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3990 Les Djinns TrunsUiwn €> 199? by famish Cregor

Published by Arrangement with Editions les Djinns, Paris.

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in my form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information Uorttge and retrieval system, without permission in lurking from the publisher.

Designed by Ruth Kolbert.

Firit Paperback Edition

Printed in the United States of America

■%Tlns edition isprinted on acid-free paper that meets the i ■ Ameriam Naiiomd Standards institute 259.48 Standard. ••;«•.Distributed in the United Slates by Random House, Inc., ■■-■ 4ttd in Canada by Random House of Canada Ltd

■fht kibmry of Congress csulop the hardcover edition of this book as follows:

Coma, Philippe fAstrobgk (ibet/titte. English} Tihetm astrology/PhUippe Corrnc; translated from the trench try Hayrmh Grt&or,—hi id. .p. im

Inclxdttl bibliographical references.

ISSN l -mf>2~21?-> {alk paper) ■ ■ ISiS'N ¡-5?062.-Mi.3 ■ }. Astrology, Ttbetan. A Title.

Sogyal Rinpofht, Namkbtti Norbu, DuJjom Rmp&be, Dinge Kbyentsr Rmpoth, ami many others


In translating this work, I have departed in certain minor respects from M. Cornu's presentation; I have supplied diacritics for all Sanskrit terms, and for the convenience of students of Tibetan, I have compiled a glossary of Tibetan terms in Wvlie transcription (Appendix 3). I have also supplied a number of footnotes. Those details aside, I have attempted to adhere to the principle that a translator should be sympathetically invisible.

I would like to record my gratitude to my wife, Krisztina, for her invaluable assistance in preparing this translation.


Translator's Note

Preface to

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