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Since the 1st house is your identity, outer personality, physical body, and the face that you present to the world, it is the most important house and should be carefully analyzed. In this book we will not give you keywords for appearance, since many factors have to be considered and, at this level, the subject is too complex.

Always blend the interpretation with the ruler — Mars fcf)

Aries (T) on the Cusp of the 1st House Basically restless, you approach the world in a direct rather than diplomatic fashion. Often quite extroverted and headstrong, you have little or no physical fear; in fact, at times you tend to irritate others with your assertiveness.

Courageous and dynamic, you will fight for your beliefs when it is necessary, but you prefer to use your wits. Usually, you are a self-starter, but may have trouble finishing what you start since it bores you quickly and you're off to the next project. Stick-to-it-iveness is an art you need to cultivate. If Mars is in a passive sign, Pisces for example, you could appear gentler and may be just mildly assertive, less impulsive, more understanding and feeling. Be sure to blend in the position of Mars. Actress Barbra Streisand, Senator Howard Baker, tennis pro Martina Navratilova.

Aries (T) on the Cusp of the 2nd House (Values, possessions, financial affairs, earning power, talents and resources). If you have Pisces rising, inner talents and resources can be important to you, but with Aries on the 2nd house cusp you may not be patient enough to take good care of your assets and might end up with financial headaches. You could have many innovative ideas on ways to make money. If Mars is in a stable sign, you can learn to budget properly and make good use of your income. Impulsive, it would be wise for you to learn financial conservatism. Material possessions are important to you and provide inner security, until you are able to rely on your other resources, as indicated by the horoscope. Politician Joseph Alioto, actress Carol Burnett, head of the FBI Louis Freeh.

Aries (T) on the Cusp of the 3rd House (Communications, siblings, local and early environment, education, short trips). Your mind is energetic, active and constructive. If you have Aquarius rising, the combination of being different, with open and direct Aries on the cusp of the house of communications, can make you a very outspoken and interesting person. You may be a good conversationalist and can hold your own in any argument, but are better at dishing it out than taking it. Unless Mars is well aspected, you find it hard to take criticism. A stable Saturn will help you use your facile mind with greater concentration. You might do much moving around during your early years, and if you have any siblings, the atmosphere in your youth was likely quite lively. TV actress Cindy Williams, commentator Edward R. Murrow, author I playwright Truman Capote.

Aries (T) on the Cusp of the 4th House (Home, one of the parents; your roots, foundation, and real property). If you have Capricorn on the Ascendant, your adolescent years may have seemed difficult; you could have been so restless that you considered running away from home despite a strong link with one of your parents. There may be many changes of residence during your lifetime and they might not all be welcome. You probably grew up in a busy, active household and were expected to do your own thing. It is not hard for you to be a mover and a shaker. In your later years, you may rule the roost and the placement of Mars will show how well you are able to do it. Unless you cultivate outside interests, you might focus all of your energy at home and become too demanding of your loved ones. Rarely will you spend a dull or lonely old age. Actresses Goldie Hawn and Anjelica Huston, novelist Shirley Jackson.

Aries (T) on the Cusp of the 5th House (Children, love affairs and romance, creativity, amusements, speculative matters). Eager, with a great zest for life, you give your all in fun, pleasure, sports, creative outlets and physical activity. You'd make a great coach or manager as you can inspire others with your enthusiasm. Though you like children, you get along best with them when they have reached the age of reason, else your impatience can show. Since you love life and love, you may use your energy in excessive sexual activity and jump from one love affair to another. If Sagittarius is rising, and Mars is well placed, you often channel some of your idealism into a creative outlet, or you could be quite daring and try to shoot for the stars, with a hobby, gambling, or a life pursuit. Ultraconservative Senator Jesse A. Helms, Italian tenor Tito Schipa, author James Clavel.

Aries (T) on the Cusp of the 6th House (Work, health and nutrition, habits, service given, employees). You are often a diligent and tireless worker; in fact, work is a natural for you, because you enjoy utilizing your energies to achieve success. However, with your nearly superhuman drive, you could push others as mercilessly as you push yourself, and this is not always well received. You do best when self-employed, or in an executive position, since you tend to resent authority and dislike interference, especially if you have Scorpio rising or if Mars is very active in your chart. Despite appearing strong, you need reassurance and function best when you feel appreciated. If you do not use the energies of Mars in work or some other constructive fashion, you could experience sudden illnesses or headaches, but since your basic nature is hardy, you recover quickly, though you might be prone to very high temperatures when ill. Producer I Actress Penny Marshall, choreographer Twyla Tharp, actor Charlie Chaplin.

Aries (T) on the Cusp of the 7th House (Partners, both business and marital; dealings with the public, legal affairs). In order to have Aries here, you must have Libra rising — so partners and dealing with others is significant. This need can lead to a hasty or early marriage, before you are mature enough to know what you really want or find necessary. You seek a strong partner, but occasionally you may resent that person's strength because your Libra Ascendant likes peace and harmony (as long as it is your way). When you find a partner who suits you, or if you have grown to accept what your partner can offer you, life will seem richer and more meaningful, because cooperation and sharing are very important to your well being. Be sure to blend in not only Mars, the Sun ruler, but also Venus, which rules the Ascendant, to get a good picture of your attitude toward marriage and partnership. Ex-president Jimmy Carter, dictator Adolf Hitler, humanitarian Albert Schweitzer.

Aries (T) on the Cusp of the 8th House (Support from others, sex, legacies and inheritance, taxes, occult matters, endings, regeneration). If you have Leo or Libra rising, your great romantic ardor enhances your strong sexual energy and can afford you lots of enjoyment. With Virgo rising, you might occasionally suffer some feelings of insecurity with alternating periods of brashness. Achieving inner peace of mind is really a necessity; perhaps it will come through financial security. With a well placed Mars, Aries here enjoys using or investing other's resources. You may be preoccupied with death but are rarely afraid, merely ready to investigate it. Author Ernest Hemingway, composer Antonio Vivaldi, actor Jeff Bridges.

Aries (T) on the Cusp of the 9th House (Higher mind, philosophy, ideals, higher education, long trips, religion). If Leo is on your Ascendant, Aries here often expresses in a very individualistic and enthusiastic, even pioneering, way. You could blaze new trails in your approach to life. Leo and Aries trine, therefore you can easily affirm your own personality in all 9th house matters, unless Mars is very weak or has too many difficult aspects. Travel, or any avenue that broadens your horizons, is welcomed. If you tend toward the legal professions, you might do better as a trial lawyer, rather than handling taxes or corporate matters. Your philosophy will hardly be dogmatic or traditional, as you prefer anything that offers a new approach. You could even be an agnostic or atheist rather than accept the accepted. Actress Vanessa Redgrave, boxer Muhammad Ali, economist Martin Feldstein.

Aries (T) on the Cusp of the 10th House (Profession, status, reputation, ego, authority, a parent). With Aries on the cusp of the house of profession and career you can be a dynamo going full force after your desired goals, or you may start ten careers, ten new inventions, ten things that have never been tried before — and finish none of them. Much depends, not only on Mars' position, but also on the Moon if you have Cancer rising. A Cancer Ascendant suggests tenacity, but you could give in to the ups and downs of your emotions.

Sometimes this placement suggests a domineering parent who wants you to follow in her or his footsteps. Since Aries and Cancer square each other by quality, you should have enough challenge and push to succeed, but be sure to blend the other factors in the chart carefully before deciding that this is so. If Leo or Gemini is on the Ascendant, the career outlook takes on a different coloration. Leo trines Aries, so achieving success could be less difficult. In the case of Gemini, the only real obstacle is the versatility combined with Aries' occasional lack of perseverance. However, used constructively, this combination is excellent, especially for sales work. Since the 10th is a very public house, the Aries tendency to be bossy and argumentative needs to be curbed or you might have to fight hostility and combat rivalry on your road to success. You will find that other people just don't like to be bossed around. Musician Isaac Hayes, General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, actor Robert Stack.

Aries (T) on the Cusp of the 11th House (Friends, hopes and wishes, humanitarian interests, goals, circumstances, organizations). Many people with Aries here are involved with large groups or organizations, especially when Gemini rises. If Mars is strong (angular, lots of aspects) you find it easy to exert authority over others and can become a leader without really trying. You probably manage this leadership well, and since you base your appeal on a mental approach, your friends or groups follow you gladly. With Taurus rising, you could face problems because of your dogged determination. If Gemini or Cancer rises, you tend to lack diplomacy and may even get involved in quarrels and gossip, which can cause emotional problems. Often, this placement is good for politics as you have the ability to sway the masses. Senator George McGovern, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, general George Pattori.

Aries (T) on the Cusp of the 12th House (The subconscious, hidden strength, failings, behind-the-scenes activities). You rarely want to take time to look inward, thus do not find out who you really are 'til later in life. When you do become introspective, you can really get a handle on where you can go and then make great strides forward. The Aries and Martian energy is really not at its happiest in a 12th house, subconscious mode, but your dreams may motivate you to achieve. Taurus on the Ascendant can add a stable outlook and an outer affectionate nature, especially with a well placed Venus. If Gemini or Aries rises, it is very important that you find the proper kind of work as a release from possible nervous tension. President Gerald Ford, actress Mia Farrow, newscaster Maria Shriver.

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