Intercepted Signs and Houses

Because of the tilt of the Earth on its axis, and its distortion from being a perfect sphere, there is often a variance in house sizes as we move north or south from the Equator. When this happens some signs are found to be completely contained within a house; i.e., the sign does not appear on any cusp, and we refer to these phenomena as interception. In latitudes of more than 50° north or south, two or more signs may be intercepted in one house or there may be two sets of houses with intercepted signs.

If one house has an intercepted sign, the opposite house will also contain an intercepted sign. An interception widens the house in which it occurs and therefore complicates the affairs of that house because of the added signs involved. For example, in the horoscope of Farrah Fawcett (see page 32), the 4th and 10th house axis contains intercepted signs — Libra and Aries respectively. Mercury (ruler of Virgo) rules the cusp of the 4th house; Libra is intercepted and thus Venus co-rules this house; and Neptune is actually placed there. In delineating the 4th house all of these factors must be considered. Thus, you can see that the delineation of a house that contains an intercepted sign can become quite complex.

Often, the house axis containing intercepted signs is the most activated axis in the horoscope. And, nearly always, it is the largest house since it contains the greatest number of degrees from cusp to cusp. Again referring to the chart of Farrah Fawcett, notice that the 4th house starts at 21° Virgo 38' + 30° of Libra + 2° Scorpio 15 = 40° 37'. Compare this to her 2nd house, which contains only a little over 25°, all in the sign of Leo.

A person with a planet contained within an intercepted sign may feel fenced in or held in restraint, until they learn to use the force or power symbolized by this planet. Then they can forge ahead at full steam. If the Sun, Moon, ruler of the Ascendant, or the ruler of the intercepted sign is also intercepted, there maybe some delay in getting that area of the life started in the right direction. If, for example, in Farrah Fawcett's chart (see page 32) we were to discover Mars in Aries (Aries in her chart is intercepted) in her 10th house, it would be much more difficult to release Mars' energies. Tensions and frustrations must be worked out, and often the best avenue is through the house the planet rules.

If there are no planets in the horoscope in intercepted signs, the house itself needs attention. In Farrah Fawcett's chart, Neptune is the only intercepted planet. It rules her 10th house of status and career. Thus, one avenue for coming out of the interception is through the 10th house. Of course, the aspects to Neptune should also be considered, and in Farrah's chart her Neptune trines the Sun and Mars, enabling her to use her glamour (Neptune) fairly early. But it probably took much longer to work out certain emotional problems (Neptune squares the Moon, ruling the Ascendant and located in the 12th house).

The Sun intercepted suggests you could be under restraint, especially in the early years of life. You need to find a special field or place in life to be comfortable and stand alone. Often there is a feeling of some lack within the self, and it may be harder for you to relate to others. Usually you are personally involved in matters pertaining to the Sun's sign and house and with dedication and direction you can go directly to your goals. Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald is an example of an intercepted Sun. So are artist Vincent van Gogh and dictator Benito Mussolini whose charts are on pages 58 and 60.

The Moon intercepted implies emotional intensification. Feelings are accentuated but there may be a problem in communicating and at times even a speech impediment (though other factors in the horoscope would be needed to confirm this). There can be some withdrawal at the emotional level and your feelings of rejection might be intensified. When you do communicate emotionally, you can be very effective and others will listen. Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart and Prince Charles have intercepted Moons. So does singer Linda Ronstadt. (These charts can be found on pages 70, 61 and 95.)

Mercury intercepted often means that your thinking processes are not quite the same as those of others. You may feel misunderstood or out-of-step with your peers. When you have learned to accept your own concepts, others may come to admire your gift for intellectual specialization. Scientists Louis Pasteur, Albert Einstein (see his chart page 111) and actress Elizabeth Taylor are some examples.

Venus intercepted suggests that you seek love in an entirely personal way and your love life may often be kept secret, sacred and hidden, or is held apart from all other phases of your life. On the other hand you may feel that you have never experienced real love, for your idea of love is too intense and limited. A creative outlet is of great benefit. Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and author George Sand have this interception. So do Senator Ted Kennedy and entertainer Barbra Streisand whose charts are on pages 68 and 73.

Mars intercepted shows intense power and energy. You might need a definitely specialized goal toward which to channel your aggressive energies. You possess the ability to make whatever you do become a personal triumph. Some examples are French singer Edith Piaf, actress Goldie Hawn and mystery writer Agatha Christie. Also actor Paul Newman whose chart is on page 63.

Jupiter intercepted may indicate difficulties in early life and a bottling up of natural enthusiasm. You have a sense of value that is uniquely yours. When opportunity knocks you are capable of taking advantage of it in a different way than your contemporaries would. General Erwin Rommel, and magician Harry Houdini serve as good illustrations. So do artist Pablo Picasso and entertainer Judy Garland whose charts are on pages 82 and 57.

Saturn intercepted confers great sensitivity to other people's problems and an uncanny knack for solving them. However, things that upset others rarely bother you. You may be inclined to face your own difficulties with fatalism. Wherever you find Saturn there is a tendency to hold back or an inclination toward congestion. Therefore you should develop your outer expression to enable you to take risks to achieve your goals. Two examples are author Joyce Carol Oates and actress Susan Sarandon. Also writer Hermann Hesse and actor Dustin Hoffman whose charts are on pages 43 and 49.

Uranus intercepted denotes a certain timidity of expression, particularly where originality is concerned. There could be a fear of ridicule. Although you frequently are creative and idealistic, there is a need to overcome a sensitivity that will not let you express your humanitarian zeal. Murderer Charles Manson, champion tennis player Martina Navratilova and singer Lena Home have this placement. So does poet Emily Dickinson whose chart is on page 76.

Neptune intercepted suggests a desire to avoid leadership. You would rather take a back seat and must be urged to step out and assert yourself. Or, you might become a hermit or a dreamer completely introspective. If Neptune is angular, there is a strong need to reach out to others and this should be encouraged. This is a very good placement for writers, musicians or anyone who works alone. Authors Arthur Conan Doyle and Joseph Wambaugh and singer Bonnie Raitt have Neptune intercepted. So does actress Barbra Streisand whose chart is on page 73.

Pluto intercepted shows that the life motivation is different from that which spurs others. Your need for action often comes from a group feeling as well as your giant need for approval. Regeneration is very important, and you have a deep sense of obligation to investigate life thoroughly and completely, which you should be urged to use. Some examples are socialist Karl Marx, actress Goldie Hawn and murderer Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald whose chart is on page 50.

Depending on which Table of Houses you use, the interceptions may change or in some cases even be eliminated. All the charts in this book are based on Koch Table of Houses.

Linked Houses

Whenever there are intercepted signs in a horoscope, you will find that two sets of houses are linked together because they have the same sign on adjacent house cusps. In Farrah Fawcett's chart (see page 32) the 2nd and 3rd houses are linked together as are her 8th and 9th houses. Leo and Aquarius are the signs involved. In Hermann Hesse's chart the 6th and 7th and 12th and 1st houses are linked with Gemini and Sagittarius respectively on the cusps. The activities of the two houses that share the same sign on their cusps are tied together in many ways. The affairs ruled by these two houses tend to blend and intermingle:

First with Second You may earn your own way in life, determine your own value structure, or set much store on material comforts. Mystery writer Agatha Christie and composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikowsky have this, as well as actor Marlon Brando whose chart is on page 85.

Intercepted Signs and Souses Hif>

Second with Third You could earn through the transportation or communication fields; your values may be influenced by, or may influence, a sibling, or you could go into business with a brother or sister. Singer Cher, conductor Claudio Abbado and artist Peter Paul Rubens have this, so does singer/actress Judy Garland, whose chart is on page 57.

Third with Fourth A sibling may have taken a parent's place; there could have been an unsettled early childhood with attendance at different schools, or a brother or sister may share your digs. Expression and communication may seem easier when in a familiar venue. Some examples are film director Louis Malle, artist Vincent Van Gogh and actor Orson Welles whose charts can be found on pages 58 and 75.

Fourth with Fifth Your children probably love to come home; you could be very creative around the family homestead, or may even be an artisan who works out of your home. Composer Jules Massenet and baseball's top hitter Roger Maris serve as examples, so does Hitler's companion Eva Braun and singer Janice Joplin whose chart is on page 66.

Fifth with Sixth You can work in a creative field and through your work give service to young people (for example — as a teacher), or you may work in sports or coach a team. Your work becomes your first love. Sculptor Auguste Rodin, sports announcer and football star Don Meredith and skater Dorothy Hamill have this placement; so does Hermann Hesse whose chart is found on page 43.

Sixth with Seventh You may prefer working with your spouse or with a partner, or with the public in general (often in a service capacity). Your work may involve the law. Author Erich Maria Remarque, who loved to live with or marry beautiful women and statesman Benjamin Disraeli have this. Remarque's chart can be found on page 106.

Seventh with Eighth You often go far in politics with the support (8th) of the public (7th). You may venture into business partnership or could inherit money through a partner. Much married actor Mickey Rooney serves as an example as does Prince Charles of England; their charts are on page 65 and 61.

Eighth with Ninth Publishing or writing could be tied to mystery or sex novels. You could be a financial expert, researcher or politician and may have a great affinity for or teach the psychic, mystical or occult. Child evangelist Marjoe Gortner, scientist Enrico Fermi and artist Joan Miro are some examples; so is singer Graham Nash of Cosby, Stills and Nash whose chart is on page 96.

Ninth with Tenth You may travel extensively on career matters; education or law often play a significant role in your work, or a foreign born parent or person can be helpful to you in your career. Author Christopher Isherwood, Beatle's drummer Ringo Starr and actress Ginger Rogers have this placement, so do director/actor Orson Welles, singer Bruce Springsteen and artist Vincent van Gogh whose charts are on page 75, 123 and 58.

Tenth with Eleventh Friends and social relationships may help you in your job or career; you could work for the government in some capacity (often in the military or in politics); you are usually very active in group efforts in a leadership capacity. Former Vice President Spiro Agnew, opera singer Mirella Freni, President Abraham Lincoln and labor leader James Hoffa serve as examples, so does Senator Ted Kennedy whose chart is on page 68.

Eleventh with Twelfth You may frequently be drawn to charitable work, or to the job of social or welfare worker. You need to have time for yourself or forces outside of your control may cause

6th House

Name Erich Maria Remarque Linked with 7th Source

6th House

Name Erich Maria Remarque Linked with 7th Source

Emotional Wellness Wheel Printout

confinement. You are comfortable working behind the scenes. Film director Francois Truffaut and composer Dimitri Shostakovich have this placement; as does Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart whose chart is on page 70.

Twelfth with First You have much inner strength that you can call upon; your personality could require sharpening or defining and shyness or introversion may have to be dealt with. Misused, you can become your own worst enemy. Some examples are Field Marshall Hermann Goering as well as singer Linda Ronstadt and mogul billionaire Bill Gates whose charts can be found on pages 95 and 54.

Review Question: On this page is the horoscope of singer Bob Dylan. Interpret his horoscope for the interceptions, the two sets of houses sharing the same sign on their cusps, and do not forget to include your interpretation of his intercepted Mars and Neptune. When you have completed this assignment, compare it with our answers in the appendix on page 256.

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