, the astrologer must cast his first glance on this planet of religion. If it has a good association with ascendant and the ascendant lord, if it has harmonious relationship with the Moon and,the Sun, the person will attain a good status in life and would be an advanced soul taking birth under karmic compulsions.

Lesson Ii

From the time of Abelard to the twelfth century, the original learning of the West was returned to it via Arabic translations, which added their own unique brand of eastern wisdom in passing. As the reawakening progressed, scholars demanded more and more knowledge, and there was a great rebirth of mathematics, astronomy, astrology and the experimental sciences. As the Middle Ages gave way to the Renaissance, astronomy also enjoyed a rebirth of interest. In the latter part of the 13th century, mathematician Johannes Campanus is reported to have systematized the division of the horoscope into the twelve houses of the zodiac. Like Hippocrates and Paraclesus, the founders of medical theory, Campanus was a physician. He was both doctor and chaplain to Pope Urban IV. In the 15th century, Johann Muller, a professor of astronomy and author of several books on trigonometry, published a translation of another of Ptolemy's books on astronomy called Almagest. Two writers in particular are...


The central role of such rites is best understood in the context of the philosophy of karma. Although the Western sense of karma is often limited to the results of past action, karma actually means action. In the context of muhurta, karma can be thought of as current actions founded in the will to choose that which can best ameliorate or soften the impact of less evolved past decisions or of simply creating new life trajectories. From this perspective, the wheel of karma is an ongoing cyclical process that encompasses both experiencing the fruits of past action and having the will and responsibility to choose and perform new current actions. In turn, current actions can feed back to patterns created in the past and modify them, carving out new behaviors that are hopefully more beneficial to the individual and to his or her society. Many Hindus believe that establishing correct patterns of thought and behavior leads to actions (karmas) that will improve life. These patterns (samskaras)...

Electional Astrology

This idea of rebirth and new charts defies logic, but it works when it is done right. To the Hebrews, the key to the rebirth process of the coronation is the invocation of God and the anointing of the head with holy oil. This tradition was regarded as so sacred that every single monarch of England has been crowned in this way. Modern historians agree that such a coronation ritual is meant to represent that the individual symbolically dies to be reborn again in a new form. What the historians do not usually realize is that this all originated from astrological beliefs held by ancient Hebrew prophets.


Ketu is ruled over by Chitragupta who is the God of karma, connected to Yama or the God of-death. Chitra means 'a picture', and gupta means 'hidden'. Ketu reflects the karmic residues that are present like pictures in our deeper subconscious mind. These come out in sleep, death or deep meditation when the ordinary mind ceases its activity. The supreme deity of Ketu is Brahma as the giver of spiritual knowledge, much like Jupiter. While Jupiter is the outer guru, Ketu is the inner guru. At a higher level Ketu relates to the formless Brahman or transcendent reality. Ketu, which is outwardly karma, is inwardly spiritual knowledge or J nana. Ketu is also connected to Ganesha who is Dhumaketu or smoky Ketu. Ganesha, like Ketu, has his head cut off but replaced with that of en elephant (who has a serpent-like trunk). Ganesha, like Ketu, rules over both karma and spiritual knowledge and is also the main deity of Vedic astrology, which is the science of karma. Sometimes it is the skinny or...

Watery Signs

When the Sun is at the highest point of its declination in the psychic watery sign Cancer, designated by the ancient Egyptian priests the sphere of the souls awaiting rebirth, it is at the Throne of the Father, the Fountain of Life. There it draws from that inexhaustible well a new supply of the elixir vitae for the coming

Ganesha Mantra

Ganesha, the elephant-headed God, the first son of Shiva and Parvati, is the main deity of Vedic astrology. He is the lord of time and karma as well as the deity governing all the occult sciences, including the usage of mantras. He holds the powers of all mantras within himself and can make them all work effectively.

House Twelfth

Fourth House) the secret effects ot sins of omission and commission - defects of character that make necessary a spiritual rebirth. Since we can rid ourselves of the presence of these ghosts of the past only by liquidating our indebtedness to them, the Twelfth may be termed the House of the Hangover of crime, punishment and grief the pawnshop of the Ego the Gethsemane of the soul the Hell wherein one atones for his errors through compassionate self-sacrifice, whereby ultimately to achieve freedom from conditions that limit and restrict. Thus it is also the House of Charity given and received.

Vedic Science

The Vedic mantra, which is the basis of all Vedic texts, is a special code of vibratory or sound-based knowledge, inherent in cosmic space. It contains the keys to cosmic law or dharma, the underlying truth principles that sustain the cosmic order. These dharmas are not just physical laws but ethical and spiritual principles, the most notable of which is the law of karma. Through these Vedic mantras we can understand our individual dharma, our social dharma and, ultimately, all the dharmas in the universe.

The Soul

Plotinus believed that plants, man, and stars are endowed with soul in varying degrees. Since soul is the principle of life, it is immortal, but beings are subject to birth and death they are mortal. The doctrine of metempsychosis, better known as reincarnation, arises in his philosophy as an account of the passage of soul from body to body. The notion of rebirth is best expressed by his analogy to a stage play Plotinus conceives the return of the soul to its origin, or the ascent of the soul to its source in two ways. Death in the physical world is birth in the spiritual realm, but this does not mean that the soul returns to its source. If a soul has too great an attachment to the body, it will not recognize its true course and be pulled back to the earth seeking rebirth. A soul that recognizes its nobler nature will seek its home in the Intelligible World and union with the ONE. For Plotinus, death is not a necessary condition for

The Sixth House

The sixth house relates to work and service, our capacity for karma yoga and for discipline and austerity. Well-placed planets here can aid in our spiritual evolution. Yet it may also indicate overwork or cause subservience. Benefics here tend to make us more service oriented, gentle, without enmity or self-negating. It often gives skill and intelligence but seldom gives recognition for them. It is a house of effort and shows our capacity to do great labors. It also shows our relationship with foreigners or distant relatives.

The Goat Woman

In the days when her bank account flowed freely, Sheri had many fair-weather friends who disappeared when the money ran dry. She has also been taken advantage of by several underhanded financial scams. But having a sympathetic and forgiving heart, Sheri considers spite, anger, and revenge to be useless and energy depleting. She reflects on the mistakes she has made, but doesn't dwell on the past. She looks optimistically forward to new pastures and firmly believes in the laws of karma.

Ygi c stro ogy

ASTROLOGY is more concerned with the subtle astral body than it is with the gross physical body. The astral forms the energy matrix for both body and mind and helps project the soul's karma into the material world. This 'astral' body or body of the stars reflects our 'astrology'. The planets and signs exist within us as the main energetic factors behind the astral body.

Mantras forRahu

The third verse is to the Goddess Nirriti, the supreme ruler of Rahu, who represehts karma, bondage, disease and death. We can better understand her as the Goddess Kali in her grandmother or crone form. Propitiating her we can overcome disease, gain longevity and ultimately gain immortality.

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