The Boomerang is a configuration coined by Joan McEvers who kept watching its action for years before she decided that it definitely worked like a configuration. It is a yod where the 'finger' planet has an opposition. Hermann Hesse's chart can serve to illustrate. We discussed his yod with Pluto sextiling Venus and both quincunxing Jupiter. Please note that Jupiter opposes Mercury. This ¿+27> configuration does exactly what its name implies. The action for the focal planet, Jupiter, boomerangs to Mercury and the tendency is to work all problems out between the two oppositions and take advantage to do so through the sextiles, but ignore the quincunxes. This can be dangerous in the long run, because adjustments 2?othat are not handled can become deep frustrations. Entertainer Arsenio Hall also has a boomerang. (See his 22° n chart below.)

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