The Symbolism of the Parkhas

Li =3 is the Parkha of Fire, that -which attaches itself to the flammable and consumes it. It therefore signifies ittachmem and passion. This is the light that gives all things their brilliance and Li is therefore connected with perception. It svmbolizes glorv, brilliance, fame, and high capacity, as we!) as wv, tvms, and drought. Its animal is the Bird and its organ, is-the eve. Li is the younger daughter of the Sky and the l\irth

Khfln = = is the Parkha of Earth. It is ..receptive, hides and , protects things, but also icpresents abandon and beginnings. Khort symbolizes the cauldron, the vase, form and the soil teadv to be fertilized by the sky. Its jninul is the Cow and its organ is the belly. It is the mother of the other Parkhas.

Da is the Parkha of Metal, fn China, it is called Tui. "The Lake," "The jovous." D.i is associated with pleasure, woukm. favorites, and children. It is thctefoie liukd with the desire to reproduce. It is connected with the West and autumn, W »irk-fies- d, > uid .lb, ,o!l.ipv me1 bicak. m I n.'s desi-c, Ihe motive posvei of eNistvnce, is also the cause ot our Jivii-ul. /Vs animal is the Sheep and its organ is the m-'iith. It is :he youngest daughtet of the Sky and the Earth.

Khen »is the Parkha of the Sky. It is tire creator, mascu!ine energy, force. It is the principle of superiority and symbolic the chief, the prince, the ruler. Its animal is the Horse and its organ is the head. It is the father of the other trigrams.

Kham is the Parkha of Water. It signifies the cessation of activity, hibernation, and the danger of stagnation. Water penetrates and moistens, but it can also cause rotting. Its symbols are wells, traps, and ditches, The corresponding negative emotion is ignorance-stupidity, also symbolized by Kbam's animal, the Pig. Its organ is the ear. Kham is the younger son of the Sky and the Earth.

Kin ="= is the Parkha of the Mountain. It is a symbol of immobility and stability, and is connected with sitting meditation. Kin signifies stopping, that is, protection against danger and invasions, but also against obstacles that hamper our progress. Its animal is the Dog and its organ is the hand. Km is the youngest son of the Sky and the Earth.

Tsin is the Parkha of Wood. Its image is a young plant with green shoots. Tsin is a symbol of growth and movement. It is also called thunder, the awakener, suggesting a vital force that awakens and excites. Its energy is expressed in both love and work. Its animal is, of course, the Dragon. The feet are ruled by Tsin, which is the eldest son.

Zon =r= is the Parkha of Wind. The wind is a gentle force that penmates everywhere, but it can also be an agent of dispersion. It is not affected by anything it meets, although its changeable character and its dispersiveness affect its energy. Its animal is the Sheep and its organ the thigh. Zon is the eldest son of the ■ Sky and the Earth.

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