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determined by placing the Paricta - » , . ^ , "georoanek boose" whose e%k <&«c:...r,5 i/t ts.v-m eight fixed Parkbas, a:J -.r^J .-b,; >-- -.i::;-:.»^ vsa a.- -.tie of tfiem. For examp- arsuL« « 1,. Ccfr;ir..ii 1, s-stb the etghl Parfckii i:,.2,-«3 k :r< %t xrr.-<t s:

following schemes.

Example v*

Îlif§ltf|i j.irrri"«j»r» tiwt çflk dufiirr ci «fe «ifir ^vtrtau*: -r c ,rse r,,^ tî^, ev.v ssa^te ■*■'.<■ L-n, -r -: ... '.-.r i'V'" 'J*'» jft w 9

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2-11.19-4$-S7-66-7S-8* .

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