The Annual mewas

Each year, a Mewa known as the "Natal Mewa" or Kye Mewa combines with the animal of that year. Since there are nine : Mewas for twelve animals, each animal can only combine with -:■•: three Mewas:

■;-.'. White 8, the Black 2, and the Yellow 5 rule the Tiger, . the Monkey, the Pig, and the Snake.

The Red. 7, the Green 4, and the White 1 rule the Rat, the . ■ Horse, the Bird, and the Hare.

■ The- Red 9, the mite 6, and the Blue 3 rule the Cow, the ;■; Sheep, the Dog, and the Dragon.

■■ .Tfer only Natal Mewas for a Rat year, therefore, are the Red 7, V-lfecGreeii 4, and the White 1-nhcrc are no other possibilities.

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