The Period Of The Formation Of The Universe

The cause of the creation of the universe is none other than the karma of the beings whose consciousness survives the destruction of the previous Mahakalpa. By the strength of this karma, there appears little by little in the voice a calm w>nc, whose power gradually increases to form the mandaU of air. Clouds form and develop, giving rise to the element Hquid, the mandala of water. The great mass of water supported by the wind becomes the primordial ocean. This ocean, which resembles milk, is then whipped by the wind—this is compared with the churning of milk to make cream. The golden base: o! the universe then separates out, and a thick yellow foam forms on its surface, which then solidifies and gives birth to Kartn, tn civ same way as butter separates from cream. The earth becomes a mountain around which the clouds condense, and the resulting rainfall gives rise to the saltwater oceans.

Jewels then erystalize and form Mount Meru. the axial mountain, and the seven mountains that surround ic. b'liallv there appear the continents and the lion mountain that encircles the-Universe. One hundred times icn million universes ate born si-"wluiicouslv in this way, thus fen mm« a great ufuveni:.

Fbe gods of the form icaltu then leave Mount Meru and coio-"«e the empty comim-im- .lu- ^kvn wc. «.h.u people

^ ike fiods, feu ol d-.-.^ md i ikmr, .\omi>.iwvt'i onb fioiu lUlion- Their bo.lie, -!..->> i-k. n-d >o rh.n' is

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