Birth Certificate AA


Birth Certificate AA

Name Arsenio Hall Date February 12, 1956 Time 3:18 (AM) EST Place Cleveland, OH Long. 81W41 Lat. 41N29


The Mystic Rectangle is another interesting yet rare configuration. Why 'mystic' is a mystery, since it works on a very practical level. It consists of four planets interconnected by two trines, two sextiles and two oppositions. When you link them, the resulting figure really looks like a rectangle. For example if you have Mars at 14° Aries opposing Saturn at 20° Libra, trining Neptune at 16° Leo and sextiling the Sun at 19° Aquarius, you would also have Neptune opposing the Sun and sextiling Saturn. At the same time Saturn trines the Sun. So the result is two trines, two sextiles and two oppositions which tend to work similarly to the kite. Again we have the oppositions (this time two, the kite only has one) to give us awareness and help utilize the flow of the trines and the opportunity of the sextiles in a useful way. And again, just like the kite, the danger of this configuration is that it is too self-contained and may oi9°~ o"i4°T overpower the rest of the chart.

The Final Signature (or Type)

This last category doesn't stand out at all; in fact, you have to do some figuring in order to find it. What then is this final type? You might think of it like another Ascendant. Using the horoscope of Hermann Hesse (page 43) as an example, we see that he had five mutable planets and five planets in water. In other words, more mutability and water than any other quality or element There is only one mutable water sign in the zodiac: Pisces; therefore, Hesse's signature was Pisces.

This is not always evident in looking at the chart. Yet, by arriving at this signature, we realize that Hesse would come across as and be very sensitive, intuitive, emotional, introspective, and any other words you wish to use to describe the Pisces feeling.

Joan Sutherland (page 250) has six fixed and five water planets, giving her a Scorpio signature, which is not too surprising since her Sun and two other planets are in Scorpio, but this re-emphasizes her Scorpionic strength, fixity of purpose and quietly controlling nature.

Sometimes, you will end up with a very different signature than you might expect, as in the case of billionaire Bill Gates. (See chart page 54) With a strong Scorpio emphasis (Sun, Venus, Saturn) the Moon in Aries and a Cancer Ascendant, it is interesting to find that he has six fixed and four fire planets. That equates to a Leo signature and most certainly reveals Gates' flair for publicity and his ability to command center stage. This final signature will give you an additional blend and insight into the personality you are dealing with. At times, the final signature is difficult to ascertain because the division is fairly even. In such cases, we suggest that you use the Ascendant to break the tie.

Following are a few indications of what you can expect from each signature. Remember, the whole chart must be taken into account, but generally this is an added insight into the person's personality and behavior pattern. If there is no signature, do not be concerned, it just means the chart is very well balanced and does not fit into any definite category. But when there is a signature, be sure to consider it.

Cardinal Fire (Aries) This is the warmest, most active combination, often finding you with a fiery temperament and a strong independent streak.

Cardinal Earth (Capricorn) Ambitious and social, it is important that you develop a sense of material achievement.

Cardinal Air (Libra) Social, usually courteous, you do best when interacting with others.

Cardinal Water (Cancer) Solicitous, affectionate and sentimental, you are usually home and family loving.

Fixed Fire (Leo) You can be showy, strong-willed and individualistic and take pride in your achievements.

Fixed Earth (Taurus) Set in your ways, fond of sweets, you revel in luxurious surroundings.

Fixed Air (Aquarius) Constantly seeking knowledge, the unusual attracts you and you are a "people" person.

Fixed Water (Scorpio) Intense, motivated and rarely deterred from your chosen path, you love to be in charge.

Mutable Fire (Sagittarius) Outgoing, enthusiastic and idealistic, you can be a prodigious doer.

Mutable Earth (Virgo) Orderly and organized, you enjoy taking good care of your health and body as well as rendering service to others.

Mutable Air (Gemini) Curious and ever willing to try something new, you are usually light of spirit and often versatile.

Mutable Water (Pisces) Very sentimental and adaptable like a chameleon, you could be attracted to music and the arts.


You may get an additional insight by using the house positions to get a sub-signature. Whereas the final signature seems to show a behavior pattern, readily noticed by others, the sub-signature seems to express inner feelings or needs. To find the sub-signature, check if there is a preponderance of angular, succedent or cadent planets.

Then see which of the houses of life, substance, relationships or endings are the most occupied and the sub-signature will reveal which area of life (house) is really important to the person. Hermann Hesse had predominantly angular planets with a majority in houses of relationships. Therefore all 7th house (one-to-one) matters were very important to him. Joan Sutherland has a sub-signature of six angular/five houses of substance resulting in a 1 Oth house (or career) emphasis.

Review Question: Please find Farrah Fawcett's final signature and sub-signature and describe them. For our answers see the Appendix, page 255. We also urge you to look at all of the other horoscopes in this book and see if you can find some of the standouts.

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