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Healing From An Affair

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Monogamy and Nonmonogamy

Monogamy is a lifestyle of sexual exclusivity with one's mate by the strict definition, it includes emotional exclusivity as well. The Virgo Woman is totally in favor of monogamy, both in principle and in practice. If she discontinues the practice, it is often against her better judgment and deeply conservative values. Nonmonogamy is apt to create tremendous emotional tensions that she must learn to master and resolve creatively.

Coping with Insecurity The Cancer Woman in Love

In love, she considers no one and nothing more important than her lover. She is convinced she has the world by the tail, and it would take an earthquake or repeated infidelity to make her change her mind. She is bound to combine the erotic imagination of Anai's Nin with the earthy sexuality of Lily Marlene. Love helps her to overcome some of her shy pragmatism. It makes her relax her guard and teaches her self-disclosure. The man who hurts her at such a moment will never regain her trust.

The Other Sidethe Dragons Duality

In contrast to their many admirable attributes, unenlightened Dragons canbe short-tempered, demanding, andbrutallycandid. Being a soul of extremes, the Dragon's energy channeled negatively can cause great destruction. An egotistic Dragon canbe so overbearing one would think they rule by divine right. Another unflattering characteristic of shallow Dragons is infidelity. Dragons are capable of maintaining a completely separate life from their primary relationship, sometimes for years. They seem perfectly capable of keeping their dual life discreet and undetected from an unsuspecting partner. Egotistic and judgmental behavior represents the Dragon's energy being directed in its most unproductive form. Dragons can feel a certain sense of entitlement to say whatever is on their mind, many times with jaw-dropping results. Expressed in its darkest form, this energy becomes easy infatuation, harshness, stubbornness, belligerence, infidelity, impetuousness, and malcontent. The choice lies...

Gifts and Capabilities

In general, Dragons are physically healthier than most people, but they need to pay attention to dangers relating to stress and the internal struggle of a bipolar temper. Dragon people desire many friends and have an overwhelming need to be loved in order to thrive. Intense and possessive in romance, they are at the same time somewhat doubtful and reserved. Dragon love affairs are magnificently dramatic. They possess plenty of youthful yang energy to keep love alive during the good times, as well as during the occasional thunderstorms.

Moon In The Twelfth House

You are restless, shy, sensitive and too retiring, and you don't like strange surroundings. You need time alone to recharge your emotional batteries. You like to work in secluded or isolated ways, and often you live in a world of imagination. You are self-sacrificing if you don't become overly involved with your patients, you could be a good nurse. The Moon here often indicates secret love affairs. You have an active subconscious, and you can be resentful of imaginary slights. Cuban leader Fidel Castro, Nazi leader Hermann Goering, actor Gregory Peck, race car driver Jim Clark, would-be assasin Alfred Bremer.

Thinskinned Petty Vengeful

The Cancer Woman is often petty about insults, real or imagined. Since she is so subjective, she tends to take almost everything personally. She can understand a busy doctor not remembering her first name, but she will never forgive him for not asking about her family. If she feels that she or her home and family have been betrayed, the Cancer Woman frequently retaliates. She can be extremely vengeful, for example, if she suspects her partner of infidelity. There is cruelty in her nature, and she is bound to make him pay for it endless, merciless sulks, spending sprees, and accusations are not uncommon.

The Other Sidethe Monkeys Duality

Expressed in its darkest form, this energy becomes trickery, infidelity, vanity, distrust, self-interest, and immature behavior. The choice lies completely with the individual. Taken to extreme, paranoid and anti-social personality disorders may develop.

Venus in the Twelfth House

Venus in the Twelfth House is both artistic and creative and prefers a private, secluded life. This also is a compassionate and sympathetic placement, because Venus is extremely happy here and has a great desire to serve others in some way. People with Venus in the Twelfth House also like to look at life's deeper meanings and may find a good outlet through their devotion to God or an ideal. Worldly success is not as important to them as what they can contribute to help others. For this reason, they may also pursue a spiritual life. Often noted for secretive love affairs or personal contacts, this position is primarily distinguished by its artistic and strong emotional ties to the subconscious, which can result in deeply inspired art.

Uranus In The Twelfth House

You desire to break through convention and restraint and have a tremendous need to free yourself from society's demands. Enchanted by the mysterious and the romantic, you may have several secret love affairs. You are intellectual, mystical and secretive and work in unusual ways. This is a good position for research or any behind-the-scenes activity. With challenging aspects, you may be eccentric. Unresolved conflicts in the unconscious may make your life difficult. Unless you exert self-control, you can be your own worst enemy and may go through life alone. Murder cult leader Charles Manson, western actor Roy Rogers, dictator Adolf Hitler, actor Charlie Chaplin.

Sun In The Fourth House

Strong, popular, creative and self-indulgent, you find great joy in love and children. You are successful with the opposite sex and may have many love affairs. You handle children well but rarely have a large family. You are likely to express yourself through acting, teaching, art, sports or speculation. With difficult aspects, you may exploit others or be an exhibitionist. The Sun in the fifth house works much like the Sun in Leo.

Aspects Of Uranus To The Other Planets

The Moon sextile or trine to Uranus gives great originality and independence to the mind which is quick, intuitive and very vivid in its imagination, hence the person has inventive ability he is attracted to the occult arts and is endowed with hypnotic or magnetic powers, also the intuitional ability to study and practice astrology. If electricity is adopted as a vocation the person will make a success of it. These aspects also give the person a peculiar fascination for the opposite sex and are likely to lead to a clandestine love affair or an unconventional union. The Moon conjunction or parallel to Uranus gives mental and psychic tendencies similar to those of the good aspects and also the same liability to irregular love-affairs, but these tendencies are not so pronounced and a clandestine love-affair generated under the conjunction of Uranus and the Moon may have distinctly disastrous results similar to those mentioned under the bad aspects. If the conjunction occurs in Cancer it...

Venus In The Fifth House

Your love affairs should be happy, your speculations should be successful, and your children will bring you contentment. Artistic and creative, you have a natural flair for acting and writing and can also excel in sports. The opposite sex finds you very attractive, so you will probably have many love affairs. This is a good placement for work with children and

Venus In Toe Twelfth House

Gives a secrecy to the emotional life and a tendency to seek solitude. What this person really feels within is seldom expressed. Sometimes there is a hidden love affair not known to others. If afflicted by Neptune the person may be in love with someone who is not free. Self-indulgence in drink or drugs can bring difficulties with Venus afflicted in this house. To those who are evolved, this position can give a strong compassion and a desire to serve God through helping those less fortunate. Worldly success would not be important. Devotion to an ideal would be the motivating force. Venus in this house is extremely protective and denotes a guardian angel that guides and protects though the individual may not know it

Neptune In The Fifth House

Secret love affairs or lack of freedom of emotional expression lierause of former ties. Often in love with someone who isn't free. Great sacrifices made for children but receive little in return. This is a karmic condition from past lives and, if understood, can be accepted without bitterness or resentment. The fifth house is the house of esoteric karma. It is the house that shows the use of your will, good or ill, in past lives. Desire is the tie-that binds us from lifetime to lifetime. Desire and will are twins. Ties with children apt to dissolve as they become adults. Neptune in this house, if afflicted, demands too much and gives little. Makes a good actor for they dramatize life and can play many roles. Imagination powerful and often it can run off with common sense.

Astrological Strong Forces For Riches And Fame

Natives who have Venus in the second house in a nocturnal chart will be designers of important crafts. They will become very wealthy but over a period of time be charming, agreeable in love affairs, but often victims of scandal. difficulty. Great scandal over love affairs is indicated according to the nature of the signs. If she is in tropical, scaly, or mutable signs, and Mars is with her or in opposition or square aspect, the natives are oversexed, impure, and of ill repute. 20. But if Mars is in opposition or square aspect to Venus in this house, especially if he is on one of the angles, the natives will have enemies and see the sad deaths of children. They will be enemies to their children because of adultery or impure sexual behavior. If Jupiter is in square aspect or conjunction with Venus and Mercury, or if Saturn is in opposition, or if Saturn, Venus, and Mercury are together in this house, the natives will be sterile, lovers of boys, and for this vice involved in homicides or...

Uranus In The Fifth House

Romantic and attracted to the unusual, you will have many strange love affairs. Although you are fond of speculation and gambling, this is not the best placement for these activities. Your children may be unusual, you may have an illegitimate child or give a child up for adoption. Your excellent physical coordination is good for sports, and you are also very creative. You can be reckless, even foolhardy and may flaunt convention and disdain anything trite and ordinary. You always want to be the chief, never the indian.

The Signs In The Houses

The third Decan ascending improves the Aquarius nature, providing more balance and a higher standard of intellect with very refined tastes and clear discrimination. This Decan attracts the native towards the occult and mystical side of life, as it often awakens the clairvoyant faculty. Fate is affected by marriage or love affairs, yet the native is not inclined towards marriage and he may well prefer a celibate life.

2 2 venus square jupiter cP 4 venus opposition jupiter

You can be vain, idle, conceited, overly emotional and may have many love affairs. Your financial sense is not well developed. You tend to exaggerate and are often self-indulgent. You may use others and yet, when others use you be bitter. Overly optimistic, you are a great pal when the going is good but can become touchy when the going gets rough. If

Aspects Of The Moon To Other Planets

And are likely to lead to a clandestine love affair or an unconventional union. Uranus conjunction or parallel to the Moon gives similar mental and psychic tendencies and also the same liability to irregular love-affairs as the good aspects but these tendencies are not so pronounced. A secrete love-affair generated under the conjunction of Uranus and the Moon may have directly disastrous results similar to those mentioned under the bad aspects. If the conjunction occurs in Cancer it tends to nervous indigestion in Leo it inclines to palpitations of the heart, interferes with the rhythm of the heart-beat and gives a spasmodic action which will probably prove fatal when it has run its course. In Scorpio, it inclines to perverted practices, in Sagittarius the reflex action would be felt in the lungs and similarly with the other signs.

The Planets through the Houses

SUN Here is a need for intellectual growth and mind expansion. The acceptance of challenge and a need to move on in all spheres of life is important. These individuals are optimistic, positive in outlook, and generally enthusiastic. MOON These individuals' minds seem to work intuitively here, and with forever broadening intellectual horizons. An understanding of different cultures is possible, and both intellectual and geographical journeys will be undertaken. MERCURY Here is an eternal student on a quest for knowledge. The mind will need constant challenges, and questions will be asked and the answers assiduously sought out. However, the powers of concentration are not particularly brilliant. VENUS This is where we find the lover of long-distance travel, with living and working abroad, or emigrating, being distinct possibilities. Love affairs often occur when travelling. There is motivation to study, undermined by laziness. MARS This placing leads to an energetic and adventurous...

9 9 venus square pluto

Your sexuality is strong, at times lustful and even lascivious. This can lead to philandering and can create many psychological inhibitions which will frustrate your love affairs. You should try to keep high standards. Although financial problems dog you, you have a great desire for wealth. You make many demands of your partner, or your partner makes many demands of you. You are always looking for an ideal, either in a partnership or in your profession. Many of your problems will be solved when you learn to compromise.

Patterns in the Cancer Womans Sexual Relationships

Her hormones awaken early, though her conditioning may deter her from acting. She tends to have a secret love affair with her sexual self and may be more open to physical experiments than to the risky ups and downs of emotional engagements. Masturbation may be a very frequent activity. 9. Though she is often a paragon of virtue and a good mother, she can also secretly pursue extramarital sex. She is gifted at illusion, and often the Cancer Woman who is named Mother of the Year in her hometown is the same one who enjoys passionate afternoons with a lover totally unlike her husband.

9 A v venus trine jupiter X venus sextile jupiter

You have a strong sense of ethics, and are graceful, charitable, sympathetic, imaginative and good at handling people. Your outgoing, affectionate personality puts others at ease this makes you popular. You know what you want out of life, your ideals and aspirations are high but you may be too lazy and or self-indulgent to go after what you want. You have the capability to make big money and also the extravagance to spend it. Your partnerships are generally successful you could have numerous love affairs.

D Moon Square Uranus D dP Moon Opposition Uranus

This aspect shows great intellectual ability, but you are also stubborn, fanatic and emotionally tense. Restless, touchy and impulsive, you must learn compromise in your dealings with others. This indicates unusual emotional attachments, and it may show infidelity and trouble with the opposite sex. You will have many changes of residence, and your sudden

Mutual Planetary Directions

Venus and Uranus in good aspect by progression give a probability of some financial gain and it is likely that the person will have what he considers a good time, involving probably a romantic love affair, but it is likely to leave a sting behind. This direction insures the aid of friends and increases the popularity of the person for the time being.

Early Sex Experiences

A precocious child has sexual experiences early in life. She also tends to fall in love very early on. Her crushes often blossom into full-fledged love affairs, on her part at least. She ties much of her emotional life into this first relationship, and the imprint is lifelong.

Venus In The Twelve Houses

Venus in the Fifth House makes the person unusually affectionate and as a result he or she usually experiences a number of love affairs all of which run their courses smoothly. In indicates that the marriage will be fruitful and production of lovely and loving children. It is a fortunate position for teachers and people connect with education institutions, also for those engaged in publication of literature and for gain by speculation in stocks or similar securities. Venus in the Twelfth House if well-aspected indicates that the person will benefit from the things signified by this House, viz., occupations connected with prisons, hospitals or charitable institutions, or by work in a chemical laboratory or by some such secluded occupation where he does not come in touch with the public. It also favors study and practice of the occult and gives a tendency to secret, clandestine love affairs which will probably run smoothly if Venus is well-aspected, but if she is weak by sign, or...

The Moon In The Twelve Signs

The Moon in Pisces gives a receptive mind and a fertile imagination with a disposition to indolence and self-pity, vacillation and faint-heartedness, makes one fond of creaming rather than acting, therefore sorrow, trouble and self-undoing beset the path in life. This position not infrequently leads to mediumship, especially if Neptune is in adverse aspect, for these people are peculiarly sensitive to the flattery of spirit-controls and love anything that will stir their emotions. They are also very wordy in their expressions. If a good aspect from Venus and Mercury enables them to take up music they play with extraordinary inspiration and feeling. If the Moon is afflicted in Pisces love-affairs are apt to bring the person into trouble. If Pisces is in the Twelfth House and the Moon there at birth this will give a liability on the part of the parents to drink and thus to neglect their children who may then become the wards of charitable institutions until they reach maturity.

Of Aquarius And Uranus

SUN Here are private people, who are at their best working behind-the-scenes. They need peace and quiet - in whatever form suits them as individuals - and their own space this is especially important to them if they are creative. MOON Even if these individuals are extrovert they must recognize the need to refresh their spirit. A discipline such as yoga will be restorative, as will going on retreats or taking up an engrossing hobby. MERCU RY Conflict can occur between the logic of Mercury and the emotional and spiritual content of the Twelfth House. However, the two can come together if there is a love of poetry and literature, or indeed a talent for writing. VENUS Secrecy is common, especially if these individuals are involved in love affairs. Sometimes there is inhibition and shyness - often in respect of their own creative work - designs, fashion, and so on. MARS Here is secretiveness and difficulty in unburdening problems as a result, anger and stress will tend to build up. If...

Mars In The Twelve Signs

Mars in Pisces when well-aspected gives ability as a detective, warden of a prison or surgeon in a hospital and in kindred positions where the person does not come in direct contact with the public, but exercises authority in an obscure manner. It also gives a tendency toward secret love affairs which the person is able to hide from the public eye. But when Mars is afflicted in Pisces the indulgence of clandestine intercourse will bring trouble into the life. There is also liability to suffer from the attaches of secret enemies and to become enmeshed in the net of the law and suffer imprisonment, or it may manifest as an inordinate love of strong drink which will then cause imprisonment and makes the person a ward of the community. Much trouble and many misfortunes are indicated because the nature is untruthful.

Venus In The Twelve Signs

Venus in Aquarius indicates a blending of the Uranian qualities, independence, impatience of restraint, disregard of convention, desire for originality, uncompromising sincerity and intuition, with those of Venus and as a result we find that people with this position refuse to be bound by the usual restrictive rules of society in their love affairs and follow their heart's inclination regardless of what others may say or think. They are firm believers in the theory of soul-mates, affinities, et cetera, and liable to act in the most unexpected manner with such startling suddenness that neither they nor anyone else are able to foresee what they may say or do next. But at the same time they are so loving and sincere in their convictions that friends never fail them and whatever success they attain in life is usually due to the efforts of friends to help them to realize their hopes, wishes and aspirations.

Scorpio Alternative Lifestyles

SINGLE WOMAN INTIMATE NETWORKS For a time, this option is good for her, especially if she is very involved professionally or is nursing her wounds after a love affair. For the long term, the single Scorpio Woman must overcome her tendency to view any male friend as a potential bed partner and loyal sex subject, as well as her mistrust of any woman whom she perceives as treading on her turf. She should not stay alone for long if she is depressed. Scorpio Women are periodically suicidal and need others to brighten their lives.

Aries Lifestyles

Low self-esteem, repressed anger. She may go off on sex hunts to prove herself. She may disclose her infidelity to her husband at a later date, ostensibly in the name of honest communication. Usually, her real aim is to spite him. This is a poor strategy in which sex and anger are simultaneously misused. In the best circumstances, these incidents can serve to open up feelings and to galvanize the partners to take necessary action.

Gemini Sexuality

In spite of her constant chatter, the many people she draws to her, and her frequent, tragic love affairs, she spends most of her life feeling lonely. She seeks the one perfect mate, an intellectual and emotional counterpart to rescue her from her loneliness. She is trying to achieve the emotional release of her whole being, not just the stimulation of her sexual anatomy. The Gemini Woman is youth-oriented. She often has her most important love affair while she is still very young. This early imprint colors her future attitudes toward sex and love. Maturity and immaturity go hand in hand. All her life, the Gemini Woman retains a youthful quality that can be truly beautiful. She simply refuses to give in to the traditional idea of old age. She has an eternal air of the little girl lost. This makes her very appealing what man doesn't want to rescue a little girl lost in the forest of life

Sun In Aries Braver

Aries Glyph

Although Zeus, king of the Greek gods, fathered many children, Aries was the only son by his wife, Hera. Aries ruled war and was said to delight in conflict. He was also impulsive, often defying the fates. According to most accounts, Aries never married but had many love affairs, best known of which was his liaison with the goddess of love, by whom he fathered Eros (source of the term erotic ). His nature was simultaneously brave and insolent, and in ancient works of art he was portrayed as young and handsome.

Cancer Lifestyles

Monogamy and Nonmonogamy She is apt to wish to remain monogamous all her life, for monogamy appeals to her value system. She was probably raised traditionally and has come to regard monogamous marriage as the way of life. But the maturing Cancer Woman often discovers sexual urges she never dreamed of, a lush sensuality and a need for excitement. As life goes on, she may continue to want stability, but she may also want excitement. She may feel guilty about extramarital sexual fantasies, but she frequendy fashions a secret life for herself in her head or in reality. 7. Falling under the spell of a fantasy or of a group that holds extramarital sex as the norm. She is impressionable.

The Moon And Venus

But if a woman has the Moon moving toward Venus, she will always be of nervous and shrill temper she will be driven to promiscuous love affairs and will always burn with impure passion and conceive illicit, incestuous desires. She makes love either with brothers, sons, nephews, or uncles entices a step-father to her marriage couch, or corrupts other close relatives or friends. Venus makes some women shrews, especially if located in tropical, mutable, double, or scaly signs with the Moon moving toward her. These passions are stronger if Mars or Saturn is in opposition or square aspect to the Moon or to Venus.The evils will be greater if Venus and the Moon are in the house of Saturn or Mars, if there is no favorable influence of Jupiter, and if Mars or Saturn are in opposition or square aspect.

Venus In Aries

This combination bestows an original and artistic mind on the native. Venus here, tends to soften and restrain the driving impetuosity of Aries, except regarding love affairs where it often produces hasty marriage. The native has an idealistic, imaginative, and affectionate nature. He is very demonstrative and ardent, changeable in feelings and romantic in love. This position gives an ideal love nature where the native is anxious to obtain a mental if not a soul union.

Venus In Taurus

This locality supplies the native with very strong feelings and deep emotions. He is a lover of form and is very responsive to physical attractions, more intuitive than intellectual. He is steadfast in his love emotions and is honorable in his love affairs. He is desirous of beautiful surroundings and often makes money through artistic products.

Venus In Cancer

This location will furnish an overly sensitive nature concerning the speech and actions of other people in the environment. He can be more easily hurt by any unkind or thoughtless action than those who are responsible may realize. The position defines a certain fickleness concerning love matters and it suggests some secret love affairs. He will have a definitive

Jupiter In The Signs

Jupiter is dignified in Sagittarius and hence it is extremely well placed. There are very strong indications of progress and advancement for there is a natural blending of personal initiative with the element of luck and good fortune. The nature is usually prophetic, sympathetic, impressionable with a flair for philosophy and religion. More than one marriage and love affair is indicated, one most likely, to a relative.

The Question

Of course these questions rather quaintly reflect the hopes and the desires of several centuries ago and the oracle could equally well be asked for news of possible promotion, success of a business venture, trustworthiness of a partner, employees or a spouse, the development of a love affair, marriage, the whereabouts of a thief or of stolen goods and so on the range of possible questions is limitless.


A happy and prosperous marriage is also predicted for those who have Jupiter and Venus in conjunction. They will have children unless a malefic planet prevents. But they are always driven by depraved desires to a series of love affairs. These same predictions are made by Jupiter and Venus in a woman's chart. But if Jupiter and Venus are in conjunction in fixed signs, favorably aspected to the Moon, and Mars from any direction is in unfavorable aspect, the relatives are objects of scandal.

Cameo Lives

The father of this native after two consecutive consulships was sent into exile, but the native himself was exiled for the crime of adultery and suddenly brought back from exile, was first chosen for the administration of Campania, then the consulship of Achaea, but afterwards was made proconsul of Africa and Prefect of Rome.

The Fifth House

The succedent fire house, the fifth, represents the search for IDENTITY SECURITY. Those with an emphasis on this house are seeking a secure sense of self by identifying with things or people in which they see themselves reflected things we have made, things and people we love, being appreciated, noticed, or acclaimed by others. An urge toward significance and the attempt to gain a secure sense of identity are reflected in each matter commonly associated with this house children, creativity, and love affairs. This house is also associated with risk-taking. Virtually all fifth house matters (gambling, love affairs, having children, creativity, and publicly expressing oneself) are essentially risky. We can learn from this that we become more secure in our identity by developing the ability to take risks. A rigid, static sense of identity is not secure.


The fortunes are subject to many changes and are usually much affected for good or ill by the influence of women. The native generally experiences both privation and affluence during his life, and there are some family secrets or much strife, though the relatives are usually well connected and prosperous, while a brother of the native holds a government position or high office. There are many causes for family disputes, and the native does not agree altogether with the father yet he himself is the cause of his own downfall, or ill-luck. The members of his family are well-favoured, of moderate number, and disposed to excellence in the fine arts. There are secrets connected with love affairs and attachments, and losses and troubles occur through the progeny, or in consequence of The native usually marries twice or has two simultaneous attachments generally one in a foreign country or to a foreigner. Many troubles are caused by women, while there is a danger of accidents through horses....

Capricorn Lifestyles

In her early years, usually through her twenties and perhaps even into the thirties, she is bound to experience multiple love affairs she may then experiment with varied lifestyles, or she may be married and monogamous. Her life is apt to break into definite cycles during which her entire sexual behavior changes.

A Neptune In Leo

If you were born during this transit, your basic inclinations are romantic, idealistic and artistic. You have an aptitude for entertainment, a flair for the dramatic, a tendency to exaggerate and a willingness to try anything once. Speculation is right up your alley. You idealize love and enjoy courtship you desire power but don't like to accept authority. If Neptune is afflicted, you could be dictatorial, subversive, and extravagant in your pursuit of pleasure. You could suffer through love affairs or your children.

Martha Lang Wescott

Hera, asteroid 103 (the 103rd asteroid to be discovered, on September 7, 1868), is approximately 96 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 4.4 years. Hera was named after the Greek goddess of women and childbirth. She was the sister and wife of Zeus, king of the Olympian deities. Hera was the most jealous wife in ancient mythology, and she persecuted both her husband's lovers and the children of Zeus's many love affairs. Jacob Schwartz gives the astrological significance


Those who are born in the 25th degree of Cancer will attain every good fortune if the Moon is present or in aspect. But these men are guilty of adultery their adolescence is praiseworthy but their later life is scandalous. The same is indicated for women with this chart.

10H nrj2

The fifth house position shows that his affections, values and social urges were directed toward his children, love affairs and pleasurable sports most of his creativity was channelled into a practical area, work in his case politics. Mars square Uranus This indicates a strong will it also indicates a leader who can go far once self-restraint has been learned. She needed to recognize her limitations, or else she would overwork or have accidents. Again we see reckless love affairs and quick marriages. This is not a chart that indicates what we might call an orderly or well regulated life.

The First Six Houses

This is the house of creativity, which can be expressed in all kinds of ways, and how we relate to children. It is the house of the father and how we see him. Love affairs begin here, and our optimism and exuberance for life is shown, plus our predilection for risk-taking.

The Bhavas Houses

Fifth House Putra Bhava Children, love affairs and romance, creative intelligence, poorvapunya (past life credit), and wisdom. Dharma house (right action). Stomach (sometimes heart). Karaka Jupiter. The seven-year planetary period of Mars began in March 1987 and lasted until March 1994. Mars is Madonna's yogakaraka, or planet of power. Placed in the auspicious ninth house in its own sign of Aries conjoined with mystical Ketu, it indicates a spiritual warrior quality with the ability to defeat her competition as well as potential conflict with others. It also aspects her twelfth house Venus reflecting her challenging love affairs and romance. The Mars bhukti started in March 1987, just before the start of her first successful world tour (ninth house) in July. It also revealed the beginning of her bittersweet breakup with her first husband, actor Sean Penn. Their separation occurred during her challenging Mars Rahu cycle in 1988. Her Blond Ambition tour in 1990 reflected the pinnacle of...

Planetary Octaves

This goal is high and those who aim so high often fall very low. When we essay to transcend the Venus love and cultivate the Uranian altruism we are thus in great danger, and the most promising live are sometimes wrecked by the pernicious theory of soul-mates, which leads to clandestine love affairs and perversion of the creative function. But remember this--altruism does not require return of the love bestowed upon others, it has absolutely no concern with sex it will not lessen the love for our family, but they being nearest to us will feel the increase of our love to a greater degree than those further away, and unless our love brings forth such fruit it is not Uranian and will not further us upon the path of attainment. Seeing this is so, we may readily understand that the great majority of humanity cannot yet respond to the higher side of Uranus, and its effect upon the morals is therefore principally perversion of sex, clandestine love affairs, free love, and disregard of...


Native is oftimes irresistible and a naturally quarrelsome disposition may, under the influence of education and training, express itself in fiery debates and wordy warfare. The native is ambitious of honour and frequently attains high positions. There is a tasce for arms and for maritime pursuits and also for government and leadership. The monetary affairs of the native are fraught with uncertainty the early part of life is not fortunate, but the second half is frequently very prosperous, and the native gains by exploits in foreign lands, by marriage relatives, legal affairs, and also directly by marriage. Generally there are two distinct sources of income to the native and often two occupations quite dissimilar but Scorpio is a sign which produces eventual wealth. There are few brothers and sisters and frequently the native is the only son or daughter while if others are born there is danger of death to them by frills from high places or from natural causes induced by maternal evils...


The Scorpio Woman's sensual nature is so strong that when some of her basic needs are unmet, she literally consumes herself with illness, frustration, and anger. For example, if she wants a promotion, she may ignore her love affair. Secretly, she knows she is doing herself harm, and unless she changes directions, this knowledge drives her further into the depths.

The Veil Of Saturn

Each planet imparts its basic characteristics to the nature of the house to which it is related, the judgement of which involves not only knowledge of the basic rules but an integral view of the entire horoscope and an intuitive perception of the influences generated. While judging the 1st house, need for clution is great. It is through this house that the Universal Consciousness, of which the various planets are the visual symbols is linked with the individual soul and marks the sojourn of his present incarnation. While predicting the influence of Saturn, it is necessary that the nature of Lagna, disposition of Saturn and the general strength of the horoscope are taken into account. Generally speaking, Saturn in Lagna has a great influence on the life and prosperity of the individual. Whatever the course of life, if Saturn is in the 1st house, the present incarnation of the individual is going to be very momentous from the standpoint of his soul. To an ordinary ego, such a placement...

Eighth House

When the Moon is in the Twelfth House there are indications that the native's life will be full of limitations and restrictions. This is an ideal position for a monk or a nun, a hospital surgeon or a nurse, for it favors all sympathy work. The native is continually involved in secrets which are of the utmost importance. Either he will carry the secret of another or have some secret of his own which would injure him if known to others. This position ensures the native a natural love of the occult, mystery and romance. If under any spell of the opposite sex, he or she will be inclined to be indiscreet in love affairs and inclined to allow the senses to dominate the reason. When Venus occupies the Twelfth House the native is very inclined to romance and there are indications of obscure or clandestine love affairs. The position of Venus often suggests an early marriage, yet it will undoubtedly bring the native into contact with those who may have the power to influence affections after...

Saturn In The Signs

Saturn is not well-placed in Leo and it's radiation produces discord. The native's life is bound to be frustrated with troubles, worries, delays, and hindrances. Yet on the other hand it gives an intensified capacity for endurance, persistency and concentration of mind to cope with these problems. The native must employ these capacities if he is to avoid the problems of the anxiety inherent in his nature. He may suffer some anguish through love-affairs or by submitting to anger.

Letters Charts

Medical Astrology Chart

In regards to Pluto transits HI Bpeak of my own experiences, the only ones I know well and have meditated on. So far in my life Pluto has made two major aspects by transit. It went back and forth over my Sun-Venus conjunction. In those few months I graduated from college, met the girl I married and served in the Coast Guard. This was a time of great and concentrated effort in completing my thesis. At the same time I had a transcending love affair which brought with it vast strength and stamina, happiness, sweet dreams and the whole gamut of life's gifts. We were married when Pluto reached exact conjunction for the last time. Six months earlier marriage was the farthest thing from my mind. So it was sudden and compelling. That was the high side of those months. The low side was being enlisted in the service. Here man becomes part of the mass consciousness and loses all trace of individuality. I'd never felt at a lower point in my lifetime. It slowed to a point where I was counting...

Fourth House

When the Moon is in the Fifth House it intensifies the emotions and it is conducive to love affairs and flirtations. However a lot will depend upon the Sign on the House cusp. It indicates female offspring will be predominate as a rule. It indicates that the native has potential artistic ability which can become highly developed with the proper training. The position indicates that the native possesses many aspects of good judgement regarding investments, but as far as speculation goes the native should use extreme caution. The enterprising side of the native's nature will be quite apparent and if taken advantage of many benefits will follow. In love affairs, however discretion is advisable and the emotional side of the nature should not be permitted to get out of control. This locality of Mercury indicates quite a variety of love affairs and attachments and this can cause a duplication of associations with the subsequent emotional difficulties. Jupiter is well placed in this House...

Uranus In Aries

Here Uranus is operating through Venus' field. Emphasis is on feel* ing rather than action. Taurus deals with the world of matter, and Uranus tent interested in material matters. It belongs to the intuitive and higher realms of thought It is in the sign of its fall in Taurus. When Uranus went into Taurus the U.S. went off the gold standard. The banks were closed. The depression set in and the values inherent in materialism were challenged as never before in the country's history. With Uranus in Taurus note its relation to Venus in the chart. If the two planets are afflicted there will be upsets and separations where love affairs are concerned. Unconventional attitudes can bring grief where marriage is concerned. Unexpected upsets could cause upheavals, especially when there would be a Uranus transit to the natal Venus. If Venus and Uranus are harmoniously configurated in the birthchart there would be charm, magnetism and the promise of a union that would bring great happiness to the...

8 Uranus In Taurus

Determined to find new ways to be practical, you are bursting with new ideas in fields such as finance, earth resources and economic reforms. You may be limited in your expression if you place too much emphasis on materialism. Used positively, your many musical and artistic talents will come to the fore. Your creativity is strong, and you have a magnetic appeal to others. Difficult aspects to Uranus can produce marital upsets, unexpected troubles in love affairs, jealousy and stubbornness. Uranus was last in Taurus from 1935 to 1942. Pianist Van Cliburn, playwright George Bernard Shaw, actress Jane Fonda, baseball player Sandy Koufax, singer Graham Nash.

Virgo Lifestyles

There are women who are content with monogamous marriage and never seriously consider taking a lover. There are women who fantasize about an affair but don't wish to bring the fantasy to fruition. Some women are so bound by their upbringing and the need to conform to societal sanctions that they do not admit, even to themselves, that they are bored, frustrated, and unfulfilled by unswerving, full-time physical and emotional exclusivity with their mates. Some women may cheat on their husbands and feel guilty others may commit adultery and live happily. Many women practice serial monogamy. A few have an open marriage for some months or years, freely pursuing sexual and nonsexual friendships, supposedly without guilt or fear of disease.


In The Myths and Gods of India, Alain Danielou notes that Indra represents the power of the thunderbolt, the all-pervading electric energy, which is the nature of cosmic as well as animal life. He is the deity of the sphere of space, and the ruler of the storm. Indra embodies the qualities of all the gods, hence becoming the greatest. Ever young, Indra embodies all the virtues of youth heroism, generosity, and exuberance. He stands for action and service but also for the need of force, which leads to power, to victory, and booty. He leads warriors and protects them with his thunderbolt and his bow, the rainbow. Indra loves intoxicants and pleasure. As the embodiment of virility, Indra is represented in the bull, the perfect male. He has numerous love affairs, including the wives of sages. He is given many names. Today, Indra is not the object of direct veneration, but he receives incidental worship and there is a festival in his honor called the Raising of the Standard of Indra.

Mars In Pisces

Pisces is receptive, over-emotional, sensitive and psychic, the very antithesis of the fiery, dominant, aggressive Mars. The drive for power is drowned in Pisces, and It is difficult for people with Mars in Pisces to attain the success they want so badly. Quiet on the outside, but very restless within. Not physically strong and can appear lazy. Can be unstable. Alchohol and drugs are dangerous. Very good position for musicians. Apt to be two marriages. Liable to disappointments in love affairs.

Dorotheus Of Sidon

Dorotheus gives Charles a chequered character. Because Saturn is following a cardine, he will be reflective and anxious, ugly, malicious and haughty, though Jupiter's conjunction with Mars improves matters.51 The Mercury-Moon opposition makes him timid about public speaking.52 With Mercury in the terms and house of Mars he will be an insignificant fool, a shameless liar, neither believing in religion nor good works, and fond of adultery. He may act treacherously and consort with magicians. He will receive hostility from the people on the grounds that he is an untrustworthy reprobate.53 Mercury under the Earth in aspect to Saturn makes him a vicious liar.54 But the fact that Mars is in the terms of Mercury (in the system we have in Firmicus) means that he will be reasonable, keen to marry, clear-thinking and intelligent.55 He will be reserved and fond of a quiet life, bookish, with an indistinct manner of speaking, with Saturn in the house of Mercury.56

The Fire Houses

One of the greatest attractions of love affairs (another fifth house matter) is that such a relationship, although it may be totally impractical and often extremely disruptive, gives us a brief experience of self-worth simply because another person has found us worthy to love. In an intense love affair, our sense of identity is confirmed we see ourselves in the other person and, because we feel better about ourselves, our outlook on life itself brightens considerably. To sum up, a strong emphasis on the fifth house in the natal chart indicates that the individual must project himself into the world, that he must exercise his creative powers responsibly and consistently in order to attain the sense of joy and security he needs.

Capricorn Sexuality

This woman feels things in her bones and has a built-in body radar system. She scans the sky for changes in weather, and the horizon for her ideal lover. She anticipates moods, weather, and her own love affairs with remarkable, earthy intuition. Deep down, if she is really honest, she usually knows when she is involved with a man who is not contributing to her growth but you may never hear her admit it.

Venus In Sagittarius

He can be light-hearted and impressionable, very fond of pleasures and intensely involved in love affairs affecting his honor. He will be involved in powerful friendships with lasting affections. Aside from the negative points, this position can be good and afford him a depth of human feeling, with a willingness to assist others.


When Venus is ruler of time she allots 15 months to Mars he brings evils and frequent griefs. For he agitates the mind with various illicit loves and imposes grief from the harsh torment of love, so that frequent lawsuits ensue. Riots and dangers are stirred up by the worst kind of wives, or on account of them or adultery is instigated, or impure love affairs.


A bright star is in the tenth degree of Pisces, that is, in the East. If Venus is in that star on the ascendant and the Moon well located, whoever has that star on his ascendant will be great and powerful, a familiar of kings he will travel many lands and sail the great sea. He will lead navies, be a victor in battles will be beloved by all, be just and pious. But he will be involved in love affairs with many women. He will be outstanding in many areas and will always obtain his desires. He will die from the anger of the king.

The Stars As Gods

The interactions of the planets can also be explained in part by their mythological personae. Thus Venus, in a bad aspect with Mercury, the swift-moving and therefore unstable messenger, would provoke jealousy. Together with Mars, with whom she had a notorious adulterous liaison, she frequently incited adultery.


At the beginning of the year, romances are apt to be far more difficult than friendships. They're likely to be highly emotional and confusing. You may have to learn the usually painful lesson that ultimate love doesn't restrict, but rather supports freedom (9 Essence). Love affairs may prove to be sudden, unusual and short lived. Marriage probably has its rough spots. Unbalanced emotions are likely to cause problems (N Transit).

Moon Venus

L Hard aspects Your love affairs travel a bumpy road of conflict and emotional frustration. Some people react by withdrawing, others by becoming demanding and possessive. Either way, you can't help feeling that you have to work harder than other people to get what you want.

Aquarius Sexuality

She believes that the brain is the most potent sexual organ in the body. She will use hers imaginatively, if not calculatingly, to extract hidden urges and fantasies in her lover. Thus, she is sometimes more a spectator or prompter in sexual liaisons than a participant on the same level. She hungers for approval in everything, and sex is no exception. If she can bring about a complete, exhausting and frenzied orgasm in her man, she feels she has accomplished what she was supposed to.

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