Virgo HP on the House Cusps

Always blend the interpretation with the ruler — Mercury (Q)

Virgo (TO7) on the Cusp of the 1st House (Personality, identity, the physical body). Often a pillar of common sense and initiative, orderly and organized, but you could waste your time on non-essentials. The gift of eternal youth is yours, so is the ability to see another's weaknesses and capitalize on them. Usually you'll do this with diplomacy and tact; the other person is often unaware that you possess this talent. With challenging aspects to Mercury, you can be too picky and fault-finding. You do well as an analyst, comedian or writer, due to your instinctive ability with words. With your incisive mind you can detect what shapes other people's personalities and makes them tick, especially if Mercury is well aspected. Astronomer Bart Bok, author Ernest Hemingway, actor Warren Becitty.

Virgo (HP) on the Cusp of the 2nd House (Possessions, talents and resources, values, self-worth, financial abilities). Money management is right up your alley, since you instinctively relate to banking, accounting or tax issues. At times you can be financially shrewd, especially if Mercury aspects Neptune or Jupiter. Cautious, you will rarely risk your own capital. If Cancer is rising, money and the security it brings are very meaningful in your scheme of things. With Leo rising, people are surprised that showy and generous you can be so exacting and particular when it comes to your pocketbook. With a reasonably well aspected Mercury, you feel quite confident in your assessment of your own abilities. IV emcee Hugh Downs, heart surgeon Denton Cooley, composer Paul Dukas.

Virgo (TJP) on the Cusp of the 3rd House (Communication, early and immediate environment, schooling, short trips, siblings, the conscious mind ). Analytical, critical and scientific — you often are the question asker who has trouble making up your mind until you've gathered all the facts. You seem to function best in critical situations, learn rapidly and communicate well, especially after you've learned to overcome a sense of inferiority. If Gemini or Cancer rises, there could be great concern for siblings; you often maintain an extensive correspondence with them after you leave the family home. Gemini rising with a prominent Mercury can signify success at writing. With Leo rising, your innate dramatic ability should be put to practical use. Writer Michael Crichton, cyclist Rebecca Twigg, actress/comedienne Lily Tomlin.

Virgo (HP) on the Cusp of the 4th House (Home and family, one of the parents, real property, foundations, the end of life). With Virgo here you may have experienced a strict and — in your eyes unloving — childhood. Much depends on Mercury's placement and aspects. With Gemini rising, you can be of two minds on many issues. With Taurus or Cancer rising, there is a tendency to be dominated by family cares. A neat, pleasant home is very meaningful to your well-being and you frequently have an office there. Generally willing to serve your family, you often continue work long after retirement age because you feel that being active keeps you young. "Hotel Queen" Leona Helrnsley, Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, actress I ballerina I singer Renee "Zizi" Jeanmaire.

Virgo (TJF) on the Cusp of the 5th House (Love and romance, creativity, children, speculation, avocation). Discriminating in love, you tend to over-analyze your emotions, particularly when Gemini rises. With Aries on the Ascendant, your natural ebullience at times is held back in showing your love and affection. You dislike change and anything else that upsets your routine, unless Mercury is in a mutable sign. This might be a good placement for poets, but not for teachers as it may be difficult for them to command obedience in the classroom. Women with Virgo here may have a dread of solitude. It can also be the signature of successful prostitution, because Virgo can detach and treat love as a business. With Virgo on the creative 5th you could be a wordsmith, a talented musician or a designer — all areas which benefit from the exactness of Virgo. Writer William Saroyan, comedienne Phyllis Diller, lawyer/writer/Manson family prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi.

Virgo (HP) on the Cusp of the 6th House (Health and nutrition, work, habits, service given, pets, employees). This is the natural house position of Virgo in the flat chart, and thus you feel naturally at home in all 6th house matters. Hygienic, accurate and painstaking in your work, you shine at details and may have an interest in diet, mechanics or research. A born historian and stickler for neatness, you could be impatient and irritable, at times, if Mercury has challenging aspects. Still, you give willing service. If Aries or Pisces is on the Ascendant, it is important for you to work at some job, any job, or else your energy will turn into frustration and affect your health. Pay proper attention to your diet and your eating habits in order to avoid the digestive problems that Virgo here sometimes indicates. Writers Marcel Proust and Henry Miller, impressionist painter Maurice Utrillo.

Virgo (T{P) on the Cusp of the 7th House (Partnerships marital and business, public relations, legal affairs). With Virgo on the 7th house cusp, Pisces must be rising. You have a compassionate and somewhat retiring personality, but tend to marry a critical partner; or you could be critical of the partner you choose. Since you look for security in your partnership, you may marry too early. In fact there could be more than one marriage, with an ensuing one much happier than the first, since you grow more realistic as you mature. You must learn to give of yourself in your relationships and not expect too much in return. As you learn to give of yourself, you will gain greater inner happiness. Be sure to blend both Mercury and Neptune to determine the right kind of partner for you. Actress Shirley Jones, composer Georges Auric, photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones.

Virgo (TP7) on the Cusp of the 8th House (Partner's assets, support from others, sex, taxes, death, regeneration, inheritance). Often practical when it comes to handling other people's money, you'd do well in the banking, brokerage or accounting fields, especially if Capricorn or Pisces is on the Ascendant. You need much convincing before you can become interested in the psychic or the occult; things have to be proven to you before you acccpt them. Any difficulties in your sex life probably will be due to your being overly critical, analytical, and demanding of your partner or vice versa. With Aquarius rising, you may have Gemini on the cusp of the 5th house. This combination of Aquarius-Gemini-Virgo may lead to a desire for change in the love life, yet you are often reluctant to reveal your deep sexual needs. This results in many, but not always fulfilling, sexual experiences, at times even celibacy, unless Mercury is in a fixed sign. Yet with a well placed Mercury, Virgo on the 8th can be lusty and sexually adventurous and imaginative, especially when Aquarius is rising. Analyst Karl Jung, hockey star Wayne Gretzky, opera singer Beverly Sills.

Virgo (Tip) on the Cusp of the 9th House (Law, religion and philosophy, foreign travels, import and export) You pari culai - need to understand life through the heart as well as through the mind. Diplomacy is strong in your makeup, and you usually take a practical approach to religion and philosophy. You're often drawn to the legal profession because of your incisive mind and ability for judicious analysis. You may travel in connection with your work; if Sagittarius rises, travel and broadening your mind is the key to your well-being. With Capricorn on the Ascendant, you frequently go for a college education and should achieve this easily. Tactful and astute you should do well in the service of another, often in such capacity as manager, valet or agent. Premier base-stealer Maury Wills, Italian politician / philosopher Nicolo Machiavelli, Chief Justice Earl Warren.

Virgo (TIP) on the Cusp of the 10th House (Profession, ego, prestige, status, one of the parents, reputation). You may have more than one profession in your lifetime, one of which may well be teaching. To work hard in your chosen profession is very meaningful to you and gives you a certain satisfaction, especially with Capricorn rising. If Scorpio is on the Ascendant, you can be keenly critical of yourself as well as others. You dislike being proven wrong, thus you think carefully before making commitments. With Sagittarius rising, you could have excellent coordination — unless Mercury is challenged. If Mercury is well placed, success is possible in almost any field of endeavor, but especially one where organization and mobility are necessary. Novelist / critic Mary McCarthy, composer George Gershwin, German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

Virgo (T[P) on the Cusp of the 11th House (Friends, hopes and wishes, large organizations, unforeseen circumstances). Basically shy, you may shun large groups of people, but you generally are sympathetic, understanding, and always willing to help the underdog. Thus, you may do well in any humanitarian undertaking. Vulnerable, thus you should beware of being victimized by fair-weather friends. If Sagittarius rises, and Mercury and Jupiter are in aspect to each other, you love animals and would make a good veterinarian, animal groomer or trainer. With Scorpio rising, you like to lead in your own very special way, which could include group work; however, you are very selective when it comes to choosing friends. When Libra rises, you usually work best on a one-to-one basis, whether it is with friends or in organizational field. Senator Henry M. "Scoop" Jackson, feminist activist Gloria. Stemem, biological chemistry professor Eugene Patrick Kennedy.

Virgo (HP) on the Cusp of the 12th House (Hidden talents, the subconscious, behind-the-scenes activity). Any career that requires attention to details and the ability to work behind the scenes could appeal to you. If there are any planets in the 12th house, psychological or counseling fields may attract you. With Virgo or Scorpio rising, you may be drawn to institutional work and problems. You may also be interested in, and try to understand the nature of health and disease, but must guard against hypochondria. Since the 12th house works on a very subconscious level, Virgo's tendency of criticizing often is directed inward, and depending on Mercury's aspects, it will take you a while to learn to accept yourself— warts and all. Writer Harper Lee, critic Pauline Kael, Getty museum architect Richard A. Meier.

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