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The Wheelbarrow [Triform or divided into three areas] (See actor Robin Williams' horoscope below.) A Bundle pattern, contained within a trine, forms the body of the Wheelbarrow, while two singletons form the handles. If perfect, the handles are equi-distant from the Bundle, but they can be as close as a sextile on one side, or as far apart as a quincunx on the other. The even or uneven placement of these handles seems to make the difference in how the energies can be used. In observing hundreds of patterns, we have found that a chart can still be considered to be a Wheelbarrow even if the main body is somewhat smaller (a square) or larger than a Bundle or trine. The important question seems to be: "Where are the handles and how well do they enable you to balance the barrow and the load contained therein?"

Name Robin Williams Wheelbarrow Source

Name Robin Williams Wheelbarrow Source

Since this is such a new pattern, we will briefly describe the most important concepts of the relationship of the handles to the rest of Robin Williams' chart. The "barrow" part of the Wheelbarrow is very tight, contained within a square (Uranus at 10 Cancer to Neptune at 16 Libra — a challenge to face his reality). The handles are very uneven, with Jupiter in the 6th house (work) only 87° away from the rim planet Uranus. The Moon, the second handle, in his creative 5th house, is 142° away from the other rim planet, Neptune in the 12th. It will be hard for him to balance the body or "barrow" part of the Wheelbarrow which leans to the right and therefore emphasizes the Uranus/Jupiter part of his nature while repressing the Moon/Neptune side. The public sees his uniqueness, while he hides his soft, emotional side.

Review Question: Please interpret the Bundle pattern for Julio Iglesias. Our interpretation is given in the Appendix on page 258. For additional learning, try to delineate the other charts in this chapter for yourself as well.

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