Earth-Water, W'aier-Fire, Fire-Metal, Metal-Wood, Wood-Earth

rituals concerning THE five personal forces

When the Vitality, the Health, the Power, the Wind, or the La become dangerously weak, the Tibetans have a great number of practices to strengthen their energies. In the almanacs, there is a short text entitled "Use of the Kek Tsi and the Results of the Little Pebbles":

■-,. Comparing, the .year of birth and the current year gives the hide pebbles of Vitality, rhe Body, personal Power, Winds, and Lit- The little white peEhles indicate good fortune and no demons or obstacles. As tor the little black ones, we shall briefly indicate the ritual ceremonies shit are to be performed.

The black Vitality pebbles indicate irregular and accident-prone Vjwiity. Saving the live* ot animals, performing the buying bwit of the iei, buildup a bridge, doing a hundred thousand repetition* yf the long-lite mantra—j.licse are the

,4 page from the Tibetan lo tho. The translation appears below.

Yf.Ali O ■■ BISTM NATM. Mewa


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